Shannon Gonzalez is the owner of Mums and Kisses Homecoming Mums in Crowley, Texas. She started Mums and Kisses after her father died. It was a creative outlet and a way to take her mind off her loss. 

Homecoming Mums are a tradition that began in Texas and has spread to other states. A glorious riot of silk mums and satin ribbons, they’re like a Texas-sized corsage. Mums and Kisses ships between 350-400 mums a year. To make all those mums, Shannon uses about 16,000 yards of satin ribbon (9.5 miles) per year. 

After making mums in her dining room for a year, Shannon needed more space to work. She also needed a dock door for shipping. While driving to pick up her son, she noticed a new Sturdi-Shed location in Joshua, Texas, and stopped by. 

“The shopping was fun. You could see inside all of the buildings,” Shannon said. After shopping for sheds elsewhere, Shannon says Sturdi-Shed had the best quality as well as simple financing options. She chose a 10×24 Sturdi-Shed Garage.

After delivery, the Gonzalezes transformed her shed into a workshop for Mums and Kisses, adding insulation, drywall, and shelving and cabinetry for all the mum-making supplies. 

Shannon loves her new workshop. With good lighting and plenty of space, she is able to focus and work without distractions. She likes having space for her customers to see and touch the mums. 

“The overall experience with Sturdi-Shed was very impressive. They let me customize the inside as well as where I put my doors, my windows, what color I wanted for the outside,” Shannon says. “It was a very quick delivery time as well, so we were very happy with them.” 

From now until homecoming, that’s where you’ll find Shannon—in her Sturdi-Shed, making beautiful mums.

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