Are you planning to use the backyard space for extra storage? You can build a storage shed in your yard to fit in your lawn mower. Sheds for outdoor storage are available in different sizes so that you can accommodate your requirements. It could be a basic garden storage shed or a large one. Choose the size and type based on your requirements. A storage shed helps to keep everything organized. It’s a space that helps you declutter your home and keep the floors clean.

Decluttering and organizing – a shed is of much use

Organizing your home does not mean simply arranging the wardrobe, tidying the desk or keeping the bedroom clean. Use the yard space for outdoor storage because there are things that need not be kept inside the house. Sheds are customizable so they can be designed as per your requirements. Sheds have shelves, hooks, boards for making use of extra space. There is enough room for improving the functionality of the storage space. Do you think a shed is only for storing outside things? You could use a shed as an office space where you can keep all professional equipment organized set apart from the main house. An external house could be a great way to declutter your home and free up space.

A storage shed has the looks

They look very similar to tiny houses assembled in the yard. You can modify the setup of the shed anytime depending on what you are storing. SturdiShed has manufactured modern storage sheds in Texas for more than 100 years. We design sheds for you and your family and our products include: lofted barn, utility barn, garage, modern shed, loft cabin shells and more. The structures have the right kind of floor, wall and ceiling structure. The roofs are made of metal or shingles. You can add accessories according to your budget and requirements. We have a team of experts and professionals who help you find the right solution.

Weatherproof backyard structures

SturdiShed has in-house trained drivers who deliver the backyard structures with precision. We have expert builders who assemble the sheds on the property. Our sheds are secure as they come with a latch or lock. It is very important to secure outdoor storages not only to prevent theft but also to keep children away for their safety. You can store stuff without worrying about the outside weather like heat, cold, rain and snow. Waterproof sheds also offer protection from moisture and the harmful UV rays. Our sheds have wind and snow ratings.

For the homeowners – rent-to-own a shed

A shed can be your playhouse, gym space, hobby space, home office, relaxation zone and more. It is simple and hassle-free to own a SturdiShed. We have easy rent-to-own options. Enjoy easy ownership, early payoff discounts and no credit is needed.

For those who deal with sheds – become a dealer

You could have a business dealing with backyard structures. Are you looking for ‘shed dealers near me’? There are many shed dealers in Texas, shortlist and choose a reliable one. Refer to the SturdiShed website and become a dealer.

Prefabricated sheds are an important part of the lives of people. They offer a temporary solution for adequate storage or housing. A prefab shed can be used in various ways. They can be set on permanent foundations or can be portable.

Permanent and portable modern sheds

Are you looking for a modern shed in Texas? SturdiShed brings to you a wide selection of backyard structures. Our products include garages, utility sheds, cabins, barns, garden shed and gable shells. Our backyard structures are ideal for those who need additional storage space within budget. It could be a space for storing gardening tools, for pursuing hobbies, having a studio, for remote work, etc. We design portable sheds and the permanent ones on wooden foundations. There are plenty of customization options to have a perfect shed structure. These outdoor structures have versatile applications so you also ask for our suggestions. We will offer a perfect solution based on your needs.

SturdiShed – having more than 100 years of experience

The backyard sheds have a proper floor, roof and wall structure. Apart from that, there are features like heavy duty hinges, metal strike plates, double loft, metal door threshold, 6 inches locking bolts and more. You can design your own shed as well. A shed is not just about those walls and roof, it is an emotion. A shed is a cozy space where you can make a lot of memories. We have more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing backyard structures. We have an interactive team that answers all your queries. We would be glad to be a part of your success story.

Order a modern backyard shed online

You can order a modern shed in Texas online or visit our store in person. Choose the nearest store location to minimize delivery charges. We have a flexible rent-to-own program where you can have a shed without any long-term commitment. This is the easiest ownership program in Texas where no credit is needed. There are early payoff options, there are no penalty options and you can get early payoff discounts. We follow a proven process that involves design consultation where we discuss your requirements, ideas and project goals. Then we collaborate with you to discuss the recommended design, choose the colors, features and options. You can also give us design changes and we will cater to it. We do the building process after confirming the order, set an installation date and complete the production. Our team does the on-site installation on time and also does a proper clean-up. We handover the keys to you and that makes you super happy. Get post-production support and post project follow up.

