James Hilt is a serious HAM radio enthusiast. He’s loved radios and electronics since he was a little boy, talking with his Grandpa on a walkie talkie. 

After moving to his current home in Weatherford, he decided to move his station into a backyard building, rather than inside his house.

An electrician by trade, James didn’t like the quality of the buildings he was seeing at big box stores, so he decided to check out the Sturdi Shed dealership in Weatherford, TX. He immediately felt comfortable with the salesperson, and really liked the sturdiness of our building’s construction.

He settled on a 10×16 ft Sturdi Shed with a single-window and a steel door. After the building was in place, he wired in a heavy-duty electrical system, insulated the walls and ceiling, and finished out the interior with painted OSB and carpet. He added a small air conditioner to thwart the Texas heat and added heavy duty shelving and workbenches for his radio equipment. 

The building has a peaceful, man cave-like vibe to it. Besides communicating with fellow enthusiasts from Japan and Australia, James enjoys spending time in his Sturdi Shed, repairing and restoring vintage equipment. Much of his equipment was built in the 1950s and 1960s. 

Having a truly sturdy shed was important to James, since some of his radio equipment is very heavy. He liked that the construction quality of his building is similar to a home, and he also liked the free delivery!

James is proud of his Sturdi Shed, but there is one risk that other married men should know about — his wife now wants a she shed!

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