If you have been working in a hybrid model for a time now, you are aware of the importance of having a dedicated space for working. Having a separate workspace would not keep you surrounded by spooky neighbors, uninviting household chores, and annoying, blaring noises of kids. Today, many creative folks find converting a storage shed in Texas into a backyard office shed a practical conversion and does not demand significant expenses. If you are a beginner in creating a backyard office shed, this blog guides you on the right ways of setting up an ideal backyard office shed in your backyard.  

  1. Choose the Location Wisely 

How your backyard office shed should be accessed is crucial in determining where it should be installed. Ensure the storage shed in Texas should be placed in the northern direction so that it gets direct sunlight. The inside of your backyard office shed remains well-lit, coming in from the northern opening. It is important to examine the boundary lines to ensure you will not be infringing on neighboring properties. Try to avoid placing the shed near walls, fences, etc. Lastly, check with your local ordinances for setting up the backyard shed rightfully. 

  1. Examining the Ground Conditions is Important 

During the placement of wood storage sheds in the backyard, soil conditions are often overlooked. We highly recommend avoiding low spots that become a puddle when it rains. SturdiShed advises clients to have a 2″ -4″ deep gravel leveled pad that helps their new shed withstand harmful drainage issues. 

  1. Opt for Attractive Aesthetics for Your Office Shed 

Your backyard office shed doesn’t necessarily have to exhibit a dull and monotonous appeal. You can make your backyard office shed stand out with stunning aesthetics. An attractive-looking backyard office shed increases the value of your home in the best possible way. You can make the interiors aesthetically pleasing by opting for bright, subtle shades. Add modern fixtures such as pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, and LED lights for enhanced appearance. 

  1. Considering Ventilation is Important 

You would not work in an environment that is filled with excessive dampness. You can alleviate the dampness issue by setting up a well-insulated storage shed. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have superior ventilation, keeping the interiors cooler by 20 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, you can greatly save on climate control costs. 

SturdiShed- Get a Premium Quality Storage Shed for Backyard Office Needs


We, SturdiShed, are a well-known and acclaimed manufacturer of storage sheds in Texas. We are known for manufacturing a myriad range of storage sheds, such as wood storage sheds, lofted barns, lofted and gable cabin shells, garden sheds, etc. SturdiShed has over 100 years of experience in the backyard industry and manufactures robust, well-ventilated, and environmentally friendly storage sheds. You can personalize the storage shed based on model size, roof style, siding material type, and other essential accessories. 

Timely Delivery of Storage Sheds 

Delivering your storage shed to your doorstep typically takes two to four weeks. The delivery of storage sheds greatly depends on the permitting requirements, scope of work, material availability, and production schedule. 

Final Words 

Contact SturdiShed today and get your personalized wood storage sheds online. Request a free consultation to know more about the storage sheds today.

The evolution of the gardening landscape has helped plant growers cultivate plants away from volatile climatic conditions. Indoor plant cultivation culture has spread like wildfire due to its tremendous benefits, including sustainability, zero risks of pesticides, harvesting good quality plants, etc. If you are keen on gardening and cultivating plants, consider installing a botanical greenhouse shed. Today, a botanical greenhouse shed offers a favorable environment for growing flowers and vegetables. Furthermore, designing such sheds offers extra storage space for storing equipment and gardening tools. Let us look at some tips and hacks that will help you transform the storage shed in Texas into an ideal botanical greenhouse shed. 

1. Considering Ventilation is Important 

Your plants need adequate fresh air to stay healthy. When fresh air is blocked inside the shed, mildew, and mold infestation occur and rot the plants completely. Besides, it affects the initial growth stages of the plants, which is a worrisome thing. Poor air circulation leads to the aggravation of moisture, which causes dampening issues inside the storage sheds. You can eliminate the dampness issue effectively by installing a ventilated botanical greenhouse shed. SturdiShed’s wood storage sheds are built with a good ventilation system. The sheds are manufactured to keep the interior 20 degrees cooler. The sheds consist of vent screens that prevent bug intrusion permanently. By having a well-ventilated shed, you can ensure hygienically safe cultivation of plants in a temperature-controlled space. 

2. Place Skylight in Shed’s Roof 

During indoor cultivation of plants, it is important to have ample light for better plant cultivation. You should always look for better alternatives that help you reduce the utility bill effectively. Installing a skylight on the shed’s roof is the perfect idea for effective indoor plant cultivation. We recommend placing the skylight in the middle with one edge placed against the rafter. 

