The shed market is blasting because there is a huge demand for backyard spaces. This is your opportunity to capitalize on it. There are many shed manufacturers in the US that are catering to homeowners. Do you wish to be a part of the business? We intend to grow your business and assist you with acquiring extraordinary commissions. You can take it up as a full-time business or work as a part-time storage shed dealer. We are an established business as a shed dealer, so you need not work very hard to increase our sales. Our backyard structures are reputed so there is not much convincing.

Get more leads – earn more

Turning into a seller with zero investment, this is quite an opportunity. Our brand carries value, so your business has higher chances of soaring. Our structures meet the Global Construction law, and you can undoubtedly get licenses and the HOA endorsement. We offer a 15-year lifetime warranty on the sheds and other structures.

Join the SturdiShed’s dealership program to make $10k to $30k profits. We allow our storage shed vendors an opportunity to bring in enormous cash. We offer adequate training through our in-house dealership program. We intend to upgrade your business with the goal of you creating more leads and converting them into deals. We will help you all around and demand every vendor to cooperate with the clients. You can likewise share your thoughts assuming that you have been into business and wish to extend. Experienced finance managers perceive a decent return on money invested and anticipate expanding the income. We help you in every way to make great profits.

The shed dealership could offer you an attractive and consistent pay. Some have left other jobs to indulge more in business. Do the same only when you feel confident enough. Make a lot of money by becoming a SturdiShed vendor. Many have participated in our showroom dealership program for further training.

100 years of involvement – Partner with us

SturdiShed has been making backyard sheds in Texas for over a long time. The floor, walls, and roofs of the designs are developed fittingly. The housetops are made of metal or shingles. We have a team of trained professionals and specialists who help clients with finding the right primary purpose and plan of owning a shed. In business, we show unrivaled craftsmanship. Our assembling and quality control systems are assuring and stringent. We offer sheds, outbuildings, lodges, playhouses, and other modified patio structures.

Wrapping up

Find us right there if you filter the web for shed dealers in Texas. We, as well as our existing dealers, have helped the backyard get a new shape as we have many years of rich experience. SturdiShed endeavors to offer premium-quality sheds at reasonable pricing. This is why we call all budding enthusiasts to be a part of the business. We have assisted numerous with acquiring an additional pay or being related to us full-time. You can go into business by turning into a seller and working with opportunity.

We welcome you to be a part of this dealership program.

A lofted cabin creates a relaxing and comfortable space where you can have a bed, make it your own retreat, set up an office, read or relax. You can extend your small or medium living space by installing a comfortable cabin. Once you have the cabin, you can use it in various ways. You can plan a vacation during the summertime and save money by having a portable cabin. Sometimes you can even choose a lofted barn cabin which is a combination of both a barn and a cabin. Bigger lofted cabins have some type of ladder for easy access. Prefab cabins can save you from hassle and high cost as they are constructed inside the factory and ahead of time. They can be customized based on your specific requirements.

Do you know that your loft cabin can have natural light?

The roofs are higher, you can have doors and windows inside the cabin to allow natural light. You can add electricity to the cabin, but that is not necessary. This helps to save money on your energy bills. The most obvious difference between a standard and a lofted cabin is the height of the roof. This is because the cabin has an interior lofted area that requires additional head space. The high roof gives a sense of spaciousness, improves the ventilation, and looks charming. We use the finest exterior paint that offers excellent protection for years. You can choose from various colors and the paint comes with a lifetime warranty, saving your maintenance costs. Some lofted cabins have a comfortable little porch where you can sit and enjoy your mornings or evenings sipping coffee. There are numerous customization options for adding beauty and comfort.

Enjoy free delivery within 50 miles

SturdiShed cabins are delivered for free within 50 miles but we charge a little extra if the distance is a little more. Our drivers deliver the cabins and install them. Our structures are made using the finest material and set on a strong wooden foundation. They are protected against termite and fungal decay. The foundation remains in contact with the ground, so there is no need to pour any concrete pad. There is minimal site preparation needed, so you can save money and time. The foundation is elevated from the ground and aids with drainage.

