Hit the iron when it is hot. The shed market is booming. This is your chance to make the most of it. We plan to expand your business and help you earn great commissions. Gear up for more income.

A storage shed is a lightweight yet strong construction that can be changed and updated whenever the owners require it. It can help organize the garden, garage, or home. A shed can be beneficial to anyone who is looking for additional space. Garden tools, sports equipment, lawn equipment, and holiday decorations can be stored there. There is a terrific demand for storage sheds among homeowners in Texas. Dealing with sheds could offer you a handsome and steady income. If you want an opportunity to grow in business, start by becoming a SturdiShed dealer. Many have participated in our dealership program and have received income opportunities. 

Become a dealer with zero investment

Join the SturdiShed’s dealership program to make $10k to $30k monthly. We give our storage shed dealers a chance to make big money. There is no investment, and there is an in-house delivery team. We aim to enhance your business so that you generate more leads and convert them into sales. We will help you in every way and request each dealer to interact with the customers for more sales personally. You can also share your ideas if you have been into business and wish to expand. Experienced businessmen recognize a good ROI and look forward to increasing the revenue. 

 SturdiShed structures come with great features

They are insulated and have adequate ventilation. The interior remains climate-controlled and prevents the level of condensation inside. We use the finest outside paint, and there are different tones you can choose from. Our buildings meet or exceed the International Building Code, and you can easily obtain permits and HOA approval. We offer a 15-year lifetime warranty on the sheds and other backyard structures. SturdiShed works hard to manufacture and supply products that drive customers and will help you to grow. 

100 years of experience – associate with us

SturdiShed has been making storage sheds in Texas for more than a century. The floor, walls, and ceilings of the structures are constructed appropriately. The rooftops are made of metal or shingles. We have a group of specialists and experts who assist customers with tracking down the right structural arrangement. In the industry, we exhibit superior craftsmanship. Our manufacturing and quality control procedures are of the highest standard. We offer sheds, barns, cabins, playhouses, and other customized backyard structures. 

Wrapping up

Have you scanned the web for ‘shed dealers near me’? Do you have great communication skills? Do you stay in a good location and want to offer premium products from a growing company? Your destination is SturdiShed. The company has been manufacturing sheds and backyard structures for over 100 years. We are one of the growing leaders in the storage business. SturdiShed strives to offer premium-quality storage sheds at affordable pricing. We have helped many earn an extra income or be associated with us full-time. You can start your own business by becoming a dealer and working with freedom.

 Please get in touch with us and join our dealership program. 

You need to accept the reality check that your dwelling place cannot be the only place to pursue your hobbies. Whether you are an individual who loves to collect or showcase artifacts or paint on a bright canvas, having a separate space gives you a sense of connection and admiration for your work of art. 

There are other alternatives other than revamping your home where you can save your precious investment and improve the appearance of your property too. When it comes to having an ideal alternative to host your interests, having a storage shed is an impressive idea. The need of the hour is to chase after your long-lost passion by installing a storage shed. You can transform the space into a vibrant and cozy hobby room through a storage shed. While remodeling the storage shed, you might be wrestling with the idea of creating an attractive hobby space. This blog highlights some key steps that help you create a functional yet beautiful hobby space. 

  1. Make Your Storage Shed Neat and Tidy 

An entirely fresh storage shed is directly proportional to a clean and organized space. The first and foremost thing to do is to declutter the space thoroughly. When you prioritize decluttering the space, you find a way to maximize the space and use the space for new projects and activities. 

  1. Paint the Walls with Your Imagination 

Nothing can make the place more gorgeous than newly-painted walls. However, you can give a new twist to the painting by exhibiting some graffiti, abstract, or any other art form that creates an aesthetic version of the interiors. Alternatively, use pastel tones to make the interiors look more subtle and calm. It not only adds life to the interiors but safeguards them from fungal and bacterial growth. Besides, it hides water stains and any other imperfections. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Integrate the Cupboards and Shelves 

Having hooks, shelves, and cupboards in areas like hobby spaces is important. We are often surrounded by stationery items, art supplies, and other large-sized objects that call for systematic storage. For instance, if you are an avid reader, you have a lot of books and wish to have your reading room. In this regard, cupboards or shelves greatly help you with keeping books in an orderly manner. Besides, you can also opt for a rolling shelf for smooth and flexible work on large-sized projects. You can roll in the shelf once the work is done. 