3. Replace the Windows with Transparent Acrylic Sheets 

During winter, little light is passed through the windows, which is insufficient for indoor plant cultivation. Acrylic sheets are 17 times more robust and 50% more lightweight compared to traditional glass sheets. The sheets are strong enough to withstand abrasions and impacts. The sheets have high light transmittance properties that transmit and reflect light compared to glass. 

SturdiShed- Finest Manufacturer of Storage Sheds in Texas 

We, SturdiShed, are one of Texas’s acclaimed and premium manufacturers of wood storage sheds. We work tirelessly to give our customers top-quality storage sheds built with real-time construction and time-honored craftsmanship. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have adhered to or even exceeded the International Building Codes- they are easy to attain permits or HOA approvals. The storage sheds have hurricane ties on the flooring and roof, which allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions. The sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that offers a lifetime of appearance and protection. 

Easy Financing 

SturdiShed eases the financial stress of customers with its flexible rent-to-own program. Our rent-to-own program allows customers to avoid paying upfront. The program features no credit score checking and prepay penalties. Make an easy and affordable payment for a storage shed for 36 or 60 months. 

Last words 

Get in touch with SturdiShed and get a customized storage shed in Texas online. You can book your free consultation to learn more about us.

Have you been worried about malnourished plants quite lately? It must be a feeling of immense ache when you pour your entire heart into plant cultivation and end up seeing them in a mutilated state. With the paradigm shift in building design ideas, why not choose an area where you cultivate plants away from unpredictable climatic conditions? In such a situation, converting a storage shed in Texas into a practical greenhouse works best! Nowadays, homeowners turn a mere storage shed into a garden greenhouse shed with DIY modifications. If you are unfamiliar with having the right kind of garden greenhouse, reading this blog will help you gain insights. 

  1. Building Ventilation is Important

When you turn a storage shed in Texas into an impeccable garden greenhouse shed, ventilation holds great importance. When there is a good airflow, it lets plants breathe and nourish in the best possible way. SturdiShed has come up with well-ventilated storage sheds that keep the interiors 20 degrees cooler. In addition, the sheds have vent screens that prevent bug intrusion. Because of this, there is no chance of mold and mildew growth that would completely rot the plants.

  1. Consider Storage Tubs and Wall Hooks

You are mostly equipped with compost bags, hanging seed packets, and gardening gloves during gardening and cultivation. You need a space where you can store them without getting misplaced and cluttered. We recommend installing storage tubs and wall hooks for easy accessibility and organization of items.

  1. Adding Potting Benches is Important

When greenhouse cultivation comes to mind, it is about plant cultivation within a sheltered structure. By means of greenhouse cultivation, the integration of potting benches is important. A potting shed should be placed at a higher level on the shelves. This will help organize your plants and allow them to get maximum sunlight. Always look for a portable potting bench as it saves your efforts and time on gardening chores, such as repotting the plants.

  1. Opt for Acrylic Sheeting for Window Panes

Your beloved plants need a lot of sunlight during the winter months. Regular and conventional windows do not allow natural light to pass through the shed. We recommend replacing the shed windows with crystal-clear acrylic sheets. They are extremely transparent and offer high-impact resistance, which, in turn, do not break.

SturdiShed- Consistently Delivering Top-Quality Storage Sheds for 100 Years

We, SturdiShed, have exceptionally rich experience in the backyard industry for over 100 years. We design an array of storage sheds, including wood storage sheds, utility sheds, lofted barns, gable and modern cabin shells, and much more. The storage sheds are coated with Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that gives a lifetime of protection and appearance. You get a storage shed built with hurricane ties on the roof and flooring, which can withstand abrupt weather conditions. 

SturdiShed’s Structures Are Built with Superior Craftsmanship

Sturdished has a team of qualified professionals who believe in timeless craftsmanship and superior manufacturing techniques. Our wood storage sheds have successfully exceeded the International Building Codes, making it easy to get permits or HOA approvals. We strictly follow the approach of green manufacturing, making the structures 100% environmentally friendly.


Rely on SturdiShed and get customized wood storage sheds for your ideal garden greenhouse. Avail of our rent-to-own program featuring easy ownership of sheds with no credit score checking. Make affordable payments for up to 36 or 60 months. Request a free sample.

