Whether you are working for an NGO or not, you strive to contribute to the welfare and the betterment of society in the end. You foster a cohesive environment where you can make the world a better place to live in. Natural, climatic disasters often demand temporary shelters for those who have lost their homes. If you are thinking of innovative ways to shelter them in times of crisis, a modern-age cabin shell is all you need. Installing a cabin shell in a spacious backyard offers relief to people who are displaced from their homes and encountering challenging circumstances. 

SturdiShed’s Cabin Shell is Blended with Comfort and Amenities 

Cabin shells are much more convenient than the basic, worn-out tents. They have emerged as popular building structures based on ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and functionality. SturdiShed’s cabin shells have spacious interiors, making them a perfect choice for adding living space to your property. Besides, the ranch-style cabin shells have a lot of flexibility, making it a perfect option for finishing out. The loft in a cabin shell increases the spacing capability, which can be used for additional sleeping quarters, storing supplies, or accommodating ailing kids. 

SturdiShed’s Ventilated Cabin Shells are Crafted with the Finest Building Materials 

At SturdiShed, our cabin shells have a superior ventilation system that keeps the interiors cool by 20 degrees. This helps prevent condensation, mold, or fungal growth. Furthermore, they greatly help you with climate control costs. In addition, the cabin shells have vent screens that protect the cabin shell against bug intrusion. One of the main highlights of investing in SturdiShed’s lofted cabin shell is that it consists of hurricane ties on the roof and flooring. Because of this, they withstand harsh weather conditions and typically last longer than conventional tents or other temporary structures. They are also elevated from the ground, which helps with drainage issues. 

Delivery and Installation of a Cabin Shell 

SturdiShed has professional drivers who value honesty and punctuality. Our installers help you position the cabin shell with the utmost care and precision. If you cannot assemble the cabin shell due to the narrow passway, we send our credible builders to help you assemble the cabin shell for a minimal fee. We also recommend having a 2”-4” deep gravel leveled pad for cabin shell installation, which causes zero drainage issues. You may also consider placing a cabin shell on a concrete pad or using blocks for the elevation. 

Discover SturdiShed’s Friendly Rent-to-Own Program 

If the financial crunch is stopping you from owning a cabin shell, do not worry. SturdiShed has come up with a friendly rent-to-own program where you do not have to pay upfront. With no penalties and credit requirements, you can easily own a cabin shell with no long-term commitments. Make affordable payments for 36 to 60 months. 

Conclusion-Wrapping up 

Consider SturdiShed today and get your customized cabin shell online. Our friendly customer service is there to find solutions for your queries. Design your cabin shell with us by going through five proven design steps. Call 817-646-9376 for more information.

If you are a true yoga enthusiast, you are well aware that a peaceful environment is of great significance in Yoga. While heading to a local yoga studio is a great way to stay motivated and positive, it may lead to an exhausting and long commute time. Keeping a healthy mind and body with a work-life balance has become a challenge. If you have a spacious backyard, utilizing the cabin shell as a backyard yoga studio is a practical solution. It offers you the convenience of practicing Yoga at your own pace without leaving your home. Besides, this is especially useful for individuals with busy schedules and certain temperature preferences. You can create a place reflecting your taste and style. 

Building Your Dream Yoga Studio with a Cabin Shell 

A cabin shell differs from the standard building structure. The pre-built structures come in various shapes, sizes, and layouts. A cabin shell has a finished exterior with a roof, walls, windows, and doors. However, you have the freedom to design the interiors from many customization options. A cabin shell comes in two types: gable and lofted cabin shell. 

A cabin shell with a gable roof signifies a roof design with two pitched sides meeting in the middle of the structure and forming a triangle. On the other hand, a loft in a cabin shell denotes an additional space for storage, recreation, or any other means. It is a structure’s elevated area that is easily accessed by a staircase or a ladder. Besides, a lofted cabin shell exudes a ranch-style appearance and accentuates extra-tall walls. 

Tips to Turn a Cabin Shell into a Backyard Yoga Studio 

Determining the shape and size of a cabin shell is important for designing a backyard yoga studio. Think of ventilation, lighting, and additional storage essentials. Add hooks, shelves, and cabinets to keep everything accessible and organized. A clutter-free backyard yoga studio painted with soft greens, blues, or pastels adds warmth and texture to your space. Furthermore, furnish the cabin shell with light fixtures, yoga-inspired tapestries, or artworks. Think of adding flooring insulation for an energy-efficient space. A durable flooring should be easy to clean and offer ease to your yoga practice. 

SturdiShed- Get a Quality-Assured Cabin Shell for Your Yoga Studio 

SturdiShed delivers good quality and multipurpose cabin shells, having a 15-year manufacturer warranty. SturdiShed’s cabin shell has hurricane ties on the floor that withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the roof can be built with metal or shingle roof standards for enhanced safety. All our cabin shells have exceeded the International Building Codes, and obtaining permits is easy. 

Hassle-Free Installation 

At SturdiShed, our professional drivers value quality services. They get your cabin shell positioned with utmost care and precision. However, we recommend pouring gravel pad as it is economical and does not cause drainage problems. Minimal site preparation takes place, saving you time and effort. We charge a small delivery fee for delivering the cabin shell beyond 50 miles. 

Wrapping Up 

Visit SturdiShed today and get your personalized cabin shell in two to four weeks. Our professionals assist you with project site requirements, on-site installation, post-production support, and more. Request a free sample today.

For every hunting enthusiast, owning a tranquil sanctuary in the wilderness is blissful, offering an endless adventure opportunity. While the idea of setting up a hunting cabin is a significant investment, it pays off in the long run. Owning a hunting cabin is a perfect blend of convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is a much more economical solution compared to renting lodges for hunting. 

