Have you started taking an interest in business? Building your own business gives you the freedom to track your goals and chase your dreams. There is greater control and greater independence. You can have your new venture grow, succeed, and feel personal fulfillment. Small businesses are essential to our economic future. If you are thinking about what business to pursue, we would suggest you become a portable building dealer. This opportunity can offer you maximum flexibility to work from anywhere. It could be a source of supplementary income or you could start earning full time. You have the scope to become an entrepreneur and become your own boss.

The versatility of backyard storage sheds and its escalating demand

Sheds are primarily two types, on foundation and on wheels. Movable or portable sheds have a greater demand in the market. Portable sheds are an inexpensive way to have more storage space within your property. Outdoor portable storage sheds are available in different designs and customization options. In the current scenario, there is an exponential growth of movable building storage spaces. The onset of portability has offered a smart and sustainable approach. They perfectly fit into your requirements, so that you can outgrow spaces and relocate at ease. A storage shed can be used for different purposes and this is why the structures are versatile. The demand is ever increasing, so this business will flourish with dedication and hard work. Do not be scared because a dealer associated with us will not have to work very hard. This is because we have earned a reputation in the market.

Earn good commissions by becoming a portable building dealer

Be a part of the SturdiShed team, where we give you the freedom to work with focus and full dedication. You can make good commissions based on quarterly and monthly bonus earnings. We judge and consider the performance of each dealer associated with us, as we assure that your efforts do not go in vain. High scorers can earn profitable yearly bonuses. You can learn about the dealership program by attending meetings, seminars, training, and visits. We welcome you to get associated with us.

Get associated with SturdiShed

Building a business of your own can also be a social responsibility as it can help make a difference. Work hard, earn profits, get rewards, and grow big. Get associated with us and you can work from anywhere, just have a laptop handy. Be your own boss and create your flexible schedules. We give you the opportunity to start your own business so that you can develop a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Become a portable building dealer and make a decent pay. Please visit our site for additional information and explore our worthwhile showroom program. Kindly book a free consultation and share your plans with us.

Final words – get associated with us

A lot of people are seeing greater prospects of selling backyard structures to their clients. We will offer you a platform where you can explore. Give your career a new dimension by partnering with us to become a dealer. Get in touch with us for inquiries and quotations. Collaborate with us today. Call us now.

Did you quit your grueling job and wish to start a business? Be a part of us by joining our lucrative dealership program to experience steady growth. SturdiShed is renowned for manufacturing premium backyard structures. There is a huge demand for outdoor sheds, and this is here to stay. The housing market is experiencing a shift from high-rented structures to owning compact spaces within the budget. There are two types of sheds, structures on foundation and portable ones. Portable sheds have higher demand due to their advantages. So, become a portable shed dealer

Earn huge commissions

You can start becoming an entrepreneur with our dealership program. 

Become a portable shed dealer in Texas, and you can expect to earn $10 – $30 monthly. A lot of people have already partnered with us, and they are enjoying great sales. We help you in every aspect to meet your monthly sales target. You can work with us according to your schedule and earn well. Be associated with us full-time, or you can be a part-time dealer. 

Are you looking for a reliable company? Partner with SturdiShed

You will want to be a dealer and get associated with a reputed company. This will only improve your business and help you expand. SturdiShed has been in the business for more than 100 years. We design modern storage sheds, barns, cabins, and garages. All our backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. Our sheds are durable and made from high-quality materials.

Some of the features of our backyard structures

If you are associated with us as a dealer, it is important to know the essential features that make us stand out. Our sheds are equipped with an advanced ventilation system. It keeps the building up to 20 degrees cooler so that customers can save energy bills and be comfortable inside. Your customers will not have to worry about leaks and molds. We ensure superior craftsmanship, and the sheds will offer an extended shelf-life. The structures exceed the International Building Code. We use fine exterior paint so the sheds do not lose their appearance. If you are a dealer, you can offer flexibility to your customers to choose from different colors. The paint comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Are you willing to become a shed dealer? 

