Is your backyard small? The size of your backyard does not matter if you intend to utilize the space. You need to decide where to erect the shed and its size based on your requirements. Although having a big backyard is a huge advantage because you can easily extend your living space. Every square foot is valuable if you plan to have a space of your own in the backyard. You can have a cabin in the backyard. Add a loft so that storage is not an issue at any time. A lot of homeowners take an interest in having cabins with lofts. 

The importance of lofts

A loft is functional in offering additional space without disturbing the common area. Lofted cabins are the most sought-after because you can use the space for multiple uses. This space is separated from the cabin, so a loft even adds a lot of privacy. They are versatile and cost less compared to setting up a new room. A loft space upstairs is both useful and attractive. Families can use the loft area in various ways. A cabin with a loft can be an oasis a little away from home. A good loft can be an amazing feature and here are its few uses:

Space for workout 

Cabins with lofts are functional spaces. They are great spaces for working out. You can put in a treadmill and other equipment for working out, practicing yoga and meditation. It can be a space for relaxing, exercising and enjoying peace of mind. 

A loft can be great for kids

Do you have kids at home? A cabin with a loft could be a fantastic idea. The loft creates a play space when kids are young. You can keep all the toys there without cluttering the rooms. It can also be a space where your kids can engage in creative activities or look at the sun and stars. 

Do you have a teenager? A loft can also be a perfect space for them if you add a few games, a television, and a few couches. The space can give them a little privacy. 

Space to work

Are you working from home? A lofted cabin in the backyard can be a great space where you can work peacefully. You can work as well as keep an eye on your home. 

Here are a few factors to consider

Are you planning a lofted cabin? Here are a few questions you need to keep in mind before you meet the building expert. 

  • How do you plan to use the space?
  • How much room space do you require? 
  • How much natural light flows inside? 
  • Do you need privacy?
  • How much time do you wish to spend in the loft?

Adding value to your property

SturdiShed manufactures customized lofted cabins having a country-style touch and barn-style roofs. There is enough room for upgrading after we have delivered the structure. Do you know that homes with cabins in the yard hold more value? You can rent the cabin for additional income if you are not using it. 

Final words

Owning a backyard structure won’t feel like a burden because we have a flexible rent-to-own program in Texas. Our new catalog is launching soon. Stay connected.

Backyards have their importance, no matter the size. They offer physical distance between neighbors, so each family can enjoy their own outdoor space. Having a backyard means having the opportunity to extend the living space. 

People with big yards find themselves lucky because they have more space to build a backyard structure like a shed or cabin. A backyard can raise the value of your property. Recent statistics say that almost 77% of all property owners feel a backyard is essential for their home. It is more important than luxury elements like a pool and other upgrades. 

Have a customized lofted cabin space

Make good use of the backyard by installing a lofted cabin. Make sure you have checked the building regulations of the locality. A cabin in the yard can have multiple uses, as it can be used as a home office, a shed, a gym, a guest house, and a spa, and the possibilities are limitless. Building a cabin from scratch can be a hassle. Why not install a prefab structure and customize it? SturdiShed manufactures customized backyard lofted cabins with a classy country-style touch having barn-style roofs. The structural system allows continuous upgrades when you invest in a SturdiShed cabin. 

Why invest in loft cabins?

Lofts are open, free spaces that can be put to multiple uses. The loft space is useful as it offers ample storage space for seasonal items. Invest in a lofted cabin shell that would give you a lot of flexibility. Our loft cabin shells have a ranch-style appearance. They have very tall walls and the shell is apt for turning it into a climate-controlled space. 

Scope of additional income by renting your lofted cabin

Having a backyard lofted cabin can give you additional income. List your cabin on rental or travel links like Airbnb and earn good revenue. The guests will have access to essential amenities and urban hotspots. The amount you can earn will depend on the size of your cabin. 

Do you have plans to sell your home? 

 Homes having attached cabins can stand out from the neighbors. A lofted cabin in the yard can increase the value of your home. This can be well understood if you plan to sell your property. The value of your home can rise by 60%. 

 SturdiShed – offering durable structures

SturdiShed cabins are stylish, durable, sustainable, and affordable. We passionately build and design high-quality structures in Texas. The company has been designing backyard structures for more than 100 years. We showcase premium craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing, solid quality control, and fast and free delivery within 50 miles. We implement green manufacturing techniques. Our team is ready to serve you. 

Our flexible-rent-to-own program

SturdiShed offers the most flexible rent-to-own plans in Texas. This makes the process of owning a cabin easier with no credit or any long-term investment. Enjoy easy ownership with early payoff options and protect your investment with the loss damage waiver. Access your account online and make affordable payments within 36 or 60 months.  

