Two-in-One: Jeweler’s Workshop and Backyard Storage

Robert and Cherie Spurlock had an old metal shed on their property in Longview, TX, but it leaked, so they tore it down. They planned to replace the storage shed with a wooden shed, but as they were shopping, Robert started thinking about getting a shed large enough to also be his workshop.


The Spurlock’s shopped other brands, but when they visited our Sturdi Shed location in Longview, they were impressed with the craftsmanship and sturdiness of the buildings. They settled on a Sturdi Shed 10×16 ft Utility Shed. 


Robert enjoyed working with the Sturdi Shed representative in Longview. 


“The agent that we went here in Longview, he was very polite, very knowledgeable . . . and he would show you different sizes of the Sturdi Shed,” he says. 


“It’s very easy. You make the down payment, and then he orders it for you, and they have financing for you if you want it.”


Robert is a jeweler, and he wanted a workshop at home where he could work on jewelry repairs in the evening. So, rather than get two separate buildings, Robert decided to put a dividing wall between the two sections and a door in each end. The workshop side has a wide, single door, and the storage side has the classic double doors.


Robert added skirting to the building and finished out the interior of the workshop with insulation, electrical, sheetrock, and flooring. With his small heat/cool unit, Robert can now work in comfort all year long.


“If you want a good, well-built building,” says Robert, “Sturdi Shed makes the best.”