SturdiShed’s dealership program – Partner with us like Mr.Philip has done

January 30th, 2023
SturdiShed’s dealership program – Partner with us like Mr.Philip has done

Mr. Philip, who used to work at a reputable company's sales and marketing department, lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was feeling extremely unfortunate and was desperately searching for a job. The market was so bad that he could not find one and waited a few more months. He came to us with his friend, completely shattered and hopeless. His friend worked with us as a shed dealer and had his job intact even after bad times during the pandemic. We offered Mr. Philip not a job but a business offer of becoming a portable building dealer

No capital investment needed

He started all over again with sheer confidence. We enrolled him in our training and interactive dealership programs. Learning is the most important part to play and has no age barrier. Mr. Philip was relieved that there was no capital investment needed. He could earn only by showcasing his marketing skills and hard work. When you partner with SturdiShed, it seems easier to sell because we have a reputation in the market that requires less convincing. Our dealers will provide buildings for display, delivery, and setup for the customers. 

Earn huge commissions

By becoming a SturdiShed dealer, you have the opportunity to earn $10k - $30k annually. This is an extra income if you pursue any other job or business. But Mr. Philip is focused and is making big money now. There is scope for earning commission for each building you sell, so there is unlimited income potential. We also offer the customers the rent-to-own option. But you will be paid the whole commission, which is based on the entire price of the building. You can aim higher for more income because the results will vary based on your efforts. We give you space to grow exponentially. 

Aim for the Annual achievement bonus

SturdiShed offers advertising and support. We are one of the leaders in the trade of portable storage buildings. We provide different promotional materials for social media outlets. We offer training and support for the dealers and a business platform for your operation. We offer great compensation to the dealers. We bring you the monthly base pay per unit, where you can earn commissions. Work harder to achieve the quarterly bonus, and then there are annual achievement-level bonuses. 

Be a part of our team 

SturdiShed is more than 100 years old, so we have a rich experience. Our sheds and other backyard buildings come with a 15-year limited warranty. We now have a newly structured dealership program that can offer maximum success. A SturdiShed dealer should actively promote your shed business. You should be interested in promoting SturdiShed's structures via social media and catering to customer needs. Join our network to become a portable building dealer and be a part of the winning team. 

Final thoughts

The process of becoming a certified dealer needs just dedication and time. More than thousands of families are part of this program. If you are a motivated marketing person in Texas, we would like to talk to you. Visit our website, and fill out the form to get started.

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