The rising demand for outdoor sheds is a result of lifestyle alterations. For the last few years, it has been seen that North Americans and Canadians are investing in portable sheds. This is because they are looking for an affordable space for mobility. Therefore, the portable shed market has emerged. It has been noticed that even during the Covid-19 crisis, the demand for additional outdoor storage remained on the higher side.   

The growing outdoor shed market – the statistics

The outdoor shed market in North America is segmented into metal sheds, wood sheds and plastic sheds. In 2020, metal sheds gained the largest share due to higher commercial demand. But from 2021 to 2028, it has been estimated that plastic sheds will experience massive growth. The leading companies in the North American outdoor shed market have been focused on espousing organic growth plans like innovative product launches and extensions to maintain their position in the dynamic market. As a result, the outdoor shed market in North America was estimated to be $783.37 million in 2021 which is expected to rise to $2511.03 million by 2028. 

Earn extra commissions – Be your own boss

The shed business is booming in the USA. You can make your own schedule or work from home and make an amazing income. 

Becoming a shed dealer is your chance to be your own boss. If all these things sound intriguing, having your own shed business might interest you. SturdiShed brings you a lucrative offer of becoming our shed dealer. Make profitable commissions by becoming a portable shed dealer in Texas. Being associated with SturdiShed, you can expect to earn $10 – $30 per month. Many people have already partnered with us and are enjoying higher sales. Since we are a reputed company, they find it easy to find many customers. This way, they easily meet their monthly sales target.  

Our sheds come with a 15-year warranty

SturdiShed sheds and backyard structures for more than a century. We design modern storage sheds, barns, cabins, loft cabins and garages. All the backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. Our sheds are durable and made from superior-quality materials. You can choose from various design and size options. We manufacture sheds built on solid wooden foundations and portable ones. A lot of people invest in portable sheds due to their convenience. 

Earn monthly bonuses

Become a SturdiShed dealer, and work with dedication and focus. Earn monthly or quarterly bonuses. High performers are entitled to yearly achievement-level bonuses. We sharpen your skills by hosting dealer meetings, training, and regular visits. We welcome you to be a part of this enthusiastic team.

Final words

Earn a handsome income by becoming a portable shed dealer. You can visit our website to learn about the dealership program in detail. Book a consultation for discussions and ideas. Reach our team for queries and quotes. Partner with us today.

Prefab, or prefabricated, sheds may be used for storage or as a workshop. In general, a homeowner who wants extra storage space is looking for an inexpensive, yet sturdy building. A prefab shed may be the answer to his problems.

An impressive workshop shed reflects your taste and stands out. It should be functional as well as rightly organized. It is a place where you can dream big and complete projects with focus. 

Opt for a prefab workshop shed

You can turn your storage shed into a workshop. The structure in your backyard, outside the main home, is an ideal place to set up your workshop shed. Every shed can be converted into a workspace, irrespective of its size. Building a DIY shed can involve a bit too much of a hassle. Instead, opt for a prefab storage shed workshop and get it customized. SturdiShed gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It depends on your requirements, style, and budget. 

Factors to consider while purchasing a workshop shed

A storage shed workshop is generally rectangular, with windows and doors on the side that are longer. This helps with hassle-free entry and access to the tools and items inside. The windows are useful for natural light and ventilation. A door with a lock keeps the items secure. There are a few key considerations while shopping for storage shed workshops. Firstly, the total space you require for storage and work. Secondly, you need to consider the size of the tools and equipment. Finally, what would be the size of the things you will build and how much space would you have for raw materials? 

Add necessary accessories

A storage shed workshop must have a proper workbench so that you can have adequate provisions to complete projects. Have shelves to store tools and materials. Refrain from tossing smaller tools into the drawer, have a pegboard with hooks to store them. Use the free wall space above the workbench. This will help you to grab the necessary tools needed to finish tasks. Install the necessary accessories to increase the functionality of the space. We suggest having some extra space to relax after hard work.

Adequate light requirement inside the workshop

SturdiShed offers plumbing and electrical facilities inside prefab sheds. Good lighting is very important in a workshop. You can also have solar lighting for illumination. Windows should be strategically placed to allow more natural light inside the workshop. This will increase visibility and brighten the interior. 

