Smith is the kind of person who keeps collecting antique objects and souvenirs. He has been planning for a space to pursue his passion of owning his own storage setup. He has a small storage corner inside his house, but it is overflowing. He reached us finally when he decided to declutter his property and shift everything there. Smith wanted to have a garden shed to keep things organized. He browsed many companies that manufacture sheds and cabins. Finally, he chose SturdiShed to build a custom storage building for him. We help our clients to choose the right kind of storage house for sale by sharing complete information about our range of products and the benefits of having a storage shed in your yard. 

Easy delivery process

Smith was impressed with the hassle-free delivery process. We have a team of drivers who unload the structure and place it in the yard. Smith has a tight space but we asked him not to worry because we have the necessary equipment to help navigate the structure to the right spot. There is nothing to be nervous about because if our trailer cannot access the delivery site, we will use a machine known as ‘the mule’ to transport the building to the location. We only charge a little if the delivery is beyond 50 miles. The sheds are set up on a foundation or trailer. The foundation is a wooden and permanent one. Minimal site preparation is needed, which is elevated from the ground with proper drainage. 

SturdiShed  – Offering excellence

SturdiShed’s outdoor storage sheds have the power to revolutionize your property with functionality and beauty. We promise you a prefab storage shed that will last for many years. Our structures are made using high-end craftsmanship. We have more than 100 years of experience in building various types of backyard structures. You can design your own outdoor garden shed in a few steps. We have all types of structures to suit your needs. SturdiShed uses a wide selection of models, materials, and customizations. We want to create a solution that will exceed your expectations. All products and structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. 

Need more time to be ready to pay upfront? We have a rent-to-own option

Smith was one of them who needed more time to be ready to pay upfront. Paying upfront is not mandatory when you invest in a SturdiShed structure. We have for you the friendliest rent-to-own program in the USA. We understand how important financing is because no investment is small for homeowners and you might have too many commitments. When you invest in different types of outdoor storage sheds, you do not have to pay heavy rents or mortgages. Our rent-to-own program offers no long-term commitment, and no credit is needed. You can make monthly, fixed payments for up to 60 months. You can make a very low-down payment. Applying for financing is simple and there is no credit check.

Final thoughts 

We are a team of dedicated people to cater to your storage requirements. We bring you a selection of materials, models, and customizations for storage buildings in the USA. Please get in touch with us and discuss your queries. 

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The key to installing a garden shed is to place all your gardening supplies and tools in one place. A garden shed is perfect for organizing your gardening equipment and minimizing decluttering. You do not have to think twice about where you have left the gardening tools after finishing your gardening activity. When you invest in a garden shed, you have to delve deep into the correct ways of positioning. This blog has featured some key considerations that help you correctly place the garden shed. 

  • Check the Ground Level 

The first and foremost thing to consider for positioning the garden shed is to check the ground level. A well-leveled ground ensures your garden shed will not collapse due to abrupt climatic conditions. 

  • Proximity to Fences and Trees 

We recommend not placing such outdoor storage sheds next to trees, shrubs, fences, and building structures. This will amplify the chance of mold and mildew growth inside the garden shed. Moreover, positioning near water bodies might cause water leaks and dampness during heavy rains. Moisture seeps through walls which causes cracking, chipping off, and delamination of shed interiors. 

  • Ensure Robust Foundation 

We advise installing a garden shed on a gravel pad with no overhanging branches nearby. A strong foundation is important as it prevents the garden shed from sinking during the rainy season. 

  • Know the Sun Exposure 

Keep in mind the direction of the sun. If you are putting up a garden shed that is exposed directly to the sun, it will heat the shed interiors to a great extent—too much heat exposure causes some items and equipment to melt down.

Rely Upon SturdiShed for Investing in High-Grade Storage Sheds 

We, SturdiShed, are one of the prominent suppliers of outdoor storage sheds in the USA. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry, known for manufacturing state-of-the-art storage sheds. We manufacture a wide range of storage sheds, including lofted barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, lofted and gable cabin shells, etc. Our storage sheds have 15 years of limited warranty that do not undergo frequent repairs, refinishing, or replacement issues. 

SturdiShed’s storage sheds have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Our storage sheds meet International Building Codes, which are easy to get HOA approvals. Our storage sheds are built with superior craftsmanship that can last for generations. In addition, SturdiShed’s storage sheds have a permanent wood foundation that can prevent termite damage or fungal decay. 

