Are you looking for some additional space to pursue your hobby? Having a space of your own can be a good idea but it is even better if you do not require a hefty investment. Utilize your backyard space to install a hobby shed or storage shed workshop.

James made his dream come true

Every hobbyist needs a storage shed workshop. SturdiShed built a backyard hobby shed for James and made his dream come true by building a shed for communication. He had too many  equipment to install which required a lot of space. He did not wish to have a room inide his house for setting up a communication studio. You cannot turn a house into a hobby space. Pursuing a hobby requires a separate space.

He saw sheds from many other companies but was not happy with the quality of them. So he kept searching for sheds from other companies.Finally, he came across backyard structures from SturdiShed. He took interest in the SturdiShed product because of its excellent quality.

We installed a customized backyard shed and he was impressed. We offered everything he asked for including insulated walls, high ceiling and durable floors. . We are glad that our client is happy with our design and engineering. 

His wife noticed the structure well because she helped him to setup all the instruments once the workshop shed was ready. She was impressed after looking at such a well-customized  communication shed. She is now planning to invest in a She Shed for having a good time with her friends and family. This couple has taken great interest in our modern backyard structures.

The important features of our sheds

Our storage shed workshop is well ventilated so you can work comfortably inside the building. The interior is 20 degrees cooler and there is no condensation, preventing the formation of leaks and mold. We install vent screens that protect against bugs from entering the backyard space.  We use the finest exterior paint that has element protection. You can choose from different colors. The roof can endure harsh weather and there are hurricane ties on foundation. They also have strong framing. The structures are built on elevated permanent wood foundation and you can invest in portable structures as well.

Easy rent-to-own program

They have utilized the yard space wisely. So, what are you waiting for? We build customized sheds for you and your family. They are just perfect for anyone who needs extra space. SturdiShed backyard structures are affordable and easy to own. Connect with us if you need a backyard structure immediately but do not have sufficient funds. We bring to you the extremely flexible rent-to-own options. You do not need any credit or long-term commitment. You can pay off early and enjoy discounts. Protect your investment with the Loss damage Waiver. We offer superior customer service because we have a team of professional customer care executives. Access your account online 24/7. We allow 36 months or 60 months for making payments. SturdiShed runs the friendliest rent-to-own programs in Texas.

Our proven process – our clients are our priority

SturdiShed follows a proven process that starts with design consultation. During this process, you share with us your project goals and ideas. You also talk about the project site and other requirements. Then comes collaboration where we recommend you the design and we keep on making changes unless you are happy. You can choose the colors, features and other options. We then start building once you confirm the order and finalize the installation date. Once the installation is complete, we give you the demo, handover the keys and do the cleaning. We feel that post-project follow-up and support is very important. Our sheds and all backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Final words

The sheds are delivered by our professional drivers and we position it with precision. We offer free delivery within 50 miles. We charge a small fee for onsite builds. The company sends an expert team for onsite assembling. Please get in touch with us.

Are you planning to use your shed for other purposes apart from storage? You can turn the space into a storage shed workshop where you can get creative or simply relax. It is always good to overestimate the size of the shed if you wish to use it for both storage and workshop. A lot of homeowners make the blunder of choosing a shed that is not of the correct size, they are usually smaller than required. You need to house various objects and components as well as have free space for moving around. A shed on your yard is of much use and also increases the value of your property.

Making your workshop attractive

Here are a few solid tips that will help to make your workshop appealing:

  • Have a rigid flooring – Fillers can be helpful for uneven floors so that you do not stumble and fall while moving around inside. SturdiShed offers a pressure treated floor that is termite resistant and has antifungal properties. There are hurricane ties on the floor. Our floor offers a beautiful yet tough appearance.
  • Add shelves and workbench – There should be a workbench inside every storage shed workshop. This gives a space for dedicated working. There can be shelves to keep stuff organized.
  • Have accessories like a skylight or window – You can add a skylight inside your workshop. You can have a single window or more to make it look or feel like a workshop.

Our sheds have great features that include advanced wall and roof system, heavy duty hinges, metal strike plates, double loft system and 6 inches locking barrel bolts. Get inspired from our structures and you can design your own shed.

Why choose SturdiShed in Texas?

SturdiShed is a team of experts in Texas who have been manufacturing backyard solutions for more than 100 years. Our shed is not simply a structure; we customize it the way you want. We build structures that include lofted barns, utility sheds, garden sheds, modern cabins, garages and cabin shells. We showcase premium craftsmanship, we implement high-quality manufacturing, follow a structured quality control process and offer free delivery upto 50 miles. We care for our environment so follow green manufacturing practices. We aim to have a long-term relationship with our clients. Our team is based on value and integrity, we offer affordable storage solutions. We have drivers who transport the structures and there are trained installers who complete the installation process.

Avail our rent-to-own financing program

Now get financing options so that you can own a storage shed workshop in Texas the time you need. SturdiShed brings flexible rent-to-own options. You do not need to indulge in any long-term commitment and no credit is required. Enjoy easy ownership, access your online account 24/7, get loss damage waiver to protect your investment and enjoy early payoff options. You get 36 months or 60 months for affordable payments.

Final words

Please get in touch with us for a discussion and we promise you a perfect backyard structure. Please visit our website for information, reviews and testimonials.

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