  1. Think About Finishing Touches 

You can now create a pretty and aesthetically-pleasing storage shed by adding wall decors and new-age electronic gadgets. You can also opt for contemporary desk lamps and tables that add a cherry on top! Additionally, adding blind shades offers complete privacy and protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. 

  1. Opt for Beautiful Light Fixtures 

Proper illumination is one of the crucial factors while creating a dedicated hobby space. When it comes to lighting the storage shed, you can use halogen lights, fluorescent overheads, and neon typography lights for great and stunning interiors. 

SturdiShed- Get Affordable Storage Sheds for Building Your Dream Hobby Space 

Are you thinking about “where to find shed dealers near me“? You should stop your search in SturdiShed. We are one of the well-known manufacturers of storage sheds built with modern craftsmanship. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the backyard industry that values real-time construction, time-honored craftsmanship, and a customer-centric approach. Our storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty and 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. 

Explore SturdiShed’s Rent-to-Own Program 

Our flexible rent-to-own programs offer easy ownership with credit score checking. You can make smooth payments within 36 or 60 months. You can talk to our shed dealers near me and know more about this program. Request a free quote.

A storage shed can serve as an excellent outdoor space near the main property. You will have a more organized house and a cleaner space. You can store items away from kids and pets that can be hazardous to them. You can store items like fertilizers, weed killers or household chemicals, sharp tools, and objects inside the shed. Practically, the potential uses of a shed are limitless. 

Life is very fast, and there is less time for everything. Using a storage shed will save you time if you intend to search for items. You do not have to waste time looking for stuff if everything is organized. There is a little time investment while storing the items in the shed, but you save time in the long run. 

Customizes backyard sheds

SturdiShed backyard storage sheds come in various sizes and aspects. Choose the size based on the size of the yard. For instance, if you are looking for a mid-sized shed, an 8 x8 foot structure can be a good one. If you need advice on where to put your shed, you can also talk to the experts at SturdiShed. We ensure the structure is in the right spot without getting in the way of the main property.

Well-ventilated sheds and backyard structures

A backyard storage shed can be used for more than just storage. It can be a home office, studio, business space, she-shed, man cave, play area for kids, and more. Determine which storage shed is best for you before looking for one. Check the local building regulations and rules. Our sheds are 20 degrees cooler because we use a superior ventilation system. This prevents condensation, so you do not have to worry about mold and leaks. The sheds and other backyard structures are painted with the finest exterior paint. You can choose from different colors. 

Free delivery if your site is within 30 miles

SturdiShed has a team of dedicated drivers who transport the sheds and other backyard structures from the workshop to your location at a reasonable cost. We offer free delivery of sheds within 50 miles. The foundation significantly contributes to the structures’ durability. A concrete slab or treated wooden platform should be used to construct all sheds. The wood is termite safe and is safeguarded against bacteria and microorganisms. There is little need to prepare the site before the installation. The foundation is appropriately raised from the ground, which guarantees sufficient seepage.

Rent-to-own sheds

SturdiShed offers a lease-to-purchase program in Texas. There is no credit check, long-term commitment, and easy repayments within 36 or 60 months. There is no prepayment penalty, but you get early pay-off discounts. 

SturdiShed – offering storage sheds in Texas

SturdiShed is the highest-rated shed manufacturer in Texas. SturdiShed has been manufacturing and supplying backyard structures for more than a century. We are one of Texas’ eminent and #1 evaluated shed organizations. Our sheds have a 15-year guarantee on the paint and the design. 

