Our structures enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard. All our sheds are set on elevated permanent wood foundations that need minimal site preparation. We offer sheds on foundation and wheels. At SturdiShed, we cater to our customers first and foremost.

Well-ventilated storage sheds

Our modern sheds in Texas offer a superior ventilation system to keep the building 20 degrees cooler so that you can work comfortably inside. This prevents condensation, there is no need to worry about mold and leaks. We use the finest exterior paint and can choose from various colors that come with a lifetime warranty. We showcase flawless craftsmanship, modern manufacturing, and a seamless quality control process. We use green manufacturing materials and eco-friendly practices.

Our rent-to-own options

Most do not like to pay upfront for a storage shed, so we have a solution for you. All our products are available for easy financing. This is the easiest and flexible way to own modern sheds in Texas. Our rent-to-own offers many advantages. There is no credit needed, which means you can utilize the credit for other purchases. It is a simple month to month agreement. Get easy ownership programs where you can own a shed after making the last scheduled payment and there are no extra purchase costs. There are no repayment penalties. Choose easy payment options within 36 to 84 months.

Delivering sheds for free within 50 miles

SturdiShed delivers nothing but quality as the products go through numerous checks prior to shipping. Generally, there are no transportation charges involved if your site is located within 50 miles. A minimum transportation charge is involved if the distance is beyond that. We have in-house drivers who not only deliver but also rightly position your shed at a desired spot within your premises. You can also hire a professional for an onsite building facility by paying a nominal amount. We have a huge stock of sheds and storage structures, so we would ask you to explore our online inventory. We are here to give you options of upgrading your backyard. Please refer to the SturdiShed website for more information and you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Book a consultation to discuss with our experts before you finalize a modern shed in Texas.

Storage sheds with 15-year warranty

SturdiShed has been doing business for more than 100 years. We customize storage sheds. We manufacture sheds of all types, layouts and sizes. Our products have a 15-year warranty and you get limited warranty on skids, joists, and siding. All our sheds are functional and have sheer aesthetics. All our sheds are set on permanent wood foundations that are treated for termites and mold. There is not much site preparation needed, so it saves you from hassle and excess work. You can opt for sheds on foundation as well as portable structures.

Final words

Design the shed of your dreams, and have it installed in the backyard for easy access to your outdoor living space. Get your ready backyard space that will be worth envying by installing a modern shed in Texas. You also have the options of designing your own storage shed. Request a quote.

Lisa owns a small house and a big backyard. She has already planned to use the backyard space for storage purposes. This is how she wants to make more space inside her house. It is an advantage to have a spacious backyard because you can have a modern shed in Texas. Do you have similar requirements to Lisa? A cutting-edge shed in Texas comes in various sizes and can be redone based on your needs. Many companies in the US manufacture backyard structures. While investing in a cutting-edge shed in Texas, consider expenses, styles, sizes, and different decisions.

Features of our modern sheds

Our modern sheds in Texas are made of high-quality materials. The sheds are established on wooden foundations that are protected against termites. Negligible site preparation is required to install the sheds. Our sheds have a well-equipped ventilation system that keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler. Well, this will help Lisa to save on climate-control costs. She was content not to worry about mold formation or leakages. Our modern sheds in Texas utilize premium outside paint that offers protection and enhances the exterior. We do not compromise on quality, so we are the #1 shed manufacturing company in Texas. 

Are you stressed over paying forthright?

Is paying a forthright installment a monetary pressure? SturdiShed offers a rent-to-own option with a lot of flexibility. Here are a few factors that are included in our rent-to-own program. 

  • No credit needed
  • There is no long-term commitment
  • Enjoy easy ownership
  • There are early payoff options, and you can get discounts

We offer proficient client support and access to your record day in and day out. You can make simple payments within 36 or 60 months. Lisa was happy to know about our rent-to-own program. 

Why trust SturdiShed?

SturdiShed has been eminent for manufacturing and assembling present-day modern sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our sheds are great for individuals who require extra room, a studio, a lodge, or a lawn office. We offer plenty of customization choices. We exhibit fine craftsmanship in the business and execute unrivaled assembling and severe quality control. We utilize eco-friendly techniques, so our sheds are environmentally-friendly. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our modern sheds in Texas are created for your extraordinary prerequisites, so there are not only four walls. Our sheds and other patio structures accompany a 15-year limited guarantee. SturdiShed structures are shipped via trained drivers, and we have a specialist group for completing the installation. The sheds are shipped for free within 50 miles. 

Get in touch with us

Are you planning to utilize your backyard similarly to Lisa’s? Do you want to know more about SturdiShed? Please follow our page on Facebook or Twitter. Reach us for more information on modern sheds in Texas and other types of backyard structures. Contact our team and get in touch with us.

Have you been looking for unique shed designs to make your yard stand out in your neighborhood? SturdiShed has created customized sheds, barns, and cabins. Our modern sheds in Texas give a distinctive and contemporary look and feel. For instance, imagine working from a unique home office or having a stunning garden shed in your backyard. A modern shed in Texas comes in different sizes and can be customized based on your requirements. While purchasing in a modern shed in Texas, consider factors like costs, styles, sizes, and other choices. SturdiShed structures are built to last for over a few decades. 

What size of the shed is good?

We customize sheds of different sizes and cater to your specific requirements. But a good size shed measures around 8 ft x 12 ft, or you can have a 12ft x 20 ft shed for a garage with a ramp. A modern shed is a great way to add a contemporary flair to your backyard. Choosing the right shed is a challenging decision. SturdiShed makes the process of finding one easier. You can rely on our years of shed-building experience to get your requirements. 

Are you interested in exploring our inventory? 

We manufacture and supply static as well as portable ones. The immovable ones are built on permanent wood foundations. They are made of the finest material, so they protect against termite damage. Minimal site preparation is needed, and the foundation is raised from the ground to help with easy drainage. Our modern sheds in Texas use the finest exterior paint, as you can choose from different colors. The framing is strong, and there is a superior ventilation system.

Are you worried about paying upfront?

Would making an upfront payment be a financial stress? SturdiShed brings to you the rent-to-own option offering ample flexibility. No credit is needed, no long-term commitment, easy ownership, early payoffs, and loss damage waiver. We offer professional customer service, access your account 24/7 and make easy repayments within 36 or 60 months.  

Free transportation and delivery

Why should you not build a shed but invest in prefab modern sheds in Texas? Our sheds are crafted for your special requirements, so they are not just four walls. Our sheds and other backyard structures come with a 15-limited warranty. SturdiShed’ sheds are transported by trained drivers, and we have an expert team for installation. The products are shipped for free within 50 miles. Our sheds are used for versatile applications. Design your shed in 5 easy steps. 

Why trust SturdiShed?

SturdiShed has been renowned for manufacturing modern sheds in Texas for over 100 years. Our sheds are ideal for anyone who require additional storage space, a studio, a cabin, or a backyard office. We offer plenty of customization options and showcase fine craftsmanship in the industry and implement superior manufacturing and stringent quality control. We use green manufacturing materials. 

Get in touchPlease follow our page on Facebook or Twitter. Contact us for more information about our backyard structures. Contact our team for a customized modern shed in Texas—request a quote.

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