Have you been searching for extraordinary backyard shed designs and plans? SturdiShed customizes sheds in Texas to give them a contemporary look and feel. A cutting-edge shed in Texas comes in various sizes and can be modified according to your necessities. While buying a cutting-edge modern shed in Texas, consider factors like expenses, styles, sizes, and other decisions. 

Did you decide on your shed size?

Sheds are available in various sizes with different customization options. A standard shed measures around 8 ft x 12 ft, but you can also have a slightly bigger one that measures 12ft x 20 ft and use it as a ramp or garage space. A modern shed adds value to your property and makes the backyard functional. You can be assured of our quality and depend on our years of shed-building experience.

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We manufacture and supply sheds and structures of all types, including portable ones. The immovable sheds are built on permanent wood foundations. The backyard structures are made of the finest material, so they stand the test of time. Minimal site preparation is needed, and a strong foundation is raised from the ground to aid drainage. Our modern sheds in Texas use good-quality exterior paint, and you can choose the color shade. The framing is durable, and there is a proper ventilation system.

Rent-to-own options – Flexible payment options

Is making an upfront payment stressful? There is no need to worry, as SturdiShed offers the rent-to-own option. We offer financial flexibility: no credit is needed, there is no long-term commitment, easy ownership, early payoffs, and loss damage waiver. We offer professional customer service. You can access your account 24/7, and it is possible to make easy repayments within 36 or 60 months.  

Sheds – Free transportation and delivery

Building a shed from scratch can be a tedious activity. Why not invest in a prefab modern shed in Texas? Our sheds are crafted for specific requirements, so they do not simply have four walls. All our sheds and different backyard structures come with a 15-limited warranty. Expert drivers transport these structures, and our team can complete the installation. The products are shipped for free within 50 miles, and minimal charges are applied beyond that. Our sheds are versatile and used for various applications. You can now design your shed in 5 easy steps. 

SturdiShed – having more than 100 years of experience

SturdiShed has earned a reputation for manufacturing modern sheds in Texas. We have been catering to clients for more than 100 years. Our sheds are suitable for anyone who requires extra storage space, a studio, a cabin, or a backyard office. We offer various customization options. Our fine experts showcase fine craftsmanship in the industry and implement good manufacturing and organized quality control. 

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Lisa owns a small house and a big backyard. She has already planned to use the backyard space for storage purposes. This is how she wants to make more space inside her house. It is an advantage to have a spacious backyard because you can have a modern shed in Texas. Do you have similar requirements to Lisa? A cutting-edge shed in Texas comes in various sizes and can be redone based on your needs. Many companies in the US manufacture backyard structures. While investing in a cutting-edge shed in Texas, consider expenses, styles, sizes, and different decisions.

Features of our modern sheds

Our modern sheds in Texas are made of high-quality materials. The sheds are established on wooden foundations that are protected against termites. Negligible site preparation is required to install the sheds. Our sheds have a well-equipped ventilation system that keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler. Well, this will help Lisa to save on climate-control costs. She was content not to worry about mold formation or leakages. Our modern sheds in Texas utilize premium outside paint that offers protection and enhances the exterior. We do not compromise on quality, so we are the #1 shed manufacturing company in Texas. 

Are you stressed over paying forthright?

Is paying a forthright installment a monetary pressure? SturdiShed offers a rent-to-own option with a lot of flexibility. Here are a few factors that are included in our rent-to-own program. 

  • No credit needed
  • There is no long-term commitment
  • Enjoy easy ownership
  • There are early payoff options, and you can get discounts

We offer proficient client support and access to your record day in and day out. You can make simple payments within 36 or 60 months. Lisa was happy to know about our rent-to-own program. 

Why trust SturdiShed?

SturdiShed has been eminent for manufacturing and assembling present-day modern sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our sheds are great for individuals who require extra room, a studio, a lodge, or a lawn office. We offer plenty of customization choices. We exhibit fine craftsmanship in the business and execute unrivaled assembling and severe quality control. We utilize eco-friendly techniques, so our sheds are environmentally-friendly. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our modern sheds in Texas are created for your extraordinary prerequisites, so there are not only four walls. Our sheds and other patio structures accompany a 15-year limited guarantee. SturdiShed structures are shipped via trained drivers, and we have a specialist group for completing the installation. The sheds are shipped for free within 50 miles. 