Final words


Get a 15-year warranty on a backyard modern shed in Texas. Get a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding and joists. Get 10-year warranty on paints of the metal roofs. Email us at or call us at 817-506-4405.

You get a lot of extra storage space if you invest in a shed structure. You can choose from different sizes and get it customized. These sheds can also be used as greenhouses but you need to have semi-opaque roofs and walls. There are a variety of uses so you should discuss your requirements with a manufacturer. A storage shed in Texas offers dry space that offers a safe choice for organizing the clutter and safeguarding the stored items. Auto enthusiasts and those interested in pursuing hobbies love backyard sheds that are a little spacious and ideal for working inside. There are plenty of choices and options when it comes to backyard structures. 

Wood storage sheds are tiny outbuildings that are mainly used to store firewood. Wood sheds come in different sizes so you can have a closet for brooms or set up a garage. They can also be used to keep garden tools and other objects. Long ago, people used wood sheds to store dry firewood so it was not dampened during the monsoons. Since then, there has been great technical advancement but the basic design remains the same. It can be either placed near a home or in the yard corner. 

Different factors to consider

There are various things to consider before investing in a storage shed in Texas. Some of the factors are cost, size, style and color. It is a high investment for the next 15 to 20 years. Never let the price factor of a new backyard shed be the only determining factor. Do consider the design factor, the storage space should blend well into the landscape, the wall and flooring, the siding materials and the foundation. SturdiShed has over 100 years of experience delivering flawless backyard storage structures, including sheds, barns and cabins. 

Easy financing options

Are you interested in having wood storage shed in Texas? We tell you that it won’t cost a fortune and you do not have to wait unless you have saved a lot of money. SturdiShed crafts premium quality wood sheds that can last for a lifetime. These are portable buildings that are worth investing in. It is easy to own one completely or you could rent-to-own. We offer to finance and you could qualify for the zero-down payment. Our renting options are extremely friendly. No credit is needed, easy ownership and no long-term commitment are needed. We allow early payoffs and discounts. Get 36-month or 60-month affordable payments. 

Get limited-warranty – SturdiShed

We have already catered to many clients happy to have backyard sheds from our company. Check the website and read testimonials to know their feelings about our products. The materials we offer and the craftsmanship we display are second to none. Choose us when you want to use the backyard for storage or recreation. Now, you can design your own storage shed. We offer a 15-year warranty on our wood storage sheds in Texas. Get a 10-year warranty on the paint used on the metal roofs. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on floor joists, siding and skids. Get your shed permits and grab the opportunity. Please get in touch with us.

A comfortable cabin in the backyard can be an investment-worthy addition to your property. The rustic look and the woodsy feel make a cabin a lovely cabin. The simple porches facilitate easy living. The cabin styles are available in different designs and configurations. Invest in a cabin shell and get it ready the way you like.

Gable cabin and lofted cabin shell for sale

SturdiShed’s gable cabin shell has a spacious interior and clean lines with a classic touch. You can choose the gable cabin shell for adding sufficient living space to your interior. The Gable cabin shell can be a guest room or a space for getaway. You can choose to install a lofted cabin shell that gives a ranch-like appearance and ample flexibility. They have tall walls that can turn the building into a climate-controlled space. You can add different accessories that will make your experience unique. Our cabin shells have features like hurricane ties on floor, walls and ceiling, heavy duty hinges, continuous eave vent, wall studs in the middle, etc. 

Simple and fast onsite installation

SturdiShed has manufactured modern backyard structures for more than 100 years. We follow a proven process where we engage in design consultation where we discuss our ideas about the project and listen to your plans. We collaborate with you to update about design changes. You can select colors, features and other options. Once the order is confirmed, we build the structure and give you an installation date. There is a special team for the installation and cleanup. We give you a full demo and handover the keys. We help you in living your dream of having a cabin space. The SturdiShed team helps you to find the right solution. We have responsible in-house drivers who deliver your new shed and handle it with care. We take care of every detail and you do not have to worry even if the passway is narrow.