Converting a Cabin Shell into a Hunting Cabin-Opportunities for Passive Income 

Building a hunting cabin does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. Converting an existing cabin shell into a hunting cabin is a smart and sustainable solution. During the off-season or when you do not feel like using the cabin shell, consider renting it out to outdoor enthusiasts, fellow hunters, and vacationers seeking a retreat. The additional income that you are earning allows you to turn a hunting cabin into a lucrative investment and cover maintenance costs effectively. 

Choosing the Perfect Location for the Hunting Cabin 

There are several things associated with creating a hunting cabin. The first and foremost thing is the location. Imagine waking up in the early morning hours, stepping outside your cabin, and you are just a few minutes away from your favorite hunting spots—no more traveling far-flung distances or going on a long car drive to reach the base camp. Your cabin shell becomes a secluded yet rustic structure in the lap of nature. 

Hunting cabins should be situated near the prime hunting grounds, offering hunters quick accessibility and convenience. The place you pick for setting up a hunting cabin should be on flat land. Otherwise, you need to do a leveling before installing a cabin. Furthermore, the hunting cabin’s proximity to power lines matters if you plan to equip electricity to your cabin. 

Another important part of planning your cabin shell is knowing the local regulations and laws. You need to study the zoning of the land to know where you are allowed to install the cabin shell. 

Designing a Hunting Cabin Plays a Crucial Role 

Now you have chosen a location and researched the zoning laws. It is time to design the cabin shell for sale. Various customizable cabin shells that fit your needs and aesthetics are available. Firstly, you need to determine the size depending on how many people you are accommodating and what type of furniture you should include. You can also decide whether you need a porch for your cabin shell or not. Adding a porch in a cabin is a nice way to enjoy the scenic beauty or relax on a rocking chair. Furthermore, adding a loft in a cabin is a great addition to having an extra storage space for recreation or sleeping. 

Furnishing a Hunting Cabin 

To furnish the cabin, you need a spacious space to accommodate tables for dining and enough beds to sleep. For downsizing, adding lounge chairs or a few couches works fine. If you have trophies, you can hang them on the walls, adding character and aesthetics to the cabin. You can think of painting the siding and trim in earth tones for a visually appealing structure. 

SturdiShed- Get Premium Quality Cabin Shell for Ideal Hunting Cabin 

SturdiShed has over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry. Our cabin shells are the perfect blend of timeless craftsmanship and functionality. Furthermore, SturdiShed’s cabin shells are easy to accessorize with insulated glass, lofts, porches, and dormers, which make your cabin shell truly unique. All our cabin shells have a 15-year limited warranty and exceed the International building codes. 

Delivery and Set Up 

We provide professional drivers to deliver and install the cabin shell with care and attention. Besides, onsite buildings are also available for a small fee. It takes two to four weeks to deliver the cabin shell, depending on the scope of work, material availability, and production schedule. 

Final Thoughts 

Visit SturdiShed today and place your custom-made cabin shell for sale online today. Book your free consultation today to find out more about us.

A cabin is slightly different from a traditional house in terms of size, location, materials, construction, and purpose. A usual house is a building in the neighborhood that is family-occupied. A cabin is a tiny space that is a simple wooden or metal structure in a remote area that is more of a gateway accommodation. Cabin shells are a fine addition to your property if you have one in the backyard.

Portable or cabins on foundation

A shed can be portable and fixed as well. Cabins come in different designs, styles, and appearances. Cabins are small spaces that can give you a lot of peace and freedom from paying higher rents. A cabin can be your living space, working corner or vacation haven. SturdiShed manufactures the two popular prefabricated cabin shells for sale, namely the lofted cabin shell and the gable cabin shell. You can choose any based on your requirements. The gable cabin is suitable for those looking for a cabin space for the guests. Both the structures are equipped with framing and cladding.

Cabins customized for any purpose

We build sheds for you and your family when you are looking for extra storage, space for working from home, pursuing hobbies, etc. We are here to offer ample customization options. Prefab cabin shells for sale are great as they make your work easier. The structure is manufactured inside the factory and handed over to you. There is no hassle about assembling a cabin from scratch or you do not have to spend more on a complete cabin.

Free delivery within 50 miles or pay a little more

All our sheds, cabins and backyard structures come with a 15-year lifetime warranty. We offer free and hassle-free delivery if you are located within 50 miles. If the location is beyond, we charge a little extra. Our cabin shells on foundation can be installed without much site preparation. The foundation is made of strong wood which is raised from the ground to facilitate proper drainage.

Why choose metal sheds and cabins?


The choice of material plays a vital role as people are investing in metal structures instead of the popular wood.  Metal is more durable than wood, is fire-resistant, reasonably priced and insulated. Metal cabin shells are suitable for those areas with turbulent weather conditions. You also do not have to worry about rodent and insect infestation. In all, you can save money by investing in metal cabins as they would not require frequent repairs. A lofted cabin is a preferred holiday space for people who intend to spend their vacation with solace. Lofted cabins represent grace and class for their aesthetically pleasing structure.

Why think of a budget when you have SturdiShed?

You might not make upfront payments, yet feel the necessity of owning a cabin space. We have a flexible rent-to-own program for you where you have access to ownership without any long-term financial target. You do not need any credit and can make repayments before time and earn lucrative discounts. Make repayments within 36 to 60 months.

Wrapping up – request a quote

SturdiShed offers backyard structures experienced for over 100 years. Please get in touch with us about your needs, discuss your plans and the budget. We bring to you customized backyard solutions crafted with excellence. Design your own cabin and request a quote.

Today, the hospitality industries have been showing trajectory growth as more tourists find joy in vacations for fun, mindfulness, or just to find the meaning of life. Various online marketplaces offer short- and long-term homestays designed to give guests a homely yet unique holiday experience. If you love hosting people and are keen to give them a memorable staycation, having a holiday home for rent works best for you. Setting up a holiday home from scratch is tough as it demands huge funding, resources, and time to get it started. The prevalence of a cabin shell has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs set up their holiday homes and put in online marketplaces with eye-popping discounts. A cabin shell would always be of great help when setting up a holiday home in your desired place, be it near the snow-capped hilltop, gushing river, or in your spacious backyard! This blog highlights key ideas that help you design the perfect holiday home out of a cabin shell. 

