Are you running out of space or needing to clear all the clutter that is heaped inside your house? It is an advantage if you have ample space in the backyard or front yard. Make good use of the space by installing a modern shed in Texas. Choosing one and installing can be exciting but it is also important to stay within planning regulations so that there are no issues in the future. Every city has its own set of rules that govern all commercial and residential properties. The governing bodies decide where sheds can be built and the allowable size.

Have your own garden shed – a useful investment

Garden sheds are commonly seen everywhere in the country. They are built close to the garden so that storing necessary items, tools and supplies is not a hassle. A wooden or metal shed is good for storing bulky items like hedge trimmer, lawn mower or wheelbarrow. Accessorize with a range of hooks and shelves where you can easily store those hand-held tools, ropes and other small items. You need to use hazardous items like weed-killers, lawn feed and fertilizers to maintain the garden. These products should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Store these inside the garden shed for safety.

Uses of backyard structures

We all hoard items because we have a habit of holding onto things, especially those that have sentimental value.  You might own a villa, mansion or a small house but having a storage shed in the yard is always an advantage. You can use a modern shed in Texas for storing other items like old gym equipment, bikes, heavy toys, summer barbecue, etc. use it as a studio, guestroom, hobby space, home office, man cave or a she-shed. All your items and other important stuff will be secure and you can free up space inside the house or garage.

Durable and modern structures from SturdiShed

SturdiShed has been manufacturing premium backyard prefab structures for more than 100 years. We build and customize modern sheds for you and your family. Our structures come with advanced features like adequate insulation, metal roofs, superior ventilation that prevents condensation, strong framing, good-quality exterior paint and more. They are built on tough permanent wood foundations or can be portable ones. A shed on foundation needs very less site preparation and we elevate the structure to ensure proper drainage. You can choose from our wide variety of designs and plenty of customization options.

Final words – Have your own shed

We have professional and trained drivers who deliver the shed to your site safely. We do not charge anything if it is within 50 miles. Avail our flexible rent-to-own program and enjoy owning a modern shed in Texas. There are expert installers who complete the installation. If you are planning to use the yard space, please get in touch with us. We shall share all knowledge and information so that you can make informed decisions.

Are you making proper use of the space inside the storage shed in Texas? You have invested in a storage space mainly to get rid of clutter inside your house. There are times even when your storage shed gets cluttered and you need to arrange stuff again for maximum space utilization. Make a little effort to organize items during the weekends.

What to store inside a garden shed

If your garden is located close to the shed, you would probably use the space to store all the gardening tools and equipment. The products should be able to endure a bit of changing temperature and a little amount of moisture. The items you can store are:

·  Lawnmower

·  Gasoline in small amount

·  Workbench

·  Hose

·  Wheelbarrow

·  Fertilizers and chemicals used for lawn care

After you have stored all these items, you need to judge the amount of space left. If you feel right, you can store outdoor toys, garden furniture and even bikes. Storage sheds easily become a space piling for old stuff that should have gone into the garbage. Make sure you clean the space for maximum utilization.

Accessories that you can install inside your shed

Here is a list of some accessories that you can add inside your shed for making maximum use of space and keeping items organized:

  • Shelves and racks – Adding proper shelves is one of the most efficient ways to organize the storage shed. Position shelves in a manner that there is scope for maximum and organized storage. You can build shelves but if you are not a DIY person, invest in portable ones. You can install creative wall racks to keep stuff from piling up from the floor. Racks are an excellent addition for wood storage sheds.
  • Pegboard for organizing workshop – You can have pegboard storage if you are planning to use the shed as a hobby space or workshop. These storage systems come with other small accessories like bags, hooks, mini shelves, baskets and hangers. A pegboard is very useful for keeping the floor clean inside small sheds.  
  • Cabinets and workbenches – A workbench compliments wall panel storage or pegboard. Adding a workbench means adding permanent workspace and making space for more equipment and tools. If you want to make the most of a workbench, you must build it on top of a cabinet that has drawers beneath. You can also use boxes, stackable totes inside wood storage sheds.  
  • Use the ceiling space and lofts – Use the ceiling space for storing items by adding a loft. SturdiShed manufactures storage sheds with built-in lofts. This is very useful if you want to store maximum items and yet keep the shed clutter-free.

Final words – choose the right shed size

You can makea storage shed in Texas more functional by adding accessories for keeping things organized. Choose the size depending on your storage need, space available and the budget. For instance, if you have a small size shed, we would suggest keeping items off the floor. This makes the space more usable. All items inside the storage shed should have a specific place and only then you can keep it organized. Do not store items unnecessarily. Get rid of old tools in case you purchase a new one.