The portable shed market is expanding, so become a portable shed dealer. Be a part of our team; we expect you to work with focus and full dedication. We offer you good commissions, you can earn quarterly and monthly bonuses. Moreover we analyze the performance, and the high scorers can earn yearly achievement bonuses. We help you learn more about the dealership by assisting you in attending meetings, timely training, and frequent visits. So, be a part and make more money. 

Final words

Make a good income by becoming a portable shed dealer. Please visit our website for more details and learn more about our lucrative dealership program. Please book a consultation for discussions, and you can share your ideas with us. Reach our team for queries and quotes. Partner with us today.

The market for backyard storage structures is growing rapidly. The demand is escalating, so more and more people are interested in this business. If you are among those planning to start a new business, you can become a portable building dealer. Portability is a great benefit, so you can imagine the demand for portable sheds. Having your own shed business can offer a steady income base, or if you are looking for a quick buck, you could be a dealer and be engaged in the business part-time. Becoming a dealer of a reputed company can offer you easy recognition and a continuous client base. This is why you must be wise while choosing the company you wish to be engaged with. 

SturdiShed – Why partner with us?

 Let us introduce ourselves before you think about why you should partner with our dealership program. SturdiShed offers various types of backyard structures. We have over 100 years of experience manufacturing customized sheds, cabins, garages and other backyard structures. Our sheds are preferred because we place the happiness of our customers above anything. SturdiShed shares a good reputation in Texas. Dealers do not have to put in a lot of effort to increase sales due to our recognition in the market. Many people already know how good our products are and what kind of service we provide. We alter sheds and attempt to meet the necessities of the clients. We make tough and solid sheds that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. We rouse clients with our plans, and there are a lot of size, design, and layout choices. 

Join our dealership training program 

Our dealers, who are the driving force of the business, receive ample importance from us. Numerous vendors are already working with us successfully. They understand sales and are creating magic and earning great pay each month. If you also aim to procure about $10k to $30k consistently. Collaborate with us, and we will allow you the opportunity to bring in cash. Your earnings also depend on your effort. Those who have already become our sales partners are extremely pleased. Our rigorous dealership training has helped them to strike while the iron is hot. We have a lot of plans for growth because the market is very interested in our product. You can grow with us too. Our team is here to help you to experience growth. For instance, some who had started with us as part-timers are now full-time dealers. 

The dealership program explained 

It is always possible to become a portable building dealer with SturdiShed. We have completely redefined dealership programs to attain maximum success. We have helped many aspiring individuals to earn thousands in commissions. We take pride in providing quarterly bonuses that keep you and the team focused on attaining maximum success. Our compensation is based on the monthly base pay per unit that lets you focus on meeting the client’s expectations. We have annual achievement level bonuses if you try to achieve more. We encourage in-person dealer meetings, value-added training, and routine visits. Partnering with SturdiShed expands your horizons in the portable shed dealership. Last but not least, we support your development, but we expect you to adhere to our rules and work with dedication and discipline.

Become a portable building dealer

SturdiShed gives you an income opportunity, which is how we contribute to society. Our associated dealers are the family, so you can contact us anytime for assistance. We know how hard you work to support our business’s expansion. Read dealer reviews to learn what others say about the SturdiShed dealership program. For more information, visit our website or talk to our experts. Please do not hesitate to offer your views and suggestions to help us expand our business. Become a portable building dealer and earn commissions. Experience freedom by joining our program.

In the current scenario, there is a trajectory growth of portable building installation. The onset of hybrid work models and lifestyle alterations has paved the way for portable sheds. In addition, the outbreak of Covid-19 has encouraged people to opt for a portable building due to affordable spacing. Seeing the popularity of portable sheds, you can now become a portable building dealer and take your career to the pinnacle! 

Statistics of the Growing Outdoor Shed Market 

The continuous growth of industrialization has increased the demand for outdoor storage sheds. In addition, the growth of gardening activities, remote working, and heavy-duty equipment storage are reasons behind the demand for portable sheds. As a result, research shows that the outdoor storage market has garnered around US$ 6,590.60 million in 2021 and is expected to grow by US$ 9,615.28 million by 2028. Besides, it is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% during 2021-2028. 