  1. Emphasizing Indoor Aesthetics is a Must 

Your vacation home should exhibit a kind of feeling that helps visitors ease their stress and light up their mood the very moment they step inside the holiday home. You can try to incorporate a loft, porch, intricately carved furniture, fireplaces, and wood flooring that add an extra charm to your cabin shell. In addition, opt for paneled wardrobes and four-poster beds that make your cabin shell stand out in all aspects. 

  1. Want to Create an Attention-Grabbing Design?- Opt for Lighting 

You can always turn your cabin shell for sale into a luxury retreat through proper and attractive lighting. Choose lighting from a wide range of options, such as pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall-mounted lamps, etc.for attractive aesthetics. For creating relaxing corners, opt for softer or diffused lights. On the other hand, choose bright lights for active spaces. 

  1. Ventilation is Important 

A cabin shell without adequate ventilation is a big no. Lack of ventilation imposes serious health risks to the visitors staying inside the cabin shell. The soggy and damp interiors give the cabin shell interiors a bad impression. SturdiShed’s cabin shell has superior ventilation, keeping the interior 20 degrees cooler. As a result, you can greatly save on climate control costs. 

SturdiShed- Leading-Edge Manufacturer of Cabin Shells in Texas 

SturdiShed is one of the finest and most acclaimed manufacturers of cabin shells in Texas. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry and are known for manufacturing ventilated, robust, and eco-friendly cabin shells. All our cabin shells have exceeded the International Building Codes-they are easy to get permits or HOA approvals. Apart from the cabin shells, SturdiShed provides lofted barns, modern and gable cabin shells, modern cabins, etc, for additional space. 

Smooth and Hassle-Free Delivery of Storage Sheds 

SturdiShed has a professional team of in-house drivers who deliver and position the cabin shell with utmost care and concern. We assemble the cabin shell on-site for just a minimal fee. We deliver the storage shed to your location in two to four weeks and charge no fee within 50 miles. 


Contact SturdiShed today and get your custom-made cabin shell for sale online. Consult our design consultants today for further needs and specifications. Get a free quote today.

If you are a passionate writer, you know how dedicating space to your craft is of the utmost importance. You love imagining a space where you spill your thoughts with your ink and absorb lush green nature and fresh wind for a beautiful rejuvenation. There is no better way than to separate your writing life from a mundane world where you can minimize domestic disruptions and mute the daily hustles. A modern-style cabin shell in the backyard is just the perfect way to get your writing started. Today, it is regarded as an affordable alternative where you can easily convert it into a cozy writing studio with minimal resources. With a little DIY knowledge and understanding, you can make the most desirable writing studio out of a cabin shell. Read this blog and decode the tips and hacks for creating a writing cabin shell. 

  1. Comfort is Key for a Flawless Writing Space 

When you have got the perfect chair and writing desk, there is no looking back! The more comfort essentials you have, the more you expect to keep the creative juices flowing. Integrate an illuminating lamp shed to add extra beauty to the cabin shell. A lamp enhances the aesthetics and plays an imperative role in your writing journey. Lastly, always keep the ventilation in mind to prevent moisture infiltration. SturdiShed’s cabin shell has excellent ventilation, which helps in keeping the interior 20 degrees cooler. Besides, the structures have vent screens that prevent bug intrusion. 

  1. Functionality of a Writing Shed is Important 

It is very important to get a cabin shell’s functionalities sorted. You can opt for various practical considerations, such as integrating shelves and drawers inside the cabin shell. This will help reduce clutters, keep your books in order, and maximize space effectively. Personalizing your writing space helps you feel inspired, comfortable, and creative whenever you walk inside the cabin shell. 

  1. Make Your Cabin Shell Weather-Resistant 

When creating a writing studio out of a cabin shell, it is important to have a weatherproof structure. SturdiShed’s cabin shells have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring that can bear harsh weather conditions while writing in a backyard. The structures should be coated with good-quality paint that gives a better appearance and lifetime protection against fungal decay and termite damage. 

SturdiShed-Crafting Timeless Cabin Shells for 100 Years 

SturdiShed has over 100 years of rich experience in the backyard industry, which signifies its reliability and integrity. We work closely to ensure delivery of a top-of-the-line cabin shell for sale to our clients. Apart from a cabin shell, SturdiShed offers you lofted cabins, garages, gable cabin shells, lofted barns, utility sheds, and much more. We use green manufacturing practices and techniques for designing eco-friendly storage sheds. Besides, our storage sheds are based on superior manufacturing practices and quality control processes. 

Check Out Rent to Own Programs 

SturdiShed’s rent-to-own programs come in handy for those who are not ready to pay upfront. Our program features easy ownership and no long-term commitment. Make an affordable payment for up to 36 or 60 months, and you are entitled to get your storage shed permanently. 

Final Thoughts 

Visit the SturdiShed website and go through our five proven design steps to personalize your cabin shell for sale online. You can protect your investment with our Loss Damage Waiver. Request a free consultation for further queries.

Writing is an activity that needs a lot of focus and devotion. Every aspiring or established writer yearns for a calm atmosphere where they can dedicate all their valuable hours to writing. When writing a compelling story at home, you might drift away from the ideas that pop up in your head for a while. The uninviting noises, interruptive guests, and spooky neighbors make the writing process at home even more challenging. When considering a writing studio pad, you think about the additional expenditures required to extend the living space. However, the prevalence of a custom-made cabin shell has simplified things more than before. An aesthetically pleasing cabin shell is not just a great addition to your backyard but a way to build a creative writing studio effectively. 

