During the pandemic and after that, people have lost the habit of waking up in the early morning hours, hopping on a bus to commute, and reaching the office after tiring travel. The ones who do know the demands and pressures of the office. It puts a lot of stress on every employee. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has streamlined traditional working and paved the way for stay-at-home work setup. It is a flexible type of arrangement where an employee can manage and organize work on their schedule. In today’s day and age, working from home has become a global phenomenon. 

Overlapping Work-from-Home Scenarios and Challenges


Your workspace at home is undoubtedly where all your documents, notes, and laptops are combined with household items. Answering the phone calls and scheduling the next meeting becomes challenging when disrupted by unwanted noises and uninviting visitors. In such a scenario, you need a space to work peacefully, boost productivity, and achieve your targets. Extending your living property might charge you a lot, including labor and material requirements. Rather than remodeling the space, we recommend transforming the portable shed into a home office. Today, portable sheds are worth the hype because of their versatility and minimal site preparation. 

Quality-Assured Portable Shed has Superior Ventilation. 

When you decide to convert the portable shed into a home office, ensure the space is properly ventilated. A well-ventilated portable shed keeps away harmful condensation issues. SturdiShed develops good-quality portable sheds with a remarkable ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. Besides, the storage sheds have vent screens that prevent bugs from intrusion permanently. 

Storage Sheds Have Good Weatherproof Property 

SturdiShed’s prefab shed has hurricane ties on the roof and flooring that can withstand harsh weather conditions. All the storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Codes, making it easy to get permits or HOA approval. Plus, the structures are elevated from the ground, preventing condensation issues.

SturdiShed- Trusted Provider of Storage Sheds in the US


SturdiShed is one of the renowned manufacturers of storage sheds in Texas. We believe in real-time construction and the highest quality craftsmanship. We are known for manufacturing a wide range of storage sheds, including lofted barns, garages, utility sheds, gable and lofted cabin shells, and much more. All the sheds are painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Duration Paint for enhanced strength and protection. The paint consists of Permalast Technology that gives a strong coating to the structures.

SturdiShed’s storage sheds are carefully constructed with the finest quality materials that offer excellent resistance against fungal decay and termite damage. The sheds are slightly elevated from the ground, which prevents drainage issues. 

Easy and Fast Delivery of Storage Sheds


SturdiShed has a certified team of professional drivers who position the shed with the utmost care and precision. We also provide an onsite building for minimal fees just in case of a narrow passage. SturdiShed’s storage sheds are delivered for free for up to 50 miles, and we charge a nominal amount if it is beyond. 

Last Thoughts 

Rely on SturdiShed today and place an order for your personalized prefab shed right from the comforts of your home. Get a free consultation from our design consultants to know more about the storage sheds.

When you have a passion for dancing, you see the world in rhythm and tunes. Being a professional dancer, you see dance as a way to unwind from stress, improve health, and enhance your mood. If you are someone who has mastered more than two or three genres of dancing, you can always think about training students for ballet recitals, plays, or dance competitions. However, you need a space to provide dancing lessons away from the noise and disruptions. If you are facing a shortage of money and cannot open up a dance studio in a centralized location, why not turn a mere storage shed into a creative dance studio? You can get the right kind of storage shed dealer for your dancing studio by having credible storage sheds. In this blog, we have depicted several ways to help you convert the simple shed into a personal dance studio. 

  1. Determine the Right Kind of Flooring for Your Shed 

An ideal flooring is one of the most important aspects of building a dance studio through a shed. Effective flooring should ensure you can perform jumping and other movements seamlessly. Apart from that, the flooring should be even and smooth enough to prevent the chance of injuries. If you are not sure what kind of flooring you need for your dancing studio, always go for wooden flooring. Contact your storage shed dealers near me, where you get a premium quality storage shed. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a permanent wood foundation. The structures are built with the finest quality materials that can resist termite damage and fungal decay. 

  1. Get More Creative with the Storage Shed 

When adding creativity to the dance studio, paint a mural in the interior. This gives a personal touch to the storage shed. You can also opt for a portable shed and turn it into the dance studio of your dreams. Throw some stereo systems and your favorite inspirational posters for an uplifting dancing studio. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Install Barre Inside the Dance Studio 

If you are transforming a shed into a dance studio, try installing a wall-mounted barre. Freestanding and well-mounted barres are available on the market nowadays. However, ensure the barres should be sturdy and solid.