Get limited lifetime warranty

SturdiShed showcases unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry. We offer flawless manufacturing and our products are delivered after they have passed the quality control processes. Enjoy fast and free delivery of your cabin shell and no site preparation is needed. We follow green manufacturing technology. Now you can design your own backyard shed or cabin. The panels come with a 15-year limited warranty. Get limited lifetime warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. We also give a 10-year limited paint warranty on all metal roofs.

Our rent-to-own facility

We offer flexible rent-to-own facilities in Texas. There is no credit needed, easy ownership and there is no long-term commitment. You can access your account online 24/7, get early payoff options and enjoy discounts. You get 36-month or 60-month for affordable payments. Live telephone support is available during the business hours.

Final wordsAre you looking for an affordable yet functional cabin shell for sale? Get customized backyard solutions based on your needs and budget. You can order a backyard structure from the store and get after-sales support. Please discuss your needs and requirements with us. Design your own cabin or any other backyard structure.

What do you do when you need extra storage space in your house? The answer to this is to order a prefab shed in Texas. Having a shed is an inexpensive way of having additional storage space. A homeowner should know how much storage space is required while choosing a prefab shed. Prefab sheds are an important part of people’s lives. They offer a temporary solution for housing and storage. These spaces can be used in several ways. Before sheds became popular as retreats and studios, they were used as a space to store garden tools, equipment, toys, etc. These structures are available in various styles. 

The standard features discussed :

SturdiShed’s products range from lofted barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, lofted cabin shells, gable cabin shells, modern sheds, garages and modern cabins. Here is a list of standard features of our backyard structures: 

  • Hurricane ties on the floor, wall and roof
  • Double wall studs every 4’
  • Wall studs on the center 16’’
  • Metal door threshold
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • 6 inches locking barrel bolt

Our structures have adequate ventilation capable of keeping the building 20 degrees cooler. This also helps to save costs on climate control. There will be no leaks or mold due to the absence of condensation. There are vent screens that safeguard against insects entering inside. The framing is very strong so it can endure harsh weather. The frames exceed the International Building Codes. We use the finest exterior paint and permanent wooden foundation. 

Over 100 years of experience in the field :

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We promise you lifetime happiness. Get in touch with our team for a consultation. You can design your shed. The structures come with a 15-year warranty. Get manufacturer warranty on floor joists, siding and skids for a lifetime. We also offer a 10-year limited paint warranty on these metal roof structures. You can rent-to-own a backyard portable shed in Texas. Zero credit is needed, there is no long-term commitment and hassle-free ownership. You can get discounts if you pay off early. You get a 36 month or 60-month flexible payment option. 

Customization and excellent customer support :

SturdiShed backyard structures are built using insulated, water-resistant materials. Our backyard structures are ideal for those looking for storage space within the budget. We have a wide variety of designs that you can choose from and the size can be customized. We follow a process that includes a few steps: design consultation, collaboration, building, installation and after-sales support. You can have a discussion with our team regarding your project and we will let you know about its progress. We hand over the keys and offer an impressive final demo after the structure is complete. When you order a shed from us, you have our service for a lifetime. 

Final words :

Get a modern yet affordable prefab shed. We have an expert team to handle the assembling process. Call us at 817-506-4405 for a discussion. Visit our website to read reviews and real customer testimonials. We are dedicated to offering excellent after-sales customer support.

Outdoor storage sheds are essential for most households because an extra space serves various purposes. The most common use is for storing garden tools, equipment, lawn stuff and seasonal items. A backyard shed improves the quality of life by letting you declutter your house. Imagine how inconvenient or unorganized your house could be if you tried to dump every item there. 

These storage spaces are flexible as they can be customized based on your needs. For instance, you can host a party at your place and use the shed as a space where your guests can put beverages down. Sometimes sheds with a workbench can be converted into minibars and the list goes on. A shed owner has plenty of options. The most important thing is to ensure that you have ordered a structure from a renowned manufacturer. Quality outdoor storage space will have a strong foundation to prevent wobbling and shifting. 

