Do you have a small or medium-sized home? Plan a nice, cozy cabin. A lofted cabin creates a creative space where you have your time. Set up a retreat for relaxing, pursuing your passion, or living during the weekends. A loft is an additional space raised from the ground with a small balcony. You can have another room beneath the extended space. You can use the loft space in different ways. There are lofted cabins on the foundation and portable ones as well. You can move from one place to another, especially if you have plans to enjoy the lakeside breeze or work from the mountains. 

Here are the different types of lofted cabins

Freestanding lofted cabin

This style of lofted cabin has a single wall fixed to the cabin structure. The rest of the three sides of the loft remain open to the rest of the cabin space. This is not a private space, so these are mainly used for a games room, kid’s play area, and sitting area. 

Suspended lofts

Suspended lofts have two open walls, making them more stable than the freestanding ones. This type can be an excellent space for a studio. An artist gets enough natural light and great angles. It can be space for art, craft, and other interesting activities. 

Cantilevered lofted cabin

This is unique, it is more like the end loft, but the floor space juts into the space. These cabins are great for couples who wish to enjoy some time alone. It is also suitable for photographers, birdwatchers, readers, and those who will only live inside it with a little luggage.  

Affordable lofted cabins

SturdiShed’s lofted cabins are premium, customized, and crafted, keeping in mind your budget. We bring to you a lofted cabin shell and a gable cabin shell. Our cabins are very spacious and can be customized based on your requirements. The interior and exterior walls are completely insulated. A lofted cabin offers space to relax and unwind after a busy day. You can use a loft for additional storage as well. Cabin lofts are used for craft workshops, artist studios, and workout spaces. We design cabins with excellent insulation or soundproofing added in between the floors. A lofted cabin has a metal roof, but you can upgrade it into a shingle. The roofs are available in a wide range of colors. Once the cabin exterior is ready, customize the interior. Add furniture like a center-table, coffee table, and chairs. Add items like wall hangings, flower vases, and nice pictures. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

SturdiShed manufactures backyard structures showcasing excellent workmanship. Pre-built cabins are very useful. We do not recommend building a cabin on your own. You can choose our prefab cabins. Our drivers deliver the cabins, and a team oversees installing them. We offer free conveyance for up to 50 miles.

SturdiShed – customized sheds

SturdiShed has been building backyard sheds and structures for more than 100 years. We showcase high-quality craftsmanship following superior manufacturing and quality control processes. Our cabins are built on wooden foundations elevated from the ground for proper drainage. We care for the environment, so our team follows green manufacturing techniques. 


Final words – request a quote

Access your loft stairs with stairs, a fixed ladder, or a sliding ladder. A lofted cabin enhances the value of the property. SturdiShed designs premium backyard structures for you and your family. Please feel free to get in touch with us!

Cabins are a great idea as they can enhance your lifestyle. They can help you earn extra income through rental, or it could be your comfortable space for getaways and vacations. If you add a cozy cabin to your backyard, your property could be invested. A lovely cabin has a rustic appearance. These structures are available in different styles and are accessible in various plans and designs. 

Cabins are cottages and look like small homes. There are two types of cabin buyers, one who uses them as primary residences and the other who wants a cabin for weekends or vacations. Invest in a cabin shell and customize it to your liking.

The loft and gable cabin shell from SturdiShed

SturdiShed designs two types of cabin shells: The Loft Cabin Shell and the Gable Shell. The former has an open inside and clean lines with an exemplary touch. If you want to increase the living space in your cabin, you can go with the gable cabin shell. The Gable cabin shell can serve as a guest room or a getaway area. You can install a lofted cabin shell, which gives the appearance of a ranch and offers a lot of flexibility. They have tall walls that can transform the structure into an environment-controlled space. You can personalize your experience by adding different accessories. There are hurricane ties on the floor, walls, and ceiling, heavy-duty hinges, a continuous eave vent, wall studs in the middle, and other features included in our cabin shells.

Explore our rent-to-own programs

There is no need to pay upfront as we bring you our rent-to-own programs. Easy ownership, no need for credit, and no long-term commitment are all included. You can access your account online anytime, get options for early payment, and get discounts. For affordable payments, you can choose between 36 and 60 months. During the business day, you can call live support.


A few requirements to consider

Sturdished offers affordable cabin shells for sale, but here are a few things you need to decide on first:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Define your goals
  • Consider the budget. 
  • Knowing the different customization options
  • Connecting with manufacturers

Free delivery within 50 miles

Get a 15-year limited lifetime warranty on all SturdiShed structures. SturdiShed offers industry-leading craftsmanship. Your cabin shell will arrive quickly, and we will deliver it for free if the distance is within 50 miles. The cabins are built on a solid foundation, and no site preparation is required. The foundation is made of the finest materials; it protects against termite damage and fungal decay. The structures are raised from the ground to ensure proper drainage. The foundation is protected against fungal and termite infestations. 