Scope of Becoming a Portable Building Dealer in the USA 

You can drive down the highway if you need more clarification on becoming a portable building dealer. While driving, you can see many rural areas renting portable sheds. Besides, a portable shed has become a lucrative investment for building a tiny house, home gym, or movable garage. Once the storage shed is rented or sold, it goes to the destination on flatbed trucks. As a result, independent shed dealers make a lot of money and for every portable shed transportation. 

SturdiShed- A Reliable Platform to Earn Good Commissions Easily


Now you can become a portable building dealer and make handsome commissions. Besides, it is a great prospect if you target earning $10k to $ 30k monthly. Partnering with the 

SturdiShed is a great way to earn good money. Many people have worked with us as sales partners and are quite satisfied with the high number of sales. At SturdiShed, we are driven by focus and dedication. In addition to that, we also offer yearly achievement level bonuses and quarterly bonuses for the high performers. Furthermore, we believe in value-added training, in-person dealer meetings, and routine visits, which help to hone dealership skills. 

Reasons to Partner with SturdiShed 

SturdiShed is one of the prominent manufacturers of portable sheds in the USA. Our portable sheds are carefully designed with the highest quality craftsmanship. At SturdiShed, we make use of green manufacturing techniques for environmental sustainability. Besides, we meticulously check storage sheds’ quality before delivering them. Besides, our portable sheds have exceeded International Building Codes- they are easy to obtain HOA approvals or permits. 

All our storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Painting for enhanced beauty and longevity. All our storage sheds are integrated with hurricane ties on the roof and flooring for weatherproof structures. We have a superior ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. 

Final Words 

Get in touch with SturdiShed and be part of this winning team. You can also check out our official website and learn more about the dealership programs. SturdiShed has always been loyal to its dealers because we believe in value and integrity. Come, become a portable building dealer with us and earn great profits. Request a free consultation right away. 

Portable storage sheds have proven to be a fruitful investment recently. Several factors are associated with the rapid growth of portable storage sheds, including increased downsizing, lifestyle changes, growing urbanization, and, most importantly, the outbreak of Coronavirus. Besides, the onset of the hybrid work model has made employees get back on their feet and maximize their productivity hours. Even startup owners found a portable building useful for downsizing their office space and storing essential items. Seeing the trajectory growth of portable buildings, you should become a portable building dealer and bridge the gap of financial stability. 

Portable Building Dealer- A New-Age Business Plan that Works Wonders 

If you want to carve your niche in the entrepreneurial world, become a portable building dealer and reap good profits in return. Becoming a certified portable building dealer adds lucrative growth to your career graph. You can sell portable sheds for various uses, such as garages, offices, or even tiny homes. Once the storage shed is sold or rented, it goes to the destination on flatbed trucks. The popularity of a portable building dealership is here to stay and will offer unwavering success in the future. 

Join Your Hands with SturdiShed and Lay a Strong Foundation of Portable Building Dealership

There is accelerating demand for SturdiShed’s portable sheds in the markets. Joining hands with SturdiShed helps you earn great profits in the future. We have completely revolutionized our dealership programs for guaranteed success and stability. It has aided support for various families to get accessories and structures and made thousands in commissions. We have a variety of product customizations that suit customers’ needs and requirements. In addition to that, our low-start up costs let you start without any investment. Our training and support programs are based on the core values of honesty, integrity, and commitment. We root for routing visits, in-person dealer meetings, and value-added training. 

Quality-Assured Storage Sheds that Stand the Test of Time


SturdiShed offers a wide range of storage sheds, such as lofted barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, garden sheds, etc. Besides, our prefab sheds are built with superior craftsmanship having a 15-year of limited warranty. The limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty applies to skid, siding, and floor joists. Our storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Durations Painting with a ten-year limited warranty. Integrating hurricane ties on walls and roofing keeps the storage shed weatherproof. The superior ventilation system keeps the portable storage shed’s interiors 20 degrees cooler. The presence of vent screens prevents the intrusion of bugs, keeping the space antimicrobial. 