You can escape from the monotonous routine of home and indulge in creativity by residing in your cabin shell. Nowadays, cabin shells come with unique layouts, colors, textures, and sizes you can choose from. This blog has covered some key considerations that let you design your dream writing studio. 

  1. Integrate Cabin Shells with Wide-Sized Windows 

A writing studio is incomplete without beautiful windows. Having a large or several small windows allows natural light to pass through the cabin shell. The more you equip the cabin shell with natural lights, the more energetic and positive you become to begin your writing. SturdiShed has come up with plentiful customization options through which you can choose the windows according to size and layout. You get plenty of natural light to write or read your creations. Moreover, you can add beautiful curtains and blind shades to make the interiors look beautiful. 

  1. Ventilation is a Must for Safe and Sound Writing Interiors 

A writing studio without ventilation is a big no. When you neglect the ventilation system, you are likely to experience uneasiness due to the excess humidity. We recommend having a cabin shell for sale with remarkable ventilation. Good-quality cabin shells have a good ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. 

  1. Pick the Cabin Shell with Weatherproof Property 

Before investing in a storage shed, ensure the structures should withstand volatile climatic conditions. Non-weatherproof structures impose serious risks on you and put all your investment in vain. SturdiShed’s cabin shells have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring that can bear harsh weather conditions. Besides, the structures are slightly elevated from the ground, which can fix the drainage issues. 

SturdiShed- Leading Supplier of Cabin Shells for Over 100 years 

SturdiShed has garnered appreciation over the years with our fabulous range of storage sheds. Our storage sheds are ideal for those looking for vacation cottages, hobby studios, backyard offices, backyard guest rooms, and much more. Besides, our prefab sheds are widely acclaimed for easy customization and robustness. Apart from that, our portable sheds are the ideal pick for maximizing space in the backyard. All our storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. 

Attractive-Looking Sheds that Last for Years 

SturdiShed’s cabin shell is painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that offers enhanced strength and protection. The paints are formulated with Permalast Technology that gives a thicker coat to the structures. At SturdiShed, we provide a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skid, siding, and floor joists. 

Check Out our Friendly Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed takes great pride in eliminating the hassles of paying upfront with its flexible rent-to-own programs. Our programs feature no long-term commitment and easy ownership. Receive an early payoff discount with no prepay penalties. Make a low and affordable payment for up to 36 to 60 months. 

Fast and Hassle-Free Delivery 

SturdiShed leaves no stone unturned in providing you with seamless delivery of storage sheds. Our professionals have years of expertise in positioning the shed with care and precision. We also assemble the storage shed for just a minimal fee. We deliver storage sheds free for up to 50 miles. 

Wrapping Up 

Rely on SturdiShed today and get your custom-made cabin shell for sale online. Please check out our five proven design steps and get your personalized cabin shell from the comfort of your home. Get a free sample.

Cabins are a great idea as they can enhance your lifestyle. They can help you earn extra income through rental, or it could be your comfortable space for getaways and vacations. If you add a cozy cabin to your backyard, your property could be invested. A lovely cabin has a rustic appearance. These structures are available in different styles and are accessible in various plans and designs. 

Cabins are cottages and look like small homes. There are two types of cabin buyers, one who uses them as primary residences and the other who wants a cabin for weekends or vacations. Invest in a cabin shell and customize it to your liking.

The loft and gable cabin shell from SturdiShed

SturdiShed designs two types of cabin shells: The Loft Cabin Shell and the Gable Shell. The former has an open inside and clean lines with an exemplary touch. If you want to increase the living space in your cabin, you can go with the gable cabin shell. The Gable cabin shell can serve as a guest room or a getaway area. You can install a lofted cabin shell, which gives the appearance of a ranch and offers a lot of flexibility. They have tall walls that can transform the structure into an environment-controlled space. You can personalize your experience by adding different accessories. There are hurricane ties on the floor, walls, and ceiling, heavy-duty hinges, a continuous eave vent, wall studs in the middle, and other features included in our cabin shells.

Explore our rent-to-own programs

There is no need to pay upfront as we bring you our rent-to-own programs. Easy ownership, no need for credit, and no long-term commitment are all included. You can access your account online anytime, get options for early payment, and get discounts. For affordable payments, you can choose between 36 and 60 months. During the business day, you can call live support.


A few requirements to consider

Sturdished offers affordable cabin shells for sale, but here are a few things you need to decide on first:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Define your goals
  • Consider the budget. 
  • Knowing the different customization options
  • Connecting with manufacturers

Free delivery within 50 miles

Get a 15-year limited lifetime warranty on all SturdiShed structures. SturdiShed offers industry-leading craftsmanship. Your cabin shell will arrive quickly, and we will deliver it for free if the distance is within 50 miles. The cabins are built on a solid foundation, and no site preparation is required. The foundation is made of the finest materials; it protects against termite damage and fungal decay. The structures are raised from the ground to ensure proper drainage. The foundation is protected against fungal and termite infestations. 

Final words

Are you looking for a cabin shell that is both affordable and useful? Get backyard solutions that are made just for you and your budget. SturdiShed offers support after you invest in a backyard structure from the store. Please talk to us about your wants and needs. Build your own cabin or any other structure for your backyard. Please feel free to get in touch with SturdiShed for a consultation. Wait no more. Order a cabin shell for sale in Texas.

A cabin shell was solely designed for children’s playhouses centuries ago. With the evolution of time, a cabin shell has become a preferred choice among homeowners, both as primary residences and vacation homes. Spending time in a cabin shell lets you rejoice in peaceful mornings, quaint nights during campfires, and nostalgic afternoon summers on the lake. A cabin shell usually ranges from simplistic to complex designs. These beautiful structures are further upgraded, featuring nature-inspired trim work, balconies, and large-framed windows. Cabin shell architecture includes an array of attractive elements that evoke the untouched essence of nature, a sense of warmth, and composure. 

