Sturdi Shed Cabin Shell Becomes Music Room

After Gary Prewitt moved onto his retirement property in east Texas, he needed a space where he could both play music and workout.


Along with his wife Mary, he began shopping for different storage shed brands. Gary liked the quality of the paint and the heavy-duty construction he found on the Sturdi Shed models. He settled on a 14 x 28 ft Gable Cabin Shell with a porch.


To make his new man cave comfortable, Gary installed electrical, insulation, wall paneling, and laminate flooring. To keep costs down and to go along with the rustic look, Gary cut 4×8 ft sheets of floor underlayment (thin plywood) in half and used them as ceiling panels.


Outside he installed skirting, which helps keep critters out and makes the building more energy-efficient. Gary is pleased that it only takes one electric heater to keep the building comfortable.


Gary has a sizeable collection of vinyl records that he finds at garage sales. He then digitizes the old albums, making so he can enjoy the tunes on his phone. His ritual is to digitize two LP records per day, which takes 1 ½ hours. During that time he does his cardio workout.


For Gary, his new Sturdi Shed is not just about having a fun retirement,  it’s also about living a healthier lifestyle.