SturdiShed – made of galvanized steel

SturdiShed uses durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel to manufacture backyard structures. They offer durability and long-term value. The storage shed workshop interior is protected against insects, harsh weather conditions, pests, and rotting. Our sheds have hurricane ties on the wall, roof and floor, double wall studs every 4-inch, continuous eave vent, heavy-duty hinges, metal door threshold and wall studs. Our sheds are insulated and have proper ventilation. The sheds come with a 15-year limited warranty.  

Expert installation and free delivery

We have in-hour drivers who deliver the shed and our expert installers position it wherever needed. Our sheds on foundations are built on solid wood and portable structures too. Our experts showcase unmatched craftsmanship and strict quality control. We use green manufacturing materials to contribute to the environment. Get faster and free delivery up to 50 miles. Get in touch with us for a no-hassle consultation and we will design a perfect backyard structure.

Modern garden sheds need not be simple structures. Instead, it could be the centerpiece of your yard and an elegant outdoor retreat where you want to spend the whole summer season.  

Garden sheds – From storing garden tools to being an escape space 

Having a garden shed in the yard can be a fantastic idea. Your shed can be positioned close to your lawn or garden to store tools like chisels, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment. A shed adds a defining element and charm to your garden. Backyard spaces can be a quaint escape from hectic daily life. 

A few common uses of a garden shed

There are several reasons to invest in a garden shed. Some of the trending uses are:

  • It is a fantastic idea for garden storage or use as a potting shed
  • It could be a cozy workspace away from home
  • It can be your gym or studio
  • Use it as a hobby space 
  • Declutter your garage space effectively
  • Adds aesthetics to your yard and value to your property

Customized sheds – Choose any size

A shed can be any size, but the space inside should be utilized wisely. A basic shed can measure around 8 ft x 12 ft and larger sheds measure a minimum of 12 ft x 20 ft. It should have a window that faces the sunlight, maximum floor space and sufficient headroom so that you can walk around. You can customize the interior décor according to your requirements. Outdoor storage sheds built inside a factory have a level of consistency and stringent quality control. 

Interesting garden shed ideas – from the SturdiShed experts 

Here are some of SturdiShed’s garden shed ideas that will add life to your backyard or garden:

  • Garden shed with rustic charm This must not be flashy but has an old and rustic appeal. We customize the exterior that speaks of old times and glorifies the gothic times. For instance, the windows can be tall, curved and have an arch. The roof should have countryside appeal and the paint need not be of any bright shade. We prefer manufacturing sheds that have a clean and simple yet modern look. 
  • Eco-Friendly modern garden sheds – Have a beautiful and modern shed in the garden. You can use it as a man cave, she-shed, hobby space or living space. Install a new shed or turn an existing storage space into a modern garden shed. SturdiShed uses environment-friendly materials to build sheds.
  • A shed can be the garden centerpiece – Give life to your backyard and garden by installing a prefab shed in the center. Decorate it and add life to the shed by implementing creative landscaping. For instance, A garden shed with a pointed high and sloping roof gives the vintage appeal. They are a stylish addition to your garden. 
  • Turn a garden shed into a greenhouse – Modify your old garden shed by turning it into a greenhouse. Have electrical connections because you require heat to warm the plants and vegetable crops. Cover a portion of your shed with plastic or glass to allow sunlight inside. 
  • Let your garden shed blend with nature – Do you want your garden shed to harmonize with nature? You can add nice decorations to the space that is nestled amidst nature. For example, a shed with green accents and trims blends flawlessly with nature. Keep nice decorating plants around the shed, or plant beautiful vines. Use certain dark colors on the exterior that will blend well with nature. 

These inspiring gardens shed ideas that might help you whether you are looking for something rustic, classy, or a combination of both.

SturdiShed – a journey of more than 100 years

SturdiShed has been manufacturing modern outdoor storage sheds for more than 100 years. We have years of shed-building experience combined with the skill of understanding customer requirements. A modern shed is a way to add contemporary flair to your landscape. SturdiShed makes it easy for you to find an ideal shed. 