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You are close to reaching the goal of keeping the home and garage clean if you are planning to invest in a modern shed in Texas. There could be a space outside the house to store garden supplies, tools, bikes, other objects, etc. If required, you can even spend days and nights inside a spacious storage shed. Storage buildings can be small, medium, and large. It all depends on your unique requirements. A shed is a great option to enhance the space and make it even more interesting by adding certain accessories. These include hooks, shelving, hangers, doors, and windows. You can also add a porch to your modern shed in Texas.

Having a customized space outdoor for storage 

The shed is a common concept in the USA, and this market is booming. The most convenient is to opt for a prefab quality storage building that would be delivered to your doorstep. If you are not content with the existing models, the manufacturers customize them. Did you figure out the purpose of owning a shed? This is the first step towards ownership. Most homes have limited space, so homeowners need more storage. 

Backyard storage building houses offer an option to store tools, equipment and other goods. A modern shed in Texas creates an opportunity to lead an organized lifestyle. It allows you to be more flexible and know your items’ locations. The majority of us own ample garden equipment and need to figure out where to keep it. A garden shed is a place for storing all outdoor tools and equipment. If you do not have a garden, it could be a space to house your horse or start a workshop. They come with secure doors, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

SturdiShed – catering to your outdoor storage requirements

SturdiShed has experts who can help you with all your storage shed requirements. In case you are confused, we suggest the right type and size of storage structure that will not steal the yard’s beauty. It should be of a size that looks proportionate with the yard. We have been manufacturing sheds for the last 100 years. We can make your shed feel like a home by suggesting ways to make it look like a home. Consider the style and color of your home and customize the modern shed in Texas accordingly. The siding material is important if you are trying to match it with your property. Add a landscape design after the shed delivery, as it can improve the look and feel of your backyard structure and enhance the outdoor beauty. We bring storage buildings within the budget. All our sheds come with a 15-year warranty. 

Final thoughts

SturdiShed relies on a customer-first approach. We offer free delivery within 50 miles and you can rent-to-own our sheds with no credit check. Explore our inventory online. We have a huge collection of modern shed in Texas. Once a storage shed is ready, your backyard gets an upgrade. You can also design your own shed with our online shed builder.

A storage shed is a must-have solution for all individuals who are outgrowing spaces. Whether you want to create a tiny living space or a utility area for working, installing a modern shed in Texas would be useful. A modern shed is a versatile structure built with long-lasting craftsmanship. Today, many homeowners prefer installing a modern shed in Texas to maximize storage space or extend a living property. This blog has covered some key aspects that make a modern shed a good option for a safe and secure storage solution. 

  1. A Modern Shed Offers Strong Resistance Against External Impacts 

A modern shed remains in pristine condition against volatile biological factors. They are extremely long-lasting and dependable and tested in various climatic conditions. A modern shed has a permanent wood foundation that offers strong resistance against termite damage or fungal decay. Besides, the sheds offer excellent weather protection for gardening equipment and resources, stock, and harvests. 

  1. A Modern Shed Has a Well-Ventilated Environment 

A moisture-filled environment causes more nuisances than usual. Presence of moisture triggers bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, which leads to environmental toxicity. Furthermore, the interiors show signs of cracking, peeling, and flaking due to exposure to moisture. At SturdiShed, you get a high-grade modern shed in Texas having excellent moisture-resistant properties. The storage sheds have a superior ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. 

  1. Superior Longevity- Demand Minimal Maintenance 

Modern sheds are built with excellent craftsmanship that lasts for many years. SturdiShed’s storage sheds are painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Painting that offers a lifetime of beauty and protection. Furthermore, our storage sheds do not undergo frequent repairs, refinishing, or replacement. This way, you can prevent additional expenditures in the long run. 

