Thinking of a New Business Plan? Become a Certified Portable Shed Dealer

May 10th, 2023
Thinking of a New Business Plan? Become a Certified Portable Shed Dealer

Portable storage sheds have proven to be a fruitful investment recently. Several factors are associated with the rapid growth of portable storage sheds, including increased downsizing, lifestyle changes, growing urbanization, and, most importantly, the outbreak of Coronavirus. Besides, the onset of the hybrid work model has made employees get back on their feet and maximize their productivity hours. Even startup owners found a portable building useful for downsizing their office space and storing essential items. Seeing the trajectory growth of portable buildings, you should become a portable building dealer and bridge the gap of financial stability. 

Portable Building Dealer- A New-Age Business Plan that Works Wonders 

If you want to carve your niche in the entrepreneurial world, become a portable building dealer and reap good profits in return. Becoming a certified portable building dealer adds lucrative growth to your career graph. You can sell portable sheds for various uses, such as garages, offices, or even tiny homes. Once the storage shed is sold or rented, it goes to the destination on flatbed trucks. The popularity of a portable building dealership is here to stay and will offer unwavering success in the future. 

Join Your Hands with SturdiShed and Lay a Strong Foundation of Portable Building Dealership

There is accelerating demand for SturdiShed’s portable sheds in the markets. Joining hands with SturdiShed helps you earn great profits in the future. We have completely revolutionized our dealership programs for guaranteed success and stability. It has aided support for various families to get accessories and structures and made thousands in commissions. We have a variety of product customizations that suit customers’ needs and requirements. In addition to that, our low-start up costs let you start without any investment. Our training and support programs are based on the core values of honesty, integrity, and commitment. We root for routing visits, in-person dealer meetings, and value-added training. 

Quality-Assured Storage Sheds that Stand the Test of Time


SturdiShed offers a wide range of storage sheds, such as lofted barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, garden sheds, etc. Besides, our prefab sheds are built with superior craftsmanship having a 15-year of limited warranty. The limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty applies to skid, siding, and floor joists. Our storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Durations Painting with a ten-year limited warranty. Integrating hurricane ties on walls and roofing keeps the storage shed weatherproof. The superior ventilation system keeps the portable storage shed’s interiors 20 degrees cooler. The presence of vent screens prevents the intrusion of bugs, keeping the space antimicrobial. 

Fast and Seamless Delivery


Our team consists of professional drivers delivering and placing the sheds promptly and precisely. There is no requirement for a concrete pad while installing the storage shed. However, a gravel pad is highly recommended. Besides, minimal site preparation takes place, considerably saving an individual’s time and money. You must be present at the site to sign the necessary paperwork. 


StudiShed’s storage sheds have exceeded International Building Codes- they can easily obtain HOA approvals or permits. Become a portable building dealer with SturdiShed, and you can earn $10K-$30K per month as extra income. You can also request a free consultation and learn more about us.

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