Spice up your yard with SturdiShed

 A yard without trees, flowers or other unique additions is boring. Make it beautiful so your neighbors love to visit and your property stands out. Add a stylish and colorful garden shed and accessorize it. Discuss your ideas and budget with our team, and we will give you our suggestions after the project is confirmed, we will start working on it, and you will get all possible updates and deliver your customized structure on time. We manufacture sheds for you and your family. We ensure a strong wooden permanent foundation and customize portable ones. The company has more than a century of experience designing storage structures for every yard.

Own or rent to own a SturdiShed

Order from our variety of outdoor storage sheds in Texas that include lofted shed, utility shed, garden shed, lofted cabin, gable cabin shell, modern cabin, modern shed and garage. You always have space for storage in the yard if there is less space inside your house. There is no need to rent a storage option when you can own a SturdiShed. We have a rent-to-own option where no credit or long-term commitment is required. You can safeguard the investment with our Loss Damage Waiver. You get 36-month or 60-month payments. 

Do you have plans to sell your property?

Having a compact garden shed can increase the value of your property. People always see the exterior of your house first. A premium-quality backyard storage space blends well with the rest of the property. Do you have questions about what type of shed would be suitable and how it would be and other queries? Please, book a consultation with the SturdiShed team. You can visit our store or we offer advice online. Please read testimonials and reviews about what other people say about StrudiShed and how they have planned a shed perfectly. You can search the internet for photo galleries to see real-life examples of properties with different storage sheds. 

Final words

Have storage space for your dreams because SturdiShed turns dreams into reality.

Sheds are small buildings generally assembled in the backyard or the side yard and used for storage, office space or a studio. Modern sheds for sale in Texas can be simple, elegant or elaborate, and very decorative. There are simple prefab structures available that can be placed so that the view of the house is not shadowed. A well-built shed with adequate ventilation can also be a playhouse for children. Sheds have become extremely popular in the last decade because the crunch of space inside the main residence is a very common experience. 

SturdiShed in Texas manufactures sheds for sale in Texas for you and your family. We customize the structures according to specific requirements. You can choose from a wide range of designs and endless customization options. You have the ideal structure for your storage needs. Our products include lofted barns, utility barns, garden sheds, modern sheds, garages, modern cabins, lofted cabin shells and gable cabin shells. We follow a simple process from the consultation phase to the final product delivery. Design consultation is the first step where you can come and discuss your requirements, share ideas, and discuss costs and project requirements. Our team collaborates with you regarding the design changes, colors, options and features. Once you have placed the order, we confirm and start working on it. You get a demo of the final product along with the installation. 

It is now easy to get a desirable space because we offer backyard storage solutions considering your budget and requirements. SturdiShed believes that a shed is not just a roof structure and four straight walls. It is an additional cozy space where you can enjoy and make memories. The company has more than 100 years of experience in the backyard storage space industry. We have an expert team that takes care of all your queries. We will help you to design a shed for your specific needs. 

Are you already planning to invest in a tuff shed cabin shell? Our loft cabin shell is flexible and delivers a ranch-style look and feel. The walls are very tall and the interior is climate-controlled. Choose from different sizes and you can have accessories like lofts, porch, dormers or insulated glass. SturdiShed offers premium craftsmanship in the industry by ensuring seamless manufacturing and great quality control. We implement green manufacturing technology because we care for the environment. 

SturdiShed also offers after-sales support so that you can avail a 15-year warranty and your queries get resolved. Get a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. We offer a 10-year limited warranty of paint and integrity on metal roofs. We bring you the in-house lease-to-purchase program. You can rent to own storage space. 
Renting to own a storage tuff shed cabin shell is simple. You do not require any credit and no long-term commitment. You get early payoff discounts and there is no penalty. Pay for 36 months or 60 months without worries. Enjoy speedy and free delivery within 50 miles. There is no site preparation needed. Get started today, design your own shed and share your experience with us.

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