  1. Declutter Your Home in No Time 

Lastly, a modern shed offers ideal additional storage space. A modern shed is extremely spacious that can accommodate seasonal or junk items seamlessly. This way, you can prevent decluttering items and ensure a squeaky clean, organized living space. 

SturdiShed-Eminent Manufacturer of Modern Sheds in the USA 

We, SturdiShed, are one of the finest and leading-edge manufacturers of modern sheds in the USA. We offer lightweight, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly storage sheds that last a lifetime. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry, known for manufacturing a versatile range of storage sheds. Apart from modern sheds, SturdiShed offers garage sheds, garden sheds, lofted and gable cabin shells, etc.  

Personalize Your Storage Shed from the Comforts of Your Home 

SturdiShed offers five proven design steps, including design consultation, collaboration, building, onsite installation, and post-project follow-up. You can accessorize the storage shed with unique colors, styles, and layout. 

Fast and Free Delivery of Storage Sheds 

Our professional drivers deliver and install the storage shed with utmost care and concern. We also assemble the storage shed for a minimal fee. You are expected to get the storage shed within 2-4 weeks. 

Friendly Rent-to-Own Program 

You can avail of our friendly rent-to-own program to enjoy hassle-free ownership. You can make it easy and affordable within 36 or 60 months. After completion, you are entitled to get your modern shed in Texas permanently. Besides, there is no credit score checking, which is a boon. Call 817-760-2575 today.

A modern shed in Texas is a structure that is assembled and manufactured inside the factory. The term ‘prefabricated’ means a pre-made inside a controlled environment. Do you know that prefabricated sheds are affordable compared to structures that are built onsite? They are an answer to your additional storage requirements. Use your backyard space to install a prefab modern shed in Texas

Why build a shed when it can be prefabricated?

Choosing one can be overwhelming and there are various factors to consider. Knowing the amount of space you need is the primary factor, and then comes the style, layout, etc. If anyone told you that DIY is cheaper, he did not tell you it is also laborious. Forget all the hassle of building your own shed by investing in prefabricated structures.  

Features of SturdiShed’s structures

Our sheds have ventilation, which keeps the building 20 degrees cooler. This helps to save costs on climate control. There will be no leaks or mold growth due to the absence of condensation. There are vent screens that protect against insects and bugs. The framing is strong so that it can endure harsh weather conditions. The frames exceed International Building Codes. We use premium exterior paint and a permanent wooden foundation. 

Our rent-to-own program is amazing

It is friendly and designed for you, so there is nothing to worry about upfront payment. You do worry about credit or long-term commitment. There is easy ownership, early payoffs, there is no penalty, and get early payoff discounts. Protect your investment with our loss damage waiver. Make affordable payments within 36 to 60 months. 

Having more than 100 years of experience

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We promise you a backyard storage building for a lifetime. Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty, and you also get a warranty on floor joists, skids, and siding. Get a 10-year limited paint warranty on metal roof structures. SturdiShed prefab sheds are built using insulated and water-resistant materials. SturdiShed has a variety of designs, sizes and layouts to choose from. We customize sheds and all other types of backyard solutions. Our manufacturing process includes design consultation, collaboration, building, installation, and after-sales support. Finally, we will give you a final demo and handover the keys. 

Sheds on a strong wooden foundation 

Your search for modern prefab sheds ends at SturdiShed. We customize sheds as per your requirements. We have various models and designs ready for shipping in the inventory. If you want to install a shed quickly, consider purchasing a ready one already in stock. Our sheds are built on a strong wooden foundation. The wood is termite-treated and free from microorganisms. The foundation remains in contact with the ground, so no concrete pad is needed. Minimal site preparation is needed to save you time and money. The foundation is raised from the ground, which helps in drainage. Apart from static ones, we design portable modern sheds in Texas as well. These are transported on trailers when necessary.

Final words

Our delivery takes less than a week. Our sheds are delivered for free within 50 miles and we also offer onsite building by charging a small fee. SturdiShed has a crew to handle the onsite installation. Call us at 817-506-4405 for a discussion related to backyard structures. Visit our website to read reviews and real customer testimonials. SturdiShed offers dedicated after-sales and customer care support. Order a prefab modern shed in Texas today.