 Flexible financing with our rent-to-own programs

There is no need to worry because SturdiShed offers rent-to-own programs in Texas. We offer a lot of flexibility as there is no credit or long-term commitment required. You have easy ownership, get early payoff options and discounts. Make payments within 36 or 60 months.

More than a century of experience

Talk to us and we will share many such ideas. SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing sheds, barns, and all other types of backyard structures. We have a team of qualified engineers that ensure flawless and a timely quality control process. Our sheds, lofted cabins or barns are built for you and your family. Each structure comes with a 15-year warranty.

Discuss your project with us and request a quote.

Cabins are a great addition to your existing property. They can be fixed in the backyard or can be portable as well. An exquisite cabin has a natural appearance. These designs are accessible in various styles and are available in different plans. Cabins are small-sized abodes, but you can happily own them. You are free from paying unusual and high rents. There are some who use cabins as residences while a few use them as vacation abodes.

Prefab complete cabins are a great idea because they are manufactured inside the factory and delivered to your site. But we have a solution for you if you have a restricted budget yet do not want to experience much hassle. Invest in a cabin shell for sale. Backyard cabins are the current rage as they offer the benefits of a traditional cabin. They are efficient and sustainable, unlike traditional structures.

Are you planning to use the yard space? 

Start by ordering a customized cabin shell. A shell can be affordable for those who feel that prefab homes are expensive and assembling cabin kits is extremely daunting. A shell is almost a semi-complete structure that comes with four walls, a ceiling, doors, and windows. Finding a suitable cabin can be challenging for many new customers who are planning to own a cabin. There are several companies in Texas that specialize in manufacturing sheds, barns, cabins and other backyard structures.  SturdiShed is one of the many companies that offer a wide range of backyard structures.

Avail the rent-to-own option

When you are at SturdiShed, there is no need to bother about paying upfront. We have a solution for you if there is a fund crunch because owning a cabin or a shed is a requirement. So, we bring to you our flexible rent-to-own option. You have access to easy ownership without any long-term commitment and there is no credit required. There are options for early payment and you can get discounts. Make easy payments within 36 months and 60 months.  

SturdiShed – experienced over 100 years 

Get a 15-year lifetime guarantee on all SturdiShed structures. SturdiShed offers industry-driving craftsmanship and we have been experienced for over 100 years. We deliver sheds for free if they are within 50 miles. You need to pay a little extra if the distance between your site and factory is more. The cabins are based on strong groundwork and there is no site preparation needed. The foundation is made of treated and durable wood. It is raised from the ground and that ensures proper drainage.               

Wrapping up – Explore our cabin shells 

SturdiShed brings you two types of cabin shells, the lofted cabin shell and the gable cabin shell. The gable cabin is perfect if you are looking for a guest room. The Lofted cabin offers flexibility and its beauty can transform your yard space. SturdiShed offers no-frills and simple prefabricated cabin shells for sale. These are structures that come with framing and cladding. These cabins are perfect for those who are looking for customized cabins. 


Please converse with us about your needs and needs. We are here to offer customized backyard solutions to our customers. Request a quote.

The two children, Jonas and Duke, are naughty. These two boys love to play with garden equipment as their parents are out of work and the grandma sits on the couch. So, the Smith’s were looking for a solution so that they could be stress-free. They did not for once think of giving up on gardening because they were passionate about it. Finally, they thought of keeping their house free from all garden supplies or other sharp objects. They decided to install a shed close to the garden, a secure space for storage where the kids would not be able to access.

100 years of experience

We asked them where they got to know us? Well, they had discussed their problem among their colleagues. Most of them shared positive reviews about SturdiShed. We were more than elated to hear that. In case you feel like knowing us a little more, we are a shed manufacturing company offering service to families in Texas. We have more than 100 years of rich experience in designing sheds for sale in Texas and other outdoor structures.

