Installing a shed in the yard comes with so much excitement. You are about to have a separate space where you can store different objects or use it for other purposes. You have researched what type of shed you need and every other detail related to having a modern shed in Texas

But, do you know whether you need a permit to build one? Every country has separate restrictions and zoning laws. The idea of permit is not rocket science yet extremely important. Having one ensures that any addition to your property is of no harm to your neighborhood. The city officials get a chance to do a site inspection, review your project and offer the permission. Having a permit means you are following the state and city codes. Make sure you are adhering to the zoning requirements as well. 

When you do not need a permit

There is some good news for you. There are instances when you do not need a permit to build a modern shed in Texas. Complying with these requirements will not need you to get a permit. Please take a look:

  • If it is a single-storey shed
  • It should be detached from the main property
  • The space should not be more than 199 square feet
  • The building should be less than 15 feet in height
  • The structure is not built on a floodplain
  • Your shed needs no plumbing
  • It is used solely for storage purposes and not at all for living

Does your shed require electricity? 

It would help if you had an electrical permit, which should be mentioned in your application. Most people need just one outlet or a source of light inside the shed. In case you hand over to an experienced electrician, the contractor will handle it all. In Texas, only the registered electricians get the permit if the job involves working with the main meter. 

How much will a shed permit cost you? 

This greatly depends on the city you are living in and the reality is that it does not cost a fortune. On an average, the charges in Texas are $15 to $25, most of the cities in Texas charge 1% and some areas charge a little more. The exact charge depends on how much you are willing to spend on a shed structure. 

Rent-to-own options from SturdiShed

Everybody can have a shed in their yard because we offer flexible financing. You can rent-to-own our sheds. There is no commitment and credit needed. Enjoy easy ownership, early payoffs with discounts, loss damage waiver and affordable payments within 36-months and 60-months. 

Why pay a penalty? Get your permissions

You should never build a modern shed in Texas without a permit. The process is simple but it can take a while. In case you are caught building a structure without a permit, the penalties can be harsh. Also, an illegal construction can bring down the value of your property. Have your permissions and get in touch with SturdiShed. We have more than 100 years of experience building backyard structures, including sheds, barns, garages, complete cabins, cabin shells and more. 

Final words

We build sheds for you and your family. Our structures are not just a ceiling and four walls, they mean much more. You can design your own shed now. We promise you a perfectly customized backyard structure.

Are you planning to use your shed for other purposes apart from storage? You can turn the space into a storage shed workshop where you can get creative or simply relax. It is always good to overestimate the size of the shed if you wish to use it for both storage and workshop. A lot of homeowners make the blunder of choosing a shed that is not of the correct size, they are usually smaller than required. You need to house various objects and components as well as have free space for moving around. A shed on your yard is of much use and also increases the value of your property.

Making your workshop attractive

Here are a few solid tips that will help to make your workshop appealing:

  • Have a rigid flooring – Fillers can be helpful for uneven floors so that you do not stumble and fall while moving around inside. SturdiShed offers a pressure treated floor that is termite resistant and has antifungal properties. There are hurricane ties on the floor. Our floor offers a beautiful yet tough appearance.
  • Add shelves and workbench – There should be a workbench inside every storage shed workshop. This gives a space for dedicated working. There can be shelves to keep stuff organized.
  • Have accessories like a skylight or window – You can add a skylight inside your workshop. You can have a single window or more to make it look or feel like a workshop.

Our sheds have great features that include advanced wall and roof system, heavy duty hinges, metal strike plates, double loft system and 6 inches locking barrel bolts. Get inspired from our structures and you can design your own shed.

Why choose SturdiShed in Texas?

SturdiShed is a team of experts in Texas who have been manufacturing backyard solutions for more than 100 years. Our shed is not simply a structure; we customize it the way you want. We build structures that include lofted barns, utility sheds, garden sheds, modern cabins, garages and cabin shells. We showcase premium craftsmanship, we implement high-quality manufacturing, follow a structured quality control process and offer free delivery upto 50 miles. We care for our environment so follow green manufacturing practices. We aim to have a long-term relationship with our clients. Our team is based on value and integrity, we offer affordable storage solutions. We have drivers who transport the structures and there are trained installers who complete the installation process.