Have you been looking for unique shed designs to make your yard stand out in your neighborhood? SturdiShed has created customized sheds, barns, and cabins. Our modern sheds in Texas give a distinctive and contemporary look and feel. For instance, imagine working from a unique home office or having a stunning garden shed in your backyard. A modern shed in Texas comes in different sizes and can be customized based on your requirements. While purchasing in a modern shed in Texas, consider factors like costs, styles, sizes, and other choices. SturdiShed structures are built to last for over a few decades. 

What size of the shed is good?

We customize sheds of different sizes and cater to your specific requirements. But a good size shed measures around 8 ft x 12 ft, or you can have a 12ft x 20 ft shed for a garage with a ramp. A modern shed is a great way to add a contemporary flair to your backyard. Choosing the right shed is a challenging decision. SturdiShed makes the process of finding one easier. You can rely on our years of shed-building experience to get your requirements. 

Are you interested in exploring our inventory? 

We manufacture and supply static as well as portable ones. The immovable ones are built on permanent wood foundations. They are made of the finest material, so they protect against termite damage. Minimal site preparation is needed, and the foundation is raised from the ground to help with easy drainage. Our modern sheds in Texas use the finest exterior paint, as you can choose from different colors. The framing is strong, and there is a superior ventilation system.

Are you worried about paying upfront?

Would making an upfront payment be a financial stress? SturdiShed brings to you the rent-to-own option offering ample flexibility. No credit is needed, no long-term commitment, easy ownership, early payoffs, and loss damage waiver. We offer professional customer service, access your account 24/7 and make easy repayments within 36 or 60 months.  

Free transportation and delivery

Why should you not build a shed but invest in prefab modern sheds in Texas? Our sheds are crafted for your special requirements, so they are not just four walls. Our sheds and other backyard structures come with a 15-limited warranty. SturdiShed’ sheds are transported by trained drivers, and we have an expert team for installation. The products are shipped for free within 50 miles. Our sheds are used for versatile applications. Design your shed in 5 easy steps. 

Why trust SturdiShed?

SturdiShed has been renowned for manufacturing modern sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our sheds are ideal for anyone who require additional storage space, a studio, a cabin, or a backyard office. We offer plenty of customization options and showcase fine craftsmanship in the industry and implement superior manufacturing and stringent quality control. We use green manufacturing materials. 

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Are you planning to have your studio just next to your house? This can be a great option for working moms because managing kids gets easier. Keeping an eye on the kids will only be possible if the studio is close to the house. So many mothers have given up on their careers because they do not have the option of working from home or having a setup near the house. 

Those days are gone, and now working from home is the trend that is here to stay. Use the yard’s space to have a shed to open a small studio. You need to focus on various aspects of your business, so there is no point in building a shed. Invest in a prefab modern shed in Texas

There is an increasing demand for backyard structures in Texas

These spaces are great for additional storage and can also be used as she-sheds, mancaves, hobby spaces, studios, home offices and garden storage. Different types of sheds and cabins are available on the market with ample customization options. 

The demand for modern sheds in Texas will continue because having extra space around your property is always a boon. Modern sheds have sleek looks, updated designs and contemporary styles. These structures feature clean lines, single-sloping roofs, and spacious windows. These sheds allow more natural light inside. They have more flexibility compared to traditional structures. 

Do you have an old shed that needs transformation? 

Please talk to the expert team of SturdiShed in Texas. Any shed can be turned into a modern shed in Texas. We create sheds for various purposes, using premium quality materials for the exterior and interior.

Our engineers showcase the highest craftsmanship. The sheds are well-ventilated and have adequate insulation. We use good quality interior and exterior paint to ensure longevity. Our sheds are available in different sizes. We customize them according to requirements. 

Are you a creative person and looking for more ideas? 

Place a modern shed next to your house, and it helps to extend the outdoor living space. You can store patio furniture and your grill or use it to host guests during summer. It is possible to have electricity and plumbing connections inside a shed. You can also have a decent water supply, fans and heaters, a refrigerator, and music systems. So you can use the space throughout the year. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Please discuss your requirements with us. We have shed ideas for everyone and are within the budget. SturdiShed is highly experienced because we have been in this business for more than 100 years. 