Can you imagine the first day of spring and your urge to spend the day in the sun? But your hammock, lawn chairs and patio furniture lie in the dark basement. The idea of hauling those out can make you feel tired again. How convenient would it be if you had a storage shed in Texas to store those? It is time to make your dream a reality. 

A wooden shed adds aesthetics and functionality

Whether big or small, the yard is a host to several activities. Use the space to connect to your loved ones, escape from the hectic life and explore your passions. How about having a shed that could make the space more functional? A shed is a hefty investment, so certain factors must be considered before you get one. They can be made of wood, vinyl, or plastic. The material you choose depends on your requirements. The well-built ones are built to last for many years while the poor-quality ones will suffer. Wood storage sheds are popular among homeowners for several good reasons. 

Sheds made from top-quality timber

Not all wood storage sheds for sale are equal. There are many reasons why homeowners choose a timber shed over metal or plastic ones. The quality of wood plays a very big role. This is why you should choose to order sheds from a reputed manufacturer. StuurdiShed has been a pioneer in manufacturing storage buildings for over 100 years. We use good-quality, high-grade wood that is treated to prevent the growth of termites and mold. We specialize in manufacturing quality storage solutions and have a passion for craftsmanship. SturdiShed offers a broad choice of materials, models, and customization options. The company offers solutions that promise to exceed your expectations. 

The beauty of wooden sheds

Are you looking for a wood shed for sale? Many people turn to wood storage sheds because they are an effective way to add storage sheds. Wooden storage sheds in Texas are resilient and versatile as they can be used in ways, including outdoor tools, bikes, livestock, equipment, etc. They are easy to install and take little time to build. These sheds are easy to clean and can safeguard against leaks, making them a great option for the rainy season. Wooden sheds blend into a yard or garden space to create a focal point. Such a storage solution can transform your property and outdoor space. 

You can rent-to-own

While investing in a shed of your choice, you might have certain budget issues. A person investing in a wood shed for sale might want to avoid paying upfront. Please let us know if you do not have funds available to purchase the shed entirely. You might also not have sufficient credit to qualify for financing, so there cannot be anything better than rent-to-own sheds. We bring you flexible shed purchasing options. SturdiShed brings lucrative rent-to-own options where you can make monthly and fixed payments for up to 60 months. You can start with a low down payment. Applying for financing is very simple as there is no credit check. 

Do you want to add beauty and value to your yard? – Design your own

SturdiShed offers customized backyard structures. Choose any as per your needs and budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will build the wood storage shed of your dream or you can design your own.

Investing in a storage shed holds great significance in changing the landscape of your overall property. When you place a storage shed amidst lush-green lawns, spectators will not just take their eyes off your property. When you think of a storage shed in Texas, the main thing that pops into your head is the storage of large chunks of lawn equipment, heavy automobile tools, and junk, unused household items. On the contrary, a storage shed has got a lot of things to offer. A wood storage shed is a lively example that has aided homeowners in many ways. This blog will examine how a wood storage shed uniquely amalgamates creativity, utility, and functionality. 

  1. A Wood Storage Shed Upgrade Your Property Value 

The exterior of your home is the first and foremost thing that makes an impression on the viewers. When you have financial commitments, revamping the whole property is challenging. Rather than spending a hefty amount on renovation just to curb the appeal, placing a storage shed in Texas would work the best. Wood storage sheds can perfectly blend in with the surroundings and the home’s exterior. When you place the wood storage shed, you can positively impact your home’s appearance. 

  1. A Perfect Idea of Having a Private Sanctuary


During the holidays, you often desire to sit back, absorb nature’s beauty, and rejoice in nostalgic memories. In order to make the most of your holidays, rather than visiting congested places, install wood storage sheds next to your home. It provides a safe and secure place to escape the monotonous life and enjoy the comfort of your home. Furthermore, a wood storage shed is a boon for all those kids who love to laugh their hearts out. Your children will not have to play under the scorching sun and return home tired. You can give a complete makeover to your storage shed with soft toys, funky themes, play models, etc., for your beloved kids. A wood storage shed is a testament to how much an outdoor space offers a sense of ecstasy to people of all ages. 

  1. Offers Strong Resistance Against Humidity and Corrosion 

A wood storage shed is a one-time investment that stays in flawless condition for many years. There is no risk of rusting, unlike metal sheds. SturdiShed’s premium quality wood storage sheds have an excellent ventilation system, which keeps the interiors 20 degrees cooler. Because of this, no moisture accumulation occurs, and there is no risk of commercial interior peeling, delamination, and cracking. Furthermore, such structures can withstand blowing wind and external impacts. 