Loft cabins are added to smaller properties to add more space. A loft is a room that is raised from the ground along with a small-size balcony, so there is space underneath for another room.

There are several ways you can use the loft for proper space utilization. Kitchens and bathrooms are not installed in lofts because plumbing is not usually done. Lofts can be used as other rooms. A portable lofted cabin is suitable for a weekend getaway especially if it is located by the woods, lake, or foot of the mountains. A loft cabin offers additional space compared to A-framed cabins.

Affordable lofted cabins

SturdiShed’s lofted cabins are quality-built and budget-friendly. The cabin is spacious and can meet all your requirements. Our cabins can be used for full-time dwelling so choose any size that is convenient. The interior and exterior are completely insulated. A lofted cabin offers a serene place to relax and unwind after a hectic day. Cabins with existing loft storage gives you a lot of extra space for overhead storage.

Do you want to customize your own cabin?

You can invest in a cabin shell and finish the interior according to your taste and requirements. You can also consult with us for finishing options. A shell offers ample flexibility and gives a ranch-like look and feel. You can add accessories like porch, insulated glass and dormers.

Prefab cabins are convenient

SturdiShed’s backyard structures showcase excellent workmanship and hard work. We deliver the same that we have promised. SturdiShed lofted cabins are built at the manufacturer’s facility and delivered to your location once completed. The conditions inside the manufacturing facility are controlled so there are no delays or other issues. Pre-Built cabins are very convenient. We do not recommend hiring a contractor to build a cabin onsite. This will help you to get rid of construction hassles. It is a headache if your property turns into a building site for a few weeks. The cabins are delivered by our drivers and we have a team for handling the installation. We offer free delivery for upto 50 miles.

A space to relax and unwind

A lofted cabin comes with a metal roof but you can upgrade into shingle anytime. The roofs are available in different colors and you can choose the position where you would like to have a window. You can use a loft in different ways but it can be an ideal sitting space for young to mid-aged people. You can play games, meet friends and hangout there. You can add small furniture like a coffee table and simple chairs. Add items like flowers, throw blankets and wall pictures. It could be the coziest space during the winters compared to the rest of the house.

Increases the value of the property

Lofts are very useful because you can never have sufficient space for storage. Use the underneath to have a closet or you can enjoy extra floor space. Having open rafters will make the space look more spacious. A lofted cabin increases the value of the property. SturdiShed designs backyard structures for you and your family. Explore our flexible financing options like rent-to-own so that owning a cabin is no big deal. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us!

Are you looking for some additional space to pursue your hobby? Having a space of your own can be a good idea but it is even better if you do not require a hefty investment. Utilize your backyard space to install a hobby shed or storage shed workshop.

James made his dream come true

Every hobbyist needs a storage shed workshop. SturdiShed built a backyard hobby shed for James and made his dream come true by building a shed for communication. He had too many  equipment to install which required a lot of space. He did not wish to have a room inide his house for setting up a communication studio. You cannot turn a house into a hobby space. Pursuing a hobby requires a separate space.

He saw sheds from many other companies but was not happy with the quality of them. So he kept searching for sheds from other companies.Finally, he came across backyard structures from SturdiShed. He took interest in the SturdiShed product because of its excellent quality.

We installed a customized backyard shed and he was impressed. We offered everything he asked for including insulated walls, high ceiling and durable floors. . We are glad that our client is happy with our design and engineering. 

His wife noticed the structure well because she helped him to setup all the instruments once the workshop shed was ready. She was impressed after looking at such a well-customized  communication shed. She is now planning to invest in a She Shed for having a good time with her friends and family. This couple has taken great interest in our modern backyard structures.

The important features of our sheds

Our storage shed workshop is well ventilated so you can work comfortably inside the building. The interior is 20 degrees cooler and there is no condensation, preventing the formation of leaks and mold. We install vent screens that protect against bugs from entering the backyard space.  We use the finest exterior paint that has element protection. You can choose from different colors. The roof can endure harsh weather and there are hurricane ties on foundation. They also have strong framing. The structures are built on elevated permanent wood foundation and you can invest in portable structures as well.

Easy rent-to-own program

They have utilized the yard space wisely. So, what are you waiting for? We build customized sheds for you and your family. They are just perfect for anyone who needs extra space. SturdiShed backyard structures are affordable and easy to own. Connect with us if you need a backyard structure immediately but do not have sufficient funds. We bring to you the extremely flexible rent-to-own options. You do not need any credit or long-term commitment. You can pay off early and enjoy discounts. Protect your investment with the Loss damage Waiver. We offer superior customer service because we have a team of professional customer care executives. Access your account online 24/7. We allow 36 months or 60 months for making payments. SturdiShed runs the friendliest rent-to-own programs in Texas.