Look for a nearest SturdiShed dealer

Having a storage problem is a daunting task initially. SturdiShed helps you to get over this problem. You can visit our website to order sheds or look up the internet for ‘shed dealers near me.’ SturdiShed will be visible among the top companies. You can now design your own shed and book a free consultation to discuss your project. For a quote, please call us at 817-506-4405.

This summer, you can put your backyard to some good use. Do you desire a shed close to your garden? You can get soaked into your passion for gardening, as having a garden shed will help you keep all tools and equipment together in one place. Your lawn remains clean and well-maintained, and the tools can be easily accessible. Some also use a garden shed as a garage to store cycling bikes, ropes, lawnmowers, etc. You can think of cleaning the house and freeing up the garage space if you install a garden shed in the yard. 

Installing shed accessories that help in compact storage

Nothing can ruin the yard’s beauty more than piling equipment and keeping bags of clay and muddy items lying here and there. You can always customize the interiors when investing in a prefabricated shed. Building a shed can be very hectic, even if you have the skills. We have an efficient team that manufactures modern sheds and other backyard structures. Add adjustable shelves, floating shelves, hooks, tool hangers, plastic tubs, and recycled bookshelves inside the shed. A tool hanger could be useful for hanging long tools like rakes, shovels, etc. Keep nice jars to store nuts, pins, screws, and nails. There are many other ideas to keep the shed well-maintained inside out. 

SturdiShed – 100 years of experience in the shed manufacturing 

Take your time getting a garden shed. Take time, ask your nearby ones, and search the internet for reliable manufacturers. SturdiShed gives wings to your dream of owning a garden shed. We have more than 100 years of expertise to ensure perfect backyard solutions. Purchasing a shed is a long-term investment. Having a lovely garden shed on your property will increase its overall value. The shed’s look, feel, and functionality should blend well with the rest of your property. A renowned manufacturer aims to deliver both quality and customization. 

Lifting your passion for gardening

Do you need more time or enthusiasm for your hobby? We give you the little nudge that you have been longing for. Start connecting with nature and get involved in outdoor activities. Explore our inventory for a wide variety of outdoor storage sheds. Have a garden shed in the yard and get started with gardening. Keep the dirty tools inside locked securely and let your heart dance to the rhythm of the songs of nature. 

Other uses of a garden shed

All gardeners still need to wish to invest in a garden shed. Apart from simple storage, these are also used for other purposes, like pool houses, art studios, reading rooms, photography studios, music rooms, gyms, etc. 

Rent-to-own option

Owning a shed is as simple because we help you to get rid of upfront payments. We bring flexible rent-to-own options with no credit limit and easy ownership. Make easy payments within 36 or 60 months. 

Win-win scenario – your garden shed 

We design storage spaces that make you a winner. No more tripping over garden tools whenever you go to the garage or witness a cluttered basement. Talk to our team about your requirements and specifications. A SturdiShed expert shall get in touch soon.

A shed in your yard will enhance the beauty of your space. You cannot store every item inside your house or else it will look cluttered. Sheds are of different types and available in various sizes. The size depends on your requirements and the size of the yard. Having a storage shed in your backyard will help to keep everything organized. Many homeowners in the USA have taken interest in storage sheds. There are companies that manufacture but the challenge is to find out the right one. If you are looking for the same, your search ends here. Not all sheds are the same so we offer customized solutions.

Sturdy wooden foundation

A shed is a lightweight yet durable structure that can be modified and upgraded anytime. A shed can benefit anyone as it can help you organize your garden, garage, or home. It can be a space to store garden tools, lawn equipment, sports equipment, and holiday decorations. Our storage sheds are set on solid permanent wood foundation to protect against termite damage and fungal decay. The foundation is designed to be in contact with the ground, there is no need to pour a concrete pad. There is minimal site preparation needed so that you can save your money and time. The foundation is elevated from the ground that helps with drainage.