  1. Flexibility 

Wood storage sheds can be personalized according to your needs and requirements. For instance, if you want to use it as a storage shed workshop, you can have accessories such as shelves, workbenches, drawers, and hooks for flexible and seamless management of items. 

SturdiShed- A Hub for Meeting Your Storage Shed Requirements 

SturdiShed is one of the eminent manufacturers of storage sheds in Texas. We take pride in designing a wide range of storage sheds, which include lofted barns, utility sheds, modern cabins, lofted cabin and gable cabin shells, garden sheds, etc. Our wood storage sheds have hurricane ties on roofs and flooring that withstand harsh climatic conditions. The flooring has ⅝” Premium Flooring Plywood and a 2’x’6 pressure-treated floor joist 16” in the center. 

Besides, SturdiShed’s storage sheds have exceeded International Building Codes-they are easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. 

Quick and Hassle-Free Storage Shed Installation 

Our professionals deliver and set up the wood storage sheds with care and attention. Our on-site building is available for a small fee and delivered free for up to 50 miles. Please talk to our professionals today for more details.

Are you storing firewood properly or is it getting attacked by mold? You require separate storage space for storing wood in bulk. You would not clutter your home, but it is wise to have a storage shed in Texas housed in your backyard. 

Firewood has special requirements because you should not seal off the firewood on all sides. There must be airflow to keep the timber dry and season well. If you do not store wood properly, it will be exposed to snow, rain, and other harsh climatic conditions. This makes firewood useless as it will lose its combustibility. The goal is to store so well that the wood burns for longer. Our wood storage sheds are adequately ventilated so the interior is climate-controlled and at least 20 degrees cooler. You do not have to worry about mold and leaks as there would not be condensation. 

Do you know that your firewood should not touch the ground? 

It should be elevated for adequate airflow and ventilation and to prevent dampness attacks. Wood, if not stored off the ground, can crack or rot due to moisture attacks. SturdiShed’s wood storage sheds are built on a solid wooden foundation protected against termite damage and fungal decay. There is no need to pour a concrete pad, but a gravel pad could be a good solution. There is no tedious site preparation needed. The foundation is elevated from the ground to ensure no dampness and moisture seepage. 

Our sheds have vent screens

Do not keep firewood inside your house, it might cause fire hazards and invite pests to your house. A SturdiShed storage shed in Texas is equipped with vent screens that prevent the invasion of pests and bugs. Store firewood inside a storage shed in Texas that is close to your home. You can access it anytime in all weather conditions. 

Stack it right for future use

There should be a correct way of stacking the firewood instead of piling here and there. Install a firewood storage rack and other necessary accessories. The rack should be installed so the wood gets ventilation when stored in it. We suggest never storing firewood in the basement or garage as rodents could damage it. You can create a vapor barrier beneath the firewood rack to prevent moisture from seeping in. You can split the timber logs before stacking. You can stack them in alternate directions for better drying. Our wood storage sheds are painted using high-quality exterior paint to protect the structure and its appearance. You can choose from different painted colors.

Final thoughts

Are you already planning to invest in a storage shed in Texas? Feel free to pay upfront. Explore the benefits of our rent-to-own program in Texas. Repay within 36 or 60 months and enjoy easy ownership without any credit or long-term commitment. Get free delivery within 50 miles and request an onsite build at a small fee. Please get in touch with us, and connect via Facebook or Twitter.

Have a separate space for storing wood rather than keeping them in any corner of your house. You also cannot leave it bare in the garden as it will start perishing due to exposure to climatic changes. A storage shed installed in the backyard could give you adequate storage space. Building a shed from scratch can be a tedious process. Purchasing a prefab storage shed in Texas would be a feasible solution. A shed can be used for several purposes: tool storage, wood storage, home office, studio, space to relax, horse shelters and more. 

 Insulation takes care of wood health

The interior of wood storage sheds is well insulated and has all measures to keep wood, firewood, wooden furniture, or wood carving items free from mold and bacteria. If wood is exposed to dampness, there are chances that it will swell or shrink. You can also prevent the items from chemical changes. SturdiShed experts add ventilation and a layer of efficient insulation on the walls and floors. 