Our proven process – our clients are our priority

SturdiShed follows a proven process that starts with design consultation. During this process, you share with us your project goals and ideas. You also talk about the project site and other requirements. Then comes collaboration where we recommend you the design and we keep on making changes unless you are happy. You can choose the colors, features and other options. We then start building once you confirm the order and finalize the installation date. Once the installation is complete, we give you the demo, handover the keys and do the cleaning. We feel that post-project follow-up and support is very important. Our sheds and all backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Final words

The sheds are delivered by our professional drivers and we position it with precision. We offer free delivery within 50 miles. We charge a small fee for onsite builds. The company sends an expert team for onsite assembling. Please get in touch with us.

Horse riding is a fun activity that many love and it is even more fun when you ride a happy and healthy horse. They are very social animals and give so much love. Having a proper shelter for the animals is a part of its care. A horse stall in a barn is not a very good idea. Instead, invest in a horse shed. Horses can suffer from anxiety if they are cooped up too much. These structures are generally placed next to the green pasture so that they can rest in the shelter and again run outdoors when they like. So, horse sheds are open on one side. Sheds for sale in Texas protect the equine from all weather conditions and their harsh effects.


SturdiShed built a horse shed in Texas

Sunny is a jovial horse who loves to give rides running through the green fields and meadows. The owner kept the horse in a workshop for a few months but after a few months he approached us for a separate horse tack room. 

SturdiShed excels in manufacturing customized sheds for sale in Texas that are ideal for the ranch lifestyle. Our shed features a modern floor system using premium plywood, hurricane ties on the wall and roofs, customized sidings, heavy metal door threshold, etc. They chose a mid-sized horse shed to store her feed, tubs, ropes, and other items. They chose to use the horse shed for Sunny and a bit of storage. There is enough floor space so that the horse can stay there comfortably. Sometimes sheds can get stuffy and feel enclosed. We built an open wall for adequate ventilation. This improves the horse’s health by not allowing bacteria to build up or accumulate dust. Sunny got a new home and the owner was so happy with what we offered. 

SturdiShed excels in manufacturing customized sheds for sale in Texas that are ideal for the ranch lifestyle. Our shed features a modern floor system using premium plywood, hurricane ties on the wall and roofs, customized sidings, heavy metal door threshold, etc. They chose a mid-sized horse shed to store her feed, tubs, ropes, and other items. They chose to use the horse shed for Sunny and a bit of storage. There is enough floor space so that the horse can stay there comfortably. Sometimes sheds can get stuffy and feel enclosed. We built an open wall for adequate ventilation. This improves the horse’s health by not allowing bacteria to build up or accumulate dust. Sunny got a new home and the owner was so happy with what we offered. 

You can choose a portable shed

You can have a horse shed on the foundation or a portable one can be extremely beneficial. For instance, you can move the shed to an area with a less cold wind blowing during the winter. Do not wait if you think the same for your horses because they need a cozy home too. We have so many other clients who order horse barns and sheds. Our sheds for sale in Texas are not just spaces but they are comfortable spaces that we customize based on your requirements. You can also design your own space. 

Why trust StrudiShed?

SturdiShed has been manufacturing backyard storage structures for more than 100 years. We showcase flawless craftsmanship in the industry by implementing advanced manufacturing and stringent quality control processes. The structures are all set on strong wooden foundations and the portable ones do not require any groundwork. We manufacture sheds, barns, cabins, tuff shed cabin shell, garages, etc. Our sheds are eco-friendly because we care for the environment, they do not emit toxic gasses inside.

Free delivery within 50 miles

We deliver fast and free within 50 miles. Strudished structures have a limited lifetime warranty on sidings, floor joists and skids. Get a 15-year limited warranty on the sheds and 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on the metal roofs. 

Rent-to-own options

Are you looking for sheds for sale in Texas but do not have sufficient funds? Nothing to worry about because we bring you a flexible rent-to-own financing plan. Some of the plan features include:

  • No credit needed
  • There is no long-term commitment
  • Easy Ownership
  • Get live telephonic support during the business hours
  • Get early payoff discounts and there is no penalty
  • Secure investment with Loss Damage Waiver
  • Access your account online 24/7
  • Professional yet friendly customer service
  • Make payments within 36 months or 60 months

Now breathe a sigh of relief! Own a backyard structure anytime.