Final words

Are you looking for a perfect shed? Get easy and flexible rent-to-own options. Talk to our experts today!

She-sheds’ popularity is on the rise because women are looking for secure and comfortable places to relax and be themselves. Shed for girls/women answers the classic man cave concept. These days, women are transforming backyard spaces into compact She-Sheds where they can escape from daily mundane life and breathe easily. Those who have empty yard spaces are trying to purchase one. If you have a spacious backyard, you can have a she-shed close to your existing garage or storage shed. It can be either on a foundation or a portable one. 

Linda’s She-Shed Story

Here is the story of Linda, who longed for and dreamt of a she-shed. Andrews, her loving husband, surprised her with one from SturdiShed. 

Linda and Andrews are a couple who reside in Texas. The husband owns a garage space in the yard. The wife has been asking for a ‘She Shed’ for the last few months. Finally, one day she saw her shed approaching her driveway. Linda was surprised and elated that she would finally have a space. She wanted the she-shed to be more like a cozy cabin space with a rustic appeal. Linda wanted a calm, light-blue ceiling color to soak the serenity vibe. There is a nice kitchen space where she placed a sink and a mini fridge to store juices and drinks. It was Linda’s perfect space for reading, watching movies and taking an afternoon nap. She has grandchildren who take an interest in playing card games and painting inside the shed. 

The features inside the She-Shed

The husband had a conversation with the SturdiShed experts to explain the requirements. We offer our clients an array of designs and plenty of customized options. He ordered a customized size because Linda loves spacious interiors. The shed has a porch in front, a French door, and window boxes. The structure came with continuous eave vents, a door with hurricane ties on the walls/floors, heavy-duty hinges, a metal door threshold, 6″ locking barrel bolts, 16″ wall studs and double wall studs every 4 inches. 

SturdiShed has a team of expert drivers who transport the prefab sheds to the client’s location. There is a separate team that completes the installation on time. 

Our proven process – How we collaborated with Andrews

The client is satisfied to own a she-shed with a solid build and impressive finish. We collaborated with Andrews to discuss the project requirements and goals, and we kept working on the design and made necessary changes till he was content. Andrews confirmed the order and we will let you know an installation date. Our experts completed the on-site installation and did the clean-up job. We handed over the keys to his wife, Linda. 

Get a warranty on our products

If you are looking for a backyard structure, consult with our team of professionals for the right solution. We manufacture lofted barns, storage sheds, garages, cabins, cabin shells, garden sheds, utility sheds, etc. You can also design your own shed and add other options and features. SturdiShed assures clients with professional post-production support and a 15-year warranty. 

Our Fall Specials offer

Save big by opting for the SturdiShed’s Fall Specials offers. Please get in touch with us with your requirements or you can look for our dealers by searching with ‘shed dealers near me.’ SturdiShed can practically set up a desirable space in your yard overnight.

Space is precious, and every square foot adds value. This is why most homeowners prefer cabins and backyard structures with lofts installed. Lofts or attics help add space without hindering the common area. The purpose of a loft is to offer extra space. They are extremely versatile and affordable compared to adding a new room or a floor. Loft lovers are lured toward the upstairs area. Young families use the additional space as a play area because adults can easily monitor them. Lofted cabins are generally used as home offices, bedrooms, storage spaces and recreational spaces. 

Customize the loft space

Regarding loft customization, there are plenty of ideas and options. One can add extra loft space, windows, doors, and other upgrades. For instance, you can get plenty of sunlight if the window is installed just above the loft. The window also gives visual appeal to the interior. Having a cabin with a loft can increase the value of your property. You can use the space underneath to set up a closet or leave the floor unused. You can have more space by installing rafters. Loft sizes are usually standard but they can be changed to meet your customized requirements. SturdiShed has a team of experts who are available for consultation on upgrades. 

What factors to consider while having a loft space?

There are various things to consider while designing a lofted cabin. Designing the loft part requires a few considerations. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you visit us for consultation:

  • How do you wish to utilize the space?
  • How much room do you need? 
  • How much natural light should come inside?
  • What is the extent of privacy you need?
  • How much time would you spend in the loft?