Storing wood the right way

Be careful about wood storage so that you do not end up storing unusable lumber or in the wrong way. For instance, you must implement the right storing techniques and keep the furniture elevated from the ground to improve its shelf-life. So, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

    • Keep only dry wood inside the wood storage shed

    If you are air-drying wood, please keep away from those that are already dried and seasoned ones. Humidity and moisture from the drying wood can pass into the air and impact the shed’s humidity levels. It is ideal for keeping semi-dry or unseasoned wood outdoors so that the drying time is not prolonged. 

    • Store the vertical or horizontal way

    The amount of wood you are storing should be limited to the extent they can breathe. Putting excess weight on the wood can cause it to bend. Storing wood vertically saves space, but you can only do that if the wood is 100% dry. Or else, keep it horizontal unless the moisture content dries up. Support the wood using brackets every 16 to 18 inches when you store horizontally to prevent bowing. 

    Proper space utilization

    There should be maximum space utilization inside wood storage sheds. After using the floor space for storing wood, you can use the walls for storing other stuff by attaching adjustable shelves, storage boxes, wooden crates, plastic tubs, hangers, and more. Store items securely and protect items from harsh weather conditions. 

    Choose a size

    Many people consider larger-sized wood storage sheds an eyesore. Choose the size of the structure based on your preference and budget. A storage shed in Texas increases the value of your property.

    SturdiShed – Install a prefab shed or design yours

    Our outdoor sheds are ideal for versatile use. They are facilitated with pressure-treated floor systems, metal or shingle roof systems, hurricane ties on floors, heavy-duty hinges, metal doors, double lofts, etc. We offer you an option to design your structure in 5 simple steps. 

    Final words

    Install a storage shed in Texas by availing of the flexible rent-to-own options. Get in touch with us for a discussion.

Are you making proper use of the space inside the storage shed in Texas? You have invested in a storage space mainly to get rid of clutter inside your house. There are times even when your storage shed gets cluttered and you need to arrange stuff again for maximum space utilization. Make a little effort to organize items during the weekends.

What to store inside a garden shed

If your garden is located close to the shed, you would probably use the space to store all the gardening tools and equipment. The products should be able to endure a bit of changing temperature and a little amount of moisture. The items you can store are:

·  Lawnmower

·  Gasoline in small amount

·  Workbench

·  Hose

·  Wheelbarrow

·  Fertilizers and chemicals used for lawn care

After you have stored all these items, you need to judge the amount of space left. If you feel right, you can store outdoor toys, garden furniture and even bikes. Storage sheds easily become a space piling for old stuff that should have gone into the garbage. Make sure you clean the space for maximum utilization.

Accessories that you can install inside your shed

Here is a list of some accessories that you can add inside your shed for making maximum use of space and keeping items organized:

  • Shelves and racks – Adding proper shelves is one of the most efficient ways to organize the storage shed. Position shelves in a manner that there is scope for maximum and organized storage. You can build shelves but if you are not a DIY person, invest in portable ones. You can install creative wall racks to keep stuff from piling up from the floor. Racks are an excellent addition for wood storage sheds.
  • Pegboard for organizing workshop – You can have pegboard storage if you are planning to use the shed as a hobby space or workshop. These storage systems come with other small accessories like bags, hooks, mini shelves, baskets and hangers. A pegboard is very useful for keeping the floor clean inside small sheds.  
  • Cabinets and workbenches – A workbench compliments wall panel storage or pegboard. Adding a workbench means adding permanent workspace and making space for more equipment and tools. If you want to make the most of a workbench, you must build it on top of a cabinet that has drawers beneath. You can also use boxes, stackable totes inside wood storage sheds.  
  • Use the ceiling space and lofts – Use the ceiling space for storing items by adding a loft. SturdiShed manufactures storage sheds with built-in lofts. This is very useful if you want to store maximum items and yet keep the shed clutter-free.

Final words – choose the right shed size

You can makea storage shed in Texas more functional by adding accessories for keeping things organized. Choose the size depending on your storage need, space available and the budget. For instance, if you have a small size shed, we would suggest keeping items off the floor. This makes the space more usable. All items inside the storage shed should have a specific place and only then you can keep it organized. Do not store items unnecessarily. Get rid of old tools in case you purchase a new one.