Fast and Free Delivery of Storage Sheds 

Our credible team of professionals delivers outdoor storage sheds with accurate precision and care. We also assemble the storage shed for just a minimal fee. 

Avail Flexible Rent-to-Own Program and Stop Paying Upfront 

SturdiShed offers a flexible and genuine rent-to-own program that features no long-term commitment. We offer you early pay-off options with no prepay penalties. Complete your payment seamlessly within 36 or 60 months. Besides, you can protect your investment with our Loss Damage Waiver program. 

Get Your Customized Storage Shed Online 

At SturdiShed, you can go through our five proven design steps, which feature design consultation, collaboration, building, installation, and post-project follow-up. Please request a free consultation today. 

Do you require a nudge to start gardening? Sometimes, all we need is a little motivation to pursue our hobby. Lack of organization due to the shortage of space can be a hindrance. Therefore, you need to have a separate space near the garden zone. 

Place the shed next to the garden area

A garden shed is a tiny structure used for storage and is generally located in the backyard. These structures are mainly used to store garden tools, garden equipment, decorations, handyman’s tools, bicycles, and other items. Store sharp objects inside the shed and keep your kids and pets safe. Garden sheds can offer stunning aesthetics and elegance to your yard. A well-maintained garden requires a variety of tools and various planting materials. The garden area or the yard will look cluttered if you throw gardening components, bags of soil and other tools here and there. Owning a garden shed helps improve the garden space’s beauty and increase your property’s value.

A garden shed interior that helps in keeping things organized

A garden shed contains storage areas, racks, hooks and shelves specially designed for proper organization and storage to keep your garden space functioning. Erect a shed adjacent to your garden for easy and quick access to all tools and resources. The structure should blend well with the property and stand out from the rest. Find a local prefab shed manufacturer in Texas for top-quality and customized sheds. A backyard space helps to enhance outdoor experiences. 

Proper ventilation and a solid foundation

Proper ventilation is essential for any outdoor storage shed. It can keep the interior cooler and helps to save on climate control costs. This keeps condensation away, preventing mold or leaks. We use premium paint for protection and good appearance. Our sheds are built on a foundation with little site preparation. The foundation is protected against termite damage and fungal decay. There is no need for a concrete pad. The foundation is raised from the ground for proper drainage. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

SturdiShed offers a fast and free delivery service to those within 50 miles, and we charge small fees for distances beyond that. We have an expert driver who delivers with care at your exact location. You can get it assembled onsite for a nominal fee. All our sheds and backyard buildings have a 15-year lifetime warranty. 

Premium craftsmanship and engineering

SturdiShed builds the perfect outdoor storage shed for anyone looking for additional space. You can also use these as a home office, hobby studio, cottage, barn or garage space. These are available within the budget and have numerous customization options. We have been dedicated to manufacturing sheds and other backyard structures for more than a century. We assure you of flawless craftsmanship in the industry, solid engineering, and strict quality control. 

Enjoy gardening everyday

Gardening can be a stress-reliever activity but it needs a little more attention. Planting crops, watering them, and watching them grow boosts overall mental health. Many people who love connecting with nature have a beautiful garden area and a garden shed.

Final words

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Outdoor storage sheds are immensely flexible structures. They can be used for a variety of purposes and can be customized to fit your unique requirements. Have a garden shed if you have a garden next to the yard and have plenty of lawn equipment to store. It is a great way to keep all garden tools arranged and secure. 

The exterior of your property creates the first impression. It is one of the first things people notice. Piling gardening tools in front of the garage makes the yard space look messy. A cluttered exterior hampers the resale value of the property. Instead, having an outdoor storage shed in the yard blends with the rest of the property. 

Shed on foundation and portable ones

SturdiShed’s outdoor storage sheds are durable yet lightweight. We have drivers who transport the structure to your location. We have a team of installers who complete the installation process on time. Quality is one of the primary factors when shopping for sheds. You get sheds on foundation and portable ones. Our team works on offering a sturdy wooden foundation for complete safety. The outdoor storage sheds are installed off soil and have an elevated drainage system to prevent corrosion. It has a strong foundation to prevent wobbling and shifting. The structures on wheels do not require much groundwork. 