We deliver modern sheds in Texas for free if you are within 50 miles. Pay a small fee to get the structures delivered beyond this limit. We have experts who manage onsite installation for a nominal fee. 

Final words

Please visit our website and read testimonials to find out what others have to say. You can design your own shed in 5 simple steps. 

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Homeowners love the way modern sheds look. They do not look like the ones you find in home improvement stores. A modern shed in Texas is built with premium-quality products so the structures can last for almost 3 to 4 decades or even longer. Recently, people have been interested in sleek designs and contemporary styles. 

Common features of a modern shed

Due to various advantages, the modern shed has become a popular backyard structure choice. They feature clean lines with spacious windows and have a single-slope roof style. Any old shed can be transformed into a modern storage shed. Most modern sheds feature slanting roofs; if placed properly, there can be ample natural light inside the shed. These modern sheds offer ample flexibility compared to traditional sheds. A modern shed in Texas is a solution built on the yard for various purposes with ample customization options. 

Choose any size and we ensure a solid foundation

Our backyard structures are available in various sizes. You must determine how you want to use the shed while deciding the size. Are you going to use it only for storage? Are you trying to have a separate space for pursuing hobbies? Or do you have plans to have a new home office? Our modern sheds have strong wooden foundations that protect against termite and fungal decay. Less groundwork is needed. The foundation is raised from the ground, which helps with proper drainage. 

High-level customization options

Are you ready to order a modern shed in Texas? SturdiShed has been catering to customers for more than 100 years. We manufacture various types of backyard structures so you have plenty of choices. Most of our competitors do not offer the customization we do at SturdiShed. Our backyard structures offer a wide scope of upgrades. Order a structure from SturdiShed because you are paying for a premium standard. 

Explore the rent-to-own option

Do you need to invest in a modern shed in Texas real soon? It is very important to have the funds ready but there is nothing to worry about if there is any shortage of funds. SturdiShed offers the most flexible rent-to-own program in Texas. It is a reliable offer for those who do not qualify for loans or mortgages. We bring you a friendly offer that anyone who needs it can avail of. We offer rent-to-own where no credit and long-term commitment are needed. Experience easy ownership with our program. Get early pay-off options, there is no penalty and get easy discounts. We help you to protect your investment with the Loss Damage Waiver. Repay within 36 months or 60 months. 

You can design your own shed

SturdiShed’s structures are brought to your site by expert drivers and a team of experts complete the installation. The company offers the perfect outdoor storage for versatile applications. Design your own structure in 5 easy steps. Please follow our page on Facebook or Twitter. Contact us here for more information about modern sheds. Request for a quote. Sign up for the winter sale and explore the inventory. 

We promise you the happiness of a lifetime!

Imagine how great it feels working from home inside a modern shed in Texas. You can also use it as simple storage spaces, studios, or other purposes.

Buyers tend to consider different factors like the purpose of having one, the cost, styles, sizes, and other custom choices. The unique shed designs make your yard stand out in the neighborhood. 

Statistics show that backyard sheds are on the rise

What sheds used to be years ago is nothing compared to what companies offer now. There has been tremendous advancement. There was a Consumer Practice Survey in the year 2021 held by Home Innovation Research Labs. It has been seen that homes adding outdoor structures have escalated by almost 21% in the year 2020 compared to previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic also played a role because additional space was a major concern during those times. Here, we are at the end of 2022 and the experts feel the trend will be around for years. 

Sheds come in various sizes

A modern shed in Texas offers different options for clients. For example, you can have a 6-by-8-foot garden shed with a spacious 12-by-18-foot studio. SturdiShed offers sheds with space for kitchen facilities, plumbing and electrical fittings. Although most clients custom-design sheds, they can pay extra money for environment-friendly options. These structures come in different shapes and sizes. The basic structure remains the same with a sloped roof and four walls. 