Fast and Seamless Delivery


Our team consists of professional drivers delivering and placing the sheds promptly and precisely. There is no requirement for a concrete pad while installing the storage shed. However, a gravel pad is highly recommended. Besides, minimal site preparation takes place, considerably saving an individual’s time and money. You must be present at the site to sign the necessary paperwork. 


StudiShed’s storage sheds have exceeded International Building Codes- they can easily obtain HOA approvals or permits. Become a portable building dealer with SturdiShed, and you can earn $10K-$30K per month as extra income. You can also request a free consultation and learn more about us.

Mr. Philip, who used to work at a reputable company’s sales and marketing department, lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was feeling extremely unfortunate and was desperately searching for a job. The market was so bad that he could not find one and waited a few more months. He came to us with his friend, completely shattered and hopeless. His friend worked with us as a shed dealer and had his job intact even after bad times during the pandemic. We offered Mr. Philip not a job but a business offer of becoming a portable building dealer

No capital investment needed

He started all over again with sheer confidence. We enrolled him in our training and interactive dealership programs. Learning is the most important part to play and has no age barrier. Mr. Philip was relieved that there was no capital investment needed. He could earn only by showcasing his marketing skills and hard work. When you partner with SturdiShed, it seems easier to sell because we have a reputation in the market that requires less convincing. Our dealers will provide buildings for display, delivery, and setup for the customers. 

Earn huge commissions

By becoming a SturdiShed dealer, you have the opportunity to earn $10k – $30k annually. This is an extra income if you pursue any other job or business. But Mr. Philip is focused and is making big money now. There is scope for earning commission for each building you sell, so there is unlimited income potential. We also offer the customers the rent-to-own option. But you will be paid the whole commission, which is based on the entire price of the building. You can aim higher for more income because the results will vary based on your efforts. We give you space to grow exponentially. 

Aim for the Annual achievement bonus

SturdiShed offers advertising and support. We are one of the leaders in the trade of portable storage buildings. We provide different promotional materials for social media outlets. We offer training and support for the dealers and a business platform for your operation. We offer great compensation to the dealers. We bring you the monthly base pay per unit, where you can earn commissions. Work harder to achieve the quarterly bonus, and then there are annual achievement-level bonuses. 

Be a part of our team 

SturdiShed is more than 100 years old, so we have a rich experience. Our sheds and other backyard buildings come with a 15-year limited warranty. We now have a newly structured dealership program that can offer maximum success. A SturdiShed dealer should actively promote your shed business. You should be interested in promoting SturdiShed’s structures via social media and catering to customer needs. Join our network to become a portable building dealer and be a part of the winning team. 

Final thoughts

The process of becoming a certified dealer needs just dedication and time. More than thousands of families are part of this program. If you are a motivated marketing person in Texas, we would like to talk to you. Visit our website, and fill out the form to get started.

You are surely amazed at the growing demand for storage sheds in Texas. You could become a part of the industry by becoming a shed builder and can become a shed dealer in Texas for those not inclined toward becoming an architect. Reach the top companies to enquire about the dealership programs. Choose the one that you feel comfortable with. Make proper arrangements so there is no communication between you and the manufacturer. Selling sheds can help you increase your income, especially if you are residing near a housing development or have good marketing skills. 

Why are portable structures in demand?

A portable storage structure is built inside a controlled environment and then transported to the site. One must know that even portable structures cannot be easily moved instantly from one location to another. Being realistic, they have weight, the structures are joined rigidly for safety. A special kind of trailer and certain equipment are used for transportation. These days, there is a rising demand for portable backyard structures. These structures are great for keeping things organized and for other purposes. Many people move from one location to another and invest in these portable structures. SturdiShed manufactures excellent portable buildings in Texas that can be customized per your requirements. Partner with SturdiShed to become a portable building dealer. A lot of people install SturdiShed’s structures because our quality speaks louder. 

Why partner with SturdiShed?