  1. Integrate Mirrors Inside the Shed 

Mirrors are one of those elements that complete your dance studio. When your dance studio lacks a mirror, it would be tough to critique and watch your dance forms. You can go for the long rolling mirror or mirrored tiles, which can be applied to the walls. 

Rely on SturdiShed for Having Good-Quality Storage Sheds


SturdiShed has garnered appreciation over the years with our finest-quality storage sheds. Being a well-known shed dealer, SturdiShed leaves no stone unturned in providing you with well-ventilated, termite-resistant, and eco-friendly storage sheds. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on siding, floor joists, and skids. We also offer a 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. All our storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Codes-they are easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. 

Check Out our Rent-to-Own Program


Get rid of the worry of paying upfront for your shed. SturdiShed has come up with a friendly rent-to-own program featuring no long-term commitment along with easy ownership of sheds. Our program features an early payoff discount with no prepay penalties. Make low and affordable payments for up to 36 or 60 months. 

Final Thoughts

SturdiShed has a certified team of professionals who deliver storage sheds with utmost care and concern. Thinking about “where to find shed dealers near me”? Trust SturdiShed for your storage shed needs. Get a free sample now.

Who doesn’t love to bask in the sunshine and stay in the lap of nature? With a fast-paced lifestyle and hustling working schedules, people today seek a place to attain peace and serenity. Nowadays, people are keenly interested in discovering unexplored places to get the most out of their vacations. If you look forward to delighting your guests with your stunning homestay, stepping into the hospitality business will get you the most. However, a lot of budget is involved in setting up a holiday property in an offbeat location, which might burn a hole in your pocket. Rather than setting up a building from scratch, think about setting up a lofted cabin. The lofted cabin is a new-age architectural marvel that gives a beautiful impression to your guest stay. 

Lofted Cabin- An Exemplary of Architectural Design 

Today, a lofted cabin is worth the hype for many reasons. One of the main highlights lies in the aesthetically appealing structural design. When you talk about the lofted cabin, it is generally regarded as a versatile structure with more interior spacing. The purpose of having a loft in such cabins is to provide additional living space for recreational activities and home offices. Also, the loft space can be used as a playroom where the kids can play without disturbing the rest of the families. Being a semi-private space, a loft is not cut off from the common area. It offers a small, cozy space where people can socialize, work, and relax. 

Lofts Cost Less than Adding a New Flooring or Room 

When you think of remodeling a lofted cabin into a holiday rental space, you will save a lot of money by extending the living space. A loft mainly comprises stairs, a floor, a ladder, or a railing. You do not have to spend money on adding additional ceilings and walls. Roofs that are sharply angled and tall are called A-frames. You can customize the loft with various accessories, such as beautiful balconies and windows. Such features will instantly uplift the mood and feel of the cabin interior. You could also think about adding minimalistic or vintage accessories to your lofted cabin to make it look gorgeous. 

SturdiShed- Premier Manufacturer of Lofted Cabins in Texas 

SturdiShed is a leading brand in the backyard shed manufacturing industry and is well-known for its fascinating range of lofted cabins, such as lofted and gable cabin shells. We design a versatile range of storage sheds, including lofted cabins, cabin shells, garages, lofted barns, utility sheds, and much more. Our storage sheds are widely designed for individuals looking for holiday stays, home offices, art studios, and much more. 

SturdiShed’s Storage Sheds are Environmentally Friendly 

At SturdiShed, our lofted cabin is carefully built with the finest quality craftsmanship and quality control processes. Moreover, we practice green manufacturing tools and techniques to design eco-friendly storage sheds. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a permanent wood foundation, which is highly resistant to bacterial infestation and fungal decay. 

Friendly Rent-to-Own Program


SturdiShed has developed a flexible rent-to-own program and gets rid of the hassles of paying upfront. With us, you get easy ownership of sheds with no prepay penalties. Protect your investment with our Loss Damage Waiver Program. 


Get in touch with SturdiShed to get a superior-quality lofted cabin for your holiday rental space. You can book a free consultation and discuss your storage shed requirements with us. Request a free quotation today.