Shed with 15-year limited warranty

All our sheds come with a 15-year limited warranty. We customize sheds and structures based on your requirements. They can be portable or built on strong and treated wooden structures. The foundation is raised from the ground to ensure proper water drainage. The Smiths have a big backyard, so they ordered a spacious shed for sale in Texas.

Our sheds have a superior ventilation system that keeps the building 20 degrees cooler. This prevents condensation and keeps away mold and leaks. The sheds are painted with fine quality paint and you can choose from various colors. Our sheds exceed the international building codes.

Free shipping within 50 miles

We have drivers who transport the sheds and don’t charge anything for it if your area is inside 50 miles. There are prepared installers who complete the installation task. We offer the delivery service beyond that provided you do not fret about paying a small charge. Sheds are extremely useful, so their popularity is escalating. Apart from kids, pets at times can be very naughty. A shed with proper locks can be ideal in such situations. We had a great experience installing a shed for sale in Texas. The Smith family had been extremely kind, so our team did not have to face any hassle.

Rent-to-own options

They spoke to us about financing options as they did not wish to make an upfront payment. We offer flexible financing options with our rent-to-own options. Make flexible payments within 36 or 60 months. We design sheds for you and your family, so they are not just four walls but structures designed with care and for specific purposes.

Final words

Keep your sheds protected from theft and burglary. Add modern accessories like shelves, racks, cabinets, etc. Our sheds are secure with modern locking mechanisms. Please talk to our team for a solution, get in touch for a consultation. Kindly call us at 817-516-4405 or email us at At SturdiShed we have many who have ordered sheds, keeping in mind their child’s safety. You can purchase from our website itself just like the Smiths did.  What are you waiting for?

Lisa owns a small house and a big backyard. She has already planned to use the backyard space for storage purposes. This is how she wants to make more space inside her house. It is an advantage to have a spacious backyard because you can have a modern shed in Texas. Do you have similar requirements to Lisa? A cutting-edge shed in Texas comes in various sizes and can be redone based on your needs. Many companies in the US manufacture backyard structures. While investing in a cutting-edge shed in Texas, consider expenses, styles, sizes, and different decisions.

Features of our modern sheds

Our modern sheds in Texas are made of high-quality materials. The sheds are established on wooden foundations that are protected against termites. Negligible site preparation is required to install the sheds. Our sheds have a well-equipped ventilation system that keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler. Well, this will help Lisa to save on climate-control costs. She was content not to worry about mold formation or leakages. Our modern sheds in Texas utilize premium outside paint that offers protection and enhances the exterior. We do not compromise on quality, so we are the #1 shed manufacturing company in Texas. 

Are you stressed over paying forthright?

Is paying a forthright installment a monetary pressure? SturdiShed offers a rent-to-own option with a lot of flexibility. Here are a few factors that are included in our rent-to-own program. 

  • No credit needed
  • There is no long-term commitment
  • Enjoy easy ownership
  • There are early payoff options, and you can get discounts

We offer proficient client support and access to your record day in and day out. You can make simple payments within 36 or 60 months. Lisa was happy to know about our rent-to-own program. 

Why trust SturdiShed?

SturdiShed has been eminent for manufacturing and assembling present-day modern sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our sheds are great for individuals who require extra room, a studio, a lodge, or a lawn office. We offer plenty of customization choices. We exhibit fine craftsmanship in the business and execute unrivaled assembling and severe quality control. We utilize eco-friendly techniques, so our sheds are environmentally-friendly. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our modern sheds in Texas are created for your extraordinary prerequisites, so there are not only four walls. Our sheds and other patio structures accompany a 15-year limited guarantee. SturdiShed structures are shipped via trained drivers, and we have a specialist group for completing the installation. The sheds are shipped for free within 50 miles. 

Get in touch with us

Are you planning to utilize your backyard similarly to Lisa’s? Do you want to know more about SturdiShed? Please follow our page on Facebook or Twitter. Reach us for more information on modern sheds in Texas and other types of backyard structures. Contact our team and get in touch with us.

