Office or Man Cave?

Jeff Summers is a real estate investor who lives in rural Fort Worth. His home office worked well until his wife started working from home several days a week as well, and began sharing his office space.


Jeff needed a separate space where he could stay organized without fear of having his papers re-shuffled or relocated while he was away. On the way home from town one night, Jeff swung in at his local Sturdi Shed dealer. “Those buildings were pretty impressive,” he says.


He settled on a Sturdi Shed 10×12 ft Utility Shed with a single entry door. Although it’s an office, he wanted it to feel like a man cave. 


After his building was delivered, Jeff and his buddy got to work. They installed rustic cedar on the walls and roof. The floor is solid oak tongue and groove flooring. Jeff used some of the flooring material to make a long counter top for his tax paperwork.


He installed LED lights overhead, and a heat/cool unit to keep things comfy year around. A refrigerator, a screen door for natural ventilation, and a redwood deck are still on his to-do list.


Jeff estimates he spent less than $2000, including the air conditioning unit, to finish out and furnish his office/man cave.


Jeff is very pleased with his Sturdi Shed office. “I used to do construction years ago,” he says. “They actually know what they’re doing and they really build a nice building. I highly recommend the building.”


He hopes to purchase another Sturdi Shed building in the future. “This won’t be my last Sturdi Shed,” he says. “I guarantee it.”