What do you do when you need extra storage space in your house? The answer to this is to order a prefab shed in Texas. Having a shed is an inexpensive way of having additional storage space. A homeowner should know how much storage space is required while choosing a prefab shed. Prefab sheds are an important part of people’s lives. They offer a temporary solution for housing and storage. These spaces can be used in several ways. Before sheds became popular as retreats and studios, they were used as a space to store garden tools, equipment, toys, etc. These structures are available in various styles. 

The standard features discussed :

SturdiShed’s products range from lofted barns, garden sheds, utility sheds, lofted cabin shells, gable cabin shells, modern sheds, garages and modern cabins. Here is a list of standard features of our backyard structures: 

  • Hurricane ties on the floor, wall and roof
  • Double wall studs every 4’
  • Wall studs on the center 16’’
  • Metal door threshold
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • 6 inches locking barrel bolt

Our structures have adequate ventilation capable of keeping the building 20 degrees cooler. This also helps to save costs on climate control. There will be no leaks or mold due to the absence of condensation. There are vent screens that safeguard against insects entering inside. The framing is very strong so it can endure harsh weather. The frames exceed the International Building Codes. We use the finest exterior paint and permanent wooden foundation. 

Over 100 years of experience in the field :

SturdiShed has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing backyard structures. We promise you lifetime happiness. Get in touch with our team for a consultation. You can design your shed. The structures come with a 15-year warranty. Get manufacturer warranty on floor joists, siding and skids for a lifetime. We also offer a 10-year limited paint warranty on these metal roof structures. You can rent-to-own a backyard portable shed in Texas. Zero credit is needed, there is no long-term commitment and hassle-free ownership. You can get discounts if you pay off early. You get a 36 month or 60-month flexible payment option. 

Customization and excellent customer support :

SturdiShed backyard structures are built using insulated, water-resistant materials. Our backyard structures are ideal for those looking for storage space within the budget. We have a wide variety of designs that you can choose from and the size can be customized. We follow a process that includes a few steps: design consultation, collaboration, building, installation and after-sales support. You can have a discussion with our team regarding your project and we will let you know about its progress. We hand over the keys and offer an impressive final demo after the structure is complete. When you order a shed from us, you have our service for a lifetime. 

Final words :

Get a modern yet affordable prefab shed. We have an expert team to handle the assembling process. Call us at 817-506-4405 for a discussion. Visit our website to read reviews and real customer testimonials. We are dedicated to offering excellent after-sales customer support.

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