Uses of a modern shed in Texas

A modern shed in Texas offers a lot of flexibility and you can add other advanced features. Here are some of the most common uses of a shed:

  1. Offices

An office shed on the foundation is a separate area where you can focus on work and productivity. A portable shed can also be a good option, as you can carry the structure to the desired destination. For instance, carry it to the nearest lakeside to work, watching the sunset. You can enjoy some fishing as well. 

  1. Garden or wood storage 

A shed next to your garden can be very convenient because you would have a space to store garden tools, equipment, and supplies. Storing raw wood to prevent it from harsh weather is also a common use of a shed. 

  1. She sheds 

Your she-shed is a space to relax, unwind, work, or pursue hobbies of interest like reading, writing, painting, sewing, making jewelry, and more. The space can be set aside from the house for privacy yet easy accessibility.  

  1. Man caves 

Men can have their space, relax, and spend their time. Inside, you can have TV units, recliners, couches, beer fridges, etc. These can be the ideal places to watch the game or host poker nights. 

  1. Gyms and fitness studios

Are you interested in turning your backyard shed into a gym or a cozy yoga unit? Having one next to your main property would be convenient. Enjoy peace, exercise and be yourself—store gym equipment inside the shed. 

SturdiShed – manufacturing modern sheds


A DIY shed is preferably used for storage purposes, but prefab sheds are suitable for multi-purpose use. SturdiShed offers durable structures built with uncompromised craftsmanship and advanced construction techniques. SturdiShed backyard structures can survive for several generations. We have been dedicatedly catering to client requirements for more than a hundred years. Our sheds are not just four walls but modern spaces customized for you. The structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Final words

Get in touch for a modern shed in Texas. Request a quote.

Are you running out of space or needing to clear all the clutter that is heaped inside your house? It is an advantage if you have ample space in the backyard or front yard. Make good use of the space by installing a modern shed in Texas. Choosing one and installing can be exciting but it is also important to stay within planning regulations so that there are no issues in the future. Every city has its own set of rules that govern all commercial and residential properties. The governing bodies decide where sheds can be built and the allowable size.

Have your own garden shed – a useful investment

Garden sheds are commonly seen everywhere in the country. They are built close to the garden so that storing necessary items, tools and supplies is not a hassle. A wooden or metal shed is good for storing bulky items like hedge trimmer, lawn mower or wheelbarrow. Accessorize with a range of hooks and shelves where you can easily store those hand-held tools, ropes and other small items. You need to use hazardous items like weed-killers, lawn feed and fertilizers to maintain the garden. These products should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Store these inside the garden shed for safety.

Uses of backyard structures

We all hoard items because we have a habit of holding onto things, especially those that have sentimental value.  You might own a villa, mansion or a small house but having a storage shed in the yard is always an advantage. You can use a modern shed in Texas for storing other items like old gym equipment, bikes, heavy toys, summer barbecue, etc. use it as a studio, guestroom, hobby space, home office, man cave or a she-shed. All your items and other important stuff will be secure and you can free up space inside the house or garage.

Durable and modern structures from SturdiShed

SturdiShed has been manufacturing premium backyard prefab structures for more than 100 years. We build and customize modern sheds for you and your family. Our structures come with advanced features like adequate insulation, metal roofs, superior ventilation that prevents condensation, strong framing, good-quality exterior paint and more. They are built on tough permanent wood foundations or can be portable ones. A shed on foundation needs very less site preparation and we elevate the structure to ensure proper drainage. You can choose from our wide variety of designs and plenty of customization options.

Final words – Have your own shed

We have professional and trained drivers who deliver the shed to your site safely. We do not charge anything if it is within 50 miles. Avail our flexible rent-to-own program and enjoy owning a modern shed in Texas. There are expert installers who complete the installation. If you are planning to use the yard space, please get in touch with us. We shall share all knowledge and information so that you can make informed decisions.

Installing a shed in the yard comes with so much excitement. You are about to have a separate space where you can store different objects or use it for other purposes. You have researched what type of shed you need and every other detail related to having a modern shed in Texas

But, do you know whether you need a permit to build one? Every country has separate restrictions and zoning laws. The idea of permit is not rocket science yet extremely important. Having one ensures that any addition to your property is of no harm to your neighborhood. The city officials get a chance to do a site inspection, review your project and offer the permission. Having a permit means you are following the state and city codes. Make sure you are adhering to the zoning requirements as well. 