Installing an outdoor storage shed is an asset that enhances the value of your property. This way, your house will stand out from the rest. This will be helpful by increasing the sale price of the property. An outdoor storage shed helps in improving the aesthetic appeal of your garden. You can choose to have classic wooden structures to sturdy metal sheds. More families are investing in premium stylish outdoor storage sheds. An outdoor storage shed adds immense value to your property, helping to increase the appeal. Installing a shed can make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. 

Store all your items well

Once a garden shed is ready, you have a separate space to store most of the items. Your life will be more organized and tidier, and you will have a better productive lifestyle. A single area will be dedicated to storing all your items. You can access all items when required to revitalize the indoor and outdoor living spaces. It can be a safe space for storing lawnmowers, trimmers, shovels, rakes, other tools, and equipment. It is time to redesign your space and get creative about it. It will make landscaping your garden easier. The life of those items will also be protected and extended. 

A shed for harsh weather conditions

Do you want to store all the seasonal items and decorations, but not inside your house? The changing season should not allow you to fret and frown. A garden shed is ideal to ensure that all seasonal decorations, furniture, and clothing stays in great condition. Remember, you must store the items properly, even when not used. Install accessories like shelves and hooks, and keep labeled containers to store everything inside the shed. An outdoor storage shed is perfect for storing outdoor and patio furniture. Your investment remains safe from harsh weather conditions. You can put your shed to other uses. So, you can also host relaxing events and family gatherings inside the outdoor storage shed

SturdiShed – having more than 100 years of experience

SturdiShed has 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We exhibit unmatched craftsmanship, convenient assembling, and a smooth quality control process. We offer quick and free conveyance within 50 miles. We use environmentally friendly technology to manufacture sheds and barns. Our staff is prepared to assist you with all storage needs. Even if you are not interested in gardening, you can still have a multipurpose storage garden shed. It can serve as a studio, workshop, home office, entertainment place, or playhouse for kids. The garden sheds are established on permanent wood foundations elevated from the ground. This helps in drainage, protecting against termite and fungal infestations.

Final words

It is fine if you are not prepared to pay upfront. We have for you the lease to-possess choice. You can now plan to have your shed with our rent-to-own options. There are numerous advantages to our rent-to-own selection. No credit is required. Get benefits from discounts and early repayments. Make easy repayments within 36 and 60 months.

A backyard shed means you have more space for storage. It can be a garden shed, storage shed, or shed designed to pursue your hobby. The backyard is a space for the family to have a good time. Space should be peaceful and useful. Building a shed from scratch can be daunting so you can choose a prefab shed. They are built inside the factory and assembled onsite. Do you have a large backyard? Put it to good use by installing a prefab shed. These structures are labor-saving and extremely adaptable. They are becoming increasingly popular every day. 

Portable sheds are popular

Most people purchase a prefab shed because most work is already done. You choose the shed or get one customized and pay for it. Make your outdoor space useful by installing a prefab portable shed. It can be easily transported from one place to another if required. Our sheds are built of long-lasting materials. If you install a new prefab shed, it can last for many years without serious maintenance. Our sheds on the foundation are built on wooden platforms protected against fungal decay and termite infestation. Their foundation is raised from the ground to allow proper drainage. 

Well-ventilated and insulated sheds

The ventilation system in our premium storage buildings is exceptional. For comfort, this keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler. There is no indication of buildup, there is no stress over spillages. You can have vent screens to shield against bugs from entering space. Our designs are extremely solid. There are storm ties on the rooftop to endure harsh atmospheric conditions.

Try our rent-to-own option

Do you not have enough funds right now? Well, you can still own a prefab shed. There is no need to pay upfront because we offer flexible financing options. You can make easy repayments with our rent-to-own plan. Make easy payments for 36 or 60 months; you do not need any credit checks. Isn’t that amazing?            