Avail our rent-to-own financing program

Now get financing options so that you can own a storage shed workshop in Texas the time you need. SturdiShed brings flexible rent-to-own options. You do not need to indulge in any long-term commitment and no credit is required. Enjoy easy ownership, access your online account 24/7, get loss damage waiver to protect your investment and enjoy early payoff options. You get 36 months or 60 months for affordable payments.

Final words

Please get in touch with us for a discussion and we promise you a perfect backyard structure. Please visit our website for information, reviews and testimonials.

Are you planning to become a SturdiShed dealer in Texas?  Now you can become a shed dealer and earn extra income. Partner with SturdiShed to become a dealer if you want to make $10k – $30k every month and earn extra money. The procedure of becoming a storage shed dealer needs no monetary investment but your willingness and time. 

What is a shed?

A shed is an accessory structure that is either freestanding or attached to another structure. Declutter your home easily by installing a storage shed in the backyard or side yard. A shed offers extra space for keeping various things organized and secure inside. 

Trust in SturdiSheds’s Renowned Reputation

SturdiShed designs backyard structures for homeowners and their families, suitable for anyone looking for additional storage space. There are plenty of customization options available with us–we have been manufacturing sheds, barns, garages and cabins for more than 100 years. All our products come with limited lifetime warranty and modern features. 

Earning Commissions is Easy

Are you searching the internet for ‘shed dealers near me in Texas’? We welcome you to be a part of the winning team. We have many who have already been a part of our sales and marketing team and they are earning a pretty handsome amount of money. There is a great demand for these backyard structures and this is why we have plans for expansion.

A lot of people are getting enthusiastic in joining the business by witnessing the huge demand of sheds, barns, garages, cabins and other backyard solutions. SturdiShed has brought a revolution in the storage shed dealer program so that there is more success. Those who partnered with SturdiShed have actually benefited from our new program by earning huge commissions.

Explore More Benefits of Becoming a SturdiShed Partner

Focus on your business and earn great commission. We have a few profitable plans for our dealers. The monthly base pay per unit is a simple plan that is based on per unit. You do not have to worry about earning commissions but remain focused on serving the customers. YOu can also enjoy success with our quarterly bonus program. For the ones who have greater targets, the annual level bonus is the most appealing.

Final words

We will help you do good business and we assure you that our sheds are class apart. Come grow with us, work with transparency, learn from mistakes and make no excuses. Search in the top search engines with the keyword, ‘shed dealers near me’ and you would come across SturdiShed in Texas. Get in touch with us and become a SturdiShed dealer.

Sheds are useful in storing garden tools and other equipment like gardening supplies and lawn tractors, especially for items not suitable for indoors like pesticides, petrol or herbicides. A garden shed in the backyard increases the value of your property. When you have a garden shed, you can keep everything organized. You have a spacious storage area, shelves for storage. You should not place the tools here and there or pile them inside your house. When you have a shed, you have one organized place to store the tools. Place your garden shed adjacent to your garden to enable easy access to your daily gardening tools.

Have a separate space for storage

Do you have too many items to store inside your house? Why not consider having an affordable sizable garden shed in the backyard as an alternative storage option? Be careful about cheap sheds because the low-quality ones could be a burden. Invest in value-adding outdoor storage sheds from SturdiShed in Texas.

A shed can enhance the resale value of your house

A shed can increase the value of our property.  In case you are selling your house, the potential buyers won’t deal with the expense of fixing a shabby structure. A sturdy shed should be built with proper permits so that the buyer does not  have to undergo any legal liability.  

We offer customized storage and garden sheds

Having a garden shed creates a relaxing escape. Store your garden tools and improve the look and feel of your garden. We help you create a private space for you and your family and improve the aesthetics of your property. Explore the several benefits of a garden shed from SturdiShed. Our sheds are ideal for anyone who requires additional storage space, studio, backyard office, cottage or a hobby space. We have plenty of designs and various customization options. Wait no longer to have a perfect storage space for your requirements.

Invest in SturdiShed’s backyard structure

SturdiShed offers more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor storage sheds. Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on the paint on all metal roofs. We offer a lifetime limited warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. We showcase unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry and offer superior manufacturing and flawless quality control.  Our experts follow green manufacturing techniques and offer free and faster delivery within 50 miles. We leave no stones unturned in building a long-term relationship with you.