Well ventilated sheds and structures

Our buildings have superior ventilation that keeps the interior 20 degrees cooler. This can help to save on climate control prices. There is no condensation so there is nothing to worry about mold and leaks. The sheds have strong and skillful framing. We showcase superior craftsmanship because our sheds are built to last for generations. The hurricane ties on the roof and foundation can withstand harsh weather conditions. Waterproof sheds offer protection from moisture and harmful UV rays. Our sheds have proper wind and snow ratings.

SturdiShed – offering modern backyard sheds

SturdiShed has manufactured modern storage sheds in Texas for more than 100 years. We design sheds for you and your family and our products include: lofted barn, utility barn, garage, modern shed, loft cabin shells and more. The structures have the right kind of floor, wall and ceiling structure. The roofs are made of metal or shingles. You can add accessories inside the storage shed according to your budget and requirements. We have a team of experts and professionals who help you find the right building solution. We showcase superior-quality craftsmanship in the industry. We follow a top-notch manufacturing and quality control process.

Avail our rent-to-own program

Owning a shed is now easy without any upfront payment. Apply for our rent-to-own program and get treated with dignity. Our lease-to-own program involves no credit check and we can make repayments within 36 to 60 months. SturdiShed uses fine exterior paint and there are various colors available. Our structures exceed the International Building Code and you can get the HOA approval and permits easily. The sheds come with lifetime warranty that can save your time and money.

Wrapping up

Have you searched the internet for ‘shed dealers near me’? SturdiShed is your destination. Our sheds are delivered by professional drivers and they also do the installation with perfection. We also build onsite by charging a very small fee. Here, you can design your own shed.

Are you constantly looking for additional storage for wood, tools, and other garden supplies? An outdoor storage shed in Texas may be the ideal solution. Different types of storage structures available in the market serve a wide range of purposes. For instance, wood storage sheds are ideal for smaller backyard spaces. 

These are convenient places for keeping piles of firewood dry and easily accessible during the colder months. Most of these structures feature open-air designs for adequate air circulation while the wood remains elevated from the moist ground. In addition to the woodshed, a wide variety of storage buildings are available for homeowners who require outdoor storage space. 

Are you stacking firewood correctly?

There are better ideas than simply piling the logs, we recommend having a firewood storage rack. These racks are designed in a way that the wood receives adequate ventilation. This prevents the wood from rotting due to dampness and humidity. The wood should be stored more than 3 feet away from your main property. Make sure the wood storage space is not near the trees or any other combustible objects. Never store wood in the garage or basement, or else the items can be prone to attacks by insects, rodents, pests, etc. 

Keeping moisture away

Please have a vapor barrier under the firewood storage rack to prevent moisture and humidity from ruining the material. A concrete foundation seems to work efficiently in arresting moisture. A few other tips include splitting the logs before storing and you can stack the wood in an alternate direction for improved ventilation and excess drying time. Seasoned firewood burns longer when dried and stored properly. Extra hours of burning time for each wooden log are a boon indeed. SturdiShed’s structures have vent screens and an advanced ventilation system that keeps the interior and prevents condensation. 

Customized sheds from SturdiShed

Storage structures are an attractive investment. The sturdy yet lightweight construction of the outdoor storage sheds makes them suitable for storing automobile tools, gardening supplies, bicycles, and more. Many people turn their outdoor sheds into studios, gyms, man caves, she sheds, etc. These versatile outbuildings can be used to improve the organization and functionality of your property. SturdiShed’s wood storage sheds and other backyard structures add visual appeal to your home. They are available in different designs, styles, and sizes. We customize storage sheds according to your specifications. Our sheds increase the value of your entire property which is beneficial if you decide to sell off. 

Our flexible rent-to-own option

Do you need a storage shed in Texas today but feel like stepping back due to a fund crunch? SturdiShed will not let you step back because we understand your urgent requirements. We have designed the most flexible rent-to-own option in Texas. You can enjoy easy ownership with no credit or long-term commitment. You get early payoff discounts and can make payments within 36 months or 60 months. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

Our sheds are versatile structures built on a strong wooden foundation that needs the least groundwork. The prefab wood storage sheds or shells are delivered to your location by a professional driver for free if the distance is within 50 miles. We have experts that deliver the onsite build at a nominal fee.

