Turn your Outdoor Storage Shed into a Beautiful Floristry Shop

September 14th, 2023
Turn your Outdoor Storage Shed into a Beautiful Floristry Shop

Being an aspiring florist, you always dream of bringing happiness to people with blooming flowers. You are not just selling flowers but adding a spark of joy and colors to their lives. Be it a self-appreciation or grand celebration, the presence of flowers holds great importance in every individual’s life. Starting a flower shop from scratch is a good idea to bring people close to variant flowers. 

You can make your floristry business stand out with your strong interpersonal and trading skills, communication, and better inventory management skills. When you have a spacious backyard or just a small plot of land, you can utilize the land by selling or renting flowers for certain events. However, you can ace your flower arrangement and selling skills with your shed-based business! If you want to kickstart your dream flower shop, set up your floristry business in an outdoor storage shed and earn good reviews. This blog completely emphasizes how to turn the outdoor storage shed into a flower shop. 

  1. Choose a Storage Shed Having Good Ventilation 

It has been carefully researched and surveyed that the flowers require an optimal temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius to thrive. The relative humidity should not exceed 80% as they tend to spoil the flower’s quality. When you set up an outdoor storage shed, ensure the space is ventilated enough to avoid soaring humidity. Besides, the storage sheds should have vent screens to prevent the entrance of bugs from coming inside. This way, you can offer a safe and favorable environment for the flowers to grow properly. 

  1. Maximize Space for a Clutter-Free Environment 

When you run a flower shop, you are surrounded by small stationary items. When not in an organized manner, such items overpower the space, creating a huge fuss inside. To maximize the space, you can customize the outdoor storage shed with shelves, drawers, and hooks for a systematic arrangement of items. You can store the items effectively without searching for them for hours. A well-organized outdoor storage shed gives a structured approach while operating a floristry business. 

  1. Opt for an Outdoor Storage Shed with Having Temperature-Controlled Environment 

A weatherproof outdoor storage shed is important for better upkeep of flowers and indoor environments. SturdiShed’s outdoor storage shed has hurricane ties on roofs and foundations that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Besides, the outdoor storage sheds are slightly elevated from the ground, which can fix the drainage issues. 

Invest in SturdiShed’s Outdoor Storage Sheds for a Well-Designed Florist Shop 

SturdiShed has earned appreciation over the years with our fine-quality outdoor storage sheds. We have 100 years of experience in the backyard industry. Our premium quality storage sheds are built with the highest quality craftsmanship and real-time construction. SturdiShed’s storage sheds have exceeded International Building Codes- the sheds are easy to obtain permits or HOA approvals. 

Leading Manufacturer of Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Sheds 

When you set up SturdiShed’s outdoor storage shed, you effectively enhance the beautification of a backyard. All our storage sheds are coated with the Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint that gives years of appearance and functionality. We offer a 10-year limited integrity and paint warranty on all metal roofs. SturdiShed offers you a lot of colors to choose from to make your outdoor storage shed look visually appealing. 

Safe and Timely Delivery of Storage Sheds 

SturdiShed has a credible team of professionals who deliver the storage shed with the utmost care and concern. We also send a crew to assemble the storage shed for just a small fee. If the storage shed is not installed due to the narrow passway, we send our professionals to set up the shed right on your property. 

Check Out Rent-to-Own Programs 

SturdiShed has developed an attractive range of storage sheds for those needing a backyard office, hobby space, or additional storage space. If you are facing a challenging time of paying upfront, our friendly rent-to-own programs will help you out. Our flexible financing programs let you make a small payment for up to 60 months. Get no prepay penalty and zero credit score checking with SturdiShed. 

Final Thoughts 

Visit SturdiShed today and get your custom-made outdoor storage shed online. We offer five proven steps of storage shed design to get your desired storage shed online. Book your free consultation today.

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