Why rent-to-own a garden shed?

We bring to you the most flexible rent-to-own options. There is no credit needed. You do not have to get into a long-term commitment. Experience easy ownership and plenty of other benefits in our financing plan. Make affordable payments within 36 or 60 months.

Final words

Our clients are our priority and we look forward to serving you. You can design your own outdoor shed. Discuss your project with us and we will be ready to help you. We promise you satisfaction.

A Lofted cabin gives more space compared to A-framed cabins. This is basically due to the roof design because the gambrel roof offers more space inside in the upper area. The space is used with lofts that are built inside. These lofts can be used for additional storage or living. Lofted cabins are built inside a manufacturing unit and delivered when completed. There are not many delays as the conditions are extremely controlled. Cabins with lofts are also available as shells or unfinished interior. This gives wider scope of customization, saves money and gives efficiency. The manufacturing companies offer finishing options as per your needs and budget.  

Lofted cabin comes with flexibility

Prebuilt loft cabins are convenient if you compare it to hiring contractors and building cabins onsite. SturdiShed offers both permanent and portable cabins delivered to your site. This helps to avoid construction hassles because your property will not be turned into a construction site for weeks. Lofted cabin comes with a metal roof and you can also choose shingles. The floor and wall system has hurricane ties and other features. You can choose different paint or stain colors. A lofted cabin has flexibility and it looks like a ranch because there are tall walls and other features that make it a climate-controlled space. Accessorize the interior with insulated glass, porch and dormers for a truly rich experience.

Rent-to-own sheds and cabins


We understand that everyone has a different budget and this is why we offer financing. SturdiShed brings to you rent-to-own options where there is a lot of flexibility and no credit is needed. You can enjoy super easy ownership of a loft cabin of any desirable size. We offer early payoff options, there is no penalty and you can get early payoff discounts as well. Get loss damage waiver to protect the investment.  This program includes friendly yet professional customer service, you can access your account 24/7, live support during the working hours and you can make affordable payments within 36 month or 60 months.

Experience limited warranty and free delivery

SturdiShed has more than a century of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We customize them for you and your family. We excel in displaying superior craftsmanship and have a quality control process. Experience free and fast delivery and there is no site preparation needed. The permanent cabins are built on a tough wooden foundation. We follow the green manufacturing practice. SturdiShed structures have a 15-year limited warranty, you also get a 10-year limited warranty on metal roof paints. Get lifetime limited manufacturing warranty on skids, siding and floor joists.

SturdiShed’s proven process

SturdiShed commits to use premium materials and outstanding workmanship to manufacture pre-built cabins. Our backyard structures are locally built and delivered to the site. We follow a proven process that includes:

·  Consulting the project

·  Collaborating to discuss the design

·  Finalizing the structure and completing it

·  Installing on-site, cleaning and handing over keys

·  Follow-up of project, warranty and post production support

Final words

Read reviews and testimonials before you decide to own a SturdiShed lofted cabin shell. You can design your own lofted cabin and the possibilities are endless. We promise to offer unique backyard solutions and make you happy. Get in touch with our team.

A cabin shell offers extra living space in the yard so it is always a good option for renting a new home. Using the backyard is an affordable option so more and more homeowners are taking interest. Winter, summer or any other season can be a good time to invest in a cabin.

SturdiShed’s proven process – We try offering unique experience

SturdiShed’s loft cabin shell offers ample flexibility and an appearance that is similar to a ranch. There are tall walls and you can turn the building into weather-controlled space. You can add accessories like porch, lofts, insulated lofts and dormers. All of these can make your loft cabin unique and you can choose from various sizes. We follow a proven process that include the following steps:

  • Design consultation – The design consultation phase includes steps where we discuss our process, your project ideas and goals. We talk to you about the project site and requirements.
  • Collaboration – Our experts recommend design; we consult with you and we keep on doing the changes until you are satisfied. You can choose the colors, features and various other options. Once satisfied, place the final order.
  • Build – Once you confirm the order, we set a date for installation and complete the production on time.
  • Install – Our expert engineers offer onsite installation and we tidy the space once done. Get the final project demo and the keys of your cabin.
  • Final product – Your cabin is ready and it looks beautiful. Our experts offer post project follow-up and lifetime limited warranty. Our customers get post production support.