Exterior Elements of Cabin Shells


  • Front Porches 

The cabin shell centers around extended roof lines, creating a front porch for a picturesque landscape view. A front porch of a cabin shell offers an inviting and welcoming feel you would certainly feel at its best. 

  • Environmentally Friendly  

Several cabin shells are there that celebrate nature in their construction and architecture. A cabin shell for sale is integrated with the continuous eave vent for enhanced robustness and appeal of the structure. The eaves usually form an overhang structure to keep the rainwater off the walls and prevent water accumulation at the junction where the walls meet the roof.

  • Heavy Duty Hinges and Locking Barrel Bolts 

Heavy-duty hinges keep the structure of the cabin shell strong and intact. The hinges are designed to append two heavy objects and control their rotation. Furthermore, they help balance the weight of heavy swinging structures such as gates and cabinets. 

A cabin shell consists of locking barrel bolts designed to offer security to the windows and doors. It is more secure and convenient than the padlock and has designs with exposed shackles.

  • Gable and Lofted Cabin Shells  

Many cabin shells usually have metal or shingle roofs for low-duty maintenance. A Cabin shell is also categorized into two types of structures: gable and lofted cabin shells. Gable cabin shells have spacious interiors and classic clean lines. Such structures add ample space to the living property, making them one of a kind. Whether you want to set up a getaway cabin or backyard guest room on your property, investing in a gable cabin shell is the right decision. 

On the other hand, a lofted cabin shell has a Ranch-style appearance with extra tall walls. It is ideal for finishing out and a good choice for creating a climate-controlled space. 

Interior of Cabin Shells


  • Wooden Flooring 

A cabin shell with an excellent wooden foundation offers a lifelong striking appearance and protection. SturdiShed’s cabin shells have a permanent wood foundation that prevents termite damage and fungal decay. 

  • Loft Spaces 

A cabin shell having a loft offers additional storage space. Casual lofts are the ideal choice for hangout or sleeping spaces. If you are pursuing a hobby, you can use it as a creative space to sit back, think, and splash creative energy. 

Visit SturdiShed and Install High-Quality Cabin Shell for Your Backyard


SturdiShed is one of the trusted suppliers of cabin shells for sale. Our cabin shells are painted with Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Painting for thicker coating and durability. Besides, we provide a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding, and floor joists. Our proven designing process includes collaboration, design consultation, installation, and post-production support. Please call 817-646-9376.

Are you searching the market for cabin shells? We will help you to select the right one for your requirements. There are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. A cabin can be of any size, small, medium, or large. Get the best value for money by investing in modern sheds and cabins. You can also have a nice porch with windows and a spacious interior. The porch might not be large enough for relaxation, but the entrance is always spacious and protected from all weather conditions. You can install a customized cabin in the backyard. Cabins are available as prefab complete structures; you can have kits or shell kits. 

Cabins that meet the International Codes

Our sheds are built sturdily on a foundation, but we also manufacture portable sheds. The foundation is strong and protected against fungal decay and termite damage. Slight site preparation is needed, which will save you money and time. The foundation is lifted from the ground, which allows proper drainage. SturdiShed’s cabins have proper ventilation and are insulated to ensure the interior is 20 degrees cooler. This will help you to keep your energy bills low and under control. SturdiShed’s structures exceed International Building Codes, you also get HOA approval easily. 

Flexible rent-to-own option

You can own a cabin shell without paying any upfront fees. SturdiShed offers lucrative and flexible rent-to-own options. There is no credit needed, hassle-free ownership, and no long-term commitments. We give you early pay-off opportunities and good discounts. You can access your account online all the time, 24/7. You can make affordable payments within 36 or 60 months. Get live telephonic support for all your queries during business hours. 

15-year warranty on our structures

SturdiShed has manufactured backyard structures for more than 100 years. Our sheds and cabins are not simply four walls and ceilings. SurdiShed’s cabin shell for sale has a spacious interior with a contemporary touch. Our cabins have tall walls, keeping the interior climate-controlled. You can add different accessories that will make your cabin stand out. SturdiShed is the solution for those looking for additional space. We manufacture studios, cottages, cabins, garages, and backyard offices. We present you with a lot of customization options. Our structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Free delivery within 50 miles

Get your cabin shell delivered faster and for free if you stay within 50 miles. Our team of trained in-house drivers transport the backyard structures to the site. Our professionals complete the installation process on time. Stay calm if the passway is narrow because we will fit in flawlessly. 

Final words

Spend your weekend inside a cozy cabin or have a workstation there for daily work. Our tiny cabins are ideal for those who want to downsize. We offer a scope of more sustainable living. Our homes are manufactured with premium-quality materials and building methods that will last many years. We specialize in manufacturing custom-built homes that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Now, you can even design your shed or cabin shell for sale.

Is your backyard lying all empty? How about having a customized cabin that could be your own secluded space away from the homely chaos? You can carry your portable cabin to any place and experience living there. Investing in a cabin shell is worth it. It is affordable, and you can customize the interior to any level and style. Cabins have different styles and layouts, varied designs, and configurations. Choose a cabin shell for sale instead of a prefabricated cabin structure if you have a specific budget. This is ideal for those who wish to maximize their space. 

SturdiShed excels in manufacturing backyard structures

An ideal shed or cabin for your backyard has more than four walls. We have gathered expertise in shed building for more than 100 years. SurdiShed’s cabin shell for sale boasts spacious interior and classic touch. Our cabin space can be your relaxation zone, guest room, studio, or home office. Our cabins have tall walls keeping the interior climate-controlled. You can add different accessories that will make your cabin stand out. 

Our sheds are built on a foundation, but we manufacture portable ones. SturdiShed structures are made using the finest materials. They are protected against termite damage and fungal decay. Very little site preparation is needed, which saves time and money. The foundation is raised from the ground, which helps in drainage. Our cabins have an adequate ventilation system. This keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler, and you can save your climate control bills. Our buildings exceed the International Building Code; you get the permit or HOA approval easily. 