Final words

Are you looking for a cabin shell that is both affordable and useful? Get backyard solutions that are made just for you and your budget. SturdiShed offers support after you invest in a backyard structure from the store. Please talk to us about your wants and needs. Build your own cabin or any other structure for your backyard. Please feel free to get in touch with SturdiShed for a consultation. Wait no more. Order a cabin shell for sale in Texas.

You are close to reaching the goal of keeping the home and garage clean if you are planning to invest in a modern shed in Texas. There could be a space outside the house to store garden supplies, tools, bikes, other objects, etc. If required, you can even spend days and nights inside a spacious storage shed. Storage buildings can be small, medium, and large. It all depends on your unique requirements. A shed is a great option to enhance the space and make it even more interesting by adding certain accessories. These include hooks, shelving, hangers, doors, and windows. You can also add a porch to your modern shed in Texas.

Having a customized space outdoor for storage 

The shed is a common concept in the USA, and this market is booming. The most convenient is to opt for a prefab quality storage building that would be delivered to your doorstep. If you are not content with the existing models, the manufacturers customize them. Did you figure out the purpose of owning a shed? This is the first step towards ownership. Most homes have limited space, so homeowners need more storage. 

Backyard storage building houses offer an option to store tools, equipment and other goods. A modern shed in Texas creates an opportunity to lead an organized lifestyle. It allows you to be more flexible and know your items’ locations. The majority of us own ample garden equipment and need to figure out where to keep it. A garden shed is a place for storing all outdoor tools and equipment. If you do not have a garden, it could be a space to house your horse or start a workshop. They come with secure doors, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

SturdiShed – catering to your outdoor storage requirements

SturdiShed has experts who can help you with all your storage shed requirements. In case you are confused, we suggest the right type and size of storage structure that will not steal the yard’s beauty. It should be of a size that looks proportionate with the yard. We have been manufacturing sheds for the last 100 years. We can make your shed feel like a home by suggesting ways to make it look like a home. Consider the style and color of your home and customize the modern shed in Texas accordingly. The siding material is important if you are trying to match it with your property. Add a landscape design after the shed delivery, as it can improve the look and feel of your backyard structure and enhance the outdoor beauty. We bring storage buildings within the budget. All our sheds come with a 15-year warranty. 

Final thoughts

SturdiShed relies on a customer-first approach. We offer free delivery within 50 miles and you can rent-to-own our sheds with no credit check. Explore our inventory online. We have a huge collection of modern shed in Texas. Once a storage shed is ready, your backyard gets an upgrade. You can also design your own shed with our online shed builder.

A storage shed keeps all outdoor items organized. A shed mainly stores gardening tools, dirty equipment and lawn maintenance essentials like weed killers, lawn mowers, hoses, chisels and other tools. Who would like to clutter the house with all these? All you need is a customized storage shed for sale in Texas. Having a shed is of the utmost importance and your entire property can benefit from it. Sheds can be further accessorized with boards, hooks or shelves. The walls, floors and ceiling offer extra room to make the shed more functional. A well-built shed helps with organizing your life. Are you willing to give your backyard an upgrade? 

Rent-to-own storage sheds

Do you want to avoid paying upfront while investing in sheds for sale in Texas? We have financing plans for you. Credit is not needed if you wish to rent a shed. You might feel that your shed has become a financial burden or wish to move on. You can call us and have a discussion. We bring you a rent-to-own option. Our program does not need a credit check. It does not matter what your credit score is, you are entitled to a rent-to-own. A rent-to-own shed is a storage structure that is leased on a per-monthly basis. The part of the rental fee goes towards the leasing services. The remaining goes to the base price of the shed. You are entitled to full ownership after the completion of the rental term. Our rent-to-own program offers monthly payments so that you can make flexible payments. SturdiShed’s rent-to-own program lets you make monthly or fixed payments for up to 60 months. The down payment is very low. Applying is easy and there is no credit check. 

We transport the shed and do the installation

SturdiShed offers a dedicated delivery service that includes transporting and unloading the structure and placement on the property. There is no need to worry even if there is a tight space because we have specialized equipment that helps to navigate the shed to your desired location. We offer free delivery within 50 miles.

We have been doing business for more than 100 years

At SturdiShed, a shed of your choice is a long-term investment. We manufacture extraordinary sheds that are built with beauty and quality. We are a renowned storage shed manufacturer in the USA, having over 100 years of expertise. 