Are you a painter or a budding porter looking for more room to hone creativity? Sometimes, you need help with showcasing your art and craft creations due to space crunch. In such a case, remodeling a shed into an art and craft studio comes in handy. Converting a simple storage shed into a fully equipped art studio gives you a dedicated space to sharpen your artistic skills and showcase your crafts to the people. Before looking for sheds for sale in Texas, it is important to study how to create a full-fledged art studio. In this blog, we have featured some of the essential tips that help you convert the storage shed into a creative hub practically. 

  1. Research the Right Ways to Position the Shed 

Add a few extra inches to your dimensions when figuring out the space in your backyard for an art studio. This space will later be used for maintenance purposes. Examine the unwanted shrubs or trees that could further block access to your studio or light entering the space. It is always important to maintain a certain distance from your home. However, placing the storage shed further away costs you more regarding utilities. For instance, WiFi signals may not reach your shed from your home and cost you more while laying electricity cables. 

  1. Emphasize the Kind of Accessories and Furniture 

Your furniture and accessories greatly determine the kind of art and craft studio you want to have. For instance, if you are a jewelry maker and you use equipment consisting of heating elements, you need a flameproof workbench where you craft jewelry seamlessly. Besides, if you are a sculptor, you need a clean and ventilated area to sculpt and showcase your finished works. When building an art studio, the storage shed should have drawers and shelves to store stationery items, painting equipment, and other craft items. This way, you can prevent cluttering of items and keep the shed in spic and span condition. 

  1. Determine the Direction of Windows 

The direction where you want to install the shed largely depends on the amount of light you need. Many art studios have north-facing windows that allow natural light to pass through. North-facing windows allow you to work on your art in a better way due to the presence of ample light. 

  1. Seek Ventilation 

You can only expect to have a full-fledged art studio if it has a good ventilation system. The absence of ventilation leads to the moisture growing, activating mildew and fungal infestation inside the shed. SturdiShed’s storage sheds are worth the investment because of their effective ventilation. The sheds have a superior ventilation system, which cools the interior by 20 degrees. Furthermore, the sheds have vent screens that prevent the intrusion of bugs from entering. 

SturdiShed-Leading-Edge Provider of Storage Sheds in Texas 

SturdiShed has over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry. We take immense pride in designing storage sheds for sale in Texas built with real-time construction and the finest quality craftsmanship. We believe in the quality control processes and superior manufacturing techniques to build quality-assured storage sheds. Our professionals follow green manufacturing techniques and practices while designing the storage shed. 

Years of Experience in Crafting Well-Versed Sheds 

SturdiShed’s storage sheds are designed with superior construction and craftsmanship- they are built to last for generations. All our storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Code, making it easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. The structures are designed with hurricane ties on the roof and flooring- they can bear harsh climatic conditions. 

Check Out Flexible Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed offers the most flexible rent-to-own program, where you get easy ownership. We offer early payoff options with no prepay penalties, as well as low payments for 36 or 60 months. Protect your valuable investment with the Loss Damage Waiver Program. 

Final Words 

Get in touch with SturdiShed today and get your personalized storage sheds for sale in Texas. You can book a free consultation to discuss storage shed requirements with us. Request a quotation.

Writing is an activity that needs a lot of focus and devotion. Every aspiring or established writer yearns for a calm atmosphere where they can dedicate all their valuable hours to writing. When writing a compelling story at home, you might drift away from the ideas that pop up in your head for a while. The uninviting noises, interruptive guests, and spooky neighbors make the writing process at home even more challenging. When considering a writing studio pad, you think about the additional expenditures required to extend the living space. However, the prevalence of a custom-made cabin shell has simplified things more than before. An aesthetically pleasing cabin shell is not just a great addition to your backyard but a way to build a creative writing studio effectively. 

You can escape from the monotonous routine of home and indulge in creativity by residing in your cabin shell. Nowadays, cabin shells come with unique layouts, colors, textures, and sizes you can choose from. This blog has covered some key considerations that let you design your dream writing studio. 