Innovative backyard solutions SturdiShed

We welcome you to SturdiShed. We specialize in small backyard buildings that include lofted cabins, barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, modern sheds, garages, etc. We offer you the kind of space that you need. Our sheds have not just a roof and four walls but are customized for your specific purpose. We have been designing innovative backyard solutions for almost a century. Our backyard structures are for those who value architectural integrity, premium materials, and superb craftsmanship. All homeowners and builders in Texas prefer our outbuildings. We have an interactive team to answer all your shed-related queries. 

Are you planning to own a shed soon? 

We bring you our in-house-lease purchase program. Ours is the most flexible rent-to-own program in Texas. There is no credit needed, no long-term commitment, and easy ownership. There are early pay-off options and you get discounts and protect your investment with the Loss Damage Waiver. Access your account 24/7, we offer superior customer service and make affordable payments within 60 months or 36 months. Now owning a garden shed is simple with our friendly rent-to-own program in Texas. 

The ‘Design Yours’ concept 

Do you have plans to design your garden shed? SturdiShed gives you the scope to do that in 5 simple steps. Choose the model and the size, select doors and windows, pick exterior colors, personalize them, and select a payment plan. We install additional features if needed. Building a DIY shed completely from scratch can be extremely daunting. SturdiShed offers customized prefab structures that relieve homeowners from all hassle.  

Get in touch with us

Do not worry about the permits and the zoning laws. We have a professional team to handle those and all other legal restrictions in the city. Reach us with your queries and we will be happy to help. Place your order and get free delivery within 50 miles.

Modern garden sheds need not be simple structures. Instead, it could be the centerpiece of your yard and an elegant outdoor retreat where you want to spend the whole summer season.  

Garden sheds – From storing garden tools to being an escape space 

Having a garden shed in the yard can be a fantastic idea. Your shed can be positioned close to your lawn or garden to store tools like chisels, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment. A shed adds a defining element and charm to your garden. Backyard spaces can be a quaint escape from hectic daily life. 

A few common uses of a garden shed

There are several reasons to invest in a garden shed. Some of the trending uses are:

  • It is a fantastic idea for garden storage or use as a potting shed
  • It could be a cozy workspace away from home
  • It can be your gym or studio
  • Use it as a hobby space 
  • Declutter your garage space effectively
  • Adds aesthetics to your yard and value to your property

Customized sheds – Choose any size

A shed can be any size, but the space inside should be utilized wisely. A basic shed can measure around 8 ft x 12 ft and larger sheds measure a minimum of 12 ft x 20 ft. It should have a window that faces the sunlight, maximum floor space and sufficient headroom so that you can walk around. You can customize the interior décor according to your requirements. Outdoor storage sheds built inside a factory have a level of consistency and stringent quality control. 

Interesting garden shed ideas – from the SturdiShed experts 

Here are some of SturdiShed’s garden shed ideas that will add life to your backyard or garden:

  • Garden shed with rustic charm This must not be flashy but has an old and rustic appeal. We customize the exterior that speaks of old times and glorifies the gothic times. For instance, the windows can be tall, curved and have an arch. The roof should have countryside appeal and the paint need not be of any bright shade. We prefer manufacturing sheds that have a clean and simple yet modern look. 
  • Eco-Friendly modern garden sheds – Have a beautiful and modern shed in the garden. You can use it as a man cave, she-shed, hobby space or living space. Install a new shed or turn an existing storage space into a modern garden shed. SturdiShed uses environment-friendly materials to build sheds.
  • A shed can be the garden centerpiece – Give life to your backyard and garden by installing a prefab shed in the center. Decorate it and add life to the shed by implementing creative landscaping. For instance, A garden shed with a pointed high and sloping roof gives the vintage appeal. They are a stylish addition to your garden. 
  • Turn a garden shed into a greenhouse – Modify your old garden shed by turning it into a greenhouse. Have electrical connections because you require heat to warm the plants and vegetable crops. Cover a portion of your shed with plastic or glass to allow sunlight inside. 
  • Let your garden shed blend with nature – Do you want your garden shed to harmonize with nature? You can add nice decorations to the space that is nestled amidst nature. For example, a shed with green accents and trims blends flawlessly with nature. Keep nice decorating plants around the shed, or plant beautiful vines. Use certain dark colors on the exterior that will blend well with nature. 

These inspiring gardens shed ideas that might help you whether you are looking for something rustic, classy, or a combination of both.

SturdiShed – a journey of more than 100 years

SturdiShed has been manufacturing modern outdoor storage sheds for more than 100 years. We have years of shed-building experience combined with the skill of understanding customer requirements. A modern shed is a way to add contemporary flair to your landscape. SturdiShed makes it easy for you to find an ideal shed. 

