Max Hamilton has loved dogs all his life. He currently breeds Tolars and Schnauzers on his rural property near Midway, TX. 

Max enjoys having dogs in his home, but there came a point at which he needed to build an official kennel where it would be easy to take care of the dogs and show puppies to prospective buyers.

His local Sturdi Shed dealer was very helpful in walking Max through his options. Max had originally planned to purchase a 16×16 ft backyard building, but when he had the option to purchase a 16×20 ft pre-built model at a great price, he went for it.

His 16×20 ft Sturdi Shed Gable Cabin Shell has a 4 ft porch, so the interior is still 16×16 ft, but this way his building looks really sharp. Inside, Max added electrical, insulation, and wood-look paneling that is easy to clean. 

He installed kennels along the left side. He plumbed the back wall for his washer and dryer, sink, and tankless water heater. He has a desk where he can easily take care of paperwork as well as perform the needed microscope work.

The end result is a functional and attractive home for dogs that makes it easier for Max to care for his dogs and more pleasant for his customers.

Max has been very pleased with his cabin shell, and would definitely recommend Sturdi Shed to others who need a dedicated dog kennel. 

“Everything has just been really great,” he says.

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