Hone Your Dealership Skills with SturdiShed’s Impeccable Shed Dealership Program

November 7th, 2023
Hone Your Dealership Skills with SturdiShed’s Impeccable Shed Dealership Program

Nowadays, shed dealerships are growing by leaps and bounds. The essence of a shed dealership has grown so much that many aspiring and existing entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to make good capitalization and revenue. Shed dealership allows a dealer to extend their businesses and increase their sales in a short period. Today, individuals are showing interest in owning a portable shed for various purposes, including hobby spaces, gardening, workshops, vacation rentals, etc. If you are, too, wondering to run a business and earn a steady income, become a portable building dealer, and get magnificent results. 

Significance of Becoming a Portable Building Dealer-Get Better Leads 

It is a win-win situation when you become a portable building dealer, and that, too, is a zero investment. When you sell a portable shed at attractive rates to the customers, you earn better credibility and reputation. Whether you are planning to run a part-time or full-time business, selling backyard portable sheds proves to be a cornerstone in your entrepreneurial journey. With the changing landscape in the commerce industry, a well-custom-made portable shed caters to every need and requirement of a customer. Storage shed businesses can network with clients and gain complete freedom of working with a few loyal or a hundred clients. The portable shed dealership’s income becomes predictable depending on the number of clients you have dealt with. This makes the outlook and financial planning even more seamless. 

Partner with SturdiShed’s Dealership Program and Take Your Business to the Next Level 

SturdiShed has over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry. Our portable sheds have successfully exceeded the International Building Codes, making it easy to get permits or HOA approvals. We intend to grow your business with our insightful and profitable dealership programs. We offer a variety of portable sheds with unique customizations. Our low start-up cost allows you to start your business with zero investment. Our enriching training and support programs feature routing visits, in-person dealer meetings, and value-added training. Our professionals work on the monthly base pay per unit. SturdiShed’s quarterly bonuses keep you and your team focussed on repeated success along with the annual achievement level bonuses. 

Know the Features of SturdiShed’s Storage Shed 

We, SturdiShed, take pride in providing you with quality-assured portable sheds that are easily customizable and assembled. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a superior ventilation system that keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. Besides, the storage sheds have vent screens that prevent bug intrusion. The storage sheds have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring- which make the structures 100% weatherproof. The storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that gives a lifetime of appearance and protection to the storage sheds. Furthermore, the storage sheds are crafted with the highest quality building materials that protect the storage shed from termite damage and fungal decay. 

Final Words-Wrapping Up 

Get in touch with SturdiShed and become a portable building dealer right away. You can consult our professionals and know more about the dealership programs. Make $10k-$30k as extra income with Sturdished’s dealership programs. All our storage sheds are manufactured with green manufacturing practices and techniques, which denote the eco-friendliness of the structures. Please book your free consultation now.

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