Final words

Are you looking for a perfect shed? Get easy and flexible rent-to-own options. Talk to our experts today!

Having a nice garden means there would be ample tools that should be kept handy. These tools can take up a lot of space inside your home so it is good if you can have a separate space. A new garden shed is a worthwhile investment and a good quality one can last for decades, so it is important to choose the right shed to store your garden tools. Installing a backyard structure is a long-term investment. Make sure you choose a reputable company in Texas that manufactures sheds and take the time to gather your requirements and research your options. Let us know your needs and we will help you to choose the right garden shed.

Accessorize your garden shed

There are many types of outdoor storage sheds available that can be customized according to your needs and budget. A simple storage structure can serve different purposes. When you are adding accessories to a garden shed, there are plenty of options. You can have an attractive potting bench for placing nice pots with plants. You can also have a multi-purpose structure with ample versatility. You can have a shed for storing small garden items and furniture. There are also sheds for storing heavy garden equipment and other valuables. You can convert any shed into a workshop space by allowing more space, accessories like skylights, headroom, shelves, or tables. Garden sheds are available in different materials that include plastic, wood, composite, resin and metal.

We are SturdiShed experts

We have professional drivers who transport the sheds to your location and expert installers who complete the installation process.  There are different steps that are involved in preparing the foundation. We offer a solid wooden foundation for installing our outdoor storage sheds. You can design your own shed and ask us for additional features to fulfill your dreams. SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. Get free and fast delivery within 50 miles. We use eco-friendly materials because we care for the environment.

Avail our easy financing options

Our sheds are affordable and the specification plays a big role in determining the price of the structure. The bigger the shed size, the more expensive it is. Investing in SturdiShed’s garden shed is easy because we bring to you flexible financing. We have the rent-to-own option where no long-term commitment is needed. You do not need any credit and can avail discounts on early payoffs. Enjoy easy ownership and we protect your investment by offering loss damage waiver. You can make flexible payments within 36 months and 60 months. We are happy to serve you by manufacturing sheds and other backyard structures for you and your family.

Final words

Please get in touch with us for a backyard structure. Share your ideas with us and we will offer you customized outdoor storage sheds.

Sheds are useful in storing garden tools and other equipment like gardening supplies and lawn tractors, especially for items not suitable for indoors like pesticides, petrol or herbicides. A garden shed in the backyard increases the value of your property. When you have a garden shed, you can keep everything organized. You have a spacious storage area, shelves for storage. You should not place the tools here and there or pile them inside your house. When you have a shed, you have one organized place to store the tools. Place your garden shed adjacent to your garden to enable easy access to your daily gardening tools.

Have a separate space for storage

Do you have too many items to store inside your house? Why not consider having an affordable sizable garden shed in the backyard as an alternative storage option? Be careful about cheap sheds because the low-quality ones could be a burden. Invest in value-adding outdoor storage sheds from SturdiShed in Texas.

A shed can enhance the resale value of your house

A shed can increase the value of our property.  In case you are selling your house, the potential buyers won’t deal with the expense of fixing a shabby structure. A sturdy shed should be built with proper permits so that the buyer does not  have to undergo any legal liability.  

We offer customized storage and garden sheds

Having a garden shed creates a relaxing escape. Store your garden tools and improve the look and feel of your garden. We help you create a private space for you and your family and improve the aesthetics of your property. Explore the several benefits of a garden shed from SturdiShed. Our sheds are ideal for anyone who requires additional storage space, studio, backyard office, cottage or a hobby space. We have plenty of designs and various customization options. Wait no longer to have a perfect storage space for your requirements.

Invest in SturdiShed’s backyard structure

SturdiShed offers more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor storage sheds. Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on the paint on all metal roofs. We offer a lifetime limited warranty on skids, siding and floor joists. We showcase unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry and offer superior manufacturing and flawless quality control.  Our experts follow green manufacturing techniques and offer free and faster delivery within 50 miles. We leave no stones unturned in building a long-term relationship with you.

Why rent-to-own a garden shed?

We bring to you the most flexible rent-to-own options. There is no credit needed. You do not have to get into a long-term commitment. Experience easy ownership and plenty of other benefits in our financing plan. Make affordable payments within 36 or 60 months.

Final words

Our clients are our priority and we look forward to serving you. You can design your own outdoor shed. Discuss your project with us and we will be ready to help you. We promise you satisfaction.

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