Small property owners can think of adding a loft when they plan expansion ideas to have more/additional space. A lofted cabin helps to add more space compared to A-frame cabins. Folks prefer lofted cabins or barns with gambrel roofs and sufficient open spaces. There is a notion that people who like high ceilings should not include lofts. Get the height customized if you do not like it too low, but it will not be as high as a usual ceiling. Discuss with the SturdiShed designer so that every idea is accurately incorporated into your cabin plans. 

Opt for a prefab cabin

A lofted cabin is an affordable option but the cost calculation depends on various factors like labor, flooring, whether you prefer stairs or ladder, electricity, permits, etc. Therefore, investing in a prefab structure is better than building a DIY cabin. At SturdiShed, we follow a streamlined process from the planning phase to the final delivery of the backyard structures.  

Final words – financing by SturdiShed

We have flexible rent-to-own options that benefit those who require financing to own a Sturdished lofted cabin or any other backyard structure.

Building a cabin from scratch requires prior experience and involves hard work. However, investing in a cabin shell might interest you if you want to make the most of the space. Having a beautiful and functional cabin in the yard can be extremely satisfying. In the cabin shell the exterior is already finished, and you can complete the interior to any style and level you desire. This can be a perfect weekend home or working space with the appropriate finishes. Cabin shells are customizable and configured to accommodate any storage requirement. A cabin is a worthy addition to your property. 

Streamlined building process

Purchasing a cabin shell saves money and gives freedom to the customers to implement unique ideas. The shells or complete cabins are manufactured inside a climate-controlled environment. This safeguards the material and the workers from weather conditions throughout the year. The building procedure is completely streamlined. This reduces the formation of waste material and saves time. Prefab cabins are built differently, have resistivity and are stronger than traditional homes because the former is shipped to the location. You can choose a design and get it customized. It can be any style, from modern and sleek to rustic. 

Every builder has its own specific styles with different prices to match the variation. Choose a cabin shell based on your requirements. They come with or without lofts and porches. You get A-frame cabins, one-room cabins, portable cabins and more. All our models have options for interior finish and customization. Our prefab cabin shell is built according to Texas’s local construction standards. 

SturdiShed designs cabins on foundations and portable buildings. Our prefab structures are built on solid wooden foundations and very little groundwork is needed. Are you considering a portable cabin? It helps to expand the living space without involving exorbitant expenses. These can be transported to a new location if needed. Portable cabins are ideally used in camping, hunting, working from a different location, vacation homes, rentals and more. We suggest placing the cabin close to breathtaking views and having access to the local area and all key amenities. 

‘Design Yours’ solution 

Design your own cabin shell in five simple steps. We help with adding extra features and customizing it. Our experts take the time to listen to your requirements before implementing them. We have everything from a basic cabin shell to a modern turnkey cabin. 

Imagine having customized ready cabins with finished exterior and interior! They are an excellent time-saver and an inexpensive alternative to traditional homes. The companies offer different degrees of finish for the interior. 

The Gable and Lofted – Our cabin shells

SturdiShed is a 100-year-old manufacturer of prefab homes in Texas. We present two cabin shells – The Gable and Lofted. Both are available in various size options. The Gable Cabin Shell is a classic one with a spacious interior. The Lofted Shell offers flexibility and has a ranch-like appearance. The structures have tall walls, so they are ideal for those looking for climate-controlled interiors. All our structures have a secure locking system for security. In addition, they have insulated walls and floors, plumbing and electrical fittings. 

How to invest in the cabin of your choice? 

SturdiShed brings you affordable cabins for sale. Our team helps you to invest in an ideal cabin shell for sale after considering your unique requirements. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Define your financial and personal goals
  • Understand your requirements 
  • Connect with local dealers or direct manufacturers
  • Know the flexibility and customization options. 

Please feel free to get in touch for a consultation. Wait no more, order a cabin shell for sale in Texas.

Imagine how great it feels working from home inside a modern shed in Texas. You can also use it as simple storage spaces, studios, or other purposes.

Buyers tend to consider different factors like the purpose of having one, the cost, styles, sizes, and other custom choices. The unique shed designs make your yard stand out in the neighborhood. 