SturdiShed – having a century of rich experience

SturdiShed in Texas has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. These are ideal for people who require extra storage space for storing tools or turning it into a backyard office, hoppy space or studio. We offer customized structures that are perfectly suitable for your requirements. Having extra space in your yard is very important. A perfect shed is not simply a roof and four walls but it is a space to enjoy new experiences. Our experts have industry knowledge and expertise to manufacture these structures. We respond to all your queries while designing a perfect shed. Experience our in-house lease to purchase a plan that is simple and affordable.

The various SturdiShed structures

SturdiShed structures are used for versatile applications. A SturdiShed cabin shell for sale in Texas has a perfect floor, wall and roof system. Other features of our system include: heavy duty hinges, double loft system, metal door threshold, 6 inches locking barrel bolts and metal strike plates. We showcase the finest craftsmanship in the market. We use green manufacturing materials, offer superior services and exceptional quality control processes. SturdiShed offers faster, free delivery and labor. There is no site preparation needed. Our sheds are built on permanent wood foundation and we also manufacture portable structures. Our structures include loft barns, utility sheds, garden sheds, loft cabins, cabin shells, modern sheds, modern cabins and garages.

Final words

Stop thinking further and use the yard space wisely. Have a comfortable cabin space in the backyard. Invest in a cabin shell for sale in Texas and prepare your retreat. Our team is ready to serve you. Feel free to discuss with us. We promise you happiness.

A lot of items have piled up and your home looks messy, right? The cleaning process will include throwing away a few items but most of them have value or sentimental attachment. A house is never enough space if you start fitting all tools, equipment inside. Why not use the yard space to install a backyard shed where you can dump all items or sometimes you can even use it as a space to relax. A prefab shed is a backyard structure that is attached to the main property. Having a shed gives more value to your property.

Having a shed is an affordable choice

In the last few years, the thought of having a shed just beside or behind the house has become a popular trend. This is due to embracing minimalism because you want to save space inside the home. Renting a bigger home is surely expensive than installing a shed in the yard. Having a prefab shed means you have everything arranged and there is no need to tear through the house in case you are searching for something. Having a shed means you can store certain items neatly and securely. It has been seen most of the time that items that are kept in the shed are heavy objects that are used for lawns and gardening.

How about having a portable shed?

Every shed that you see in the yard has a permanent wood foundation and a lot of hard work. The type of foundation depends on the kind of structure. A portable shed exists without any foundation. These structures can be moved from one location to another. In case you are shifting; you have to sell off the old static shed but you can take your portable shed along with you. Yes, moving a mobile shed is not like taking a stroll in the park but however it is possible in case of need. The cost of a portable shed is comparatively lesser compared to a permanent structure.

A shed is a great addition to your property

Sheds are usually smaller in size but we offer customized solutions. They take less time to build so a shed can be completed in a few hundred hours. Once your shed is ready, you will love it. SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in building backyard structures. We have a team of professional drivers who transport the structures and our installers complete the assembling process. We build backyard structures for you and your family that includes barns, sheds, garages, cabins, shells and modern structures. Our storage structures are built for versatility, they have features like heavy duty hinges, metal door threshold, double loft, metal strike plates and 6-inch locking barrel bolts.

Final words

You can have a prefab shed on foundation or a portable shed that you can even take away on a vacation. We have a rent-to-own program where no credit or long-term commitment is needed. Have easy ownership with a 36-month or 60-month affordable payment. A shed is not only a storage space, it is more than that. Get a shed of your dreams before the festive season knocks at the door. Discuss your project with us via call or email us.

Backyard storage structures have an escalating demand in the market. With less spaces inside the house now, people are using their yard to erect storage structures for various purposes. Engaging in a business dealing with these structures is a good idea as it could offer a stable income. Get associated with a reputed company that manufactures storage structures. We are convincing you to become a portable building dealer in USA. We deal with lofts, sheds, barns, garages, cabins, shells and more. We prioritize customer satisfaction before anything else and this is why our sheds are preferred. We give equal importance to our dealers who are the driving force.

Are you planning to sell sheds, barns and cabins?