  1. Integrate Cabin Shells with Wide-Sized Windows 

A writing studio is incomplete without beautiful windows. Having a large or several small windows allows natural light to pass through the cabin shell. The more you equip the cabin shell with natural lights, the more energetic and positive you become to begin your writing. SturdiShed has come up with plentiful customization options through which you can choose the windows according to size and layout. You get plenty of natural light to write or read your creations. Moreover, you can add beautiful curtains and blind shades to make the interiors look beautiful. 

  1. Ventilation is a Must for Safe and Sound Writing Interiors 

A writing studio without ventilation is a big no. When you neglect the ventilation system, you are likely to experience uneasiness due to the excess humidity. We recommend having a cabin shell for sale with remarkable ventilation. Good-quality cabin shells have a good ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. 

  1. Pick the Cabin Shell with Weatherproof Property 

Before investing in a storage shed, ensure the structures should withstand volatile climatic conditions. Non-weatherproof structures impose serious risks on you and put all your investment in vain. SturdiShed’s cabin shells have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring that can bear harsh weather conditions. Besides, the structures are slightly elevated from the ground, which can fix the drainage issues. 

SturdiShed- Leading Supplier of Cabin Shells for Over 100 years 

SturdiShed has garnered appreciation over the years with our fabulous range of storage sheds. Our storage sheds are ideal for those looking for vacation cottages, hobby studios, backyard offices, backyard guest rooms, and much more. Besides, our prefab sheds are widely acclaimed for easy customization and robustness. Apart from that, our portable sheds are the ideal pick for maximizing space in the backyard. All our storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. 

Attractive-Looking Sheds that Last for Years 

SturdiShed’s cabin shell is painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that offers enhanced strength and protection. The paints are formulated with Permalast Technology that gives a thicker coat to the structures. At SturdiShed, we provide a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skid, siding, and floor joists. 

Check Out our Friendly Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed takes great pride in eliminating the hassles of paying upfront with its flexible rent-to-own programs. Our programs feature no long-term commitment and easy ownership. Receive an early payoff discount with no prepay penalties. Make a low and affordable payment for up to 36 to 60 months. 

Fast and Hassle-Free Delivery 

SturdiShed leaves no stone unturned in providing you with seamless delivery of storage sheds. Our professionals have years of expertise in positioning the shed with care and precision. We also assemble the storage shed for just a minimal fee. We deliver storage sheds free for up to 50 miles. 

Wrapping Up 

Rely on SturdiShed today and get your custom-made cabin shell for sale online. Please check out our five proven design steps and get your personalized cabin shell from the comfort of your home. Get a free sample.

The pet grooming industries are thriving lately as more people are interested in pampering the four-legged furry dogs. Because of this, people have started embracing the world of dog grooming. If you are a dog lover and want to run a side hustle business, nothing could be better than running from the comfort of the shed. Creating a pet grooming space from scratch can be cost-prohibitive. Converting the modern storage shed into a pet grooming business gives the furry dogs a sense of comfort and protection. Besides, it saves you time and money. You can customize the modern shed according to layout, colors, accessories, and size. If you need help creating a pet grooming business through a modern shed, read this blog for a clear insight and understanding. 

  1. Customize the Shed with Accessories for Better Organization 

When you do pet grooming, you are equipped with doggy towels, clippers, and cleansers. Such items tend to pile up over time when they neglect proper organization. Furthermore, it leads to a shortage of space, which gradually affects the pet’s grooming hours. You can practice effective organization with a functional modern storage shed. You can customize the modern storage shed with shelves and drawers for safe storage of small grooming items. 

  1. Location Plays a Crucial Role 

When setting up a pet grooming shed, considering the water and power supply is a must. Setting up a storage shed does not mean you must move back and forth from home to get the necessary essentials for pet grooming sessions. We recommend you hire a plumber and electrician to run water and power inside the shed. 

  1. Keep in Touch with the Local Officials for Properly Zoned Space 

You need to ensure you are not blocking the busy paths or roads while setting up a dog grooming shed. Dogs can easily get triggered by strange noises coming from outside. This further disturbs the neighborhood due to the sound of pets. We recommend you contact the local zoning officials to determine the ideal location for setting up the modern shed. SturdiShed has come up with premium quality storage sheds that have exceeded the International Buildings Codes-the sheds are easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. 