100 years of excellence

SturdiShed intends to provide more than one hundred years of service in manufacturing customized storage sheds. We have a team of experts that succeeds in craftsmanship. We are professional at offering quality compact sheds and designs for the establishment. Our fundamental beliefs incorporate trustworthiness, unwavering, inspiration, and respect. We are available for groundbreaking thoughts and work in a group. At SturdiShed, we feature unrivaled craftsmanship in the business. We follow a rigid quality control process. SturdiShed uses green manufacturing methods and materials. We ship for free if you are located within 50 miles.

Are you looking for a perfect garden shed? 

SturdiShed has a range of prefab sheds, no matter the size of your yard. Our garden sheds have built-in workbenches, aluminum ramps, and vertical storage kits that use the wall space. Our superior quality and aesthetic design guarantee durable sheds. 

15-year limited warranty

Some families might require a shed for additional storage. A shed in the backyard can do magic as it helps to declutter your property. Explore our inventory, and you will find our standard pre-built sheds ideal for your storage needs. Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty. 

Request a quote.

Hit the iron when it is hot. The shed market is booming. This is your chance to make the most of it. We plan to expand your business and help you earn great commissions. Gear up for more income.

A storage shed is a lightweight yet strong construction that can be changed and updated whenever the owners require it. It can help organize the garden, garage, or home. A shed can be beneficial to anyone who is looking for additional space. Garden tools, sports equipment, lawn equipment, and holiday decorations can be stored there. There is a terrific demand for storage sheds among homeowners in Texas. Dealing with sheds could offer you a handsome and steady income. If you want an opportunity to grow in business, start by becoming a SturdiShed dealer. Many have participated in our dealership program and have received income opportunities. 

Become a dealer with zero investment

Join the SturdiShed’s dealership program to make $10k to $30k monthly. We give our storage shed dealers a chance to make big money. There is no investment, and there is an in-house delivery team. We aim to enhance your business so that you generate more leads and convert them into sales. We will help you in every way and request each dealer to interact with the customers for more sales personally. You can also share your ideas if you have been into business and wish to expand. Experienced businessmen recognize a good ROI and look forward to increasing the revenue. 

 SturdiShed structures come with great features

They are insulated and have adequate ventilation. The interior remains climate-controlled and prevents the level of condensation inside. We use the finest outside paint, and there are different tones you can choose from. Our buildings meet or exceed the International Building Code, and you can easily obtain permits and HOA approval. We offer a 15-year lifetime warranty on the sheds and other backyard structures. SturdiShed works hard to manufacture and supply products that drive customers and will help you to grow. 

100 years of experience – associate with us

SturdiShed has been making storage sheds in Texas for more than a century. The floor, walls, and ceilings of the structures are constructed appropriately. The rooftops are made of metal or shingles. We have a group of specialists and experts who assist customers with tracking down the right structural arrangement. In the industry, we exhibit superior craftsmanship. Our manufacturing and quality control procedures are of the highest standard. We offer sheds, barns, cabins, playhouses, and other customized backyard structures. 

Wrapping up

Have you scanned the web for ‘shed dealers near me’? Do you have great communication skills? Do you stay in a good location and want to offer premium products from a growing company? Your destination is SturdiShed. The company has been manufacturing sheds and backyard structures for over 100 years. We are one of the growing leaders in the storage business. SturdiShed strives to offer premium-quality storage sheds at affordable pricing. We have helped many earn an extra income or be associated with us full-time. You can start your own business by becoming a dealer and working with freedom.

 Please get in touch with us and join our dealership program. 

It is a wise choice to invest in a versatile workshop shed. A durable shed can offer years of use and a complete return on your investment. Plan well so that you can put the shed to multiple uses. Most businesses will require a premium-quality workshop shed. A properly designed shed will allow you to handle maintenance and repair work in-house. Building a shed can be daunting, so choose from a wide range of prefab sheds. The size of the storage shed workshop depends on the size of the operations. Most manufacturing companies have a team to help you to plan well. Choose a layout that leaves adequate space inside. 