Our flexible rent-to-own option

SturdiShed offers flexible and lucrative rent-to-own facilities in Texas. You do not require any credit, enjoy easy ownership, and forget about long-term commitments. Access your account online 24/7, and get early payoff options and discounts. Get 36 months or 60 months for affordable payments. Live telephone support is available during business hours. Our team ensures fast and free delivery of your cabin shell. We have a team of in-house professional drivers who deliver and install your new shed with care. There is no need to worry if there is a narrow passway. Our builders can assemble the new structure perfectly. Get free delivery within 50 miles. 

Cabin shell with customization options

 Are you looking for an affordable cabin shell for sale? We design customized backyard solutions according to your budget and needs. Order a backyard cabin from the store, and we will offer unparalleled after-sales support. Please discuss your requirements with us, and we shall customize it for you. You can also design your own cabin or any other backyard solution. SturdiShed is the perfect solution for those looking for extra space. We manufacture class-apart studios, cabins, garages, cottages, and backyard offices. We present you with plenty of customization options. Now it is possible to design your own backyard shed or cabin. The panels come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Final words

A cabin can be a spectacular abode for all time or on the weekends. Design your shed and request a quote. Stop waiting any longer for your needs.

Max is working in a restaurant and she is tired of her shifts. She used to come back home on weekends and would have no space to relax and rejuvenate. She lives in a small house with her parents, brothers, and sisters. She had saved some money, so Max was planning to have a mid-sized cabin in the yard. She needed more funds to rent a bigger home, and she also wanted the retreat to be outside her main house. After browsing different companies in Texas, Max contacted SturdiShed and we finally helped her make a dream come true. Now, she owns a beautiful cabin, her weekend home. 

Customized cabin shells

If heavy customization is on your mind, we suggest investing in a cabin shell. Max wanted a budget solution and complete cabins were more expensive. It is always a hectic task to build a cabin from scratch. Shells are better because they have basic amenities: walls, ceilings, doors and windows. We had two options, the Lofted cabin shell and the Gable shell. The lofted shell looks like a ranch and offers flexibility. The walls are very tall so that the space can be climate-controlled. You can accessorize it with a porch for a unique experience. 

Max’s Gable Cabin Shell

Max invested in the gable shell with spacious interiors and clean lines. This shell is suitable for a backyard retreat, guest room or getaway cabin. At first, she was still deciding which style to pick, but we have a team of experts who can give suggestions considering your purpose and budget. These are available in different size options, and customization is available. The Gable Cabin is the ideal choice to keep the total cost low. They have no provision for an overhead loft in the shed. These cabin shells have high ceilings and allow lots of light inside. The style is very attractive and the pricing is affordable. The interior is for you to finish according to your choice and style. Later, Max shared pictures and we were stunned to see the interior beautifully done.  

Features and advantages of our shells

We value our customers and build structures with integrity and workmanship using premium materials. Her shell is equipped with features like:

  • Hurricane ties on roof/walls      
  • Hurricane ties on the floor      
  • Continuous eave vent      
  • Double wall studs every 4 inches      
  • Metal door threshold      
  • 16-inch wall studs in the middle       
  • Heavy duty hinges       
  • 6-inch locking barrel bolts

They have adequate ventilation and a premium exterior paint finish. The strong framing makes the cabin last for many years. They are built on a permanent wood foundation that is elevated from the ground so that drainage is not hindered. 

Max is a part of the rent-to-own program

Max reached us for financing because she wanted to avoid paying upfront. She was assured of being a part of the rent-to-own program in Texas. There is no credit needed, long-term commitment and no penalty. Get easy ownership, early pay-off discount, 24/7 online access to your account, loss damage waiver and repayment within 36 or 60 months. 

The final handover

We explained to her the final project demo and handed over the keys. We offer post-project follow-up and support. Our backyard structures have a 15-year limited warranty. Max is happy with her cabin shell and having a good time inside her cabin. 


Do you want a spectacular prefab shell? Please get in touch with the team for a consultation if you are interested in a cabin shell for sale in Texas. We promise you happiness by delivering it for free within 50 miles and charging a small amount for the onsite building. Please find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you in the market for a cabin shell? You might be wondering how to select one for your needs. A cabin shell allows you to customize the cabin interior the way you want. Building a cabin can be hectic if you do not have any prior experience. It is better if you invest in a prefab cabin shell and do the rest of it your way. Cabin shells are a way to add extra space to your property without bearing the inconveniences and expenses of a traditional building. 

Cabin shells for sale are made from different materials like wood, metal, and vinyl. They also come in different sizes. There are so many options available on the market, so you must be careful when choosing a company or a dealer. Texas is home to many reputed companies that manufacture backyard solutions. SturdiShed in Texas has been manufacturing backyard sheds and cabins for over 100 years. We design structures and interact with customers with different requirements and offer a cabin shell within the budget and customized according to your requirements. We have a proven track record of offering premium quality and modern cabins. 

Features of SturdiShed’s cabin shells

SturdiShed’s lofted cabin shells for sale offer a ranch-style look and ample flexibility. Our cabins with lofts have tall walls and are climate-controlled spaces with adequate insulation. You can add different types of accessories to have a better experience. We bring to you the Gable cabin shell with a classic and spacious interior. Invest in this cabin to add additional living space to your existing property. This type is for those who need a getaway cabin or a guest room. Some of the standard features of our shells are:

  • Hurricane ties on roof/walls
  • Continuous eave vent
  • Hurricane ties on the floor
  • 16-inch wall studs in the middle
  • Double wall studs every 4 inches
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Metal door threshold
  • 6-inch locking barrel bolts

Cabin shell on a dairy farm in Texas 

The couple, Philip and Jeana, owned a moderately-sized dairy farm in Texas and were looking for an additional space to store and sell the dairy products. We offered them a cabin shell built on a solid wooden foundation, elevated from the ground and with the proper drainage system. It was installed on a spacious dairy farm in Paradise, Texas. We built it according to their specifications with insulated walls and floors. We got the structure delivered by professionals and positioned by expert installers. It is a country-style cabin with customized doors and windows, a space for a dairy store, and a small kitchen. It is a clean and hygienic space to store milk and eggs.   