  1. Let the Light Come Inside the Storage Shed 

We all like a kind of space that is filled with ample light. It instills a sense of brightness and positivity inside the storage shed. It gives the four-legged pets an airy, beautiful, and inviting atmosphere. You can customize the modern shed in Texas with large-sized windows that allow natural light to pass through the shed. 

  1. Pay Close Attention to Insulation 

Grooming sessions involve bathing dogs inside the tub, which require a lot of water. Constant splashes of water attract humidity when there is no ventilation.The presence of moisture leads to excessive dampness, which leads to the cause of mildew, mold, and fungal formation. This further affects the health of pets and workers inside the pet grooming shed. 

A well-ventilated pet grooming shed is important to prevent moisture infiltration and bacterial infestation.  In such a case, you should opt for a modern shed that has a good ventilation. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a superior ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. Besides, the storage sheds have vent screens that prevent the entrance of bugs inside the shed. 

SturdiShed- Eminent Manufacturer of Storage Sheds in the US 

We, SturdiShed, have years of experience and knowledge of crafting well-versed storage sheds made with the finest quality craftsmanship. Our storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty along with a limited lifetime warranty on siding, skids, and floor joists. We provide storage sheds for various purposes, including additional storage space, hobby studios, vacation rentals, garages, and much more. 

Fast and Hassle-Free Delivery of Storage Sheds 

SturdiShed has a credible team of professionals who deliver the storage sheds with the utmost care and attention. Although it takes around 2-4 weeks to reach your destination, the delivery mainly depends on the scope of work, material availability, production schedule, and permitting requirements.

Conclusion-Wrapping Up

Get in touch with SturdiShed and place your customized modern shed in Texas online. Check out our friendly rent-to-own program, where you do not have to face paying upfront. Make low and affordable payments within 36 or 60 months. Ask for a free quotation now.  

Being an aspiring florist, you always dream of bringing happiness to people with blooming flowers. You are not just selling flowers but adding a spark of joy and colors to their lives. Be it a self-appreciation or grand celebration, the presence of flowers holds great importance in every individual’s life. Starting a flower shop from scratch is a good idea to bring people close to variant flowers. 

You can make your floristry business stand out with your strong interpersonal and trading skills, communication, and better inventory management skills. When you have a spacious backyard or just a small plot of land, you can utilize the land by selling or renting flowers for certain events. However, you can ace your flower arrangement and selling skills with your shed-based business! If you want to kickstart your dream flower shop, set up your floristry business in an outdoor storage shed and earn good reviews. This blog completely emphasizes how to turn the outdoor storage shed into a flower shop. 

  1. Choose a Storage Shed Having Good Ventilation 

It has been carefully researched and surveyed that the flowers require an optimal temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius to thrive. The relative humidity should not exceed 80% as they tend to spoil the flower’s quality. When you set up an outdoor storage shed, ensure the space is ventilated enough to avoid soaring humidity. Besides, the storage sheds should have vent screens to prevent the entrance of bugs from coming inside. This way, you can offer a safe and favorable environment for the flowers to grow properly. 

  1. Maximize Space for a Clutter-Free Environment 

When you run a flower shop, you are surrounded by small stationary items. When not in an organized manner, such items overpower the space, creating a huge fuss inside. To maximize the space, you can customize the outdoor storage shed with shelves, drawers, and hooks for a systematic arrangement of items. You can store the items effectively without searching for them for hours. A well-organized outdoor storage shed gives a structured approach while operating a floristry business. 

  1. Opt for an Outdoor Storage Shed with Having Temperature-Controlled Environment 

A weatherproof outdoor storage shed is important for better upkeep of flowers and indoor environments. SturdiShed’s outdoor storage shed has hurricane ties on roofs and foundations that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Besides, the outdoor storage sheds are slightly elevated from the ground, which can fix the drainage issues. 

Invest in SturdiShed’s Outdoor Storage Sheds for a Well-Designed Florist Shop 

SturdiShed has earned appreciation over the years with our fine-quality outdoor storage sheds. We have 100 years of experience in the backyard industry. Our premium quality storage sheds are built with the highest quality craftsmanship and real-time construction. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have exceeded International Building Codes- the sheds are easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. 