Sturdished’s passion for craftsmanship

We cater to all your storage requirements. We share a passion for craftsmanship. We offer solutions for all buyers, considering the budget and requirements. SturdiShed showcases industry-leading products that involve rigorous woodworking and implementing cutting-edge technology. You can use our structure for storage, a playhouse, potting shed, a studio shed and a crafting shed. 

Final words

You can order a shed directly from us in the USA with an inventory of SturdiShed sheds. You can refer to our website to locate manufacturers near you for sheds for sale in Texas. Please discuss your project with us. You can visit our inventory online and request a quote. You can also design your shed in a few simple steps.

Can you imagine the first day of spring and your urge to spend the day in the sun? But your hammock, lawn chairs and patio furniture lie in the dark basement. The idea of hauling those out can make you feel tired again. How convenient would it be if you had a storage shed in Texas to store those? It is time to make your dream a reality. 

A wooden shed adds aesthetics and functionality

Whether big or small, the yard is a host to several activities. Use the space to connect to your loved ones, escape from the hectic life and explore your passions. How about having a shed that could make the space more functional? A shed is a hefty investment, so certain factors must be considered before you get one. They can be made of wood, vinyl, or plastic. The material you choose depends on your requirements. The well-built ones are built to last for many years while the poor-quality ones will suffer. Wood storage sheds are popular among homeowners for several good reasons. 

Sheds made from top-quality timber

Not all wood storage sheds for sale are equal. There are many reasons why homeowners choose a timber shed over metal or plastic ones. The quality of wood plays a very big role. This is why you should choose to order sheds from a reputed manufacturer. StuurdiShed has been a pioneer in manufacturing storage buildings for over 100 years. We use good-quality, high-grade wood that is treated to prevent the growth of termites and mold. We specialize in manufacturing quality storage solutions and have a passion for craftsmanship. SturdiShed offers a broad choice of materials, models, and customization options. The company offers solutions that promise to exceed your expectations. 

The beauty of wooden sheds

Are you looking for a wood shed for sale? Many people turn to wood storage sheds because they are an effective way to add storage sheds. Wooden storage sheds in Texas are resilient and versatile as they can be used in ways, including outdoor tools, bikes, livestock, equipment, etc. They are easy to install and take little time to build. These sheds are easy to clean and can safeguard against leaks, making them a great option for the rainy season. Wooden sheds blend into a yard or garden space to create a focal point. Such a storage solution can transform your property and outdoor space. 

You can rent-to-own

While investing in a shed of your choice, you might have certain budget issues. A person investing in a wood shed for sale might want to avoid paying upfront. Please let us know if you do not have funds available to purchase the shed entirely. You might also not have sufficient credit to qualify for financing, so there cannot be anything better than rent-to-own sheds. We bring you flexible shed purchasing options. SturdiShed brings lucrative rent-to-own options where you can make monthly and fixed payments for up to 60 months. You can start with a low down payment. Applying for financing is very simple as there is no credit check. 

Do you want to add beauty and value to your yard? – Design your own

SturdiShed offers customized backyard structures. Choose any as per your needs and budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will build the wood storage shed of your dream or you can design your own.

Do you need an additional space for storing objects that you need to store properly? Storage sheds are cost-effective and have become popular among homeowners. Prefab sheds are available in various sizes and shapes to fit almost every garden or yard requirement. 

Storage buildings are economical and durable structures that possess ample versatility. It is suitable for various purposes, whether you need a garage, a garden shed, space to store equipment, a workshop, etc. Quality storage units offer incredible value for money. If you plan to invest in a prefab shed, you are right. 

Custom storage buildings are idea

This is a clear misconception because SturdiShed prefab sheds are available and can be customized to different sizes based on the requirement. SturdiShed offers three basic shed types according to your needs and budget. 

Features of our storage buildings

Our premium storage buildings have a superior ventilation system. This keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler for comfort. There is no sign of condensation, there is no worry about mold and leakages. You can have vent screens to protect against bugs from entering the space. The storage buildings are a result of pioneer construction and craftsmanship. Our structures are built to last for generations. There are hurricane ties on the roof and on the foundation that help to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Our prefab sheds are painted with the finest quality paint that offers protection for years to come. There are a lot of colors to choose from, consult with us or decide for yourself. Our backyard spaces come with a 15-year limited warranty that can save you hassle,  money and time. Our buildings exceed the International Building Codes. You easily get HOA approval and permits. 