 Our cabin shells exceed International Building Codes

The cabin shell for sale is well-ventilated and prevents condensation, so you do not have to worry about mold and mildew. Therefore, the couple uses the space to store dairy items inside big-sized refrigerators. There are vent screens that safeguard against bugs and other insects. Our cabin shells have superior framing and are built to last for many generations. The exterior and interior are painted using the finest emulsion, and you can choose from several colors and get a lifetime warranty. All our backyard structures exceed International Building Codes and are hassle-free to get HOA approval or permits. They come with a 15-year limited warranty. 

Final words 

We offered Philip and Jeana the flexible rent-to-own option and they honestly thanked us. Similarly, do you need a cabin shell to grow your business? You can design your own shell and have our aid in the interior customization process. Explore the website for the Black Friday sale. Get in touch with us.

Building a cabin from scratch requires prior experience and involves hard work. However, investing in a cabin shell might interest you if you want to make the most of the space. Having a beautiful and functional cabin in the yard can be extremely satisfying. In the cabin shell the exterior is already finished, and you can complete the interior to any style and level you desire. This can be a perfect weekend home or working space with the appropriate finishes. Cabin shells are customizable and configured to accommodate any storage requirement. A cabin is a worthy addition to your property. 

Streamlined building process

Purchasing a cabin shell saves money and gives freedom to the customers to implement unique ideas. The shells or complete cabins are manufactured inside a climate-controlled environment. This safeguards the material and the workers from weather conditions throughout the year. The building procedure is completely streamlined. This reduces the formation of waste material and saves time. Prefab cabins are built differently, have resistivity and are stronger than traditional homes because the former is shipped to the location. You can choose a design and get it customized. It can be any style, from modern and sleek to rustic. 

Every builder has its own specific styles with different prices to match the variation. Choose a cabin shell based on your requirements. They come with or without lofts and porches. You get A-frame cabins, one-room cabins, portable cabins and more. All our models have options for interior finish and customization. Our prefab cabin shell is built according to Texas’s local construction standards. 

SturdiShed designs cabins on foundations and portable buildings. Our prefab structures are built on solid wooden foundations and very little groundwork is needed. Are you considering a portable cabin? It helps to expand the living space without involving exorbitant expenses. These can be transported to a new location if needed. Portable cabins are ideally used in camping, hunting, working from a different location, vacation homes, rentals and more. We suggest placing the cabin close to breathtaking views and having access to the local area and all key amenities. 

‘Design Yours’ solution 

Design your own cabin shell in five simple steps. We help with adding extra features and customizing it. Our experts take the time to listen to your requirements before implementing them. We have everything from a basic cabin shell to a modern turnkey cabin. 

Imagine having customized ready cabins with finished exterior and interior! They are an excellent time-saver and an inexpensive alternative to traditional homes. The companies offer different degrees of finish for the interior. 

The Gable and Lofted – Our cabin shells

SturdiShed is a 100-year-old manufacturer of prefab homes in Texas. We present two cabin shells – The Gable and Lofted. Both are available in various size options. The Gable Cabin Shell is a classic one with a spacious interior. The Lofted Shell offers flexibility and has a ranch-like appearance. The structures have tall walls, so they are ideal for those looking for climate-controlled interiors. All our structures have a secure locking system for security. In addition, they have insulated walls and floors, plumbing and electrical fittings. 

How to invest in the cabin of your choice? 

SturdiShed brings you affordable cabins for sale. Our team helps you to invest in an ideal cabin shell for sale after considering your unique requirements. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Define your financial and personal goals
  • Understand your requirements 
  • Connect with local dealers or direct manufacturers
  • Know the flexibility and customization options. 

Please feel free to get in touch for a consultation. Wait no more, order a cabin shell for sale in Texas.

A cabin shell is an excellent addition to your property. They can be used for various purposes. An outdoor cabin is an ideal space for recreation. It offers plenty of advantages for those who enjoy the outdoors. 

Many people love to have outdoor retreats as a part of home improvement. Building a cabin is a tedious process so it is good to buy a cabin shell or a prefab ready cabin. Cabin shells are incredible, they increase the value of your property and most companies offer excellent financing. The interest rates are low and there are no commissions, so they easily get approved for a home loan. 

Insulated and climate-controlled cabins 

SturdiShed cabin shells are durable and can be a lifetime companion. They are built using materials that can endure harsh climatic conditions, the strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other extremities. An average backyard cabin can last 50 years if you need little maintenance. SturdiShed cabins are manufactured using premium materials so it is worth investing. 

Energy efficiency is another important factor because your energy bills matter greatly. Most cabins have good insulation between the walls, a strong wall, ceiling and floor system. On average, you can save almost 30% on your energy bills because of good insulation. 

The process of owning a cabin space

The process we follow from the beginning is very systematic:

  • We discuss the project ideas with you and consider the requirements.
  • We recommend the design, make certain changes, and discuss other features. By this time, you can place the final order. Once the order is confirmed, we give a completion and installation date.
  • The cabin shell is ready.

We do post-project follow-up and get a lifetime limited warranty on the structures. 

Installation and cleanup

Installing a cabin is easy because our expert drivers transport the cabin to your site. We have installers who complete the process for you. We also take care of the cleanup process which is a part of our task. After we have displayed the final demo, we will hand over the keys. SturdiShed offers post-production support to all clients. 