We promise you the shed of your dreams. Our team is ready to serve.

Are you looking for opportunities to earn extra income? Consider becoming a storage shed dealer in Texas. This is a booming business as more and more homeowners are investing in sheds and other backyard structures. 

Many people have started their own shed business and have associated with reputed companies. SturdiShed is one of them. You do not need to make a huge investment to partner with SturdiShed. Having a little knowledge in marketing and a lot of enthusiasm can help you earn good profits and commissions. 

Dealer benefits of rent-to-own storage sheds

It is lucrative to be associated with manufacturers that offer rent-to-own sheds. You can enjoy increased sales and content customers. Customers that are already present in the local market are more interested in rent-to-own sheds. It is a solution for those potential customers who do not have credit. So, proper financing increases the size of the local client base. Get associated with SturdiShed in Texas because we are offering lucrative financing options. We have a wide range of products and customization options. 

Earn commissions

We offer commission for every storage unit that you sell as an authorized dealer. It is projected to make $10k – $30k every month by partnering with Sturdished and enjoy a monthly base pay per unit plus a quarterly bonus for the go-getters. There is also an annual achievement bonus for those who perform exceptionally 

Grow with us

We help you to learn and even more from the past mistakes. Work with maximum tenacity. Practice discipline and integrity. In case there is an issue, discuss it with our team immediately. 

We offer value-added trainings

The storage shed market is booming, so become a shed dealer today! SturdiShed has come up with new programs targeting higher scope for success. Becoming a SturdiShed dealer means gaining people’s trust–and we will help you to grow in the business with our training programs for our dealers. 

Final words

You might be looking for shed dealers near me? Visit the SturdiShed website to read the testimonials and know what other dealers say. The most interesting part is that there is zero capital investment. Please get in touch with us today and join our team.

A cabin shell is an excellent addition to your property. They can be used for various purposes. An outdoor cabin is an ideal space for recreation. It offers plenty of advantages for those who enjoy the outdoors. 

Many people love to have outdoor retreats as a part of home improvement. Building a cabin is a tedious process so it is good to buy a cabin shell or a prefab ready cabin. Cabin shells are incredible, they increase the value of your property and most companies offer excellent financing. The interest rates are low and there are no commissions, so they easily get approved for a home loan. 

Insulated and climate-controlled cabins 

SturdiShed cabin shells are durable and can be a lifetime companion. They are built using materials that can endure harsh climatic conditions, the strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other extremities. An average backyard cabin can last 50 years if you need little maintenance. SturdiShed cabins are manufactured using premium materials so it is worth investing. 

Energy efficiency is another important factor because your energy bills matter greatly. Most cabins have good insulation between the walls, a strong wall, ceiling and floor system. On average, you can save almost 30% on your energy bills because of good insulation. 

The process of owning a cabin space

The process we follow from the beginning is very systematic:

  • We discuss the project ideas with you and consider the requirements.
  • We recommend the design, make certain changes, and discuss other features. By this time, you can place the final order. Once the order is confirmed, we give a completion and installation date.
  • The cabin shell is ready.

We do post-project follow-up and get a lifetime limited warranty on the structures. 

Installation and cleanup

Installing a cabin is easy because our expert drivers transport the cabin to your site. We have installers who complete the process for you. We also take care of the cleanup process which is a part of our task. After we have displayed the final demo, we will hand over the keys. SturdiShed offers post-production support to all clients. 

Add accessories to your cabin

SturdiShed’s cabin shell offers flexibility and it looks akin to a ranch. You can add accessories like lofts, dormers, porch, etc. You can choose from various sizes. Cabins are an affordable addition to your backyard. The cost of maintaining a cabin can be a little high but those with windows and siding do not need the same amount of maintenance. They are worth it if you love a peaceful and quiet space in the backyard. 

Are you worried about financing? 

StrudiShed offers flexible rent-to-own options where no credit and financing are needed. Enjoy easy ownership with 24/7 customer service. Make early payoffs and get discounts. You can make affordable payments within 36 months or 60 months. 

SturdiShed – live your dreams with us

StrudiShed has been offering cabin shell for sale for the last 100 years in Texas. We have many satisfied clients and we prioritize every new customer. Give a tough old reality to your cabin dream with SturdiShed’s cabin shell. Add décor of your choice and accessories the way you like. Use the cabin as a studio, man cave, she shed, home office, etc. 

We are ready to serve you and we promise you a perfect backyard structure. Put your yard to good use with SturdiShed.