The warranty we offer

Each SturdiShed structure comes with further customizations, including the lofted, lofted high wall, A-Frame High Wall, and A-Frame Low Wall. You can choose accessories like shelves, windows, and doors. Our sheds can endure harsh weather elements. You could also be interested in our durable portable sheds. We use paint that comes with excellent protection and a lifetime warranty.

Do you prefer to avoid paying upfront? 

SturdiShed brings you some flexible repayment options. We have a rent-to-own program where you can make fixed and monthly payments for up to 60 months, starting with a very low down payment. You do not need any credit checks!

Serving customers for more than 100 years

SturdiShed is committed to offering more than 100 years of service. We have a team that excels in craftsmanship. We are expert at offering quality portable sheds and structures on foundation.  We offer a whole range of products for those looking for a storage solution. Our core values include integrity, loyalty, motivation, and dignity. We are open to new ideas and work in a team. 

Why SturdiShed?

At SturdiShed, we showcase unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry. We offer superior manufacturing and follow a stringent quality control process. SturdiShed follows green manufacturing materials and practices. Enjoy faster and free delivery within 50 miles. All our sheds are built on a solid foundation but we also manufacture reliable portable sheds. 

Please get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.

Smith is the kind of person who keeps collecting antique objects and souvenirs. He has been planning for a space to pursue his passion of owning his own storage setup. He has a small storage corner inside his house, but it is overflowing. He reached us finally when he decided to declutter his property and shift everything there. Smith wanted to have a garden shed to keep things organized. He browsed many companies that manufacture sheds and cabins. Finally, he chose SturdiShed to build a custom storage building for him. We help our clients to choose the right kind of storage house for sale by sharing complete information about our range of products and the benefits of having a storage shed in your yard. 

Easy delivery process

Smith was impressed with the hassle-free delivery process. We have a team of drivers who unload the structure and place it in the yard. Smith has a tight space but we asked him not to worry because we have the necessary equipment to help navigate the structure to the right spot. There is nothing to be nervous about because if our trailer cannot access the delivery site, we will use a machine known as ‘the mule’ to transport the building to the location. We only charge a little if the delivery is beyond 50 miles. The sheds are set up on a foundation or trailer. The foundation is a wooden and permanent one. Minimal site preparation is needed, which is elevated from the ground with proper drainage. 

SturdiShed  – Offering excellence

SturdiShed’s outdoor storage sheds have the power to revolutionize your property with functionality and beauty. We promise you a prefab storage shed that will last for many years. Our structures are made using high-end craftsmanship. We have more than 100 years of experience in building various types of backyard structures. You can design your own outdoor garden shed in a few steps. We have all types of structures to suit your needs. SturdiShed uses a wide selection of models, materials, and customizations. We want to create a solution that will exceed your expectations. All products and structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. 

Need more time to be ready to pay upfront? We have a rent-to-own option

Smith was one of them who needed more time to be ready to pay upfront. Paying upfront is not mandatory when you invest in a SturdiShed structure. We have for you the friendliest rent-to-own program in the USA. We understand how important financing is because no investment is small for homeowners and you might have too many commitments. When you invest in different types of outdoor storage sheds, you do not have to pay heavy rents or mortgages. Our rent-to-own program offers no long-term commitment, and no credit is needed. You can make monthly, fixed payments for up to 60 months. You can make a very low-down payment. Applying for financing is simple and there is no credit check.

Final thoughts 

We are a team of dedicated people to cater to your storage requirements. We bring you a selection of materials, models, and customizations for storage buildings in the USA. Please get in touch with us and discuss your queries. 

Request a quote.

The market for backyard storage structures is growing rapidly. The demand is escalating, so more and more people are interested in this business. If you are among those planning to start a new business, you can become a portable building dealer. Portability is a great benefit, so you can imagine the demand for portable sheds. Having your own shed business can offer a steady income base, or if you are looking for a quick buck, you could be a dealer and be engaged in the business part-time. Becoming a dealer of a reputed company can offer you easy recognition and a continuous client base. This is why you must be wise while choosing the company you wish to be engaged with. 

SturdiShed – Why partner with us?

 Let us introduce ourselves before you think about why you should partner with our dealership program. SturdiShed offers various types of backyard structures. We have over 100 years of experience manufacturing customized sheds, cabins, garages and other backyard structures. Our sheds are preferred because we place the happiness of our customers above anything. SturdiShed shares a good reputation in Texas. Dealers do not have to put in a lot of effort to increase sales due to our recognition in the market. Many people already know how good our products are and what kind of service we provide. We alter sheds and attempt to meet the necessities of the clients. We make tough and solid sheds that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. We rouse clients with our plans, and there are a lot of size, design, and layout choices. 