Add accessories to your cabin

SturdiShed’s cabin shell offers flexibility and it looks akin to a ranch. You can add accessories like lofts, dormers, porch, etc. You can choose from various sizes. Cabins are an affordable addition to your backyard. The cost of maintaining a cabin can be a little high but those with windows and siding do not need the same amount of maintenance. They are worth it if you love a peaceful and quiet space in the backyard. 

Are you worried about financing? 

StrudiShed offers flexible rent-to-own options where no credit and financing are needed. Enjoy easy ownership with 24/7 customer service. Make early payoffs and get discounts. You can make affordable payments within 36 months or 60 months. 

SturdiShed – live your dreams with us

StrudiShed has been offering cabin shell for sale for the last 100 years in Texas. We have many satisfied clients and we prioritize every new customer. Give a tough old reality to your cabin dream with SturdiShed’s cabin shell. Add décor of your choice and accessories the way you like. Use the cabin as a studio, man cave, she shed, home office, etc. 

We are ready to serve you and we promise you a perfect backyard structure. Put your yard to good use with SturdiShed.

A cabin shell offers extra living space in the yard so it is always a good option for renting a new home. Using the backyard is an affordable option so more and more homeowners are taking interest. Winter, summer or any other season can be a good time to invest in a cabin.

SturdiShed’s proven process – We try offering unique experience

SturdiShed’s loft cabin shell offers ample flexibility and an appearance that is similar to a ranch. There are tall walls and you can turn the building into weather-controlled space. You can add accessories like porch, lofts, insulated lofts and dormers. All of these can make your loft cabin unique and you can choose from various sizes. We follow a proven process that include the following steps:

  • Design consultation – The design consultation phase includes steps where we discuss our process, your project ideas and goals. We talk to you about the project site and requirements.
  • Collaboration – Our experts recommend design; we consult with you and we keep on doing the changes until you are satisfied. You can choose the colors, features and various other options. Once satisfied, place the final order.
  • Build – Once you confirm the order, we set a date for installation and complete the production on time.
  • Install – Our expert engineers offer onsite installation and we tidy the space once done. Get the final project demo and the keys of your cabin.
  • Final product – Your cabin is ready and it looks beautiful. Our experts offer post project follow-up and lifetime limited warranty. Our customers get post production support.

SturdiShed – having a century of rich experience

SturdiShed in Texas has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. These are ideal for people who require extra storage space for storing tools or turning it into a backyard office, hoppy space or studio. We offer customized structures that are perfectly suitable for your requirements. Having extra space in your yard is very important. A perfect shed is not simply a roof and four walls but it is a space to enjoy new experiences. Our experts have industry knowledge and expertise to manufacture these structures. We respond to all your queries while designing a perfect shed. Experience our in-house lease to purchase a plan that is simple and affordable.

The various SturdiShed structures

SturdiShed structures are used for versatile applications. A SturdiShed cabin shell for sale in Texas has a perfect floor, wall and roof system. Other features of our system include: heavy duty hinges, double loft system, metal door threshold, 6 inches locking barrel bolts and metal strike plates. We showcase the finest craftsmanship in the market. We use green manufacturing materials, offer superior services and exceptional quality control processes. SturdiShed offers faster, free delivery and labor. There is no site preparation needed. Our sheds are built on permanent wood foundation and we also manufacture portable structures. Our structures include loft barns, utility sheds, garden sheds, loft cabins, cabin shells, modern sheds, modern cabins and garages.

Final words

Stop thinking further and use the yard space wisely. Have a comfortable cabin space in the backyard. Invest in a cabin shell for sale in Texas and prepare your retreat. Our team is ready to serve you. Feel free to discuss with us. We promise you happiness.

A comfortable cabin in the backyard can be an investment-worthy addition to your property. The rustic look and the woodsy feel make a cabin a lovely cabin. The simple porches facilitate easy living. The cabin styles are available in different designs and configurations. Invest in a cabin shell and get it ready the way you like.

Gable cabin and lofted cabin shell for sale

SturdiShed’s gable cabin shell has a spacious interior and clean lines with a classic touch. You can choose the gable cabin shell for adding sufficient living space to your interior. The Gable cabin shell can be a guest room or a space for getaway. You can choose to install a lofted cabin shell that gives a ranch-like appearance and ample flexibility. They have tall walls that can turn the building into a climate-controlled space. You can add different accessories that will make your experience unique. Our cabin shells have features like hurricane ties on floor, walls and ceiling, heavy duty hinges, continuous eave vent, wall studs in the middle, etc. 

Simple and fast onsite installation

SturdiShed has manufactured modern backyard structures for more than 100 years. We follow a proven process where we engage in design consultation where we discuss our ideas about the project and listen to your plans. We collaborate with you to update about design changes. You can select colors, features and other options. Once the order is confirmed, we build the structure and give you an installation date. There is a special team for the installation and cleanup. We give you a full demo and handover the keys. We help you in living your dream of having a cabin space. The SturdiShed team helps you to find the right solution. We have responsible in-house drivers who deliver your new shed and handle it with care. We take care of every detail and you do not have to worry even if the passway is narrow.

Get limited lifetime warranty

SturdiShed showcases unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry. We offer flawless manufacturing and our products are delivered after they have passed the quality control processes. Enjoy fast and free delivery of your cabin shell and no site preparation is needed. We follow green manufacturing technology. Now you can design your own backyard shed or cabin. The panels come with a 15-year limited warranty. Get limited lifetime warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. We also give a 10-year limited paint warranty on all metal roofs.

Our rent-to-own facility

We offer flexible rent-to-own facilities in Texas. There is no credit needed, easy ownership and there is no long-term commitment. You can access your account online 24/7, get early payoff options and enjoy discounts. You get 36-month or 60-month for affordable payments. Live telephone support is available during the business hours.

Final wordsAre you looking for an affordable yet functional cabin shell for sale? Get customized backyard solutions based on your needs and budget. You can order a backyard structure from the store and get after-sales support. Please discuss your needs and requirements with us. Design your own cabin or any other backyard structure.

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