Sturdi Shed Helps Darla Provide for Her Family

December 16th, 2020
Sturdi Shed Helps Darla Provide for Her Family

When Darla Yarnold needed a way to provide for her family, she settled on starting a dog grooming business near Joshua, TX.

Darla loves dogs, and the new venture gave her a way to support her family. Fast forward about five years, and Darla’s Dog Grooming had outgrown the small building she was in. So she began the search for the perfect new building.

With Sturdi Shed, she found just the building she wanted. As soon as she stepped inside, she knew it was the one. “I walked in it, and it felt like home,” she says.

Her building is the Sturdi Shed 14×24 Cabin Shell. It has five windows and two residential-style walk doors. Darla likes to have a fun and colorful atmosphere at her business, so she painted the exterior a bright green. She positioned her new cabin shell next to the shed she had been using and connected the two with a short hallway.

They finished out the interior with insulation, electrical, and drywall. With the help of family members and some resourcefulness, Darla was able to finish out her building for slightly over $3000, including the A/C unit.

Darla loves her Sturdi Shed building. The payment options were a good fit, and the quality of the building is great.

“I would like to thank Sturdi Shed for the ability to provide for my family,” she says, “Because, without the building, I couldn’t make a living for my family.”

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