Do you want to have your own quiet space? Install a customized lofted cabin

May 26th, 2023
Do you want to have your own quiet space? Install a customized lofted cabin

A lofted cabin is mainly for those looking for a spacious interior. This is primarily due to the gambrel roof, which provides more interior space in the upper area. Lofts constructed inside are used to make proper use of the space. These lofts can be utilized for extra capacity or living. 

Lofted cabins are prefabricated inside a manufacturing facility and delivered to your doorstep. Lofted cabins are additionally accessible as shells or kits. This lets you customize the space according to your requirements. Cabins with lofts are popular cabin designs. When you have a loft, it means there is ample space on the main floor. You also have a private corner for yourself. 

 A ranch-style lofted cabin from SturdiShed

SturdiShed has more than a century of experience manufacturing backyard structures. They are made just for you and your family by us. We have a process for quality control and excel in displaying superior craftsmanship. 

A lofted cabin from SturdiShed looks like a ranch, and it is adaptable. The roof of the cabin is made of metal, but you can also choose shingles. There are different roof styles you can choose from. Hurricane ties and other features are included in the floor and wall system. You can select a variety of colors for the stain or paint. Our cabins have tall walls, and other characteristics make it a climate-controlled space. Once the cabin is ready, you can customize the interior. 

Quick and hassle-free delivery

Delivery is quick and hassle free, and no site preparation is required. The sturdy wooden foundation is used to construct the permanent cabins. The wood is resistant to termites and fungal decay. But we also manufacture customized portable cabins. We offer a 15-year limited warranty and free shipping within 50 miles. Our backyard structures are constructed locally and then brought to the location. The limited warranty on metal roof paints is 10 years. A limited-lifetime manufacturing warranty covers skids, siding, and floor joists. SturdiShed adheres to green or eco-friendly techniques. 

Explore our rent-to-own option

SturdiShed offers financing because we know that every person has a different financial situation. You might not want to pay upfront, but still own a shed or a cabin. SturdiShed offers rent-to-own options that do not require credit and offer much flexibility. Owning a loft cabin of any size you want is incredibly simple. We offer early payoff choices and get discounts. To safeguard the investment with a loss damage waiver. You can access your account at any time, and you can get live support during business hours. Make affordable payments over 36 or 60 months with this program.

Last words

Understand and conduct a market survey before buying a cabin shell. SturdiShed presents pre-built cabins made with high-quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship.

The design options for your own lofted cabin are virtually limitless. Use your cabin as a space to escape from daily mundane life. You can also enjoy inside your cabin space with your family or friends. Having a lofted cabin can be handy. SturdiShed cabins with lofts are functional and affordable. We promise to provide affordable solutions for your backyard and make you happy. 

Reach out to our team. Design your own lofted cabin and request a quote.

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