The art of storing firewood – Having a wood storage shed in Texas

January 20th, 2023
The art of storing firewood – Having a wood storage shed in Texas

Are you storing firewood properly or is it getting attacked by mold? You require separate storage space for storing wood in bulk. You would not clutter your home, but it is wise to have a storage shed in Texas housed in your backyard. 

Firewood has special requirements because you should not seal off the firewood on all sides. There must be airflow to keep the timber dry and season well. If you do not store wood properly, it will be exposed to snow, rain, and other harsh climatic conditions. This makes firewood useless as it will lose its combustibility. The goal is to store so well that the wood burns for longer. Our wood storage sheds are adequately ventilated so the interior is climate-controlled and at least 20 degrees cooler. You do not have to worry about mold and leaks as there would not be condensation. 

Do you know that your firewood should not touch the ground? 

It should be elevated for adequate airflow and ventilation and to prevent dampness attacks. Wood, if not stored off the ground, can crack or rot due to moisture attacks. SturdiShed’s wood storage sheds are built on a solid wooden foundation protected against termite damage and fungal decay. There is no need to pour a concrete pad, but a gravel pad could be a good solution. There is no tedious site preparation needed. The foundation is elevated from the ground to ensure no dampness and moisture seepage. 

Our sheds have vent screens

Do not keep firewood inside your house, it might cause fire hazards and invite pests to your house. A SturdiShed storage shed in Texas is equipped with vent screens that prevent the invasion of pests and bugs. Store firewood inside a storage shed in Texas that is close to your home. You can access it anytime in all weather conditions. 

Stack it right for future use

There should be a correct way of stacking the firewood instead of piling here and there. Install a firewood storage rack and other necessary accessories. The rack should be installed so the wood gets ventilation when stored in it. We suggest never storing firewood in the basement or garage as rodents could damage it. You can create a vapor barrier beneath the firewood rack to prevent moisture from seeping in. You can split the timber logs before stacking. You can stack them in alternate directions for better drying. Our wood storage sheds are painted using high-quality exterior paint to protect the structure and its appearance. You can choose from different painted colors.

Final thoughts

Are you already planning to invest in a storage shed in Texas? Feel free to pay upfront. Explore the benefits of our rent-to-own program in Texas. Repay within 36 or 60 months and enjoy easy ownership without any credit or long-term commitment. Get free delivery within 50 miles and request an onsite build at a small fee. Please get in touch with us, and connect via Facebook or Twitter.

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