Splashing Creativity: A Complete Guide on Turning a Shed into an Art Studio

September 22nd, 2023
Splashing Creativity: A Complete Guide on Turning a Shed into an Art Studio

Are you a painter or a budding porter looking for more room to hone creativity? Sometimes, you need help with showcasing your art and craft creations due to space crunch. In such a case, remodeling a shed into an art and craft studio comes in handy. Converting a simple storage shed into a fully equipped art studio gives you a dedicated space to sharpen your artistic skills and showcase your crafts to the people. Before looking for sheds for sale in Texas, it is important to study how to create a full-fledged art studio. In this blog, we have featured some of the essential tips that help you convert the storage shed into a creative hub practically. 

  1. Research the Right Ways to Position the Shed 

Add a few extra inches to your dimensions when figuring out the space in your backyard for an art studio. This space will later be used for maintenance purposes. Examine the unwanted shrubs or trees that could further block access to your studio or light entering the space. It is always important to maintain a certain distance from your home. However, placing the storage shed further away costs you more regarding utilities. For instance, WiFi signals may not reach your shed from your home and cost you more while laying electricity cables. 

  1. Emphasize the Kind of Accessories and Furniture 

Your furniture and accessories greatly determine the kind of art and craft studio you want to have. For instance, if you are a jewelry maker and you use equipment consisting of heating elements, you need a flameproof workbench where you craft jewelry seamlessly. Besides, if you are a sculptor, you need a clean and ventilated area to sculpt and showcase your finished works. When building an art studio, the storage shed should have drawers and shelves to store stationery items, painting equipment, and other craft items. This way, you can prevent cluttering of items and keep the shed in spic and span condition. 

  1. Determine the Direction of Windows 

The direction where you want to install the shed largely depends on the amount of light you need. Many art studios have north-facing windows that allow natural light to pass through. North-facing windows allow you to work on your art in a better way due to the presence of ample light. 

  1. Seek Ventilation 

You can only expect to have a full-fledged art studio if it has a good ventilation system. The absence of ventilation leads to the moisture growing, activating mildew and fungal infestation inside the shed. SturdiShed’s storage sheds are worth the investment because of their effective ventilation. The sheds have a superior ventilation system, which cools the interior by 20 degrees. Furthermore, the sheds have vent screens that prevent the intrusion of bugs from entering. 

SturdiShed-Leading-Edge Provider of Storage Sheds in Texas 

SturdiShed has over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry. We take immense pride in designing storage sheds for sale in Texas built with real-time construction and the finest quality craftsmanship. We believe in the quality control processes and superior manufacturing techniques to build quality-assured storage sheds. Our professionals follow green manufacturing techniques and practices while designing the storage shed. 

Years of Experience in Crafting Well-Versed Sheds 

SturdiShed’s storage sheds are designed with superior construction and craftsmanship- they are built to last for generations. All our storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Code, making it easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. The structures are designed with hurricane ties on the roof and flooring- they can bear harsh climatic conditions. 

Check Out Flexible Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed offers the most flexible rent-to-own program, where you get easy ownership. We offer early payoff options with no prepay penalties, as well as low payments for 36 or 60 months. Protect your valuable investment with the Loss Damage Waiver Program. 

Final Words 

Get in touch with SturdiShed today and get your personalized storage sheds for sale in Texas. You can book a free consultation to discuss storage shed requirements with us. Request a quotation.

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