Leading Manufacturer of Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Sheds 

When you set up SturdiShed’s outdoor storage shed, you effectively enhance the beautification of a backyard. All our storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that gives years of appearance and functionality. We offer a 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. SturdiShed offers you a lot of colors to choose from to make your outdoor storage shed look visually appealing. 

Safe and Timely Delivery of Storage Sheds 

SturdiShed has a credible team of professionals who deliver the storage shed with the utmost care and concern. We also send a crew to assemble the storage shed for just a small fee. If the storage shed is not installed due to the narrow passway, we send our professionals to set up the shed right on your property. 

Check Out Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed has developed an attractive range of storage sheds for those needing a backyard office, hobby space, or additional storage space. If you are facing a challenging time of paying upfront, our friendly rent-to-own programs will help you out. Our flexible financing programs let you make a small payment for up to 60 months. Get no prepay penalty and zero credit score checking with SturdiShed. 

Final Thoughts 

Visit SturdiShed today and get your custom-made outdoor storage shed online. We offer five proven steps of storage shed design to get your desired storage shed online. Book your free consultation today.

Storage sheds are available in a wide range of materials. Wooden sheds are a very popular choice. It is important to highlight that all wooden sheds are not the same. The premium ones are extremely well-built and last for many years. The quality of the timber plays a big role. Renowned manufacturers do not use low-quality timber, so they do not manufacture cheap sheds. High grade timber is used to manufacture stronger and durable wood storage sheds. These structures are classic, rustic and have a natural appeal. They seamlessly blend well with the surrounding landscape. You can always paint and customize wooden sheds the way you want.

We excel in craftsmanship

Now, there is no need to store wood inside the house, pile it up in the garden or leave it elsewhere around the property. SturdiShed offers modern storage sheds in Texas. We have been manufacturing sheds and other backyard structures for more than 100 years. We use premium-quality wood that is treated to prevent the growth of termites and mold. We have a specialized team that is expert in manufacturing quality storage solutions and have a passion for showcasing craftsmanship. SturdiShed offers a choice of materials, models, and customization options for wood storage sheds.

Is your shed rightly insulated?

Wood has natural insulation due to the presence of air pockets in the cellular structure. Wood is a low conductor of electricity, so it can provide cooler interiors during the summers and warmth during the winters. This is ideal for a wood storage shed as it is used to store timber in dry conditions. Our ventilation system is superior, it keeps the building 20 degrees cooler. This helps to save climate control costs. This prevents condensation, so you do not have to worry about mold and leaks.

Rent-to-own options – no credit charges

SturdiShed brings to your sheds for you and your family that are perfect for anyone who requires additional storage, backyard office or a hobby studio, cottage, or a portable space. Do you have a financial crunch but still need a wooden storage shed in Texas? We can help you by not having to pay upfront. SturdiShed offers a flexible financing program that helps with installments. Explore our lucrative rent-to-own options. We bring you flexible shed purchasing options. SturdiShed brings lucrative rent-to-own options where you can make monthly and fixed payments for up to 60 months. You can start with a low-down payment. Applying for financing is simple as there is no credit check. 

Final words – get in touch with us

SturdiShed offers customized backyard wooden structures. A wooden shed is not only used for storage but for other purposes. Choose any as per your needs and budget. With the right plans and materials, it is easy to build a wooden shed. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will help you to build and design a wood storage shed. We deliver sheds for free if it is within 50 miles, or else, we charge a nominal amount.

Explore our inventory. Request a quote.

Have you started taking an interest in business? Building your own business gives you the freedom to track your goals and chase your dreams. There is greater control and greater independence. You can have your new venture grow, succeed, and feel personal fulfillment. Small businesses are essential to our economic future. If you are thinking about what business to pursue, we would suggest you become a portable building dealer. This opportunity can offer you maximum flexibility to work from anywhere. It could be a source of supplementary income or you could start earning full time. You have the scope to become an entrepreneur and become your own boss.

