Smith wanted to have a portable shed for storage purposes to keep things organized. He browsed many companies that manufacture sheds and cabins. Finally, he chose SturdiShed to build a custom portable storage building for him. At SturdiShed, we help our clients by sharing the many benefits of having a shed in their yard. 

A portable shed could be easy to move without much groundwork required. Smith is a person who always seems to be collecting things. He has a small storage corner inside his house but it is overflowing. He reached us finally when he decided to declutter his property and shift everything there. 

Smith’s climate-controlled shed interior

We explained to Smith how he could benefit by investing in our backyard structures. Our portable buildings keep the building 20 degrees cooler, which helps to save climate control costs. This prevents condensation, you do not have to worry about mold and leaks. There are vent screens that protect against bugs and other insects. The sheds are painted with the finest paint that offers protection to appearance. Smith chose various colors. The sheds come with a 15-year limited warranty. 

Are you planning to build a shed on the foundation? 

Well, many desire to have a permanent shed in the backyard. SturdiShed’s prefab shed on the foundation solves all your storage requirements. Our foundations are crafted with the finest materials, they are protected against termites and fungal decay. The foundation remains in contact with the ground but is technically elevated to help with proper drainage. We recommend pouring a gravel pad so there is no concrete pad needed. Our foundation needs minimal site preparation, which saves time and money. The prefab shed is transported by drivers who position it rightly and our installers who handle the next procedure. You can request an onsite build by paying a small fee. StruidiShed has a team to do the assembling. 

Not ready to pay upfront? We have a rent-to-own option

We met so many of them who are not and Smith was one of them. Paying upfront is not mandatory when you invest in a SturdiShed structure. We have for you the friendliest rent-to-own program in Texas. We understand how important financing is because no investment is small for homeowners and you might have too many commitments. Investing in different storage sheds means avoiding paying heavy rent or mortgages. Our rent-to-own program offers no long-term commitment and there is no credit needed. You can enjoy easy ownership with 24/7 access to your account. Get early payoff discounts and there is no penalty. Make affordable payments within 36 or 60 months. 

SturdiShed – having 100 years of experience

Our outdoor storage spaces can revolutionize your property with imagination and imagination. We promise you a prefab shed that will last for many years. Our structures are made using high-end craftsmanship. SturdiShed is more than 100 years old, so we boast of being extremely experienced in building various types of backyard structures. You can design your own shed in five steps. We have all types of structures to suit your needs. 

Final thoughts

Please get in touch with us and discuss your queries. Request a quote.

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