Linda’s, She Shed – An abode to relax and spend happy time with her grandchildren

November 22nd, 2022
Linda’s, She Shed – An abode to relax and spend happy time with her grandchildren

She-sheds' popularity is on the rise because women are looking for secure and comfortable places to relax and be themselves. Shed for girls/women answers the classic man cave concept. These days, women are transforming backyard spaces into compact She-Sheds where they can escape from daily mundane life and breathe easily. Those who have empty yard spaces are trying to purchase one. If you have a spacious backyard, you can have a she-shed close to your existing garage or storage shed. It can be either on a foundation or a portable one. 

Linda's She-Shed Story

Here is the story of Linda, who longed for and dreamt of a she-shed. Andrews, her loving husband, surprised her with one from SturdiShed. 

Linda and Andrews are a couple who reside in Texas. The husband owns a garage space in the yard. The wife has been asking for a 'She Shed' for the last few months. Finally, one day she saw her shed approaching her driveway. Linda was surprised and elated that she would finally have a space. She wanted the she-shed to be more like a cozy cabin space with a rustic appeal. Linda wanted a calm, light-blue ceiling color to soak the serenity vibe. There is a nice kitchen space where she placed a sink and a mini fridge to store juices and drinks. It was Linda's perfect space for reading, watching movies and taking an afternoon nap. She has grandchildren who take an interest in playing card games and painting inside the shed. 

The features inside the She-Shed

The husband had a conversation with the SturdiShed experts to explain the requirements. We offer our clients an array of designs and plenty of customized options. He ordered a customized size because Linda loves spacious interiors. The shed has a porch in front, a French door, and window boxes. The structure came with continuous eave vents, a door with hurricane ties on the walls/floors, heavy-duty hinges, a metal door threshold, 6" locking barrel bolts, 16" wall studs and double wall studs every 4 inches. 

SturdiShed has a team of expert drivers who transport the prefab sheds to the client's location. There is a separate team that completes the installation on time. 

Our proven process – How we collaborated with Andrews

The client is satisfied to own a she-shed with a solid build and impressive finish. We collaborated with Andrews to discuss the project requirements and goals, and we kept working on the design and made necessary changes till he was content. Andrews confirmed the order and we will let you know an installation date. Our experts completed the on-site installation and did the clean-up job. We handed over the keys to his wife, Linda. 

Get a warranty on our products

If you are looking for a backyard structure, consult with our team of professionals for the right solution. We manufacture lofted barns, storage sheds, garages, cabins, cabin shells, garden sheds, utility sheds, etc. You can also design your own shed and add other options and features. SturdiShed assures clients with professional post-production support and a 15-year warranty. 

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