When you do not need a permit

There is some good news for you. There are instances when you do not need a permit to build a modern shed in Texas. Complying with these requirements will not need you to get a permit. Please take a look:

  • If it is a single-storey shed
  • It should be detached from the main property
  • The space should not be more than 199 square feet
  • The building should be less than 15 feet in height
  • The structure is not built on a floodplain
  • Your shed needs no plumbing
  • It is used solely for storage purposes and not at all for living

Does your shed require electricity? 

It would help if you had an electrical permit, which should be mentioned in your application. Most people need just one outlet or a source of light inside the shed. In case you hand over to an experienced electrician, the contractor will handle it all. In Texas, only the registered electricians get the permit if the job involves working with the main meter. 

How much will a shed permit cost you? 

This greatly depends on the city you are living in and the reality is that it does not cost a fortune. On an average, the charges in Texas are $15 to $25, most of the cities in Texas charge 1% and some areas charge a little more. The exact charge depends on how much you are willing to spend on a shed structure. 

Rent-to-own options from SturdiShed

Everybody can have a shed in their yard because we offer flexible financing. You can rent-to-own our sheds. There is no commitment and credit needed. Enjoy easy ownership, early payoffs with discounts, loss damage waiver and affordable payments within 36-months and 60-months. 

Why pay a penalty? Get your permissions

You should never build a modern shed in Texas without a permit. The process is simple but it can take a while. In case you are caught building a structure without a permit, the penalties can be harsh. Also, an illegal construction can bring down the value of your property. Have your permissions and get in touch with SturdiShed. We have more than 100 years of experience building backyard structures, including sheds, barns, garages, complete cabins, cabin shells and more. 

Final words

We build sheds for you and your family. Our structures are not just a ceiling and four walls, they mean much more. You can design your own shed now. We promise you a perfectly customized backyard structure.

Prefabricated sheds are an important part of the lives of people. They offer a temporary solution for adequate storage or housing. A prefab shed can be used in various ways. They can be set on permanent foundations or can be portable.

Permanent and portable modern sheds

Are you looking for a modern shed in Texas? SturdiShed brings to you a wide selection of backyard structures. Our products include garages, utility sheds, cabins, barns, garden shed and gable shells. Our backyard structures are ideal for those who need additional storage space within budget. It could be a space for storing gardening tools, for pursuing hobbies, having a studio, for remote work, etc. We design portable sheds and the permanent ones on wooden foundations. There are plenty of customization options to have a perfect shed structure. These outdoor structures have versatile applications so you also ask for our suggestions. We will offer a perfect solution based on your needs.

SturdiShed – having more than 100 years of experience

The backyard sheds have a proper floor, roof and wall structure. Apart from that, there are features like heavy duty hinges, metal strike plates, double loft, metal door threshold, 6 inches locking bolts and more. You can design your own shed as well. A shed is not just about those walls and roof, it is an emotion. A shed is a cozy space where you can make a lot of memories. We have more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing backyard structures. We have an interactive team that answers all your queries. We would be glad to be a part of your success story.

Order a modern backyard shed online

You can order a modern shed in Texas online or visit our store in person. Choose the nearest store location to minimize delivery charges. We have a flexible rent-to-own program where you can have a shed without any long-term commitment. This is the easiest ownership program in Texas where no credit is needed. There are early payoff options, there are no penalty options and you can get early payoff discounts. We follow a proven process that involves design consultation where we discuss your requirements, ideas and project goals. Then we collaborate with you to discuss the recommended design, choose the colors, features and options. You can also give us design changes and we will cater to it. We do the building process after confirming the order, set an installation date and complete the production. Our team does the on-site installation on time and also does a proper clean-up. We handover the keys to you and that makes you super happy. Get post-production support and post project follow up.

Final words


Get a 15-year warranty on a backyard modern shed in Texas. Get a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding and joists. Get 10-year warranty on paints of the metal roofs. Email us at sales@sturdished.com or call us at 817-506-4405.

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