Having a nice garden means there would be ample tools that should be kept handy. These tools can take up a lot of space inside your home so it is good if you can have a separate space. A new garden shed is a worthwhile investment and a good quality one can last for decades, so it is important to choose the right shed to store your garden tools. Installing a backyard structure is a long-term investment. Make sure you choose a reputable company in Texas that manufactures sheds and take the time to gather your requirements and research your options. Let us know your needs and we will help you to choose the right garden shed.

Accessorize your garden shed

There are many types of outdoor storage sheds available that can be customized according to your needs and budget. A simple storage structure can serve different purposes. When you are adding accessories to a garden shed, there are plenty of options. You can have an attractive potting bench for placing nice pots with plants. You can also have a multi-purpose structure with ample versatility. You can have a shed for storing small garden items and furniture. There are also sheds for storing heavy garden equipment and other valuables. You can convert any shed into a workshop space by allowing more space, accessories like skylights, headroom, shelves, or tables. Garden sheds are available in different materials that include plastic, wood, composite, resin and metal.

We are SturdiShed experts

We have professional drivers who transport the sheds to your location and expert installers who complete the installation process.  There are different steps that are involved in preparing the foundation. We offer a solid wooden foundation for installing our outdoor storage sheds. You can design your own shed and ask us for additional features to fulfill your dreams. SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. Get free and fast delivery within 50 miles. We use eco-friendly materials because we care for the environment.

Avail our easy financing options

Our sheds are affordable and the specification plays a big role in determining the price of the structure. The bigger the shed size, the more expensive it is. Investing in SturdiShed’s garden shed is easy because we bring to you flexible financing. We have the rent-to-own option where no long-term commitment is needed. You do not need any credit and can avail discounts on early payoffs. Enjoy easy ownership and we protect your investment by offering loss damage waiver. You can make flexible payments within 36 months and 60 months. We are happy to serve you by manufacturing sheds and other backyard structures for you and your family.

Final words

Please get in touch with us for a backyard structure. Share your ideas with us and we will offer you customized outdoor storage sheds.

We guess you are struggling to find a suitable location to place your prefab shed. Selecting the ideal location is one of the primary decisions you need to make after you have decided to invest in a shed. The place where you will be housed on your property has a great influence on the shed’s shape, size, and foundation. Consult zoning and other laws before placing one in your backyard or side yard.

Sheds’ purpose and functionality

You could use the prefab structure as a garden shed, cabin, man cave, studio, she-shed, etc. If you plan to use a garden shed, locate it close to the water source. If you plan to use the space as a garage or for storage, it should be reachable from the front yard. A SturdiShed expert can help you determine the most convenient location based on the purpose of the structure. There are certain space limitations depending on what you are planning to store. For instance, if you are living in an area where it snows in the winter, you do not need a space to shovel and snow blower far from the main property. The tools will be more accessible if you place the shed close to your house.

Determining the design of your outdoor shed

A brand-new shed will increase the value of the shed by improving the aesthetic factor. You can choose the color and size of the structure based on your preference. SturdiShed gives you scope to design your own shed. We ensure the shed is secure with proper locks to prevent theft of stored items. The aesthetics is the most important factor. For instance, do not place the shed guarding the house windows as it could block the views of the backyard. Leave room for the kids and pets so that they can play in the backyard. Make sure you do not include the entire grassy area because there will be less space for enjoying in the yard. Do not build your shed under a large tree as it can lead to damage during storms and rains. We recommend not to have a backyard structure under direct sunlight. There should be sufficient light but the scorching sun entirely on the shed can be very hot during the daytime. The roof and the exterior paint can wear off easily.

Strong wooden foundation by StrudiShed

The soil conditions are sometimes overlooked when taking into consideration the location of the shed. But you must not overlook it because the type of land is one of the most important factors. We recommend avoiding low spots because they can become a puddle during the rains. The location should be of the same level with a little grade for water runoff. SturdiShed stresses on having a strong wooden foundation for a prefab shed. If there is sand in the backyard, it is not suitable for erecting a garden shed or else the structure will destabilize. The rocky surface can be tricky as it would not create a stable base. Clay earth is not bad for a shed but there can be water logging. Investing in a portable shed relieves you from spending extra on the foundation. A portable shed is also very useful as you can move the structure from one location to another when needed.

Final words

Finance is the most important factor when you are planning to buy a prefab shed. SturdiShed offers a rent-to-own program where there is no credit or long-term commitment needed. SturdiShed has been manufacturing backyard structures for you and your family for the last 100 years. Please get in touch with us.

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