Final words

Get a 15-year limited warranty on our sheds and other backyard structures. Please visit our website for more information. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Get in touch with the SturdiShed team for a customized storage shed in Texas.

Sheds make a great outdoor space to free up your main property and the valuable garage space. You can also clear the basement and attic and put them to some other use. For instance, you can have a grow room in the basement. A good-quality storage shed is spacious, durable and equipped with modern features. 

Before looking for storage sheds, determine which is ideal for you. Check the local building codes, rules and restrictions. The laws are different based on the location, so there are no specific guidelines. You can use a shed not only for storage but also as a home office, studio, space to pursue business, she-shed, man-cave, kids’ play space and more. 

Position the shed rightly

A permanent storage shed can be an added advantage if you wish to sell off your property. Where do you wish to place the shed? The positioning depends on your convenience and the size of the yard. For instance, you might prefer having a mid-sized garden shed close to the garden. On the other hand, you might have a small shed at the end of the patio. You might also be interested in lean-to-sheds and attaching them to an existing garage or any other structure to save costs. 

You can also talk to the SturdiShed experts if you require ideas about shed positioning. We make sure the structure is rightly placed without hindering the main property. We ensure the shed is positioned to ensure convenient access to the stored stuff. Many desire portable sheds housed in the yard that can be transported from one place to another. 

Sheds come in different sizes

Sheds come in different sizes and dimensions; they can be customized. A large-sized yard has ample space, so you can choose the size without thinking much. But, if you have a smaller yard, you need to conserve space. An 8 x8 foot shed can be a good choice for small-sized yards. Please consult with us about the size of the structure. 

We offer free delivery within 50 miles

SturdiShed has a team of drivers who transport the structure from the workshop to your location at an affordable cost. We do not charge anything if the site is within 50 miles. The foundation plays a big role in adding durability to the structures. All sheds should be built on treated wooden platforms, or you can choose a concrete slab. The wood is termite resistant and is protected against fungus and bacteria. The foundation is made even by leveling the soil. There is minimal site preparation needed. The foundation is properly raised from the ground to ensure adequate drainage.

SturdiShed – #1 rated shed company

SturdiShed has been manufacturing backyard structures for more than 100 years. We are one of Texas’s renowned and #1-rated storage shed companies. Our Winter Sale is here, so grab our offers and deals soon before it expires on December 15. We have a whole range of customized storage solutions to meet your requirements. Our sheds have a 15-year warranty on the paint and the structure. 

Get flexible financing aid

Refer to Google to search for shed dealers near me and you can find us at the top. Refer to the website to know what the customers have to discuss our structures. Please choose us and do not compromise quality. Explore our flexible rent-to-own programs in Texas. Please call us at 817-506-4405 and request a quote.

She-sheds’ popularity is on the rise because women are looking for secure and comfortable places to relax and be themselves. Shed for girls/women answers the classic man cave concept. These days, women are transforming backyard spaces into compact She-Sheds where they can escape from daily mundane life and breathe easily. Those who have empty yard spaces are trying to purchase one. If you have a spacious backyard, you can have a she-shed close to your existing garage or storage shed. It can be either on a foundation or a portable one. 

Linda’s She-Shed Story

Here is the story of Linda, who longed for and dreamt of a she-shed. Andrews, her loving husband, surprised her with one from SturdiShed. 

Linda and Andrews are a couple who reside in Texas. The husband owns a garage space in the yard. The wife has been asking for a ‘She Shed’ for the last few months. Finally, one day she saw her shed approaching her driveway. Linda was surprised and elated that she would finally have a space. She wanted the she-shed to be more like a cozy cabin space with a rustic appeal. Linda wanted a calm, light-blue ceiling color to soak the serenity vibe. There is a nice kitchen space where she placed a sink and a mini fridge to store juices and drinks. It was Linda’s perfect space for reading, watching movies and taking an afternoon nap. She has grandchildren who take an interest in playing card games and painting inside the shed. 