Your room and garage space are already filled with old stuff and dust. This is exactly why you need a separate storage shed in the backyard. We do not recommend selling off old things that have sentimental value but rather invest in a storage shed in Texas. A shed can be extremely useful as well as increase the value of your property. Aesthetics matter a lot so a shed in the yard should be beautiful, attractive and unique. An eye-catching storage shed in Texas can improve the look and feel of your outdoor landscape. A storage space could be used for various purposes.

Have your own she shed or man caves

You could only have another bedroom because the cost of renting is pretty high. We can make your dreams come true by suggesting a backyard shed to expand your living area. Now people are turning backyard structures into man caves and sheds. A shed in the backyard looks spectacular so why wait longer? Read reviews and testimonials on our website to get a hint of what the customers feel about owning our shed structure. Invest in a premium quality shed, it will pay off in the long run.

Renting to own – SturdiShed 

We have a knowledgeable team that will answer all your queries and have a perfect shed ready for you. SturdiShed has an in-house lease program which is pretty simple and affordable. SturdiShed manufactures structures within the budget and customized based on your requirements. We bring to you flexible rent-to-own options where you do not have to worry about owning one. There is no credit and long-term commitment needed. You can access your account online 24/7 and get professional customer service. Make affordable payments in 36 months and 60 months. We offer a loss damage waiver to cover your investment. Get early payoff options, get discounts and no penalty.

SturdiShed – backyard structures for versatile uses

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We design sheds for you and your family. Our structures include loft barns, modern cabins, wood storage sheds, garden sheds, utility sheds, garages and more. Our perfect backyard structures are manufactured for versatility. We design floor, wall and ceiling systems. The other features include metal strike plates, heavy duty hinges, metal door threshold, 6-inch locking bolts and double loft system. Our sheds have locks and latches so they are safe. Count on us if you are looking for quality sheds and barns. These structures are reputed for resisting the forces of nature like rain, snow, heat, storm, etc.

Final words

A shed can make you stress-free and give you a lot of peace. Browse through our website to know about the various backyard structures. Our sheds are made with love, it is more than just a backyard structure. Invest in a budget-friendly, long-term storage solution. We are here to help you, please call us regarding your specific queries or email at sales@sturdished.com.

You get a lot of extra storage space if you invest in a shed structure. You can choose from different sizes and get it customized. These sheds can also be used as greenhouses but you need to have semi-opaque roofs and walls. There are a variety of uses so you should discuss your requirements with a manufacturer. A storage shed in Texas offers dry space that offers a safe choice for organizing the clutter and safeguarding the stored items. Auto enthusiasts and those interested in pursuing hobbies love backyard sheds that are a little spacious and ideal for working inside. There are plenty of choices and options when it comes to backyard structures. 

Wood storage sheds are tiny outbuildings that are mainly used to store firewood. Wood sheds come in different sizes so you can have a closet for brooms or set up a garage. They can also be used to keep garden tools and other objects. Long ago, people used wood sheds to store dry firewood so it was not dampened during the monsoons. Since then, there has been great technical advancement but the basic design remains the same. It can be either placed near a home or in the yard corner. 

Different factors to consider

There are various things to consider before investing in a storage shed in Texas. Some of the factors are cost, size, style and color. It is a high investment for the next 15 to 20 years. Never let the price factor of a new backyard shed be the only determining factor. Do consider the design factor, the storage space should blend well into the landscape, the wall and flooring, the siding materials and the foundation. SturdiShed has over 100 years of experience delivering flawless backyard storage structures, including sheds, barns and cabins. 

Easy financing options

Are you interested in having wood storage shed in Texas? We tell you that it won’t cost a fortune and you do not have to wait unless you have saved a lot of money. SturdiShed crafts premium quality wood sheds that can last for a lifetime. These are portable buildings that are worth investing in. It is easy to own one completely or you could rent-to-own. We offer to finance and you could qualify for the zero-down payment. Our renting options are extremely friendly. No credit is needed, easy ownership and no long-term commitment are needed. We allow early payoffs and discounts. Get 36-month or 60-month affordable payments. 

Get limited-warranty – SturdiShed

We have already catered to many clients happy to have backyard sheds from our company. Check the website and read testimonials to know their feelings about our products. The materials we offer and the craftsmanship we display are second to none. Choose us when you want to use the backyard for storage or recreation. Now, you can design your own storage shed. We offer a 15-year warranty on our wood storage sheds in Texas. Get a 10-year warranty on the paint used on the metal roofs. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on floor joists, siding and skids. Get your shed permits and grab the opportunity. Please get in touch with us.