Final words

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Space is precious, and every square foot adds value. This is why most homeowners prefer cabins and backyard structures with lofts installed. Lofts or attics help add space without hindering the common area. The purpose of a loft is to offer extra space. They are extremely versatile and affordable compared to adding a new room or a floor. Loft lovers are lured toward the upstairs area. Young families use the additional space as a play area because adults can easily monitor them. Lofted cabins are generally used as home offices, bedrooms, storage spaces and recreational spaces. 

Customize the loft space

Regarding loft customization, there are plenty of ideas and options. One can add extra loft space, windows, doors, and other upgrades. For instance, you can get plenty of sunlight if the window is installed just above the loft. The window also gives visual appeal to the interior. Having a cabin with a loft can increase the value of your property. You can use the space underneath to set up a closet or leave the floor unused. You can have more space by installing rafters. Loft sizes are usually standard but they can be changed to meet your customized requirements. SturdiShed has a team of experts who are available for consultation on upgrades. 

What factors to consider while having a loft space?

There are various things to consider while designing a lofted cabin. Designing the loft part requires a few considerations. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you visit us for consultation:

  • How do you wish to utilize the space?
  • How much room do you need? 
  • How much natural light should come inside?
  • What is the extent of privacy you need?
  • How much time would you spend in the loft?

Small property owners can think of adding a loft when they plan expansion ideas to have more/additional space. A lofted cabin helps to add more space compared to A-frame cabins. Folks prefer lofted cabins or barns with gambrel roofs and sufficient open spaces. There is a notion that people who like high ceilings should not include lofts. Get the height customized if you do not like it too low, but it will not be as high as a usual ceiling. Discuss with the SturdiShed designer so that every idea is accurately incorporated into your cabin plans. 

Opt for a prefab cabin

A lofted cabin is an affordable option but the cost calculation depends on various factors like labor, flooring, whether you prefer stairs or ladder, electricity, permits, etc. Therefore, investing in a prefab structure is better than building a DIY cabin. At SturdiShed, we follow a streamlined process from the planning phase to the final delivery of the backyard structures.  

Final words – financing by SturdiShed

We have flexible rent-to-own options that benefit those who require financing to own a Sturdished lofted cabin or any other backyard structure.

Loft cabins are added to smaller properties to add more space. A loft is a room that is raised from the ground along with a small-size balcony, so there is space underneath for another room.

There are several ways you can use the loft for proper space utilization. Kitchens and bathrooms are not installed in lofts because plumbing is not usually done. Lofts can be used as other rooms. A portable lofted cabin is suitable for a weekend getaway especially if it is located by the woods, lake, or foot of the mountains. A loft cabin offers additional space compared to A-framed cabins.

Affordable lofted cabins

SturdiShed’s lofted cabins are quality-built and budget-friendly. The cabin is spacious and can meet all your requirements. Our cabins can be used for full-time dwelling so choose any size that is convenient. The interior and exterior are completely insulated. A lofted cabin offers a serene place to relax and unwind after a hectic day. Cabins with existing loft storage gives you a lot of extra space for overhead storage.

Do you want to customize your own cabin?

You can invest in a cabin shell and finish the interior according to your taste and requirements. You can also consult with us for finishing options. A shell offers ample flexibility and gives a ranch-like look and feel. You can add accessories like porch, insulated glass and dormers.

Prefab cabins are convenient

SturdiShed’s backyard structures showcase excellent workmanship and hard work. We deliver the same that we have promised. SturdiShed lofted cabins are built at the manufacturer’s facility and delivered to your location once completed. The conditions inside the manufacturing facility are controlled so there are no delays or other issues. Pre-Built cabins are very convenient. We do not recommend hiring a contractor to build a cabin onsite. This will help you to get rid of construction hassles. It is a headache if your property turns into a building site for a few weeks. The cabins are delivered by our drivers and we have a team for handling the installation. We offer free delivery for upto 50 miles.

A space to relax and unwind

A lofted cabin comes with a metal roof but you can upgrade into shingle anytime. The roofs are available in different colors and you can choose the position where you would like to have a window. You can use a loft in different ways but it can be an ideal sitting space for young to mid-aged people. You can play games, meet friends and hangout there. You can add small furniture like a coffee table and simple chairs. Add items like flowers, throw blankets and wall pictures. It could be the coziest space during the winters compared to the rest of the house.

Increases the value of the property

Lofts are very useful because you can never have sufficient space for storage. Use the underneath to have a closet or you can enjoy extra floor space. Having open rafters will make the space look more spacious. A lofted cabin increases the value of the property. SturdiShed designs backyard structures for you and your family. Explore our flexible financing options like rent-to-own so that owning a cabin is no big deal. 

