Modern garden shed customization ideas – Let it stand out in the neighborhood

November 24th, 2022
Modern garden shed customization ideas – Let it stand out in the neighborhood

Modern garden sheds need not be simple structures. Instead, it could be the centerpiece of your yard and an elegant outdoor retreat where you want to spend the whole summer season.  

Garden sheds - From storing garden tools to being an escape space 

Having a garden shed in the yard can be a fantastic idea. Your shed can be positioned close to your lawn or garden to store tools like chisels, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment. A shed adds a defining element and charm to your garden. Backyard spaces can be a quaint escape from hectic daily life. 

A few common uses of a garden shed

There are several reasons to invest in a garden shed. Some of the trending uses are:

  • It is a fantastic idea for garden storage or use as a potting shed
  • It could be a cozy workspace away from home
  • It can be your gym or studio
  • Use it as a hobby space 
  • Declutter your garage space effectively
  • Adds aesthetics to your yard and value to your property

Customized sheds - Choose any size

A shed can be any size, but the space inside should be utilized wisely. A basic shed can measure around 8 ft x 12 ft and larger sheds measure a minimum of 12 ft x 20 ft. It should have a window that faces the sunlight, maximum floor space and sufficient headroom so that you can walk around. You can customize the interior décor according to your requirements. Outdoor storage sheds built inside a factory have a level of consistency and stringent quality control. 

Interesting garden shed ideas – from the SturdiShed experts 

Here are some of SturdiShed’s garden shed ideas that will add life to your backyard or garden:

  • Garden shed with rustic charm This must not be flashy but has an old and rustic appeal. We customize the exterior that speaks of old times and glorifies the gothic times. For instance, the windows can be tall, curved and have an arch. The roof should have countryside appeal and the paint need not be of any bright shade. We prefer manufacturing sheds that have a clean and simple yet modern look. 
  • Eco-Friendly modern garden sheds – Have a beautiful and modern shed in the garden. You can use it as a man cave, she-shed, hobby space or living space. Install a new shed or turn an existing storage space into a modern garden shed. SturdiShed uses environment-friendly materials to build sheds.
  • A shed can be the garden centerpiece – Give life to your backyard and garden by installing a prefab shed in the center. Decorate it and add life to the shed by implementing creative landscaping. For instance, A garden shed with a pointed high and sloping roof gives the vintage appeal. They are a stylish addition to your garden. 
  • Turn a garden shed into a greenhouse – Modify your old garden shed by turning it into a greenhouse. Have electrical connections because you require heat to warm the plants and vegetable crops. Cover a portion of your shed with plastic or glass to allow sunlight inside. 
  • Let your garden shed blend with nature - Do you want your garden shed to harmonize with nature? You can add nice decorations to the space that is nestled amidst nature. For example, a shed with green accents and trims blends flawlessly with nature. Keep nice decorating plants around the shed, or plant beautiful vines. Use certain dark colors on the exterior that will blend well with nature. 

These inspiring gardens shed ideas that might help you whether you are looking for something rustic, classy, or a combination of both.

SturdiShed – a journey of more than 100 years

SturdiShed has been manufacturing modern outdoor storage sheds for more than 100 years. We have years of shed-building experience combined with the skill of understanding customer requirements. A modern shed is a way to add contemporary flair to your landscape. SturdiShed makes it easy for you to find an ideal shed. 

Final words

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