The features inside the She-Shed

The husband had a conversation with the SturdiShed experts to explain the requirements. We offer our clients an array of designs and plenty of customized options. He ordered a customized size because Linda loves spacious interiors. The shed has a porch in front, a French door, and window boxes. The structure came with continuous eave vents, a door with hurricane ties on the walls/floors, heavy-duty hinges, a metal door threshold, 6″ locking barrel bolts, 16″ wall studs and double wall studs every 4 inches. 

SturdiShed has a team of expert drivers who transport the prefab sheds to the client’s location. There is a separate team that completes the installation on time. 

Our proven process – How we collaborated with Andrews

The client is satisfied to own a she-shed with a solid build and impressive finish. We collaborated with Andrews to discuss the project requirements and goals, and we kept working on the design and made necessary changes till he was content. Andrews confirmed the order and we will let you know an installation date. Our experts completed the on-site installation and did the clean-up job. We handed over the keys to his wife, Linda. 

Get a warranty on our products

If you are looking for a backyard structure, consult with our team of professionals for the right solution. We manufacture lofted barns, storage sheds, garages, cabins, cabin shells, garden sheds, utility sheds, etc. You can also design your own shed and add other options and features. SturdiShed assures clients with professional post-production support and a 15-year warranty. 

Our Fall Specials offer

Save big by opting for the SturdiShed’s Fall Specials offers. Please get in touch with us with your requirements or you can look for our dealers by searching with ‘shed dealers near me.’ SturdiShed can practically set up a desirable space in your yard overnight.

Are you looking for opportunities to earn extra income? Consider becoming a storage shed dealer in Texas. This is a booming business as more and more homeowners are investing in sheds and other backyard structures. 

Many people have started their own shed business and have associated with reputed companies. SturdiShed is one of them. You do not need to make a huge investment to partner with SturdiShed. Having a little knowledge in marketing and a lot of enthusiasm can help you earn good profits and commissions. 

Dealer benefits of rent-to-own storage sheds

It is lucrative to be associated with manufacturers that offer rent-to-own sheds. You can enjoy increased sales and content customers. Customers that are already present in the local market are more interested in rent-to-own sheds. It is a solution for those potential customers who do not have credit. So, proper financing increases the size of the local client base. Get associated with SturdiShed in Texas because we are offering lucrative financing options. We have a wide range of products and customization options. 

Earn commissions

We offer commission for every storage unit that you sell as an authorized dealer. It is projected to make $10k – $30k every month by partnering with Sturdished and enjoy a monthly base pay per unit plus a quarterly bonus for the go-getters. There is also an annual achievement bonus for those who perform exceptionally 

Grow with us

We help you to learn and even more from the past mistakes. Work with maximum tenacity. Practice discipline and integrity. In case there is an issue, discuss it with our team immediately. 

We offer value-added trainings

The storage shed market is booming, so become a shed dealer today! SturdiShed has come up with new programs targeting higher scope for success. Becoming a SturdiShed dealer means gaining people’s trust–and we will help you to grow in the business with our training programs for our dealers. 

Final words

You might be looking for shed dealers near me? Visit the SturdiShed website to read the testimonials and know what other dealers say. The most interesting part is that there is zero capital investment. Please get in touch with us today and join our team.

Are you planning to become a SturdiShed dealer in Texas?  Now you can become a shed dealer and earn extra income. Partner with SturdiShed to become a dealer if you want to make $10k – $30k every month and earn extra money. The procedure of becoming a storage shed dealer needs no monetary investment but your willingness and time. 

What is a shed?

A shed is an accessory structure that is either freestanding or attached to another structure. Declutter your home easily by installing a storage shed in the backyard or side yard. A shed offers extra space for keeping various things organized and secure inside. 