Statistics show that backyard sheds are on the rise

What sheds used to be years ago is nothing compared to what companies offer now. There has been tremendous advancement. There was a Consumer Practice Survey in the year 2021 held by Home Innovation Research Labs. It has been seen that homes adding outdoor structures have escalated by almost 21% in the year 2020 compared to previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic also played a role because additional space was a major concern during those times. Here, we are at the end of 2022 and the experts feel the trend will be around for years. 

Sheds come in various sizes

A modern shed in Texas offers different options for clients. For example, you can have a 6-by-8-foot garden shed with a spacious 12-by-18-foot studio. SturdiShed offers sheds with space for kitchen facilities, plumbing and electrical fittings. Although most clients custom-design sheds, they can pay extra money for environment-friendly options. These structures come in different shapes and sizes. The basic structure remains the same with a sloped roof and four walls. 

Uses of a modern shed in Texas

A modern shed in Texas offers a lot of flexibility and you can add other advanced features. Here are some of the most common uses of a shed:

  1. Offices

An office shed on the foundation is a separate area where you can focus on work and productivity. A portable shed can also be a good option, as you can carry the structure to the desired destination. For instance, carry it to the nearest lakeside to work, watching the sunset. You can enjoy some fishing as well. 

  1. Garden or wood storage 

A shed next to your garden can be very convenient because you would have a space to store garden tools, equipment, and supplies. Storing raw wood to prevent it from harsh weather is also a common use of a shed. 

  1. She sheds 

Your she-shed is a space to relax, unwind, work, or pursue hobbies of interest like reading, writing, painting, sewing, making jewelry, and more. The space can be set aside from the house for privacy yet easy accessibility.  

  1. Man caves 

Men can have their space, relax, and spend their time. Inside, you can have TV units, recliners, couches, beer fridges, etc. These can be the ideal places to watch the game or host poker nights. 

  1. Gyms and fitness studios

Are you interested in turning your backyard shed into a gym or a cozy yoga unit? Having one next to your main property would be convenient. Enjoy peace, exercise and be yourself—store gym equipment inside the shed. 

SturdiShed – manufacturing modern sheds


A DIY shed is preferably used for storage purposes, but prefab sheds are suitable for multi-purpose use. SturdiShed offers durable structures built with uncompromised craftsmanship and advanced construction techniques. SturdiShed backyard structures can survive for several generations. We have been dedicatedly catering to client requirements for more than a hundred years. Our sheds are not just four walls but modern spaces customized for you. The structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Final words

Get in touch for a modern shed in Texas. Request a quote.

Have a separate space for storing wood rather than keeping them in any corner of your house. You also cannot leave it bare in the garden as it will start perishing due to exposure to climatic changes. A storage shed installed in the backyard could give you adequate storage space. Building a shed from scratch can be a tedious process. Purchasing a prefab storage shed in Texas would be a feasible solution. A shed can be used for several purposes: tool storage, wood storage, home office, studio, space to relax, horse shelters and more. 

 Insulation takes care of wood health

The interior of wood storage sheds is well insulated and has all measures to keep wood, firewood, wooden furniture, or wood carving items free from mold and bacteria. If wood is exposed to dampness, there are chances that it will swell or shrink. You can also prevent the items from chemical changes. SturdiShed experts add ventilation and a layer of efficient insulation on the walls and floors. 

Storing wood the right way

Be careful about wood storage so that you do not end up storing unusable lumber or in the wrong way. For instance, you must implement the right storing techniques and keep the furniture elevated from the ground to improve its shelf-life. So, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

    • Keep only dry wood inside the wood storage shed

    If you are air-drying wood, please keep away from those that are already dried and seasoned ones. Humidity and moisture from the drying wood can pass into the air and impact the shed’s humidity levels. It is ideal for keeping semi-dry or unseasoned wood outdoors so that the drying time is not prolonged. 

    • Store the vertical or horizontal way

    The amount of wood you are storing should be limited to the extent they can breathe. Putting excess weight on the wood can cause it to bend. Storing wood vertically saves space, but you can only do that if the wood is 100% dry. Or else, keep it horizontal unless the moisture content dries up. Support the wood using brackets every 16 to 18 inches when you store horizontally to prevent bowing. 

