Sturdi Shed Cabin Shell Becomes Lake House

Larry and Shelly Hutson recently had the opportunity to purchase a lake lot near Teague, TX. Their idea was to place a small home on the lot that could serve as a vacation home. Larry is pretty capable when it comes to DIY, so the couple started looking for a basic structure that they could finish out themselves.


With Sturdi Shed, they found the building they were looking for. They settled on a 16 x 44 ft gable cabin shell, as well as a 12 x 20 ft garage for their motorcycles. 


They designed the layout themselves before they purchased the cabin shell so that the windows would be in the correct places. The cabin features two bedrooms, a full bathroom, as well as a full kitchen and living room. To save space, they installed a tankless water heater and used sliding barn doors.


One of the big challenges of a small space is storage, so Larry built a full-length deck with storage space underneath the deck. Another unique feature is that the garage has a “doggy palace” built on the backside for the couple’s two dogs.


The couple watched home design shows for inspiration, and it shows. The cabin has a modern vibe with a rustic flair, perfect for a home by the lake.


Larry and Shelly are happy with their cabin and would definitely recommend Sturdi Shed to other buyers.