The versatility of backyard storage sheds and its escalating demand

Sheds are primarily two types, on foundation and on wheels. Movable or portable sheds have a greater demand in the market. Portable sheds are an inexpensive way to have more storage space within your property. Outdoor portable storage sheds are available in different designs and customization options. In the current scenario, there is an exponential growth of movable building storage spaces. The onset of portability has offered a smart and sustainable approach. They perfectly fit into your requirements, so that you can outgrow spaces and relocate at ease. A storage shed can be used for different purposes and this is why the structures are versatile. The demand is ever increasing, so this business will flourish with dedication and hard work. Do not be scared because a dealer associated with us will not have to work very hard. This is because we have earned a reputation in the market.

Earn good commissions by becoming a portable building dealer

Be a part of the SturdiShed team, where we give you the freedom to work with focus and full dedication. You can make good commissions based on quarterly and monthly bonus earnings. We judge and consider the performance of each dealer associated with us, as we assure that your efforts do not go in vain. High scorers can earn profitable yearly bonuses. You can learn about the dealership program by attending meetings, seminars, training, and visits. We welcome you to get associated with us.

Get associated with SturdiShed

Building a business of your own can also be a social responsibility as it can help make a difference. Work hard, earn profits, get rewards, and grow big. Get associated with us and you can work from anywhere, just have a laptop handy. Be your own boss and create your flexible schedules. We give you the opportunity to start your own business so that you can develop a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Become a portable building dealer and make a decent pay. Please visit our site for additional information and explore our worthwhile showroom program. Kindly book a free consultation and share your plans with us.

Final words – get associated with us

A lot of people are seeing greater prospects of selling backyard structures to their clients. We will offer you a platform where you can explore. Give your career a new dimension by partnering with us to become a dealer. Get in touch with us for inquiries and quotations. Collaborate with us today. Call us now.

You might be woodworking in the corners of the home, such as the basement or packed garage, for so long. You may find yourself in a position where you desire a space for better work and accessibility. If you have financial commitments that demotivate you to create a separate space for your hobby, try opting for a storage shed. Storage sheds are now regarded as versatile structures that make a great storage shed workshop. With the help of a storage shed workshop, you can have a dedicated space where you can work, spread out things, and organize creations in the way you like. There are a few considerations to remember when planning your storage shed workshop for your woodworking. 

  1. How Much Space Do You Require to Store Your Tools and Equipment? 

When considering a storage shed workshop, you must determine the space that helps you store the woodworking tools and equipment. Many woodworking tools and equipment need the following storage space, such as: 

  • Workbenches 
  • Track/Circular Saw 
  • Portable Table Saw 
  • Pegboard 
  • Sawdust Control 
  • Drill Press 

Apart from that, the sheds come with pegboards, drawers, shelving, and cabinets that cater to your woodworking needs in the best possible way. You can effectively keep the clutters away and make your space well-organized. 

  1. What Kind of Woodworking Shop Fit Your Budgets and Needs? 

After getting an idea of how much space is required for your woodworking, you need to determine the right size of your storage shed workshop. We advise you to expect your storage shed workshop in a way that can evolve enough to take on new projects and make sure to grow yourself with time. 

If you could start from scratch, you can customize the storage shed workshop from top to bottom. You can personalize the storage shed according to the right model size, doors, windows, exterior coloring, etc. You can also customize it with porches, lofts, roof dormers, floor insulation, etc., to make your storage shed workshop stand out. 

On top of that, make sure to get the kind of storage shed that lasts for many years. Better durability of sheds ensures you do not have to spend money on maintenance frequently.  Besides, the sheds should have weatherproof property that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

  1. Where to Find the Ideal Storage Sheds for Your Woodworking Needs? Choose SturdiShed 

SturdiShed has been manufacturing quality-assured storage sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our storage shed workshop is a testament to unwavering robustness, strength, and versatility. We provide a wide range of storage sheds suitable for storing gardening needs, building garages, lodges, office space, storage shed workshops, etc. SturdiShed’s storage sheds workshops have exceeded the International Building Codes- they are easy to obtain HOA approvals or permits. 

All our sheds are painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint for enhanced appearance and protection. We believe in quality control processes and superior manufacturing, which makes us stand out. Furthermore, SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty and a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding, and floor joists. 

Stressed by Financial Crunch? Check Out SturdiShed’s Rent-to-Own Program 

If you cannot invest in the storage shed due to monetary pressure, join hands with the SturdiShed. We have come up with a flexible rent-to-own program, which features no long-term commitment. You can make affordable payments for 36 to 60 months. Enjoy early payoff options with no penalties. 