Partnering with a renowned company is always a safe option. Become a portable building dealer and earn $10 to $30 monthly. We call on all business enthusiasts to partner with us and make a high income. SturdiShed manufactures various types of portable and non-portable backyard structures in Texas. They are available in different designs, layouts, and customized sizes. Our sheds come with a 15-year limited warranty. We showcase flawless craftsmanship in the industry by implementing premium manufacturing. All our backyard buildings are shipped after they have gone through a stringent quality control process. We follow green manufacturing materials and practices. The company ensures fast and free delivery within 50 miles. Our sheds on the foundation are set on solid, termite-treated wood and much less groundwork is needed. 

Grow with SturdiShed’s dealership program

We are offering lucrative compensation. There is a monthly base pay per unit, a quarterly bonus and annual achievement bonuses for the dealer who achieved the highest. Stay focused but work hard. Never blame or give up but grow immensely with us. Read the testimonials to read what others have to say. Please contact us to be a part of this winning team. 

Final words

Reach out to more and more people so that they know you as a trustworthy shed dealer in your area. Have a user-friendly website for letting people know about the business; it could become a mode of communication. Introduce yourself more to construction companies, landscapers, and local businesses. Share your business card with people to spread the business. 

Are you already a SturdiShed dealer but reading this blog? Then share your success story with us.

The rising demand for outdoor sheds is a result of lifestyle alterations. For the last few years, it has been seen that North Americans and Canadians are investing in portable sheds. This is because they are looking for an affordable space for mobility. Therefore, the portable shed market has emerged. It has been noticed that even during the Covid-19 crisis, the demand for additional outdoor storage remained on the higher side.   

The growing outdoor shed market – the statistics

The outdoor shed market in North America is segmented into metal sheds, wood sheds and plastic sheds. In 2020, metal sheds gained the largest share due to higher commercial demand. But from 2021 to 2028, it has been estimated that plastic sheds will experience massive growth. The leading companies in the North American outdoor shed market have been focused on espousing organic growth plans like innovative product launches and extensions to maintain their position in the dynamic market. As a result, the outdoor shed market in North America was estimated to be $783.37 million in 2021 which is expected to rise to $2511.03 million by 2028. 

Earn extra commissions – Be your own boss

The shed business is booming in the USA. You can make your own schedule or work from home and make an amazing income. 

Becoming a shed dealer is your chance to be your own boss. If all these things sound intriguing, having your own shed business might interest you. SturdiShed brings you a lucrative offer of becoming our shed dealer. Make profitable commissions by becoming a portable shed dealer in Texas. Being associated with SturdiShed, you can expect to earn $10 – $30 per month. Many people have already partnered with us and are enjoying higher sales. Since we are a reputed company, they find it easy to find many customers. This way, they easily meet their monthly sales target.  

Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty

SturdiShed sheds and backyard structures for more than a century. We design modern storage sheds, barns, cabins, loft cabins and garages. All the backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. Our sheds are durable and made from superior-quality materials. You can choose from various design and size options. We manufacture sheds built on solid wooden foundations and portable ones. A lot of people invest in portable sheds due to their convenience. 

Earn monthly bonuses

Become a SturdiShed dealer, and work with dedication and focus. Earn monthly or quarterly bonuses. High performers are entitled to yearly achievement-level bonuses. We sharpen your skills by hosting dealer meetings, training, and regular visits. We welcome you to be a part of this enthusiastic team.

Final words

Earn a handsome income by becoming a portable shed dealer. You can visit our website to learn about the dealership program in detail. Book a consultation for discussions and ideas. Reach our team for queries and quotes. Partner with us today.

People are more interested in portable sheds because they can carry them from one location to another. During the summers, homeowners can place the shed next to the water body so that a cool breeze blows. During the winter, they can place the backyard structure off the cool breeze. A lot of property owners around the world use portable sheds. The popularity of the portable shed business is rising and there will be more growth in the future.

Are you thinking of a new business plan where you can earn good profits?

