Decoding Ways to Turn a Lofted Cabin into Resort-Like Spa

November 2nd, 2023
Decoding Ways to Turn a Lofted Cabin into Resort-Like Spa

Today, people go through days filled with running errands, full-time jobs, doing laundry, preparing food, and much more. During these hustles and bustles, a little relaxation is much needed. People are unable to make it to the pedicure or massage due to the juggling life. If you have a sprawling backyard and are considering starting a full-time business, you can start your resort-like spa in your lush green backyard. Amidst financial fluctuations, you can always think of cost-efficient building alternatives. In such a scenario, having a lofted cabin for your resort-like spa would not disappoint you.

Why a Lofted Cabin is the Best Choice for Kick Starting Spa Business

Lofted cabins are architectural marvels that exude a different aura. It is a part of open space planning, which is currently booming in the construction industry. Cabins integrated with the loft add space without closing off the common area. A loft is considered a unique architectural structure and is more affordable than adding whole stories or rooms.  

The Versatility of Loft- How it Can Benefit Your Spa Business

Lofts provide more square footage without making your cabin feel confining. A loft is much less intrusive than walled-off rooms or whole floors. Roofs that are sharply angled and very tall are referred to as A-frames.  

You can easily style the loft by setting up the perfect massage chair. Besides the massage chair, consider incorporating a Jacuzzi tub inside the loft to improve an individual’s body circulation, curing body swelling and overall well-being. You can also make use of a loft by incorporating a nail station. This will allow you to offer soothing pedicures and manicures from the comfort of your lofted cabin. A nail station should have adequate lighting that allows you to emphasize the nail art better.

Get Your Spa Sanctuary Started with SturdiShed’s Lofted Cabin

Thinking of turning a lofted cabin into a striking-looking spa? We highly recommend investing in SturdiShed’s lofted cabin. We have been manufacturing modern-age lofted cabins built with time-honored craftsmanship and real-time construction. Apart from lofted cabins, SturdiShed designs an array of backyard sheds, such as lofted barns, gable and lofted cabin shells, garages, utility sheds, storage shed workshops, and much more. At SturdiShed, our functional and aesthetically pleasing storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Codes, making it easy to get permits or HOA approval. The storage sheds have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring, which can bear harsh weather conditions.

The sheds have a good ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. There is no chance of condensation that could pave the way for mold or mildew growth. The sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that gives the storage sheds a lifetime of protection and appearance.

Discover Our Friendly Rent-to-Own Program

SturdiShed provides you with flexible rent-to-own through which you get easy ownership of a lofted cabin without having to pay upfront. Besides, there is no credit score checking, and you encounter no prepay penalties. Protect your investment effectively with our Loss Damage Waiver Program.


Visit the SturdiShed website and get your personalized lofted cabin online. Please go through our five proven design steps for having the desired lofted cabin based on size, color, texture, and accessories. Get a free consultation now.

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