A versatile storage shed workshop – Creating a dedicated space in your backyard

January 23rd, 2023
A versatile storage shed workshop – Creating a dedicated space in your backyard

It can be a wise idea to invest in a versatile workshop shed. The space can offer years of use and you can get a good return on your investment. It is important to plan well so you can use it as a multi-purpose space. A well-designed workshop allows you to carry out in-house work smoothly without outsourcing requirements. Building an extra space inside your property requires extra costs and time. Most of the time, it is even impossible to have the right kind of space inside the property. You must install a modern storage shed workshop in the empty yard space. 

A storage shed workshop has rectangular windows and doors on the longer sides. This aids in easy tool access and the spacious windows allow ample sunlight. An outdoor storage shed workshop should have proper accessories. There should be a proper workbench, shelves, and hooks so that you can keep things organized. Keep sharp and bigger tools inside the drawer so they are not exposed. You can secure the shed with locks so that the tools and equipment are kept away from children, and it would prevent theft. 

Sheds built on a foundation

Sheds require a strong foundation because it supports the walls and roofs. SturdiShed offers a durable foundation that is protected against termites and fungal decay. There is no need to fill concrete inside the foundation, especially if the shed is small to medium. We check the building standards before installing the structure. Our foundation requires minimal site preparation, so you can save money and time. It is slightly elevated from the ground to aid uninterrupted drainage.  

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our storage sheds are delivered to your location by professional drivers. They position the shed with the utmost care and accuracy about exactly where you want it. Buyers can enjoy free delivery within 50 miles, and you can pay a small fee for the onsite building, where we will send a crew for the assembling. You might have the notion that DIY shed building is affordable. You might spend more due to a lack of expertise. Investing in a prefab shed is hassle-free and you can save money when an experienced professional does it.

Do you want to avoid paying upfront? 

We have interacted with many who are not ready to pay upfront. You can still own a storage shed workshop by availing our rent-to-own program. This is the friendliest program that you can enroll in. We treat our clients with dignity and respect. You can take home a desirable backyard building without affecting your credit. There is no long-term commitment and no penalty. Protect your investment with the loss damage waiver. We have flexible plans that fit your budget. Make repayments within 36 or 60 months. 

Final thoughts

Have a storage shed workshop in the yard, but it can be closer to your main property for easy access. We recommend an area where the shed would be exposed to breeze and sunlight to eliminate dampness and mold growth. Stay calm about zoning laws and permits. Connect with us for a consultation. 

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