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A Lofted cabin gives more space compared to A-framed cabins. This is basically due to the roof design because the gambrel roof offers more space inside in the upper area. The space is used with lofts that are built inside. These lofts can be used for additional storage or living. Lofted cabins are built inside a manufacturing unit and delivered when completed. There are not many delays as the conditions are extremely controlled. Cabins with lofts are also available as shells or unfinished interior. This gives wider scope of customization, saves money and gives efficiency. The manufacturing companies offer finishing options as per your needs and budget.  

Lofted cabin comes with flexibility

Prebuilt loft cabins are convenient if you compare it to hiring contractors and building cabins onsite. SturdiShed offers both permanent and portable cabins delivered to your site. This helps to avoid construction hassles because your property will not be turned into a construction site for weeks. Lofted cabin comes with a metal roof and you can also choose shingles. The floor and wall system has hurricane ties and other features. You can choose different paint or stain colors. A lofted cabin has flexibility and it looks like a ranch because there are tall walls and other features that make it a climate-controlled space. Accessorize the interior with insulated glass, porch and dormers for a truly rich experience.

Rent-to-own sheds and cabins


We understand that everyone has a different budget and this is why we offer financing. SturdiShed brings to you rent-to-own options where there is a lot of flexibility and no credit is needed. You can enjoy super easy ownership of a loft cabin of any desirable size. We offer early payoff options, there is no penalty and you can get early payoff discounts as well. Get loss damage waiver to protect the investment.  This program includes friendly yet professional customer service, you can access your account 24/7, live support during the working hours and you can make affordable payments within 36 month or 60 months.

Experience limited warranty and free delivery

SturdiShed has more than a century of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We customize them for you and your family. We excel in displaying superior craftsmanship and have a quality control process. Experience free and fast delivery and there is no site preparation needed. The permanent cabins are built on a tough wooden foundation. We follow the green manufacturing practice. SturdiShed structures have a 15-year limited warranty, you also get a 10-year limited warranty on metal roof paints. Get lifetime limited manufacturing warranty on skids, siding and floor joists.

SturdiShed’s proven process

SturdiShed commits to use premium materials and outstanding workmanship to manufacture pre-built cabins. Our backyard structures are locally built and delivered to the site. We follow a proven process that includes:

·  Consulting the project

·  Collaborating to discuss the design

·  Finalizing the structure and completing it

·  Installing on-site, cleaning and handing over keys

·  Follow-up of project, warranty and post production support

Final words

Read reviews and testimonials before you decide to own a SturdiShed lofted cabin shell. You can design your own lofted cabin and the possibilities are endless. We promise to offer unique backyard solutions and make you happy. Get in touch with our team.

A lofted cabin makes a cozy and artistic space inside your log home. You can have a bed, a writing retreat, an office, read and relax there. Cabin lofts come in a variety of layouts, sizes and styles. It is important to understand the difference between cottages and lofts. Cottages are multipurpose homes that are generally set up around a water body. Cabins are wooden structures that are set up in the woods. Cabins generally cost 20-30 percent more than a traditional house. Cabin homes are usually small-size structures generally within 1,800 square feet. Lofted cabins are designed with perfection and simplicity. 

Tall walls and climate controlled space

Transform your getaway in a rustic lofted cabin with different levels of monetary assurance. We help you get the nitty-gritty of creating your lofted cabin as soon as we suggest the perfect cabin style. SturdiShed designs lofted cabin shells that are flexible and offer a ranch-style appearance. They have extra-tall walls and climate-controlled space. You can add accessories like a porch, lofts, insulated glass and dormers to make your lofted cabin experience amazing. There are different size options, you can customize it accordingly. Some standard features include continuous eave vents, metal door thresholds, heavy-duty hinges, hurricane ties on floor and walls, wall studs and more. 

Rent-to-own a lofted cabin

Order a SturdiShed lofted cabin and turn your dreams into reality. You can design your own retreat and we offer a free consultation. Owning a cabin is now simply because we have flexible rent-to-own plans. There is no long-term commitment and no credit is required. Enjoy easy ownership, early pay-off options, and discounts, and make affordable payments within 36 months or 60 months. We have in-house professional experts who assemble and install the structure on the foundation. We offer a permanent wooden foundation for your shed or cabin. You can opt for a portable solution also. There is no need to worry if you cannot fit a building due to the slim passway. Our builders will assemble a new backyard structure on your property. 

SturdiShed – having a century of experience

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in designing sheds and cabins. We allow clients to connect with us for a discussion, we collaborate and work on your project so that you get to know about the developments, we fix an installation date and we complete your project on time. We have a team for post-project follow-up and offer a 15-year warranty on our products. Get a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. Get a 10-year limited paint warranty on metal roofs. 

Final words

Make use of your backyard space by having a cabin retreat of your choice. This also increases the value of your property. We have a solution for all your storage, garage and cabin requirements. Use a lofted cabin to work from home, as a man cave, enjoy with friends, space for guests, use as a she-shed, etc. Loft cabins shine and add magic to your space. 

Live your dreams!

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