Trust in SturdiSheds’s Renowned Reputation

SturdiShed designs backyard structures for homeowners and their families, suitable for anyone looking for additional storage space. There are plenty of customization options available with us–we have been manufacturing sheds, barns, garages and cabins for more than 100 years. All our products come with limited lifetime warranty and modern features. 

Earning Commissions is Easy

Are you searching the internet for ‘shed dealers near me in Texas’? We welcome you to be a part of the winning team. We have many who have already been a part of our sales and marketing team and they are earning a pretty handsome amount of money. There is a great demand for these backyard structures and this is why we have plans for expansion.

A lot of people are getting enthusiastic in joining the business by witnessing the huge demand of sheds, barns, garages, cabins and other backyard solutions. SturdiShed has brought a revolution in the storage shed dealer program so that there is more success. Those who partnered with SturdiShed have actually benefited from our new program by earning huge commissions.

Explore More Benefits of Becoming a SturdiShed Partner

Focus on your business and earn great commission. We have a few profitable plans for our dealers. The monthly base pay per unit is a simple plan that is based on per unit. You do not have to worry about earning commissions but remain focused on serving the customers. YOu can also enjoy success with our quarterly bonus program. For the ones who have greater targets, the annual level bonus is the most appealing.

Final words

We will help you do good business and we assure you that our sheds are class apart. Come grow with us, work with transparency, learn from mistakes and make no excuses. Search in the top search engines with the keyword, ‘shed dealers near me’ and you would come across SturdiShed in Texas. Get in touch with us and become a SturdiShed dealer.

Are you planning to use the backyard space for extra storage? You can build a storage shed in your yard to fit in your lawn mower. Sheds for outdoor storage are available in different sizes so that you can accommodate your requirements. It could be a basic garden storage shed or a large one. Choose the size and type based on your requirements. A storage shed helps to keep everything organized. It’s a space that helps you declutter your home and keep the floors clean.

Decluttering and organizing – a shed is of much use

Organizing your home does not mean simply arranging the wardrobe, tidying the desk or keeping the bedroom clean. Use the yard space for outdoor storage because there are things that need not be kept inside the house. Sheds are customizable so they can be designed as per your requirements. Sheds have shelves, hooks, boards for making use of extra space. There is enough room for improving the functionality of the storage space. Do you think a shed is only for storing outside things? You could use a shed as an office space where you can keep all professional equipment organized set apart from the main house. An external house could be a great way to declutter your home and free up space.

A storage shed has the looks

They look very similar to tiny houses assembled in the yard. You can modify the setup of the shed anytime depending on what you are storing. SturdiShed has manufactured modern storage sheds in Texas for more than 100 years. We design sheds for you and your family and our products include: lofted barn, utility barn, garage, modern shed, loft cabin shells and more. The structures have the right kind of floor, wall and ceiling structure. The roofs are made of metal or shingles. You can add accessories according to your budget and requirements. We have a team of experts and professionals who help you find the right solution.

Weatherproof backyard structures

SturdiShed has in-house trained drivers who deliver the backyard structures with precision. We have expert builders who assemble the sheds on the property. Our sheds are secure as they come with a latch or lock. It is very important to secure outdoor storages not only to prevent theft but also to keep children away for their safety. You can store stuff without worrying about the outside weather like heat, cold, rain and snow. Waterproof sheds also offer protection from moisture and the harmful UV rays. Our sheds have wind and snow ratings.

For the homeowners – rent-to-own a shed

A shed can be your playhouse, gym space, hobby space, home office, relaxation zone and more. It is simple and hassle-free to own a SturdiShed. We have easy rent-to-own options. Enjoy easy ownership, early payoff discounts and no credit is needed.

For those who deal with sheds – become a dealer

You could have a business dealing with backyard structures. Are you looking for ‘shed dealers near me’? There are many shed dealers in Texas, shortlist and choose a reliable one. Refer to the SturdiShed website and become a dealer.

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