Why not become a portable building dealer in Texas?  If doubt persists, you can drive down the highway, mainly in the rural areas and you can see plenty of portable buildings for rent or sale. Selling movable sheds, offices, garages, or small homes is a growing and lucrative business. Once a shed is rented or sold, it goes to its destination on flatbed trucks. Independent shed dealers make a lot of money for every shed transportation.

Earn good commissions

You can become a portable shed dealer and make good commissions. It is a great scope if you have a target of earning $10 to $30 monthly. Partner with SturdiShed and start making money. Many people are already working as sales partners and are satisfied with the higher number of sales. SturdiShed products have an escalating demand in the market. We have been manufacturing sheds and backyard structures for more than 100 years. We design premium-quality storage sheds, barns, lofts, cabins and garages. Our products have great market demand and we have expansion plans. Our backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Are you looking for a reason to partner with SturdiShed?

We are a very renowned shed manufacturer in Texas. It is always an advantage if you are associated with a renowned company. You need not convince buyers much or invest in your product. Many people already trust SturdiShed products so we have a good reputation which will boost sales. Our sheds are durable and made from high-quality materials. Customers can choose from different designs and size options.

Become a SturdiShed dealer today

Earn good commissions by becoming a shed dealer. Work with the team with focus and dedication. We give out monthly payments, you can earn quarterly bonuses or we have yearly achievement-level bonuses for the high performers. We have in-person dealer meetings, value-added training and routine visits. SturdiShed is loyal to the dealers associated with us because you are all part of our family. We know you all work tirelessly to help us grow and make a good income. Be a part of this winning team.

Final words

Please visit our website to learn more about our dealership program. Book a consultation for a discussion before you join our team. Feel free to make queries and we have a team to respond. Become a portable building dealer and partner with us.

Backyard storage structures have an escalating demand in the market. With less spaces inside the house now, people are using their yard to erect storage structures for various purposes. Engaging in a business dealing with these structures is a good idea as it could offer a stable income. Get associated with a reputed company that manufactures storage structures. We are convincing you to become a portable building dealer in USA. We deal with lofts, sheds, barns, garages, cabins, shells and more. We prioritize customer satisfaction before anything else and this is why our sheds are preferred. We give equal importance to our dealers who are the driving force.

Are you planning to sell sheds, barns and cabins?

It is a lucrative business in the USA because the need for storage sheds is increasing every day. SturdiShed by Ulrich has been manufacturing backyard storage structures for more than 100 years. We design sheds, barns, garages, lofts and cabins in bulk. There are many dealers associated with us and they are making pretty good income per month. If you too have a target of earning about $10k to $30k every month, partner with us and we give you the chance to make money. Those who have already become our sales partner are extremely satisfied because they have decided to hit the iron when hot. Our products have huge demand in the market and we have ample plans for expansion.

Our dealership programs

Explore our program as we have brought about a transformation in our dealership program so that there is more success. SturdiShed has helped a number of families have the right kind of backyard structure along with different accessories. If you partner with SturdiShed, there are great chances of earning lucrative commissions. We help you to grow but we would expect that you follow our rule and work with discipline and focus. Our compensations are actually great where a dealer can enjoy monthly basis payment of per unit. This makes you content and you can focus on serving the customers. We offer a lucrative quarterly bonus so that your spirits are high and you are focused on your earning. If you try achieving more, we have the annual achievement level bonuses for you.

SturdiShed – we are reputed in Texas

We are already an established business so as a dealer you do not have to put unimaginable effort to boost the sales. A lot of people already know that our products are worth purchasing and the kind of service we offer. We customize sheds and try to meet the specific requirements of the customers. We create sturdy and durable sheds that have earned a good reputation in the market. We inspire customers with our finest designs and there are plenty of size options.

Final words

We are very loyal to our dealers because we consider you as a core part of our family. We are aware of the fact that how hard you are trying to help our business grow. Visit our website to get more information, read testimonials to know what others have to say about the SturdiShed dealership program. Please feel free to have a discussion with us. We are open to ideas and suggestions required to improve or enhance our business. Become a portable building dealer today.

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