It is a lucrative business in the USA because the need for storage sheds is increasing every day. SturdiShed by Ulrich has been manufacturing backyard storage structures for more than 100 years. We design sheds, barns, garages, lofts and cabins in bulk. There are many dealers associated with us and they are making pretty good income per month. If you too have a target of earning about $10k to $30k every month, partner with us and we give you the chance to make money. Those who have already become our sales partner are extremely satisfied because they have decided to hit the iron when hot. Our products have huge demand in the market and we have ample plans for expansion.

Our dealership programs

Explore our program as we have brought about a transformation in our dealership program so that there is more success. SturdiShed has helped a number of families have the right kind of backyard structure along with different accessories. If you partner with SturdiShed, there are great chances of earning lucrative commissions. We help you to grow but we would expect that you follow our rule and work with discipline and focus. Our compensations are actually great where a dealer can enjoy monthly basis payment of per unit. This makes you content and you can focus on serving the customers. We offer a lucrative quarterly bonus so that your spirits are high and you are focused on your earning. If you try achieving more, we have the annual achievement level bonuses for you.

SturdiShed – we are reputed in Texas

We are already an established business so as a dealer you do not have to put unimaginable effort to boost the sales. A lot of people already know that our products are worth purchasing and the kind of service we offer. We customize sheds and try to meet the specific requirements of the customers. We create sturdy and durable sheds that have earned a good reputation in the market. We inspire customers with our finest designs and there are plenty of size options.

Final words

We are very loyal to our dealers because we consider you as a core part of our family. We are aware of the fact that how hard you are trying to help our business grow. Visit our website to get more information, read testimonials to know what others have to say about the SturdiShed dealership program. Please feel free to have a discussion with us. We are open to ideas and suggestions required to improve or enhance our business. Become a portable building dealer today.

Your room and garage space are already filled with old stuff and dust. This is exactly why you need a separate storage shed in the backyard. We do not recommend selling off old things that have sentimental value but rather invest in a storage shed in Texas. A shed can be extremely useful as well as increase the value of your property. Aesthetics matter a lot so a shed in the yard should be beautiful, attractive and unique. An eye-catching storage shed in Texas can improve the look and feel of your outdoor landscape. A storage space could be used for various purposes.

Have your own she shed or man caves

You could only have another bedroom because the cost of renting is pretty high. We can make your dreams come true by suggesting a backyard shed to expand your living area. Now people are turning backyard structures into man caves and sheds. A shed in the backyard looks spectacular so why wait longer? Read reviews and testimonials on our website to get a hint of what the customers feel about owning our shed structure. Invest in a premium quality shed, it will pay off in the long run.

Renting to own – SturdiShed 

We have a knowledgeable team that will answer all your queries and have a perfect shed ready for you. SturdiShed has an in-house lease program which is pretty simple and affordable. SturdiShed manufactures structures within the budget and customized based on your requirements. We bring to you flexible rent-to-own options where you do not have to worry about owning one. There is no credit and long-term commitment needed. You can access your account online 24/7 and get professional customer service. Make affordable payments in 36 months and 60 months. We offer a loss damage waiver to cover your investment. Get early payoff options, get discounts and no penalty.

SturdiShed – backyard structures for versatile uses

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We design sheds for you and your family. Our structures include loft barns, modern cabins, wood storage sheds, garden sheds, utility sheds, garages and more. Our perfect backyard structures are manufactured for versatility. We design floor, wall and ceiling systems. The other features include metal strike plates, heavy duty hinges, metal door threshold, 6-inch locking bolts and double loft system. Our sheds have locks and latches so they are safe. Count on us if you are looking for quality sheds and barns. These structures are reputed for resisting the forces of nature like rain, snow, heat, storm, etc.

Final words

A shed can make you stress-free and give you a lot of peace. Browse through our website to know about the various backyard structures. Our sheds are made with love, it is more than just a backyard structure. Invest in a budget-friendly, long-term storage solution. We are here to help you, please call us regarding your specific queries or email at

Sheds are small-to-medium size buildings that are installed in the backyard or side yard that can be put to use as a home office, garden tool storage space, studio, or retreat, etc. Sheds for sale in Texas is a good way to declutter your house and garage space. Clear your closets and corners of every room so that the house is arranged. Sheds can come in different sizes, materials, and configurations to accommodate your needs.