    Proper space utilization

    There should be maximum space utilization inside wood storage sheds. After using the floor space for storing wood, you can use the walls for storing other stuff by attaching adjustable shelves, storage boxes, wooden crates, plastic tubs, hangers, and more. Store items securely and protect items from harsh weather conditions. 

    Choose a size

    Many people consider larger-sized wood storage sheds an eyesore. Choose the size of the structure based on your preference and budget. A storage shed in Texas increases the value of your property.

    SturdiShed – Install a prefab shed or design yours

    Our outdoor sheds are ideal for versatile use. They are facilitated with pressure-treated floor systems, metal or shingle roof systems, hurricane ties on floors, heavy-duty hinges, metal doors, double lofts, etc. We offer you an option to design your structure in 5 simple steps. 

    Final words

    Install a storage shed in Texas by availing of the flexible rent-to-own options. Get in touch with us for a discussion.

Do you know that a shed helps with protecting children as well as pets? They must not touch or swallow different dangerous or harmful items. For instance, a pack of fertilizer and a chisel lying in the yard are neither safe for children nor your dear pets. Pack all those items inside the shed, and your kids will be safe even if you are not always at home. A lockable prefab shed can childproof your property and keep the pets safe. 

Customized sheds and backyard structures

SturdiShed has been designing customized sheds and other backyard structures for over a century. So we have now interacted with plenty of clients and designed structures for many. We have mostly received warmth and good feedback because we have a team to understand your requirements. We manufacture barns, modern sheds, portable sheds, cabins, shells, garages and more. 

Securing the shed against theft

Add different accessories for making use of wall and floor space. Search the internet for shed accessories like shelves, racks, cabinets, etc. Is your prefab shed secure enough so that things do not get stolen? Fortunately, our structures have secure locking doors that offer peace of mind.  

The steps from initiation to completion

Design consultation is the primary phase of discussing your project with our team. Next, we collaborate with you to make design changes and choose features, colors, and sizes. Once you place the order, we offer an installation date. We give the final demo on the day of installation. Our team does the cleanup and handoff of the keys. We care to do a post-project follow-up and offer support. 

Well-ventilated structures on foundation or portable ones

SturdiShed structures come with a 15-year limited warranty. Our structures are not simply spaces; each is customized based on your requirements. The good news is that you can even design your shed in 5 steps and add extra features. The structures are apt for those who require extra space for various purposes. It could be a structure on a solid wooden foundation or a portable shed. The structures are raised from the ground for proper drainage. Our sheds and other backyard structures have improved ventilation, insulation and strong framing. We use fine exterior paint that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The most-flexible rent-to-own program 

Most of the renowned prefab shed manufacturers offer easy financing programs. Similarly, SturdiShed offers the most innovative and flexible rent-to-own programs in Texas. Look at our rent-to-own program:

  • There is no credit needed
  • No long-term commitment 
  • Hassle-free ownership
  • Early payoffs – get discounts and no penalty
  • Secure investment with loss damage waiver
  • Professional and interactive customer service
  • Get live telephone support
  • Access account online 24/7
  • Make payments with 36 months or 60 months

We ensure that you can pick up a shed anytime you feel like it and not have to wait until you have gathered enough funds. 

Free delivery within 50 miles

We have expert drivers who transport the sheds and do not charge it if your location is within 50 miles. There are trained installers who complete the installation task. We offer on-site building if you do not mind paying a small fee. 

Final words

Keep your kids and pets safe by owning a SturdiShed. Own a shed and spread your happiness to friends, neighbors, and people you know. Please call us at 817-516-4405 or email us at

Does a shed increase the value of your home? Sheds can be extremely useful whether you are using them as an outdoor space or storage. You could also use it as a hobby space, office, or relaxation hub. More and more people have chosen to work from home, so they are looking for offices and outdoor spaces. A shed can be very useful to cater to the requirements. Others have embraced she-sheds, man-caves that create a perfect space to read, relax, enjoy and do other activities.

Have plans to sell your home?