Customized workshop sheds

SturdiShed has over 100 years of experience in designing workshop sheds. They are simple yet functional, mainly having A-frame construction and an elegant design. Functionality is the most essential factor in our storage shed workshops. We customize sheds that are hard to beat as we offer basic storage facilities at jaw-dropping prices. Our storage shed workshop offers ample wall space, and a lot of storage area is on the floor. We can also add an overhead loft upon request. A workshop shed is usually rectangular; the doors and windows remain longer, facilitating easy entry and exit of stored tools. 

Want to get your shed delivered for free? 

We do not charge for delivery within 50 miles and charge very nominal if the location is beyond. SturdiShed has a team of in-house drivers who transport the shed to your location. They rightly position the shed in your desirable position. We set up a permanent wooden foundation crafted with the finest materials. The foundation is protected against termite damage and fungal decay. The foundation is designed to remain against the ground. There is no need to pour any concrete pad, but we recommend a gravel pad. There is minimal site preparation needed, which saves you money and time. The foundation is raised from the ground, which helps in proper drainage. 

SturdiShed’s rent-to-own programs

Owning a workshop shed is simple because we have flexible financing plans. SturdiShed brings lucrative rent-to-own programs. We bring to you the friendliest program in Texas. No credit is needed, no commitment, and you enjoy easy ownership. We offer you early-payoff options. Protect your investment with our loss damage waiver. Make affordable payments within 36 months or 60 months. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our in-house drivers deliver the shed, and our expert installers position it wherever needed. Our sheds on foundations are built on solid wood and portable structures too. Our experts showcase unmatched craftsmanship and strict quality control. We use green manufacturing materials to contribute to the environment. Get faster and free delivery up to 50 miles. 

Final words

 Our sheds and all other backyard structures come with a 15-year warranty. Contact us for a no-hassle consultation, and we will design a perfect storage workshop shed.

Did you quit your grueling job and wish to start a business? Be a part of us by joining our lucrative dealership program to experience steady growth. SturdiShed is renowned for manufacturing premium backyard structures. There is a huge demand for outdoor sheds, and this is here to stay. The housing market is experiencing a shift from high-rented structures to owning compact spaces within the budget. There are two types of sheds, structures on foundation and portable ones. Portable sheds have higher demand due to their advantages. So, become a portable shed dealer

Earn huge commissions

You can start becoming an entrepreneur with our dealership program. 

Become a portable shed dealer in Texas, and you can expect to earn $10 – $30 monthly. A lot of people have already partnered with us, and they are enjoying great sales. We help you in every aspect to meet your monthly sales target. You can work with us according to your schedule and earn well. Be associated with us full-time, or you can be a part-time dealer. 

Are you looking for a reliable company? Partner with SturdiShed

You will want to be a dealer and get associated with a reputed company. This will only improve your business and help you expand. SturdiShed has been in the business for more than 100 years. We design modern storage sheds, barns, cabins, and garages. All our backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. Our sheds are durable and made from high-quality materials.

Some of the features of our backyard structures

If you are associated with us as a dealer, it is important to know the essential features that make us stand out. Our sheds are equipped with an advanced ventilation system. It keeps the building up to 20 degrees cooler so that customers can save energy bills and be comfortable inside. Your customers will not have to worry about leaks and molds. We ensure superior craftsmanship, and the sheds will offer an extended shelf-life. The structures exceed the International Building Code. We use fine exterior paint so the sheds do not lose their appearance. If you are a dealer, you can offer flexibility to your customers to choose from different colors. The paint comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Are you willing to become a shed dealer? 

The portable shed market is expanding, so become a portable shed dealer. Be a part of our team; we expect you to work with focus and full dedication. We offer you good commissions, you can earn quarterly and monthly bonuses. Moreover we analyze the performance, and the high scorers can earn yearly achievement bonuses. We help you learn more about the dealership by assisting you in attending meetings, timely training, and frequent visits. So, be a part and make more money. 

Final words

Make a good income by becoming a portable shed dealer. Please visit our website for more details and learn more about our lucrative dealership program. Please book a consultation for discussions, and you can share your ideas with us. Reach our team for queries and quotes. Partner with us today.

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