Horses vs. Horsepower

Tim and Michelle Brown, along with their daughter Brooke love horses. When you have horses, you need a tack room of some kind. For a while, Tim’s shop did double duty as both a tack room and a home mechanic’s garage, but it wasn’t ideal.


Michelle and Brooke wanted a space they could dedicate to feed, saddles, and all things animal. Michelle shopped a few different options, but couldn’t find the specific roof style and color that she wanted until she visited our Cresson Sturdi-Shed dealer.


Although they were originally looking for a 10×12 ft shed, they realized they could upgrade to a Sturdi-Shed 10×16 Utility for very little additional money. They settled on the Hunter Green metal roof, Cream Delight base, and Blackened Pine trim colors. 


Inside the shed, they spread an area rug on the floor and added saddle racks and shelving. The result is a pleasing, spacious space with easy access to all the riding gear.


The ladies of the family have achieved their mission.


“It’s easy for us, because we have our own separate little spaces now,” says Brooke. “And that’s what we love about it.”