Sturdi Shed Garage Holds Lab Samples

Integrity Biochem is a biofluid company that produces and manufactures chemicals. They recently moved into an industrial facility outside of Godley, Texas. The property had an existing manufacturing building and office building. The back of the office building was configured as a shop, so they converted half of the shop into a laboratory.


With less space in the office building, the staff at Integrity decided they needed some additional storage space to hold lab samples. 


Lee Manning is the plant manager. He oversees manufacturing, as well as the upgrades to the facility. He stopped in at our location in Godley and learned about how we construct our buildings. He also looked at a competitor’s buildings, but he felt that Sturdi Shed offered a shed that was more robust and would meet their needs better.


They decided on a 10×24 ft garage. While that isn’t a standard size, we were able to customize the building to meet their needs.


The guys at Integrity decided to locate their new shed at the back of the office, a short walk from the lab. The shed is outfitted with some shelving for storage, and a roll-up door gives them options for easy access. They store both small chemical samples and five-gallon buckets.


“I would recommend Sturdi Shed for your storage needs. The product is good — its quality and the company is easy to work with,” says Lee.