Redefining Interior Design Consultancy Space with a Storage Shed

May 2nd, 2024
Redefining Interior Design Consultancy Space with a Storage Shed

Embarking on a journey of interior design consultancy is a game-changer in the booming industry. You have to put your best foot forward in delivering the right skills and expertise to your clients. When you begin your interior design consultancy, you need a dedicated workspace where you can discuss, build a vision board, and plan to achieve accuracy. In such a scenario, opting for sheds for sale in Texas is the most practical decision. There is nothing to rent a coworking space or hop around cafes for client meetings when you can create a consultancy space in your backyard. 

Designing an Interior Design Consultancy Space with SturdiShed’s Storage Shed  

An ideal interior design consultancy space is not just about exhibiting charm and elegance. It should also showcase functionality. At SturdiShed, we bring you the most practical designed sheds for sale in Texas that cater to your specific needs and requirements. We customize the storage shed based on size, type, layout, siding, exterior coloring, electrical, and accessories. For instance, if you would like to have a spacious shed for your interior design consultancy, we recommend you choose a 16x52x6 shed that offers you ample space to work in. 

Moreover, you can improve space optimization with useful storage essentials. Incorporate the shed with shelves, drawers, cabinets, and pegboards. This way, you can prevent clutter and manage your workspace in an organized manner. 

Key Features of SturdiShed’s Storage Shed 

When you invest in SturdiShed’s storage shed, you get the perfect blend of appeal, space efficiency, and functionality. All our storage sheds are painted with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint, giving an enhanced look to the storage sheds. Furthermore, you can improve the aesthetics of your shed by adding ergonomic yet stylish furniture, attractive light fixtures, and indoor plants. SturdiShed pays close attention to safety for a comfortable environment. We design ventilated storage sheds that keep interiors 20 cooler. This allows you to work comfortably and save on climate control costs. Besides, they are built with hurricane ties on roofs and flooring that can withstand termite damage, fungal decay, and harsh weather conditions. 

Hassle-Free Delivery of Storage Sheds 

At SturdiShed, all our storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Codes-you can easily obtain the permits for your trouble-free shed placement. We have in-house professional drivers who position the shed with utmost care and attention. In case of a narrow passway, our builders are there to assemble the shed for a small fee. We charge no fee for delivering the sheds within 50 miles. 

Say no to Finance Stress-Discover Our Rent-to-Own Program 

Do you have trouble obtaining the shed due to a limited financial budget? With SturdiShed’s rent-to-own program, you enjoy no long-term commitment and easy shed ownership. Receive early pay-off discounts and no penalties once you own our shed. Make affordable repayments for 36 to 60 months, and you are liable to own the shed. 

Wrapping Up-Conclusion 

Contact SturdiShed today and discover our range of sheds for sale in Texas. Book a free consultation today where you can discuss our project requirements with our experts today. Place your order now.

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