Last Words 

Get in touch with SturdiShed today and get your personalized storage shed workshop immediately. Our storage sheds are delivered free for up to 50 miles. Book your free consultation with our experts today.

Are you someone who loves to grab a tub of popcorn and watch movies with your friends and family? Watching movies is one of the most therapeutic feelings you can relate to. However, it becomes even more engaging when surrounded by a home theater and comfy seating. You may not have enough room in your home to accommodate a large movie theater and other equipment. Why not witness a flawless cinematic experience by turning a wood shed into an outdoor movie theater shed? Through wood storage sheds, you can create a space where you get the most edgy and unique entertainment right in your backyard. Besides, a wood storage shed also adds a vintage charm to your ambiance. 

If you are finding ways to create a wonderful outdoor movie theater shed, read this blog and enlighten yourself. 

  1. Always Go for a Ventilated and Termite-Resistant Wood Storage Shed 

Before designing the space, always keep hygiene and safety in mind. It is the first and foremost thing that enriches your movie-watching experience. Ensure the wood storage sheds should be ventilated enough to keep the humidity at bay. You would not like to encounter humidity in the middle of good times, which makes you feel uncomfortable and nauseous later. Well-ventilated wood storage sheds prevent moisture infiltration and prevent termite damage and fungal decay. 

Furthermore, the wood storage sheds should have a permanent wood foundation and should be slightly elevated from the ground to prevent drainage issues. 

  1. Add Comfy Seating Inside Your Wood Storage Shed 

A spacious wood storage shed lets you equip seatings for a perfect movie-watching experience. You can go for the comfy couches or recliners for seating. However, beware not to overload the wood storage shed with tons of seating. This way, you can ensure everyone is comfortable and safely walking through the shed. 

  1. Take a Look at the Imperative Equipment 

Your wood storage shed can be a favorite place to hang out and watch the latest movies only if it is equipped with the latest gadgets and equipment. We recommend you focus on the audiovisual quality. Equip with high-quality projectors, large screens, and sound systems to make your outdoor movie theater shed stand out. 

  1. Think of Installing Dimmable and Decorative Lights 

While watching movies, no one likes to sit under the bright lights. Finding lighting fixtures that have better diming properties is useful. You can make the interiors even more whimsical by installing neon lights on the ceilings. You can also think about movie-themed creative lighting for a worthwhile experience. 

The Profitability of Side Hustle through Rental Outdoor Movie Theatre Shed 

The rising popularity of outdoor entertainment attracts people of all ages and groups. Movie enthusiasts of all ages are willing to spend their expenses on memorable movie watching. You can provide rental outdoor movie-watching services for community events, private parties, and couples who want to watch movies under the twinkling stars. This way, you can earn a good income and get good reviews. Offer concessions on prices to attract more customers in a short time. 

Planning to Invest in Good Quality Wood Storage? Choose SturdiShed 

SturdiShed has garnered attention and appreciation from its customers for over 100 years. Our storage shed in Texas is suitable for individuals looking for a lawn office, extra room, holiday space, or studio. We manufacture present-day storage sheds designed with timeless craftsmanship and quality control processes. We also manufacture environmentally friendly wood storage sheds that promote sustainability. 

Worried about Paying Upfront? Join Our Friendly Rent-to-Own Program 

Is paying upfront for your storage shed a nightmare due to the financial crunch? Don’t worry and choose SturdiShed’s friendly rent-to-own programs that feature: 

  • Easy ownership 
  • No credit score checking 
  • No long-term commitment 
  • Discounts and early payoff options
  • Free delivery of storage sheds within 50 miles 

Typically, you can get your customized storage shed in Texas in 2 to 4 weeks. It may take longer due to the scope of work, material availability, production schedule, and permitting requirements. Our professional drivers deliver and place the storage shed with the highest level of care. We also send our crew to assemble the shed on-site for a small fee. We offer free delivery of storage sheds within 50 miles, which is a boon. 

Final Thought 

You can follow our page on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates. Reach us today and discuss your storage shed in Texas requirements with our competent professionals. Request a free sample. 

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