Homebuyers consider every square inch when they are looking for a new abode. Do you have a house to sell off? If you are worried that your house is not spacious, installing a versatile shed in the backyard can be a great option. A backyard structure can help escalate the asking price when you plan to sell your home. Some professionals estimate that a backyard structure could add about $15,000 or more to the price tag of your property. You can have a shed in the yard to increase the value of your own property. Real estate agents are making handsome money by selling homes with sheds.

Do your homework well 

Adding a shed is easy if you have done your homework. Primarily, you need to figure out the type of shed you desire. A shed with a proper foundation adds more value. Sheds for sale in Texas are delivered as single pieces and positioned in the backyard or side of the house. Sheds and backyard structures are considered personal property as they can be transported and taken with the property owners. 

Get the necessary permits

Getting the building permit is of no less importance. Building permits are crucial if you live in an area that needs one. Without a permit, a shed or any backyard structure is not an asset but a liability. For instance, a selling agent in Texas once sold a house with a shed. The owner did not have a permit to build it. The result was that the appraiser could not include the structure in the appraisal process. So, a shed without a permit can be torn down anytime. Make sure you have checked with the local laws before initiating the construction. 

Maintaining the shed

Do you already have a shed installed? Make sure you keep the shed in good condition. Although sheds do not add any drastic value, a poorly maintained shed can diminish its value. A shed that is not well-maintained needs fixing or else the buyers will have to fix or remove the structure. A shoddy shed might not be eligible if a buyer requires a mortgage. 

SturdiShed sheds

SturdiShed has been one of the reputed manufacturers in Texas for over 100 years. We offer sheds for sale in Texas that are checked and inspected before delivery. We have drivers to transport them for free within 50 miles and installers who complete the installation. Our structures include utility sheds, horse barns, cabins, loft barns, gable cabin shells, tuff shed cabin shell, garages, and modern sheds.

Final words

Be wary of cheap sheds and choose SturdiShed structures. We manufacture prefab and portable sheds for sale in Texas for you and your family. Choose our structures or design yours. We have customized options.

People are more interested in portable sheds because they can carry them from one location to another. During the summers, homeowners can place the shed next to the water body so that a cool breeze blows. During the winter, they can place the backyard structure off the cool breeze. A lot of property owners around the world use portable sheds. The popularity of the portable shed business is rising and there will be more growth in the future.

Are you thinking of a new business plan where you can earn good profits?

Why not become a portable building dealer in Texas?  If doubt persists, you can drive down the highway, mainly in the rural areas and you can see plenty of portable buildings for rent or sale. Selling movable sheds, offices, garages, or small homes is a growing and lucrative business. Once a shed is rented or sold, it goes to its destination on flatbed trucks. Independent shed dealers make a lot of money for every shed transportation.

Earn good commissions

You can become a portable shed dealer and make good commissions. It is a great scope if you have a target of earning $10 to $30 monthly. Partner with SturdiShed and start making money. Many people are already working as sales partners and are satisfied with the higher number of sales. SturdiShed products have an escalating demand in the market. We have been manufacturing sheds and backyard structures for more than 100 years. We design premium-quality storage sheds, barns, lofts, cabins and garages. Our products have great market demand and we have expansion plans. Our backyard structures come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Are you looking for a reason to partner with SturdiShed?

We are a very renowned shed manufacturer in Texas. It is always an advantage if you are associated with a renowned company. You need not convince buyers much or invest in your product. Many people already trust SturdiShed products so we have a good reputation which will boost sales. Our sheds are durable and made from high-quality materials. Customers can choose from different designs and size options.

Become a SturdiShed dealer today

Earn good commissions by becoming a shed dealer. Work with the team with focus and dedication. We give out monthly payments, you can earn quarterly bonuses or we have yearly achievement-level bonuses for the high performers. We have in-person dealer meetings, value-added training and routine visits. SturdiShed is loyal to the dealers associated with us because you are all part of our family. We know you all work tirelessly to help us grow and make a good income. Be a part of this winning team.

Final words

Please visit our website to learn more about our dealership program. Book a consultation for a discussion before you join our team. Feel free to make queries and we have a team to respond. Become a portable building dealer and partner with us.