Join our dealership training program 

Our dealers, who are the driving force of the business, receive ample importance from us. Numerous vendors are already working with us successfully. They understand sales and are creating magic and earning great pay each month. If you also aim to procure about $10k to $30k consistently. Collaborate with us, and we will allow you the opportunity to bring in cash. Your earnings also depend on your effort. Those who have already become our sales partners are extremely pleased. Our rigorous dealership training has helped them to strike while the iron is hot. We have a lot of plans for growth because the market is very interested in our product. You can grow with us too. Our team is here to help you to experience growth. For instance, some who had started with us as part-timers are now full-time dealers. 

The dealership program explained 

It is always possible to become a portable building dealer with SturdiShed. We have completely redefined dealership programs to attain maximum success. We have helped many aspiring individuals to earn thousands in commissions. We take pride in providing quarterly bonuses that keep you and the team focused on attaining maximum success. Our compensation is based on the monthly base pay per unit that lets you focus on meeting the client’s expectations. We have annual achievement level bonuses if you try to achieve more. We encourage in-person dealer meetings, value-added training, and routine visits. Partnering with SturdiShed expands your horizons in the portable shed dealership. Last but not least, we support your development, but we expect you to adhere to our rules and work with dedication and discipline.

Become a portable building dealer

SturdiShed gives you an income opportunity, which is how we contribute to society. Our associated dealers are the family, so you can contact us anytime for assistance. We know how hard you work to support our business’s expansion. Read dealer reviews to learn what others say about the SturdiShed dealership program. For more information, visit our website or talk to our experts. Please do not hesitate to offer your views and suggestions to help us expand our business. Become a portable building dealer and earn commissions. Experience freedom by joining our program.

A storage shed workshop needs strategic planning and high-quality maintenance. When you decide to create a storage shed workshop from scratch, it takes a lot of resources, time, and effort. Using a prefab or built-in storage shed would greatly help. A prefab structure lets you build a multi-purpose storage shed workshop. Whether you work on an automobile project or metalworking, a well-designed storage shed lets you meet productivity goals in the best possible way. We are often unaware of the additional considerations that could make your storage shed workshop an ideal workplace. We have outlined some key features that help you build a well-efficient storage shed workshop. 

  1. Shed Utilities and Amenities 

Equipping certain amenities in your workshop shed, such as shower rooms, kitchenette, and storerooms, makes your working environment easier and more comfortable. For instance, if you have a few people to work on your project, you ensure a full-fledged storage shed workshop where workers get the most out of it. There is no need to hop from the working space to home when you optimize the storage shed with remarkable utilities. 

  1. Ensure an Adequate Amount of Storage 

Having adequate storage space is important for any storage shed workshop. The more you have storage space, the better you can prevent clutter and keep items in the most systematic approach. 

  1. Equip Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors are important in the initial storage shed workshop design stages. Windows are very much-needed for lighting and ventilation. Natural and fresh can pass through the storage shed, which helps you maintain better air circulation. You can add translucent sheeting, letting the natural light enter the shed. This way, it brightens up the interiors beautifully. Besides, the doors should be large enough to seamlessly transport the large objects inside the shed.

  1. Workshop Layout and Design 

One of the crucial steps of having a storage shed workshop is designing and layout. You should have a clear and concise framework about the exact purpose behind the storage shed workshop. A considerably large space would help workers to work flexibly and prevent collisions with each other. Besides, you can personalize the storage shed workshop based on the floor insulation, radiant barrier, roof dormer, and much more. 

  1. Workshop Protection 

When you plan to have a storage shed workshop, it is necessary you should follow safety measures. Practicing adequate safety measures prevents potential accidents that could lead to severe mishaps. Some key measures include workshop pits, fire safety, flooring, ventilation, waste removal, proper storage of abrasives and chemicals, etc. 

Get in Touch with SturdiShed for Having Modern-Age Storage Shed Solutions 

SturdiShed is one of the leading and premium manufacturers of storage shed workshop in the USA. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry, offering cost-effective and innovative storage shed solutions. We provide a 10-year limited paint and integrity warranty on all metal roofs. Furthermore, we provide a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on siding skids and floor joists. At SturdiShed, we firmly believe in green manufacturing tools and techniques for better environmental protection and sustainability. 

Customize Your Storage Shed Workshop Today 

SturdiShed’s storage sheds are painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint. Because of this, the interiors do not flake, peel off, or delaminate. You can study our five proven design steps: consultation, collaboration, building, installation, and post-production support. 

Easy Rent-to-Own Programs 

Check out SturdiShed’s rent-to-own program, where you get no long-term commitment. Get easy ownership with no credit score checking. Enjoy affordable payments within 36 to 60 months. Please call 817-760-2575.  

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