Are you planning to enhance the shed you already own?

We recommend installing shed accessories that add functionality and enhance the look. Apart from that a brand-new shed with locks and latch in the yard improves the safety and adds value to your home. Assembling a backyard shed is an affordable way to enhance the appeal and resale value of your house. A backyard shed need not be only for storage purposes, it could be a workshop, playhouse or entertainment zone. The possibilities are endless! We customize sheds for you and you can also design your own structure.

Our outdoor storages are versatile

SturdiShed systems have floor system, wall system, roof system and other features like metal door threshold, heavy duty hinges, metal strike plates, double loft system, 6-inch locking barrel bolts and more. We follow a proven process that includes design consultation, collaboration, building, installation and ready structure. Please first discuss with us about the project, goals and ideas. We recommend the design but we will adjust it until you are satisfied with the colors, features and other customizations. We set the installation date and our team completes the production on time. Finally, after the onsite installation we do the cleanup. Our experts offer the final project demo and handover the keys. We do the post project follow up, post production support and offer warranty.

Get limited warranty on our backyard structures

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We manufacture backyard structures for your and your family. Our structures include loft cabins, garages, different types of sheds and cabins. Get a 15-year limited warranty on our sheds and structures. We are offering a 10-year limited lifetime warranty on the paint of metal roofs. Also, get limited lifetime warranty on siding, skids and floor joists. SturdiShed offers excellent after-sales support to the customers.

Our rent-to-own options

Are you interested in a Tuff shed cabin shell in Texas? We have flexible rent-to-own options for the customers. There is no credit and long-term commitment needed. You can get discounts for early payoff and there is no penalty. Visit our website and take time to explore our showroom. We offer free delivery within a distance of 50 miles. Invest in a structure that can meet your needs.

Please call us at 817-506-4405 or email us at

A lofted cabin makes a cozy and artistic space inside your log home. You can have a bed, a writing retreat, an office, read and relax there. Cabin lofts come in a variety of layouts, sizes and styles. It is important to understand the difference between cottages and lofts. Cottages are multipurpose homes that are generally set up around a water body. Cabins are wooden structures that are set up in the woods. Cabins generally cost 20-30 percent more than a traditional house. Cabin homes are usually small-size structures generally within 1,800 square feet. Lofted cabins are designed with perfection and simplicity. 

Tall walls and climate controlled space

Transform your getaway in a rustic lofted cabin with different levels of monetary assurance. We help you get the nitty-gritty of creating your lofted cabin as soon as we suggest the perfect cabin style. SturdiShed designs lofted cabin shells that are flexible and offer a ranch-style appearance. They have extra-tall walls and climate-controlled space. You can add accessories like a porch, lofts, insulated glass and dormers to make your lofted cabin experience amazing. There are different size options, you can customize it accordingly. Some standard features include continuous eave vents, metal door thresholds, heavy-duty hinges, hurricane ties on floor and walls, wall studs and more. 

Rent-to-own a lofted cabin

Order a SturdiShed lofted cabin and turn your dreams into reality. You can design your own retreat and we offer a free consultation. Owning a cabin is now simply because we have flexible rent-to-own plans. There is no long-term commitment and no credit is required. Enjoy easy ownership, early pay-off options, and discounts, and make affordable payments within 36 months or 60 months. We have in-house professional experts who assemble and install the structure on the foundation. We offer a permanent wooden foundation for your shed or cabin. You can opt for a portable solution also. There is no need to worry if you cannot fit a building due to the slim passway. Our builders will assemble a new backyard structure on your property. 

SturdiShed – having a century of experience

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in designing sheds and cabins. We allow clients to connect with us for a discussion, we collaborate and work on your project so that you get to know about the developments, we fix an installation date and we complete your project on time. We have a team for post-project follow-up and offer a 15-year warranty on our products. Get a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. Get a 10-year limited paint warranty on metal roofs. 

Final words

Make use of your backyard space by having a cabin retreat of your choice. This also increases the value of your property. We have a solution for all your storage, garage and cabin requirements. Use a lofted cabin to work from home, as a man cave, enjoy with friends, space for guests, use as a she-shed, etc. Loft cabins shine and add magic to your space. 

Live your dreams!

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