Do you want an outdoor space without renting a bigger property?

May 30th, 2023
Do you want an outdoor space without renting a bigger property?

A storage shed can serve as an excellent outdoor space near the main property. You will have a more organized house and a cleaner space. You can store items away from kids and pets that can be hazardous to them. You can store items like fertilizers, weed killers or household chemicals, sharp tools, and objects inside the shed. Practically, the potential uses of a shed are limitless. 

Life is very fast, and there is less time for everything. Using a storage shed will save you time if you intend to search for items. You do not have to waste time looking for stuff if everything is organized. There is a little time investment while storing the items in the shed, but you save time in the long run. 

Customizes backyard sheds

SturdiShed backyard storage sheds come in various sizes and aspects. Choose the size based on the size of the yard. For instance, if you are looking for a mid-sized shed, an 8 x8 foot structure can be a good one. If you need advice on where to put your shed, you can also talk to the experts at SturdiShed. We ensure the structure is in the right spot without getting in the way of the main property.

Well-ventilated sheds and backyard structures

A backyard storage shed can be used for more than just storage. It can be a home office, studio, business space, she-shed, man cave, play area for kids, and more. Determine which storage shed is best for you before looking for one. Check the local building regulations and rules. Our sheds are 20 degrees cooler because we use a superior ventilation system. This prevents condensation, so you do not have to worry about mold and leaks. The sheds and other backyard structures are painted with the finest exterior paint. You can choose from different colors. 

Free delivery if your site is within 30 miles

SturdiShed has a team of dedicated drivers who transport the sheds and other backyard structures from the workshop to your location at a reasonable cost. We offer free delivery of sheds within 50 miles. The foundation significantly contributes to the structures’ durability. A concrete slab or treated wooden platform should be used to construct all sheds. The wood is termite safe and is safeguarded against bacteria and microorganisms. There is little need to prepare the site before the installation. The foundation is appropriately raised from the ground, which guarantees sufficient seepage.

Rent-to-own sheds

SturdiShed offers a lease-to-purchase program in Texas. There is no credit check, long-term commitment, and easy repayments within 36 or 60 months. There is no prepayment penalty, but you get early pay-off discounts. 

SturdiShed – offering storage sheds in Texas

SturdiShed is the highest-rated shed manufacturer in Texas. SturdiShed has been manufacturing and supplying backyard structures for more than a century. We are one of Texas’ eminent and #1 evaluated shed organizations. Our sheds have a 15-year guarantee on the paint and the design. 

Look for a nearest SturdiShed dealer

Having a storage problem is a daunting task initially. SturdiShed helps you to get over this problem. You can visit our website to order sheds or look up the internet for ‘shed dealers near me.’ SturdiShed will be visible among the top companies. You can now design your own shed and book a free consultation to discuss your project. For a quote, please call us at 817-506-4405.

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